North Fork Salvage

The project consists of salvaging down trees in two separate areas along the 19 and the 5826 roads. The portion along the 19 road is less than 1 acre in size and consists of removing decked material at the intersection of the 19/1939 roads and downed trees within the slide. The slide is located on the north (uphill) side of the 19 road, approximately 0.25 mile west of 1939. The portion along the 5826 road is approximately 5 acres in size and consists of bucking and removing trees blown down during a wind event. Trees would be yarded from both the 5821 and the 5826 roads, on the north and south sides of the railroad. All activities would occur east of 5821 .

Location Summary

The north (uphill) side of Rd. 19, approximately 0.25 mile west of Rd. 1939. Trees would be yarded to both Rd. 5826 and Rd. 5821 on both sides of the railroad.

District: Middle Fork Ranger District

Project Documents

No documents are available for this project.