Lochsa River Access

The Lochsa River Access project will address improvements to several existing sites along the Lochsa and Middle Fork Clearwater Rivers. These improvements include 1) Construction of new river access facilities at Bald Mountain including boat ramp, parking, picnic and bathroom facilities, 2) Improvement of river access facilities at Split Creek including widening of the river access stairs and widening and leveling of the primary use area and walk-way, 3) Installation of a stairway at Number One Beach, and 4) Construction of a loop road and installation of a toilet at White Pine River Access. This project decision was documented in a letter to the file.

Location Summary

The project area includes the following recreation sites located along US Highway 12 along the Lochsa and Middle Fork Clearwater Rivers within the Clearwater National Forest: Bald Mountain at MP 128.4

District: Lochsa Ranger District

Project Documents

No documents are available for this project.