SFSR Subbasin Noxious Weed Management Plan [80]

The USDA Forest Service is proposing to conduct a noxious weed treatment program in the South Fork Salmon River subbasin. An EIS evaluates the environmental effects of an integrated weed management approach to treat existing, as well as future, noxious and invasive weed infestation with a variety of treatments. The final EIS incorporates the SFSR Subbasin Noxious and Invasive Weed Management Program draft EIS and adds four appendices (40 CFR 1503.4(c)). Because the project area covers both the Payette and Boise NFs, two separate decisions are needed. A decision for the Payette NF portion was issued in May 2007. A decision for the Boise NF was issued in March 2010.

Location Summary

Northwest - central portion of Payette National Forest and a portion of Boise NF in the South Fork Salmon River Subbasin

Forests: Cascade Ranger District, McCall Ranger District, Krassel Ranger District

Project Documents

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