Current Highlights

The numbers on the map below highlight areas of notable or usual insect or disease activity or on-going projects in the region. Click on the list below for more information.

Relief map of Arizona and New Mexico

Links for locations on the map:

  1. Tree mortality / bark beetle activity in southern NM
  2. Pine sawfly activity
  3. Pandora moth activity on the Kaibab NF
  4. Aspen decline in northern Arizona

Conditions report

For a comprehensive report of insect and disease activity in the region, please see our 2012 conditions report (PDF, 3.0 mb).

Archived current highlight pages:

Key Contacts

  • Allen White
    R3 Pesticide / Invasive Species Specialist
    (505) 842-3280
    Forest Health Staff
  • John Anhold
    AZ Zone Leader
    (928) 556-2073
  • Tom Coleman
    NM Zone Leader
    (505) 842-3286