Boise National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Bogus Basin Forest Health Project

This project would manage forest structure and species composition to improve the resiliency of the forest landscape and recover from uncharacteristic insect and disease disturbance and remove hazard trees on about 3,000 acres of NFS lands.

Featherville Sheep and Goat Allotment

This project will evaluate current livestock management on the Featherville Sheep and Goat (S&G) Allotment and proposes to authorize continued livestock grazing on approximately 142,800 acres of National Forest System land.

Henry Clay Mineral Project

The proponent proposes to conduct minerals exploration activities to acquire detailed geologic data within the Henry Clay mineral claims group to determine the extent of the mineral resources.

Lowman WUI Corridor

This project proposes hazardous fuel reduction and restoration treatments on 1,900 acres within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). Proposed treatments include both prescribed fire and mechanical understory thinning.

Under Analysis

Assessment to Address Valley County's Request for Additional Snowmobile Grooming Routes

Assessment to Address Valley County's Request for Additional Snowmobile Grooming Routes and modification to existing cost share agreement. The proposal consists of an additional 15.6 miles of groomed snowmobile routes on the Cascade Ranger District.

B and M Plan of Operations

The purpose of the proposed project is to provide approval of a Plan of Operations to explore for locatable minerals, per Federal mining regulations 36 CFR 228, subpart A. Three test pits would be excavated to test for gold and reclaimed.

Becker Integrated Resource Project (Formerly the Becker Vegetation Management Project)

This project is an integrated resources project on about 15,000 acres. The project proposes restoration activities for vegetation, soil, water, riparian, aquatics and wildlife, as well as transportation and recreation management activities.

Boise & Sawtooth Forest-wide Invasive Plant Species Treatments

Analyze and disclose the effects of treating invasive and noxious weeds forest-wide on the Boise & Sawtooth National Forests.

Buckskin Restoration Project

This project proposes to complete non-commercial thinning and prescribed fire on approximately 7,000 acres.

Carlin Mineral Exploration Project

The proposal is to drill/blast a quartz vein and remove approximately 30-40 tons of mineral material to determine if enough gold is present to further develop the project. This is a locatable minerals project regulated under 36 CFR 228A.

High Valley Integrated Restoration Project

Manage forest to accelerate development of large, ponderosa pine to support wildlife habitat, increase resilience to un-natural disturbance, reduce hazardous fuels, improve watershed function, and provide wood products to support local economies.

Idaho Power South Fork Powerline Relocation Special Use Permit Amendment

Amend an existing special use permit to allow Idaho Power to relocate approximately 1,922 feet (ten spans) of existing 34.5 kv overhead distribution powerline from its cross-country alignment to a new location immediately adjacent to an existing road

Juniper Mountain Outfitters - O&G Permit Renewal

Renew existing special use permit for horse camp, trail rides, fishing, and big game hunting outfitter and guide operations. A new 10-year special use permit is proposed.

Ola A Range Project

This project proposes to authorize continued livestock grazing on the Ola A Cattle and Horse Allotment.

Swanholm Repeater Site

The project proposes to establish a new repeater site at Swanholm Mountain within the Ten Mile/Black Warrior IRA to improve radio coverage on the Idaho City RD. Radio equipment, shelter with antenna and prefab concrete pads would be installed.

Analysis Completed

Clear Creek Integrated Project

This collaborative project proposes vegetation restoration, fuel reduction in WUI areas, mountain bike trail construction, road closures/decomissioning and aquatic organism passage elements within a 22,850 acre project area.

Cumo Exploration Project (previously listed as Cumo 2007 Project)

Locatable minerals exploration. Proposal to drill 256 new exploratory holes to retrieve core samples. Project will involve construction of about 13.3 miles of new temporary road and use of about 4.7 miles existing unauthorized road as temporary road

Scriver Creek Integrated Restoration Project

This project is designed to modify stand conditions to improve wildlife habitat and increase resiliency to insects, disease and wildfire; as well as improve watershed conditions and reduce long-term sedimentation caused by existing roads.

Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Forest Plan Amendment)

Short- and long-term management strategies and priorities for maintaining and restoring habitats associated with terrestrial wildlife species.

Williams Creek Project

This project would use a combination of commercial and non-commercial thinning and fuel reduction activities to improve forest resiliency from insect and disease disturbance, while promoting large, early-seral tree species and wildlife habitat.

On Hold

Daniels Creek - Dry Creek Trail Additions

This project proposes to add about 4 miles of existing trails on NFS and BLM lands to the Ridges to Rivers Trail System. Land easements have recently been acquired allowing these existing trails to be added to the trail system(s).

Keller Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permit

Issuance of a 10-yr special use permit to outfit and guide predator hunting for wolf, cougar and bear. Keller Outfitter and Guides have purchased a portion of Allred Adventures Outfitter and Guide area and a new special use permit is required.


579 Roadside Hazard Project

All dead and imminently dead large trees greater than or equal to 7 inches dbh within 160 feet of National Forest System (NFS) road 579 would be cut and removed. All trees less than 7 inches dbh would be felled and burned.

Wapiti Blue Stewardship Project

4,600 ac of treatments designed for veg. restoration and fuel reduction (including defensible space around Wapiti, Bear & Camp Cr summer homes and Hanging Valley) and 6 mi of unclass. rd decom

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