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The Forest publishers a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October. To view the current and past SOPAs, visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Boise National Forest.

2014 July, August and September Sopa - Cover Letter and SOPA - A quarterly statement of all proposed projects on the Forest.

Boise National Forest Project Archive

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Avelene Salvage Project

On March 15, 2013, District Ranger Stephaney Church decided to implement the Proposed Action for the Avelene Salvage Project. The proposed action will commercially salvage harvest about 200 acres of dead and dying trees resulting from the 2012 Avelene Fire. Harvest activities will be completed with ground based logging systems including off road jammer and tractor skidding. No new permanent or temporary road construction or reconstruction will be necessary to facilitate harvest activities. Activity slash will be lopped and left on site to contribute organic input into the burned soils and reduce erosion potential across the area. This decision is subject to administrative appeal pursuant to 36 CFR Part 215. Appeals, including attachments, must be filed within 45 days from the publication date of this notice in the Idaho Statesman, the newspaper of record. The legal notice was published on March 16, 2013.

Beaver Creek Yurt Installation Project

Special use permit for the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to install and manage a twenty foot diameter backcountry yurt near Beaver Creek Summit. The yurt would be a tent like structure set on a wooden deck placed on concrete deck blocks.

Big Creek WBP Enhancement Project

Enhance survival of mature and immature whitebark pine on roughly 1,200 acres by eliminating competing conifer species.

Big Springs Cattle and Horse "On-Off" Allotment

This Environmental Assessment supports a separate decision to continue to authorize grazing for each of the two allotments.

Boiling Pine TSI Project

Precommercial thin on approximately 2,000 acres of ponderosa pine plantations. Thinning activities would be hand-felling using chainsaws.

Boise Ridge Timber Stand Improvement

This project proposes to conduct about 1,200 acres of thinning, hand piling, and pile burning over a 5-year period.

Bull Creek and Upper Silver Creek Motorized Wheeled Vehicle Travel Management

On August 4, 2010, Emmett District Ranger John R. Erickson decided to implement Alternative B (Proposed Action) as the decision for the Bull Creek and Upper Silver Creek Motorized Wheeled Vehicle Trail Designation and Rehabilitation Project. Alternative B will modify the type of motorized access, limiting motorized use to motorcycles only. Alternative B will also modify the season of use for motorized access, and implement trail improvements to address resource concerns. A legal notice of decision is anticipated to be published in the Emmett Messenger-Index, the newspaper of record, on August 11, 2010.

Bureau of Reclamation Scott Mountain Communication Site Special Use Permit

The Decision Memo is now available for the Scott Mountain Communication Site Project. Forest Supervisor Seesholtz signed the Decision Memo on September 18, 2013. This project will amend the special use permit (SUP) for the BOR Scott Mountain Communication Site for proposed upgrades to the facilities including a new tower, microwave dishes, and solar array. In addition, the Scott Mountain Communication Site was designated for governmental uses only. This decision is subject to administrative appeal pursuant to 36 CFR Part 215. Individuals or organizations who submitted comments during 30-day Notice and Comment period specified at 215.6 may appeal this decision. Appeals, including attachments, must be filed within 45 days from the publication date of a notice in the Idaho Statesman, the newspaper of record, Boise, Idaho. The legal notice for the DN/FONSI was published on September 21, 2013.

C. C. West

The Proposed Action consists of planting conifers with hoedads on an estimated 8,376 acres that burned at a high or moderate intensity in 2007 where competing vegetation is expected and/or where no seed source is present.

Cat Creek Cattle and Horse On-Off Allotment

Authorize continued livestock grazing on the Cat Creek Cattle and Horse On-Off Allotment.

Clear Prong Project

Implement silvicultural activities on an estimated 2,000 acres; reduce natural fuel loads on approximately 500 acres, and; decommission roughly 4 miles of road.

Curtis, Trail, Mormon Creek Fish Passage Restoration Project

The project proposes to replace 6 stream crossings to restore fish passage. The new structures would be a bottomless arch culvert or bridge large enough to provide for 100-year flood event and provide fish passage.

Dawes Creek Cattle and Horse On-Off Grazing Allotment

Authorize continued grazing on the Dawes Creek Cattle and Horse On-Off Grazing Allotment.

