Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. 

Cleveland National Forest Project Archive

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Abandoned Laguna Air Force Base project

The Descanso Ranger District proposes to remove hazardous materials from the abandoned Laguna Air Force Base, demolish and remove abandoned buildings and other associated facilities, and restore the site to a naturally functioning landscape.

Aquatic Organism Passage Restoration

Replacement of instream roadway crossings with bridges and removal of instream dams to improve stream habitat and allow passage of aquatic organisms.

AT&T Fiber Optic Permit Reissuance

AT&T Corp. has applied for reissuance of a special use permit for maintaining and operating pre-existing fiber optic cable lines (conduit and aerial) and poles within 18.21 acres on the Descanso Ranger District along Old Highway 80.

Buckman Springs intersection

The Descanso Ranger District proposes changes to the Buckman Springs intersection to allow for improved traffic safety.

Cedar Creek Falls Visitor Use Management

The project proposes a visitor permit and other measures to address issues of public safety, resource impacts, and overcrowding in the vicinity of Cedar Creek Falls. It will also likely include the renewal of the current closure order

Cedar Creek Falls Visitor Use Permit System Modification

The proposed action would adjust the visitor use permit system by freezing maximum use levels at Cedar Creek Falls at 75 daily visitor use permits allowing up to 5 visitors each.

Cleveland National Forest Invasive Weed Management Plan

This project is to plan for weed treatment activities for known infestations of certain invasive plant species. Weed removal efforts may include herbicides. A rapid response weed treatment protocol for new infestations will also be developed.

Coastal Sage Scrub Restoration in the San Diego River Watershed

A key area of coastal sage scrub has been type-converted to acacia scrub and grassland due to too-frequent fire. The area is approximately 60 acres at an elevation of 1,000 feet. The project site will be revegetated with coastal sage scrub.

Descanso District Unauthorized Route Decommissioning 2014

Through this project, several unauthorized routes would first be ripped using an excavator to loosen compacted soil, reduce erosion, and enable vegetation to become established. Then, metal barriers would be installed to prevent their further use.

El Cariso Fire Station 51 Special Use Permit Reissuance

The proposed action is to continue allowing Riverside County Engine 51 and crew to use the facilities located at El Cariso Fire Station under a special use permit, for Firefighters and Paramedics conducting emergency activities and routine duties.

Feral Pig Damage Control Project

The Cleveland NF proposes to reduce and, where possible, eliminate further impacts from increasing numbers of non-native wild pigs on Forest Service land and water resources, including impacts to plant and animal species.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Irvine Ranch Water District Special Use Permits

Irvine Ranch Water District acquired Santiago County Water District (SCWD), and has become the owner of improvements previously authorized to SCWD by two Special Use Permits. The proposal includes minor construction and restoration components.

Kitchen Creek Helitanker Base

The Cleveland National Forest proposes to construct a Type 1 helibase at Kitchen Creek above the Cameron Fire Station. The size of the helibase would be approximately eight acres.

Laguna grazing allotment

The Cleveland National Forest proposes to authorize grazing on the Laguna allotment under a new allotment management plan.

Laguna Meadow range allotment

The Cleveland NF proposes to authorize grazing on the Laguna Meadow allotment under a new allotment management plan.

Laguna Water System Improvement

Installation of a new electrical drop and service, water and control line distribution to a new reservoir site, the installation of a new 100,000 gallon reservoir and water distribution line extension to connect to the existing Laguna water system.

Lake Morena Community Defense Project

Create and maintain defensible space on NFS lands in the vicinity of Lake Morena Village.

Monument Peak County Radio Tower Modification

The project involves the reinforcement of the 80' radio tower foundation that would add a concrete matt slab, reinforcement of the legs and cross bracings, and increasing the height of the tower by 20 feet.

Mount Laguna and Pine Valley Community Defense and Healthy Forest Restoration Project

Under the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, the Descanso RD proposes a combination of mechanical, hand, and prescribed fire fuel treatments to reduce fuels in the wildland/urban interface around the communities of Mount Laguna and Pine Valley.

