Find information here about specific projects that the Fremont Winema National Forest are evaluating, planning or actively implementing. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) and National Enviromental Policy Act (NEPA) projects documentation including supporting maps and documents are available.

Schedule of Proposed Actions

Each quarter, the Forests publish a Schedule of Proposed Actions or SOPA. The SOPA is an information guide for public involvement in the management of the Forests' natural resources.

Programmatic Restoration Project

The Fremont-Winema National Forest Programmatic Restoration Project decision will allow the Forest to play an active collaborative role with other agencies, the Klamath Tribes and various organizations in the development and implementation of future watershed restoration and resource improvement actions.

Fremont-Winema National Forest Project Archive

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001.Barnes Valley-Long Branch

Analyze two subsheds of the Gerber Watershed for commercial and pre-commercial thinning, riparian and vegetative health improvement projects, prescribed fire and juniper thinning.

001.Logan Fire Reforestation

Plant ponderosa pine seedlings on approximately 53 acres of the Logan fire.

002.South Warner Private Road Easement

Consider application for a private road easement on about 1/4 mile of road 3915-152 to access private property within the Forest boundary.

003.Stateline Pretreatment Thinning

Non-commercial understory thinning to serve as pretreatment for underburning (associated with Stateline Underburn) and to reduce overstocked conditions. Approximately 1,300 acres.

003.Tub Maintenance Underburn

A second entry with prescribed fire on approximately 5,000 acres in the Tub Butte area to maintain fire in the ecosystem and low fuel accumulations.

005.Wildhorse Creek Restoration

Restore historic riparian meadow.

006.Deming Creek Enhancement

Reduce bank erosion and sediment into a segment of Deming Creek by excluding cattle from the riparian area by construction of approx. 0.75 miles of fence.

006.Hickey Reservoir Special Use Permit

Authorization for 20-year special use permit for operations and maintenance of the existing Hickey Reservoir and associated dam, spillway and ditch.

007.Dog Lake Campground Tree Vigor Improvement

Reduce inter-tree competition to improve growing conditions and retention of existing large trees on about 20 acres in the developed campground area.

008.Burnt Willow Project

Analysis to move landscape towards recommendations provided in Deep Creek Watershed Analysis. Projects may include timber harvest, thinning, underburning, juniper thinning, wildlife enhancement, meadow restoration, road closures, and recreation.

008.North Fork Sprague Allotment Reissuance

Reissuance of grazing permits under current terms and conditions. Ten allotments: Horse Glades, North Fork, Trap House, Reservoir Creek, Yaden Flat, Dairy Creek, Fivemile, Black Hills, Meryl Creek, Demming Creek

01. Upper Sycan Complex Range Reissuance

Analysis of permit reissuance on eight grazing allotments in the Upper Sycan Watershed

010.Dog Lake Boat Launch

Improve safety and access to the boat dock by raising the level of the parking lot, improving loop turnaround and parking spots and replacing the existing boat ramp.

015.Grassy Fire Salvage

Salvage of fire damaged trees, conifer planting, commercial and non-commercial thinning of green stands within the perimeter of the Grassy Fire of August 2004. Other restoration activities will be considered as information is developed.

016.Favell Powerline and Private Road Easement

Install approximately 1,200 feet of buried powerline along eastern shoulder of FS road 152 to serve Favell's private land. Consider removing FS road 152 from the FS road system and granting a private road easement to Favell.

017.Amaral Reciprocal Road Easements

The Forest would pursue acquiring a road right-of-way along an existing road across Amaral's private land that ties into FS road 395. The Forest would grant a road easement for the portion of road 395 across FS land to Amaral.

018. Porcupine/Little Cove Deferred Grazing System

Combine livestock grazing on two allotments to allow for a deferred gazing system with three pastures.

018.Gerdes Ditch Special Use Permit

Authorize a water transportation ditch from Campbell Reservoir that exists across National Forest land to bring the facility into compliance with Forest Service policy on occupancy and use.

019. Recreation Corrals

Construct a set of corrals at Mud Creek and Willow Creek Campgrounds to accomodate horses, mules or llamas for recreational and trail use. Minimize impacts to the campgrounds and provide a safe environment for all users.