Emmett Ranger District "E" Area Motorized Wheeled Vehicle Travel Management

The Emmett RD has released a decision regarding the future management of public motorized wheeled vehicle travel on the Emmett RD.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Hanson Range Project

The proposed action would allow a maximum of six head of horses or 34 head months within a permitted grazing area of 409 acres. The allotment would continue to be managed using variable number, variable season provisions in the grazing permit. The proposed action would continue to authorize a season of use from June 1st through October 31st.

Horsethief Project

Reintroduce low to moderate intensity fire to restore desired vegetative conditions and reduce natural fuel loads and ladder fuels on 360 acres.

Idaho City District Motorized VehicleTravel Management Plan

The Idaho City RD has released a decision regarding future management of public motorized wheeled vehicle travel on the Idaho City RD.

Idaho City Ranger District Recreation Events Project

The Idaho City Ranger District (RD) is proposing the permitting of commercial and non-commercial recreation events on NFS lands, including large group camping and road and trail recreation activities. Road and trail events would be permitted on a specified system of designated National Forest System roads and trails and could include motorcycle, horse, mountain biking, running, handcart, and other similar road and trail activities that are of short duration (up to 3 day events) and high intensity. Applications for individual recreation event special use permits would be evaluated against screening questions before an application is accepted. The Decision Notice/Finding of No Significant Impact (DN/FONSI) was signed by the District Ranger on 4/11/2012. The Legal Notice of Decision was published in the Idaho Statesmen (paper of record) on 4/11/2012.

Idaho Power Company Line 328 Project

The special use permit for Line 328 would be renewed for another 20-year term. The renewed permit, including those portions of Line 328 on the Emmett and Cascade Ranger Districts only, would also address access to the power line and its structures. Forest Supervisor Seesholtz issued a Decision Notice & FONSI for this project on 4/15/2013. A legal notice announcing the decision was published on 4/19/2013 in the Idaho Statesman (Newspaper of Record).

Joe's Creek Trail Improvement Project

This project would re-route about 1 mile of the Joe's Creek Trail (NFS Trail #137) to address trail conditions, resource concerns, and improve manageability of the trail.

Johnson Creek Rock Source

Removal of approximately 3,000 cubic yards from a scree slope previously used as a rock source. Material would be removed using an excavator.

Johnson Creek Watershed Improvement Project

The purpose of the project is to use active and passive methods to restore and maintain aquatic and watershed resources. Methods proposed will include management of motorized vehicle access, improvement of the infrastructure of National Forest System roads and trails, analyzing roads not needed for future land management activities, improvement of stream crossings, and enhancing high elevation meadows. The Proposed Action includes six activities which are: dispersed campsites and access route designation, improvement, or rehabilitation; a motor vehicle use designated corridor; road decommissioning; road and trail improvements; stream crossing construction; and high elevation aspen enhancement.

Little Ophir Hazardous Fuels Reduction

The Forest Service has been enjoined from using CE category #10 and this project will be re-analyzed and documented in an EA. The intent of this project is to reduce hazardous fuels accumulations on about 4,600 acres near the town of Placerville, ID

Lockman Gulch Cattle and Horse On-Off Grazing Allotment

Authorize continued grazing on the Lockman Gulch Cattle and Horse On-Off Grazing Allotment.

Lower Johnson Project

Treat vegetation on an estimated 137 acres in the WUI along the lower reaches of Johnson Creek.

Lowman Fish Ponds Improvement Project

Improve the intake and diversion from Richards Creek to the Lowman Nature Fish Ponds to increase flow going into the ponds and reduce the sediment build-up within the diversion pipe. A new intake will be installed.

Moores Creek Cattle and Horse "On-Off" Allotment

The USDA Forest Service will authorize continued cattle grazing within the 5,474-acre NFS portion of the Moores Flat Allotment at a rate of 425 head-months.

Moores Flat Cattle and Horse "On-Off" Allotment

Continue to authorize grazing on the Moores Flat Allotment. The Moores Flat encompasses about 4,900 acres of NFS land.