New well installation in Holy Jim Cabin Tract on Lot #22 on the Trabuco Ranger District

Cabin owner at lot #22 of the Holy Jim Tract, Trabuco Ranger District, proposes to install a new well to a depth of 100 feet at a minimum. Cabin owner has three additional participants who wish to tie into the well for recreational use.

North Main Divide Fuel Break System

The Trabuco Ranger District proposes a vegetation management project along part of a fuel break that runs from Bald Mountain to Sierra Peak, and which includes ridgelines above Bedford, Eagle, Manning, Main Street, and Hagador canyons.

Oak Planting Restoration Project

The Descanso Ranger District successfully implemented a pilot project to establish oak seedlings from acorns in several locations. This project expands the pilot project to allow for planting of oaks Forest-wide in appropriate locations.

Palomar Mountain Vegetation Treatment Program

The Palomar RD proposes fuels reduction activities on approximately 4,010 acres within five areas of Palomar Mountain. The purpose of the projects is to reduce hazardous fuels, improve forest health, and provide community defense zones.

Palomar Ranger District Community Defense Zone and Fuelbreak Project

The Palomar RD has combined projects previously listed under separate EAs. These previous projects are the Indian Flats, Sunshine Summit, Warner Springs, North Ramona, Chaney, and Puerta La Cruz Road defense zones and fuelbreaks.

San Luis Rey Picnic Grounds Vault Toilet Replacement

The Palomar RD proposes to install a new vault toilet and ADA path and parking space at the San Luis Rey Picnic Ground. The proposal includes the decommissioning and removal of an existing vault toilet in the floodplain of the San Luis Rey River.

Silverado Fuel Break

The Trabuco Ranger District proposes to construct a fuel break 200' to 400' wide on the ridge between Silverado and Harding canyons to provide protection for the communities in Silverado and Modjeska canyons.

Spanish Broom Eradication, Wildwood Glen (Los Terrinitos) Road

Eradicate with herbicide invasive Spanish Broom along the roadway to improve visibility, clear the roadway for vehicle passage and reduce fire risk.

Sunrise Powerlink

The Cleveland NF proposes to allow SDG&E to construct powerline across portions of the national forest between Imperial Valley and San Diego.

Trabuco Community Defense Project

The Trabuco RD proposes to treat portions of the community defense zone and threat zone around Decker Canyon, El Cariso, Rancho Carillo, and Rancho Capistrano. Approximately 465 acres will be treated by mechanical or hand methods or prescribed fire.

Trabuco District Dam Removal Project

The existing dams on Silverado, Holy Jim, Trabuco, and San Juan Creeks impede stream flow and interfere with the movements of fish and other aquatic species. Demolition of the dams is proposed to remove these obstacles to fish passage.

Trabuco District Legacy Aircraft Landing Zones

U.S. Marine Corps proposes to conduct aviation training operations on the Trabuco District, including four to ten Landing Zones. The activities will involve helicopters (CH-53, CH-46, AH-1, UH-1) and tilt rotor (Osprey MV-22) air craft.

Union Pacific Railroad Permit Reissuance

Union Pacific Railroad has requested an amendment to their lease to replace a 60-foot tower with a new 120-foot tower at Sierra Peak, including a new concrete pad, a new ice bridge cable tray, a new smaller generator, and a new retaining wall.

Vegetation Management for Indian, Munhall, and El Cariso Plantations

The Trabuco RD proposes activities to manage vegetation in the Indian, Munhall, and El Cariso Penny Pines plantations in order to enhance the health and vigor of plantation stands and reduce susceptibility to insects, diseases, wildfire, and drought.

Wildomar Off-Highway Vehicle Management Plan

This project was developed to prepare a management plan for the Wildomar OHV Area and improve its recreational value while remedying existing resource and infrastructure issues.

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