Lolo NF Forestwide Integrated Weed Management Analysis

The Lolo NF is proposing to treat up to 15,000 acres of weeds per year using an Integrated approach.

Location Summary

southcentral Montana, entire 2.1 million-acre Lolo National Forest

District: Lolo National Forest All Units

Project Documents

Date Published
  • Scoping

    • Cover Letter (PDF 35kb)
      Lolo National Forest Integrated Weed Management Supplemental Information Report (18.1 Analysis)–Cover Letter
  • Decision

    • Record of Decision (PDF 700kb)
      Decision–signed 12/11/2007
    • Appendices (PDF 383kb)
      Appendix A –Weeds on the Lolo National Forest, Appendix B–Project Area Maps by District, Appendix C–Weed Treatment Decision Tree, Appendix D–Monitoring Plan, Appendix E–Mitigation Measures
    • ROD with Appendices (PDF 1091kb)