Western North American Defoliator Working Group

The purpose of the Western North American Defoliator Working Group (WNADWG) is to provide a means to address issues associated with western defoliator ecology and management. The WNADWG meets annually or more frequently as needed. The group is composed of professional forest pest management specialists, scientists, and resource management specialists representing federal, provincial, state and local governments, universities, and private interests.

Specificially, the WNADWG provides a forum to:

  • Discuss current defoliatior conditions in Western North America
  • Identify and discuss issues and concerns related to western defoliator ecology and management
  • Address short- and long-term research, technology development and management needs for western forest defoliators
  • Communicate issues, concerns, recommendations, priorities and needs to appropriate entities

Nancy Sturdevant is the program chair for the 2013 and 2014 meetings.  Kathy Sheehan maintains this website and the email list for WNADWG announcements.

Next Meeting

The 2013 meeting is tentatively scheduled to be held in Hood River, Oregon, on October 28 (afternoon) and 29 (all day).  The Bark Beetle Technical Working Group is tentatively scheduled to meet at the same location on the following two days (October 30 - 31).  Additional information will be posted here later.  

Meeting Reports

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Additional Reports