Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Management Plan

This decision is in accordance with the 2005 Travel Management Rule, and it amends the Mt. Hood Forest Plan. With this decision, OHV policy on the Forest is changed from ?all roads and areas being open to motorized vehicles unless posted closed? to ?all roads and areas are closed to motor vehicles unless designated open? and depicted open to motor vehicle use on the motor vehicle use map. Many of the roads that were closed to OHV use were closed based on safety issues related to mixed traffic use. In addition, all cross country travel by motor vehicles is now prohibited. These OHV systems provide for a more diverse and higher quality range of OHV recreation than currently exists. Based on an appeal resolution meeting, the Mt. Defiance location has been withdrawn from the decision. OHVs are not permitted in this area. Also, road 4820-140 and a portion of the 150 were included to the Rock Creek location (see attached map in the ?Appeal Resolution Summary? documents below).

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District: Mt. Hood National Forest All Units

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