Fish Environmental Education

[Photo]: Children learning about fish.

Each year Forest Service Fisheries Biologists and education specialists host a variety of aquatic education programs specially designed for children of all ages.The Pacific Northwest Region Fisheries Program takes great pride in its efforts to raise the level of awareness and understanding of the Northwest's incredible aquatic resources.

Region Mascots

[Image]: 'Frank and Frances Fish'

Frank and Frances Fish are the Region's fish mascots who frequently attend National Fishing Week events, Education Programs, and School Presentations.

Geared toward a K-3rd grade target audience, Frank and Frances have become a favorite attraction and an incredible aid to teaching.

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Many of these programs have become national award winners and have set a standard for excellence and pride from which other programs develop. Annual attendance at these programs and presentations averages over 100,000 children and adults! In addition to these programs, the Region and its partners have developed numerous aquatic curricula and educational "tools/materials" especially designed to make learning fun and exciting.

[Photo]: Child in the 'Web of Life Costume'

The Region also provides the delightful Salmon Storytelling Tent and Web of Life Costumes at a variety of events and educational programs.

The Web of Life allows children to parade around in a costume of their favorite forest creature, mimicking their sounds and movements, followed by a visit inside the inflatable storytelling tent where they hear Native American stories about salmon, in a completely unique teaching environment.

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