Current Road Conditions

Status as of April 2015 The status of roads can change at any time due to weather conditions.

As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the operators or all wheeled vehicles to know where they are legal to ride on the Fishlake National Forest, whether the road is signed or unsigned. The Travel Map is now the legal guide to which routes are open to which types of vehicles. A Travel Map may be obtained free of charge at any District Office location.

State of Utah Road Conditions Web Site - Road conditions are reported by Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) snowplow operators. Reports are updated daily before 8:00 am and at 4:00 pm. Additional updates may be added if changing conditions warrant it. UDOT's Road Condition Hotline toll-free telephone number is 1-866-511-8824.


Beaver Ranger District
575 South Main Street
Beaver, UT 84713

Indian Creek Closed

Three of the culverts are failing and the rest are in similar conditions so the Road is closed for public safety.

Campers are reminded that Indian Creek drainage has been closed to all OHV travel above the Twitchell Canyon Road per the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Fishlake National Forest Off-Highway Route Designation Project

Kent's Lake (Forest Road 137) Open  
North Creek Open  
Shingle Creek Open  
Big John Flat through Beaver Creek                                 (Forest Road 123) Open  
SR153 Open  
Bullion Canyon Road Open  



Beaver Creek through Kimberly (Forest Road 113)


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Fillmore Ranger District
390 South Main Street
Fillmore, UT 84631

Chalk Creek Closed  
Corn Creek Open  
Elsinore Closed  
Joseph Closed  
Meadow Bench Open  
Oak Creek Open  
Richfield Closed  
Willow Creek Closed  
Sunset/Dry Creek Open  

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Fremont River Ranger District
138 South Main Street
Loa, UT 84747


Fishlake NF

Scenic Byway  U-25


Access available from U-24 to U-72.

Hancock Flat Open Snowed in and impassable.
Mytoge Mountain Open Snowed in and impassable
Seven Mile Open Snowmobile access only with variable conditions
UM Open Snowed in and impassable.
Fremont River Open Access available from U-72 to U-24.
Thousand Lake Mountain Open 4-wheel drive access available only to Riley Spring. 
Elkhorn Open Snowmobile access only.

Dixie NF 

Scenic Byway 12


Access available year round - Road plowed during daylight hours only

Blind Lake Open Snowed in and impassable.
Boulder Top Open Gate locked - Snow packed
Coleman Reservoir Open Passable
Donkey Reservoir Open Snowed in and impassable
Lower Bowns Open Access available all the way to the reservoir.

Pine Creek

Open Snowed in and impassable.
Sulfer Creek (ATV Trail) Open Snowed in and impassable.
Tantalus Creek Road Open Snowed in and impassable.

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Richfield Ranger District
115 East 900 North
Richfield, UT 84701
(435)896- 9233

Box Creek/Greenwich #069 Open  
Brush Trail/Rex Reservoir #050 Open  
Cold Spring/Mt. Terrill #056 Open Snow/mud at upper elevations
Dry Creek #071 Open  
Duncan Mountain #007 Open Muddy at upper elevations
Glenwood/Monument Peak #068 Open Snow/mud at upper elevations
Gooseberry #640 Open Snow/ice above Cold Springs.  South of Cold Springs will be under construction during 2015 (expect delays or closures)
Kingston/Langdon Mountain #068 Open Snow/mud at upper elevations
Koosharem Canyon #076 Open  
Lost Creek #052 Open  
Manning Meadows #083 Open Snow/mud
Monroe Canyon (Paved) #078 Open  
Monroe Mountain #078 Open Snow/mud at upper elevations
Old Woman #011 Open Muddy and slick
Salina Creek #009 Open Snow/mud at upper elevations
Seven Mile/Mt Terrill #640 Open Snow/mud.  Will be under construction during 2015 (expect delays or closures)
Soldier Canyon #037 Open  
Thompson Basin #079 Open  
Water Hollow #004 Closed Snow/mud at upper elevations
Willow Creek (Salina) #001 Open Snow/mud at upper elevations


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Every effort is made to keep this information current. However, some changes do occur before they can be listed here. if you have any questions or concerns, contact the District Offices.