Middle Bald Mountain Area Communication Site

The Forest Service has completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) analyzing the effects of constructing, operating and maintaining a public safety communications facility at two potential locations in the Middle Bald Mountain vicinity southwest of Red Feather Lakes in Larimer County, Colorado. This facility will serve both VHF and 800MHz frequencies with a steel lattice tower, equipment building, access road, and electric power line to the facility. Along with the Final EIS is a Draft Record of Decision (ROD). This Draft ROD informs the public of the decision the Forest Service is leaning toward, which is the Killpecker site. The Killpecker site is identified as the Environmentally Preferred and Forest Service Preferred Alternative in the both the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements. The 45-day Objection Period started with the legal notice in the Ft. Collins Coloradoan on October 17, 2014.

Location Summary

Middle Bald Mountain area in northwest Larimer County.

District: Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Project Documents