02. Buckhorn Springs Improvements

Build fence around dispersed recreation site to exclude cattle. Develop springbox and water trough outside campsite. Reduce tree density around campsite. Remove hazard trees.

02. Highway 140 ODOT Maintenance Station Permit Renewal

Renew special use permit for existing ODOT road maintenance site near Lake of the Woods.

020. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Drake Peak Communications Facility

Consider issuing a special use permit to install communications equipment on Drake Peak to provide radio communications for the staff of Sheldon/Hart Wildlife Refuge, and support fire suppression and law enforcement communication needs.

021. Goodlow BLM Temporary Road Right of Way

BLM has requested a temporary right-of-way to locate, construct, use, maintain, and decommision and rehabilitate approx. 1/4 mile of low standard temporary road in the Goodlow Rim Area.

021. Taylor Ranch Fish Screen

Lakeview Soil and Water Conservation District has proposed intallation of a pre-fabricated, single rotary drum screen system at the diversion point of the Taylor Ranch ditch on National Forest System lands. ODF&W personnel would design and install.

022. High Desert Stormtroopers' Dismal Warming Shelter

A Lakeview snowmobile club is requesting a special use permit to locate a structure in the Dismal Creek drainage area of the South Warners to serve as a warming shelter for winter recreation users. Reinitiating this project (was called Dismal)

022. Juniper Ridge Opal Mine

Evaluate proposed Plan of Operation for the Jelly One claim. Plan entail a working area of about 300' x 300'. Mining is accomplished via manual labor except for minor use of a mechanical hammer device.

023. Collins Timber Company Private Road Easement

Consider proposal for a private road easement to provide access across National Forest land to Collins' private property. The proposed route would require construction of approx. 360' of road and installation of one culvert.

024. Allenbaugh Private Road Easement

Consider a proposed route for a private road easement along an existing native surface road that would provide access to Allenbaugh's private property. Identify road operation or maintenance measures needed for protection of adjacent National Forest

024. Cottonwood Creek Trail #125 Rehab

Restoration of approximately four miles of roadbed currently designated as a recreation trail. Following road prism recontouring, a properly located and drained trail would be reconstructed in its approximate current location.

025. 4As Ranch Invasive Plants

The Forest Service in cooperation with the landowner and Klamath County proposes to use federal funds to treat invasive plants on the 4As Ranch with chemicals approved for use on FS Lands.

025. 4E Outfitter & Guide SUP

Proposal to issue a 5-year permit for outfitting & guiding activities in the Interstate & Warner big game units. Big game hunting seasonally based from two dispersed camp sites, for approx. 6 clients.

027. Partners, Precious Pasture, & Badger Flats Plans of Operation

Proposed Plans of Operation have been submitted for exploratory excavations, small test holes for opals. Equipment used would be hand implements; portable generator, electric hammers, drills. Utilize self-contained camping facility.

028. Mud Creek Campground Hazardous Tree Removal

Remove hazardous trees from the Mud Creek Campground in the North Warner Mountains to provide for public safety. Project would remove hazardous trees from about 5 acres using mechanical systems. Trees would be removed to mitigate fuel buildup.

03. Green Creek Restoration

Remove junipers from meadow area, remove conifers from aspen stands, thin ponderosa pine, and close .25 mile of road

04. CenturyTel Highway 140 Fiber Optic Installation

Install fiber optic buried line along Highway 140 between Bly, OR and Bonanza, OR

04. Happy Camp Access

Raise road height and replace 2 culverts on FS Road 2800.047

04. Lake of the Woods Communication Lines Permit Renewal

Renew special use permit covering existing Sprint/UTCN telephone lines servicing Lake of the Woods.

05. Jack Creek Headcut Repair

Arrest and reverse upstream progress of headcuts in the Jack Creek watershed (and small areas of adjacent watershed) to raise water table, restore historic vegetative composition, and store more water for late summer release. Part of Big Jack.

05. CenturyTel Master Phone Lines Permit Renewal

Renew special use permit for all existing CenturyTel telephone lines located on the Chiloquin Ranger District.

