Snowmobile Trail Relocation and Wetland Restoration Project

CE -- Relocate wetland segments of snowmobile trails to higher, drier ground to prevent wetland damage resulting from illegal ORV use on the snowmobile trail during the snow-free season. Old wetland segments would be closed and rehabilitated.

Location Summary

Snowmobile trail segments on the Rapid River and Manistique ranger districts, including Snowmobile Trails #2, #411, #413, and #7.

Districts: Rapid River Ranger District, Manistique Ranger District

Project Documents

Date Published
  • Scoping

    • Scoping letter (PDF 115kb)
      Signed Nov 10, 2011
    • Map (PDF 1252kb)
      Attached to scoping letter
    • Photos (PDF 990kb)
      Attached to scoping letter