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Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Forest publishers a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October. To view the current and past SOPAs, visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Boise National Forest.

Boise National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Boise National Forest All Units

Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Forest Plan Amendment)

Short- and long-term management strategies and priorities for maintaining and restoring habitats associated with terrestrial wildlife species.

Cascade Ranger District

Assessment to Address Valley County's Request for Additional Snowmobile Grooming Routes

Assessment to Address Valley County's Request for Additional Snowmobile Grooming Routes and modification to existing cost share agreement. The proposal consists of an additional 15.6 miles of groomed snowmobile routes on the Cascade Ranger District.

FAA Shed Fuel Reduction

Timber stand improvement and elimination of wildfire hazard on roughly 10 acres.

Juniper Mountain Outfitters - O&G Permit Renewal

Renew existing special use permit for horse camp, trail rides, fishing, and big game hunting outfitter and guide operations.

South Fork Fish Weir SUP Project

Issue new 30-year special use permit to US Fish and Wildlife Service for the operation and maintenance of a fish weir and holding facility to replace existing SUP and construct additional pond in a disturbed area within the existing permit boundary.

Emmett Ranger District

Ola Hill Range Project (formerly the Ola A and Ola Hill Range Project)

This project proposes to authorize continued grazing on the Ola Hill Cattle and Horse Allotment.

High Valley Integrated Restoration Project

Manage forest to accelerate development of large, ponderosa pine to support wildlife habitat, increase resilience to un-natural disturbance, reduce hazardous fuels, improve watershed function, and provide wood products to support local economies.

Korell Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permit Amendment

This proposal would amend Korell Outfitters special use permit to include Fish & Game hunting units 32 and 32A. This area located on the Emmett Ranger District would be used to hunt mountain lion and bear with dogs.

Korell Outfitters Special Use Permit Amendment

This project proposes to increase the area under special use authorization for Korell Outfitter and Guides.

Scriver Creek Integrated Restoration Project

This project is designed to modify stand conditions to improve wildlife habitat and increase resiliency to insects, disease and wildfire; as well as improve watershed conditions and reduce long-term sedimentation caused by existing roads.

Williams Creek Project

This project would use a combination of commercial and non-commercial thinning and fuel reduction activities to improve forest resiliency from insect and disease disturbance, while promoting large, early-seral tree species and wildlife habitat.

Idaho City Ranger District

Becker Integrated Resource Project (Formerly the Becker Vegetation Management Project)

This project is an integrated resources project on about 15,000 acres. The project proposes restoration activities for vegetation, soil, water, riparian, aquatics and wildlife, as well as transportation and recreation management activities.

C & W Placer Exploration

The proponent would utilize a Skid Steer to extract sand and gravel and process it through a high banker (sluice box) to extract precious metals.

Cumo Exploration Project (previously listed as Cumo 2007 Project)

Minerals exploration. Proposal is to drill 256 new exploratory holes to retrieve core samples. Project will involve construction of about 13.3 miles of new temporary road and use of about 4.7 miles existing unauthorized road as temporary road.

Daltons Delight Placer Exploration

The proponent would utilize a mini-excavator to extract sand and gravel and process it through a trommel to extract precious metals.

Old China Placer Exploration

The proponent will utilize a mini-excavator to extract sand and gravel and process it through a trommel to extract precious metals.

Lowman Ranger District

Allred Adventures special use permit renewal

Reissue a special use permit authorizing hunting (deer, elk, bear and cougar), fishing, trail rides and pack trips.

Mountain Home Ranger District

Elk Post-Fire Restoration Reforestation Project

This project would restore low elevation forested vegetation and associated wildlife habitat in the 2013 Elk Complex Wildfire Area.

Project Archive

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