North Shore Lodge Septic System Replacement Project

This project would replace a failing sewage system at the North Shore Lodge. A new drain field would be installed outside the current permit area. The permit would be amended to reflect this additional area. Work would meet CDHD requirement.

Oro Mountain Whitebark Pine Enhancement Project

Enhance whitebark pine by felling competing conifers (e.g. lodgepole pine & subalpine fir) 3 feet tall to 5 inches dbh, and girdling competing conifers greater than 5 inches dbh and less than 20 inches dbh.

Poorman Maintenance Underburn

The project is designed to provide a maintenance prescribed fire underburn on approximately 3,900 acres. This area was previously treated with prescribed fire in April 1997. Decision Memo signed by John R. Erickson, District Ranger, on 04/14/2010.

Porter-Crumley Range Project

On September 22, 2011, Idaho City District Ranger Ruth Esperance decided to allow continued livestock grazing of the Crumley Gulch Cattle and Horse (C&H) allotment and the Porter Creek C&H allotment on the Idaho City Ranger District, through issuance of10-year grazing permits. The 45-day appeal period under 36 CFR 215 begins with publication of a legal notice in the Idaho Statesman, the newspaper of record for Idaho City Ranger District decisions, anticipated on September 27, 2011.

Rewards Placer Exploration

On Jaunary 9, 2014, District Ranger Peterson signed the Decision Memo for the Rewards Placer Exploration. The legal notice of decision was published on 1/17/2014 in the Idaho Statesman. The operator will use a mini-excavator or similar size equipment to excavate sand and gravel and process it in a self-contained unit to extract precious metals.

Roadside Hazard Tree Removal

1)Reduce the hazard that fire- and beetle-killed and imminently dead trees pose to users of open authorized roads. 2)Reduce the recurring maintenance need that fire & beetle killed and imminently dead trees po

Rocky Canyon Prescribed Fire Project

This project proposes vegetation restoration utilizing prescribed fire on approximately 8,200 acres in the Rocky Canyon Subwatershed in the Middle Fork Payette River subbasin.

Sagehen Nature Trail Bridge Replacement

This project would replace two bridges, install interpretive signs, and benches along a one-mile nature trail near Sagehen Reservoir.

Sams-Pine Prescribed Burn

Prescribed burning on approximately 15,000 acres to restore fire's natural role using low to moderate intensity fire. Reduce fuel loading across the landscape to limit the spread and intensity of a high severity wildfire. Timeframe is approx. 2-7 yr

SFSR Recreation Access Management

Changes in management of recreation resources and public, motorized and non-motorized wheeled-vehicle travel in the SFSR drainage on the Cascade Ranger District of the Boise National Forest.

SFSR Subbasin Noxious Weed Management Plan [80]

The USDA Forest Service is proposing to conduct a noxious weed treatment program in the South Fork Salmon River subbasin. An EIS evaluates the environmental effects of an integrated weed management approach to treat existing, as well as future, noxious and invasive weed infestation with a variety of treatments. The final EIS incorporates the SFSR Subbasin Noxious and Invasive Weed Management Program draft EIS and adds four appendices (40 CFR 1503.4(c)). Because the project area covers both the Payette and Boise NFs, two separate decisions are needed. A decision for the Payette NF portion was issued in May 2007. A decision for the Boise NF was issued in March 2010.

Silver Creek Campground Renovation Project

Renovate the Silver Creek Plunge Campground to bring it up to Forest Service standards. Project activities include designation of individual campsites and access routes, installation of toilet facilities and a new water system.

Skunk TSI Project

Thinning of sub-merchantable trees and competing hardwoods within 23 different plantations totaling approximately 317 acres.

Snowmobile Trail Grooming in Valley, Gem, and Boise Counties

The Proposed Action would consist of authorizing a cost-share agreement between the Forest Service, Valley County, and Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation allowing Valley County to groom roughly 243 miles of snowmobile trails.

Star Gulch Wildfire Pre-Commercial Thinning -- 2010

Thinning of dense areas of ponderosa pine saplings that established naturally following the 1994 Star Gulch Wildfire. Potentially, 300 to 1,000 acres would be treated in the Cottonwood and Minneha drainages.

Stolle Priority Watershed Reforestation

Plant conifers on approximately 6,500 acres consumed by wildfire.

