Big Mountain Roads Tree Removal Project

The Forest Service proposes to manually fall dead and dying trees that pose a hazard to the transportation system and to public safety along Forest Service roads 5N18, 5N04, and 5N05.

Location Summary

Forest Service roads in the French and Lower New River fifth field watersheds, Big Mountain vicinity

District: Big Bar Ranger District

Project Documents

Date Published
  • Decision

    • Preliminary Decision Memo - 09-07-06 (PDF 52kb)
      On 02/08/2007 a Decision Memo was signed for the Big Mountain Roads Tree Removal Project by Trinity River Management Unit District Ranger. After a review of the project, the Forest Service has made a decision to modify the original Decision Memo. A modification was deemed appropriate after the original project area was altered, and additional hazard trees identified.
    • Decision Memo - 12-22-2010 (PDF 8311kb)