Special Forest Products

The Special Forest Products (SFP) Page contains Forms, Programs, and other information used in the sale and administration of SFP. Dale Reinhart is the Program Manager and may be reached at 541.225.6445 or dreinhart@fs.fed.us.

Trespass Damage Form (04/01). One page form for calculating Trespass Damages.

Region 6 Sensitive Plant List (03/09). Current Regional Foresters special status species list.

Special Forest Products Appraisal (02/13). Excel Spreadsheet for appraising all SFP in Region 6. Includes an automated user guide (help system) launched by pressing the appropriate SFP Help button. Updated in February 2013 for all Region 6 Forests. The price and product database can be updated from the spreadsheet by launching the appropriate macro button. The spreadsheet is capable of estimating prices for products not in the current database (New Product Appraisal Screen).

     Supporting files:  Help File (.docx file) and Price List (.xlsm file)


R6 Special Forest Products Direction Letters:

Region 6 Special Forest Products Direction Letter (07/01).  SFP appraisal, firewood, Law Enforcement policy.


Quarterly Non-Convertible Summaries by Product/Unit of Measure:

FY16 Qtr.1

FY16 Qtr.2

FY16 Qtr.3


FY15 Qtr.1

FY15 Qtr.2

FY15 Qtr.3

FY15 Qtr.4

FY14 Qtr.1

FY14 Qtr.2

 FY14 Qtr.3

FY14 Qtr.4

FY13 Qtr.1

FY13 Qtr.2

FY13 Qtr.3

FY13 Qtr.4

FY12 Qtr.1

FY12 Qtr.2

FY12 Qtr.3

FY12 Qtr.4

 FY11 Qtr.1

 FY11 Qtr.2

FY11 Qtr.3

FY11 Qtr.4

FY10 Qtr.1

FY10 Qtr.2

FY10 Qtr.3

FY10 Qtr.4

FY09 Qtr.1

FY09 Qtr.2

FY09 Qtr.3

FY09 Qtr.4

FY08 Qtr.1

FY08 Qtr.2

FY08 Qtr.3

FY08 Qtr.4

FY07 Qtr.1

FY07 Qtr.2

FY07 Qtr.3

FY07 Qtr.4

FY06 Qtr.1

FY06 Qtr.2

FY06 Qtr.3

FY06 Qtr.4

FY05 Qtr.1

FY05 Qtr.2

FY05 Qtr.3

FY05 Qtr.4

FY04 Qtr.1

FY04 Qtr.2

FY04 Qtr.3

FY04 Qtr.4