Trinity Ridge Roadside Salvage Project

This project proposes to complete roadside salvage of dead and dying trees adjacent to high use roads within the 2012 Trinity Ridge Wildfire Area. On May 3, 2013, District Ranger Church signed the Decision Memo for this project. The Legal Notice of Decision was published in the Idaho Statesman (Newspaper of Record) on May 10, 2013.

Tripod and Pine Creek Range Allotments

Acting District Ranger, John L. Thornton, issued two decisions for the Tripod-Pine Range Project on September 24, 2012. No comments or expressions of interest, other than supportive, were provided during the 30-day notice of the proposed action comment period; therefore these decisions are not subject to appeal pursuant to 36 CFR 215.12. The Legal Notice of Decision is anticipated to be published in the Messenger Index (Newspaper of Record) on September 26, 2012. The Tripod Cattle and Horse Allotment DN/FONSI will implement the continued grazing of the Tripod Cattle and Horse (C&H) Allotment. The decision will result in issuance of a Term Grazing Permit (permit) for the Tripod C&H Allotment. The Pine Creek Cattle and Horse Allotment DN/FONSI will implement the continued grazing of the Pine Creek Cattle and Horse (C&H) Allotment. The decision will result in issuance of a Term Grazing Permit (permit) for the Pine Creek C&H Allotment.

Upper South Fork Salmon River Resource Management Project

Improve road and trail infrastructure and reduce related impacts to watershed resources by improving and/or decommissioning roads and/or trails.

Virginia Tech Small Seismometer Line Project

Placement of small seismometers every 100-500 meters along the sides of existing roads and trails. To be placed for 2 to 8 days in areas previously disturbed by rd construct. or within 18 in of travel surface. Holes will be 6" wide, 6" deep, 18" long

Voice of Idaho Amateur Radio Club Communications Facility - Special Use Authorization Renewal

Renew the Special Use Authorization issued to Voice of Idaho Amateur Radio Club for the purpose of operating and maintaining a communciations facility on National Forest System lands.

Warm Lake Facilities Beetle Mortality Project

Remove dead and dying trees in campgrounds and administrative sites near Warm Lake, and use anti-aggregant phermones to deter beetle infestation of additional host trees.

Water Systems Special Use Permit Renewal - Group 2

Special use permit renewal for 8 water systems on the Lowman Ranger District within the SF Payette River Corridor including systems on Richards Creek, Kirkham Creek, Wapiti Creek, Long Creek, 2 systems on Dustman Creek and 2 systems on Fence Cr.

Westside Range Project

The proposed action for both the Stringer Pasture C&H and the Van Wyck Holding S&G Allotment is to continue to authorize livestock grazing at current permitted numbers and seasons of use.

Westside Restoration Project

Enhance aspen on approximately 150 acres from near Campbell Creek north to Gibson Creek on the west side of Cascade Reservoir, and; treat vegetation on an estimated 90 acres in the WUI near French Creek and Campbell Creek.

White Flat Resource Management Project

Restores healthy, diverse, and resilient ecosystem to minimize uncharacteristic fire and reduces hazardous fuels. 420 acres commercial thin; 108 acres precommercial thin; 528 acres prescribed burning. A previous DN / FONSI was withdrawn in October 2010. A Legal Notice of Decision is anticipated to be published in the Idaho Statesman on October 6, 2011.

Whitehawk Communications Site Special Use Permit

Proposal includes designation of the Whitehawk Communications Site, approval of a communications site plan, installation of a new communications building near Whitehawk Lookout to remove the current radio repeater from Whitehawk Lookout and issuance of a special use permit to Valley County to install a radio repeater in the new building to improve emergency radio frequencies for Valley County. The building is 8 ' x 8 ' set on 2' x 2' concrete pads.

Windy Gap Cattle and Horse On-Off Grazing Allotment

Authorize continued grazing on the Windy Gap Cattle and Horse On-Off Grazing Allotment.

Wood Creek Cattle and Horse "On-Off" Allotment

The Mountain Home District Ranger has decided to continue to authorize grazing on the Wood Creek Allotment, which encompasses about 7,540 acres of NFS land.

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