The following executable programs are available for download from this site. All programs have been developed by the USDA Forest Service, and are public domain software.  Programs were created by Steve Rheinberger and Rick Toupin (both are currently retired).


Logging Systems Programs

Contact person:
Mike Barger
Regional Logging Engineer 


The following link directs you to the programs for SkylineXL, Log Cost, and Log Truck Haul Cost:


If you have any questions or are not able to retrieve the files from the ftp site, please contact Mike Barger at 503.808.2928.


The Programs and Software on this webpage are available for you to download using Google Chrome or Firefox internet browsers only.  Internet Explorer will not properly download any of the following programs and software correctly.  Also, Google Chrome or Firefox will download these programs, but will change the filename to an unrecognizable alpha-numeric string with the correct extension.  Therefore, following your download, it is recommended that you immediately rename the filename of the downloaded program or software to identify the file by its content before using the program.

LogCostcnt and LogCostGID:  Left-Mouse Click using Chrome or Firefox browsers to begin downloading.  This is a stand-alone help system for those of you that have computers that are not able to open the help system from within the LOGCOST spreadsheet. Save the files on your computer for it to work. If you try to open it from the download screen, it will not work. The two files and the LOGCOST file must be filed together in the same folder.


 Volume Summary Form:  Left-Mouse Click using Chrome or Firefox browsers to begin downloading.  CCF, MBF, Cords. The spreadsheet is an automated volume summary form, room for 100 units and 10 species or species groups. Creates a volume summary form, uses NATCRS data. The spreadsheet includes hidden defect & breakage utility, down woody debris option, and report options. Last update 12/9/2009.



  • Network 2000: Network2000 is a transportation planning and forest commodity haul-analysis tool. It has been upgraded to operate on the Windows 2000 platform. You will need to download the program to your PC, unzip it, run "setup.exe." Use 1000 for the serial number. This program is only authorized to be downloaded and used by Federal employees. We have a site license for Federal employees.
  • Network 2000 Link and Sale File Builder and Road Report:  Left-Mouse Click using Chrome or Firefox browsers to begin downloading.  Spreadsheet that builds and exports the sale and link files for the Network 2000 haul route optimizer. The spreadsheet also downloads the Network 2000 output into a Road Report screen. The spreadsheet calculates round trip minutes on optimal haul route. The spreadsheet includes a summary screen and analysis process screen. Last update 12/1/2012.



  • Sale Economic Evaluation (RV)Left-Mouse Click using Chrome or Firefox browsers to begin downloading.  The intended use of this spreadsheet is to estimate the economic viability of planned Federal timber sales (residual value method). The user inputs the data necessary to make the determination in various tables. The summary table displays items such as the advertised rate, base rate, timber value, whether or not the unit and/or sale is estimated to be deficit or not, and the estimated value the sale is above (or below) base rates. The evaluation is based on the residual value appraisal methodology. Additional information is displayed in the Cost Centers Evaluation & Summary screen. Last update 1/12/2012. Excel 2007 and 2010, macro-enabled spreadsheet.
  • Sale/Project Economic Evaluation (R6-TEA-Econ)Left-Mouse Click using Chrome or Firefox browsers to begin downloading.  An economic analysis tool that allows the user to evaluate timber sale economics at the planning or sale layout level. The spreadsheet includes "cash flow" and "non-timber value" screens as well as screens which summarize net present value and benefit-cost ratios. Timber sale projects can be evaluated by individual units or by the sale-as-a-whole. The spreadsheet uses the Transaction Evidence Appraisal (TEA) system to generate basic gross timber values and estimated advertised rates. This spreadsheet is applicable to Region 6 projects - tied to the TEA process and uses the R6 TEA.COST file. This sheet is best used for EA & EIS projects where economic factors are estimated such as PV costs, PV benefits, NPV, B/C ratio, cash flows (KV, salvage sale fund, payments to counties), non-timber values, and sale advertised rates. Sale data for both current and future entries can be input. Last update 5/30/2013. Excel 2007 and 2010, macro-enabled spreadsheet.


Updated:  31 May 2013