Virginia Tech Small Seismometer Line Project

Placement of small seismometers every 100-500 meters along the sides of existing roads and trails. To be placed for 2 to 8 days in areas previously disturbed by rd construct. or within 18 in of travel surface. Holes will be 6" wide, 6" deep, 18" long

Location Summary

Boise NF - 90 miles; Payette NF - 11 miles; Sawtooth NF - 37 miles; Salmon-Challis NF - 21 miles of transect line.

Forests: Cascade Ranger District, Lowman Ranger District, Emmett Ranger District, Weiser Ranger District, Challis-Yankee Fork Ranger District, Lost River Ranger District, Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Project Documents

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