Environmental Footprint Report Released

Release Date: Apr 22, 2011   Chugach National Forest

Contact(s): Heather Gott

Just in time for Earth Day the Chugach National Forest releases its first environmental footprint report. It is one of only seven national forests to have done a Green House Gas assessment and one of two to have done a comprehensive environmental report. The assessment involved reviewing the Chugach’s progress in meeting Executive Order (EO) goals of advancing the nation’s energy security and environmental performance.

The document inventories the demands the Forest places on the environment through our activities and management practices, and identifies ways to reduce our footprint. It also establishes a baseline for use in tracking our progress in meeting national environmental targets, and recognizes and celebrates sustainable leadership that has taken root and is growing across the Chugach National Forest and in the communities we serve. For example, the forest is seeking to reduce its carbon footprint by providing bicycles for staff to use running errands and is supporting research related to renewable energy potential.

The Chugach Green Team, will present the Forest’s Greenhouse Gas and Inventory Plan at the Classrooms for Climate Conference at Rasmuson Hall on the University of Anchorage, Alaska campus on Friday, May 6th at 1:30.

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