Shoreline II Outfitter and Guide Management Plan

This project will determine recreation use levels for saltwater-based outfitters and guides on the Admiralty National Monument, Hoonah, Juneau, and Sitka Ranger Districts. A Proposed Action will be developed to allocate service days to outfitter and guide use.

Location Summary

Shoreline and other areas on the Admiralty National Monument and Hoonah, Juneau, and Sitka Ranger Districts

District: Sitka Ranger District

Project Documents

  • Shoreline_II_SRD_prescope_worksheet (PDF 530kb)
    • Pre-Scoping

      • 2012 Shoreline II Recreation Use Worksheet (PDF 337kb)
        We are using this form to help us understand how people are recreating on the four districts. By filling out this form, you will help us determine how recreation use is allocated in the future. To complete this form, please PRINT the form, fill it out, fold, and send to the address listed.
      • Maps
      • Newsletters
        • Shoreline II Newsletter Issue 3 - Fall 2012 (PDF 608kb)
          This newsletter features the Juneau Ranger District. It describes some findings from field surveys and gives updates on project status.
        • Shoreline II Newsletter Issue 2 - Summer 2012 (PDF 1019kb)
          This second newsletter features the Sitka Ranger District and briefly describes upcoming field surveys and Wilderness Commercial Needs Assessments. It also describes and maps the input we've received so far on this project. The newsletter explains how to provide your own input on this project.
        • Shoreline II Newsletter Issue 1 - Spring 2012 (PDF 2332kb)
          This is the first in a series of newsletters explaining where we are at in the project progress. This newsletter includes information about the project and our efforts to get the public involved. We want to hear from everyone that recreates, works, or subsists on any of the four districts. Even those that have never been to Alaska but plan to come some day.