The Olympic National Forest is located in the northwestern corner of Washington state.
Where is this Forest?


Maps & Publications

Olympic National Forest Recreation Map

View campgrounds, day use areas and trailheads on the Olympic National Forest online recreation map.

National Interactive Visitor map

View US Forest Service Interactive Visitor Map. It may take a minute to load forest recreation site data.

Free, Downloadable Maps

Forest Service Topography Maps: These maps overlay Forest Service assets, such as roads, trails, and campgrounds, on USGS's topographic maps. They are available for download by quadrangle.

Olympic National Park and Forest Map: Olympic National Forest surrounds Olympic National Park lands and the park maps may help you plan your trip.

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Graphic: Forest map. Click to go to Discover Your Northwest.Day Hikes on the Olympic Peninsula, Book Graphic. Click to go to Discover Your Northwest.National Forest Store: Offers a full, nationwide selection of National Forest, Ranger District, Wilderness, and Specialty Maps for purchase online or by phone, fax, and mail.

Discover Your Northwest: A nonprofit partner carrying a wide selection of maps, books, guides, and other interpretive products that highlight the Northwest’s natural and cultural history and support educational programs and services on public lands.  

US Geological Survey: The national source to find, order, or download topographic maps, including quadrangles or “quads”.

Which Map Do I Need?

Consult this description of all Pacific Northwest Region Forest Service Maps to determine which map, or maps, will help you plan and complete a safe and enjoyable visit to a national forest.

Motor Vehicle Use Map

Graphic: Motor vehicle map image. Click to go to forest maps.The Olympic National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps display National Forest System routes (roads and trails) that are open to motorized travel. They are generally at scales of between 1:42,000 and 1:75,000 (about 1.5 and 0.85 inches to the mile) and display only National Forest System routes (roads and trails) that are open to motor vehicles. View Motor Vehicle Use Maps by district.



Geospatial Data

Graphic: Digital data map.Digital data covering the Olympic National Forest is available on our GIS Data web page.



Regional Trails

  • Olympic Discovery Trail - Olympic Discovery Trail traverses the Olympic Peninsula. Online maps are available.
  • Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail - The Pacific Northwest Trail begins near the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park and travels over 1,200 miles through Montana, Idaho, and Washington before reaching its western terminus at the Pacific Ocean near Cape Alava. View an online map of this exciting trail.
  • The Great Washington State Birding Trail - Olympic Loop - The Great Washington State Birding Trail - Olympic Loop is a self-guided driving tour using custom maps with information about each listed site including: habitat, access, bird species, best season(s), and amenities.