Idaho City Ranger District Recreation Events Project

The Idaho City Ranger District (RD) is proposing the permitting of commercial and non-commercial recreation events on NFS lands, including large group camping and road and trail recreation activities. Road and trail events would be permitted on a specified system of designated National Forest System roads and trails and could include motorcycle, horse, mountain biking, running, handcart, and other similar road and trail activities that are of short duration (up to 3 day events) and high intensity. Applications for individual recreation event special use permits would be evaluated against screening questions before an application is accepted. The Decision Notice/Finding of No Significant Impact (DN/FONSI) was signed by the District Ranger on 4/11/2012. The Legal Notice of Decision was published in the Idaho Statesmen (paper of record) on 4/11/2012.

Location Summary

NFS lands north and west of Idaho City, ID.

District: Idaho City Ranger District

Project Documents

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