Cleveland National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Alpine Community Defense

The Descanso RD proposes fuel treatments in the vicinity of Alpine, California to reduce vegetation levels and mitigate the potential effects of wildfire. This project was expanded beyond its original focus on the Sweetwater and Viejas Creek area.

AT&T Master Permit Renewal for Telephone Lines

To renew AT&T's authorizations on the CNF. Renew one master permit with 135 amendments, one 50-year rights-of-way, one telephone booth, and one access on private road to telephone facilties.

Cedar Creek Falls Visitor Use Permit System Modification

The proposed action would adjust the visitor use permit system by freezing maximum use levels at Cedar Creek Falls at 75 daily visitor use permits allowing up to 5 visitors each.

Coastal Sage Scrub Restoration in the San Diego River Watershed

A key area of coastal sage scrub has been type-converted to acacia scrub and grassland due to too-frequent fire. The area is approximately 60 acres at an elevation of 1,000 feet. The project site will be revegetated with coastal sage scrub.

Forest-Wide Unauthorized Route Decommissioning

The Cleveland National Forest received funding from the California Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Grants Program to decommission unauthorized routes, as defined by the 2008 Motorized Travel Management decision, that have the greatest resource impacts.

Greater Alpine Community Defense Fuels Treatment on Non-Federal Lands

The project involves constructing fuel breaks on private lands to reduce the risk to life, property, and resource values from an unusually severe wildland fire event in the greater Alpine area and improve fire suppression effectiveness and safety.

Guatay Allotment incorporation of new lands

The Descanso Ranger District proposes to expand the boundaries of the Guatay Allotment to incorporate lands the have recently been acquired by the National Forest System. These lands have been previously grazed by the current grazing permittee.

Laguna Water System Improvement

Installation of a new electrical drop and service, water and control line distribution to a new reservoir site, the installation of a new 100,000 gallon reservoir and water distribution line extension to connect to the existing Laguna water system.

Oak Restoration - Descanso Ranger District

The Descanso Ranger District successfully implemented a pilot project to establish oak seedlings from acorns in several locations. This project expands the pilot project to allow for planting of oaks District wide in appropriate locations.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Master Special Use Permit

The Cleveland NF proposes developing a "master" permit to consolidate and reissue over 70 permits presently issued to SDG&E, which also proposes to “fire-harden” some of the electric lines to improve system safety and reliability.

South Main Divide and Greater El Cariso Fuels Management

The Trabuco Ranger District proposes to treat vegetation along South and North Main Divide Roads and Long Canyon Road in order to mitigate the potential effects of wildfires. This project was expanded beyond its original focus on Elsinore Peak.

Southern California National Forests Land Management Plan Amendment

The Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, and San Bernardino national forests propose to amend their land management plans with new guidance for roadless area management and land management plan monitoring.

Three Sisters Falls Recreation Management

To designate and/or construct a Forest Service system trail to Three Sisters Falls and a primitive parking area, and to decommission and restore user-created trails to address resource impacts and public safety issues.

Project Archive

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