Clear Creek Integrated Project

The Lowman Ranger District has prepared an environmental assessment (EA) for the Clear Creek Integrated Project and it is now ready for review. The EA analyzes in detail a no action alternative and two action alternatives, including the proposed action. To meet the Purpose and Need, the Proposed Action proposes to implement a variety of activities related to vegetation, transportation, and recreation management. The District has encouraged extensive public involvement throughout the planning process leading to this document. The Project area was the focus of a collaborative partnership between the Forest Service and the Boise Forest Coalition beginning in September 2010. In August 2011 the Coalition provided the Agency with their recommendations for management in the Clear Creek Project area. These recommendations were considered by the Responsible Official in development of the proposed action for this Project.

Location Summary

Lower Clear Creek subwatershed, immediately north of Lowman , ID

District: Lowman Ranger District

Project Documents

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