05. Jakabe Aspen, Juniper, Meadow Project

Reduction of encroaching juniper to reintroduce fire in that ecosystem and cleaning of conifers from aspen stands and meadows. Work is based on Jakabe Vegetative Restoration Project analysis

05. Lake of the Woods Recreation Residence Permit Reissuance

Consider permit reissuance for the recreation residences at Lake of the Woods.

06. Jack Creek Meadows Restoration

Protect meadows, riparian areas and adjacent forest. Damage has been caused by vehicle traffic and camping activities.

06. CenturyTel Phone Line Burial

Install phone line across National Forest to access private residence.

06. Late Successional Reserve Allocation Change

Forest Plan amendment to remove LSR designation at Lake of the Woods and substitute designation elsewhere on the District in more suitable habitat.

07. Jack Creek Water Sources

Maintain, improve, and protect springs and other water sources to restore and maintain proper watershed condition and function. Repair or install springboxes, troughs, and fences.

07. Chiloquin Transfer Station Permit Renewal

Renew special use permit for the Chiloquin sanitation transfer station operated by Klamath County.

07. Jakabe Vegetative Restoration Project

Analysis of recommendations in the Chewaucan Watershed Assessment, focusing on projects to restore healthier, self-sustaining ecosystems

08. Chiloquin Water System Reconstruction

Construct new water storage tank, upgrade wellhead, pump, control and electrical systems.

08. Odessa Transfer Station Permit Renewal

Renew special use permit for the Odessa sanitation transfer station operated by Klamath County.

08. Paisley Town Weir

Replacement of Paisley Town Weir system to allow fish access to upper Chewaucan River

09. Paradise and Crazy Culverts

Replacement of two fish barrier culverts on Paradise and Crazy Creeks

10. CenturyTel Special Use Authorization

Issuance of new 5 year permit for overhead and underground telephone service lines at Silver Lake Ranger District Compound

10. Copperfield Draw Restoration Project

A new channel will be constructed. The existing channel will be modified into a series of disconnected, off-channel oxbow wetlands and shallow floodway features. Project is on private land.

10. Pelican Butte Communication Site Permit Renewal

Renew the special use permit for the US Cellular communication site located on Pelican Butte.

11. Middle Jack Restoration Project

Thinning in ponderosa and lodgepole pine, reduction of hazardous fuels, salvage of dead and dying trees, removal of lodgepole encroachment in meadows, and aspen regeneration.

11. Head of the River Campground and Yamsay Guard Station Site

Improvements to deal with soil and vegetation damage, and sediment in springs.

11. Jakabe Road Closures

Closure of approximately 22 miles of roads for wildlife habitat and water quality improvement as analyzed in the Jakabe Vegetative Restoration Project.

11. Southgate/Scoria Fuels Reduction

Fuel reduction treatments near the entrance to Crater Lake National Park.

12. Hog Creek Culvert Replacement

Remove inadequate metal pipe culverts and replace with larger concrete box culvert

12. Spencer Creek Fences

Remove and replace several fences in Spencer Creek area with proper structures to protect riparian areas.

13. Miller Lake Fish Habitat

Placement of large wood along edges of lake to improve fish habitat.

13. UPC Anemometer Sites

Approval of special use permit to install six anemometers for wind resource evaluation.

14. Hog-Mill Riparian and Aspen Enhancement

Treat approx. 100 acres of aspen stands to stimulate aspen regeneration. The aspen stands have been encroached upon by conifers.

14. USGS Seismograph Sites Permit Renewal

Renew special use permit for USGS seismographs located on Little Aspen Butte and Burton Butte.

15. Bald Butte-Bear Pasture Fence

Construction of approxiamtely 1.6 miles of fence between two existing allotments to prevent the movement of cattle.

16. Ninemile Fuels Reduction and Timber Sale

Wildland/urban interface fuels and forest health thinning, brush treatment and underburning.

16. Tomahawk Fuels Reduction Project

Urban interface fuels and forest health thinning, brush treatment and underburning.

17. Ninemile North WUI Fuel Reduction Project

Urban interface fuel reduction and forest health thinning, brush treatment and underburning.

17. Winter Reforestation

Reforest plantations that were lost in the 2002 Winter Fire. Planting would be done by hand to achieve desired future stocking levels of approximately 150 - 300 trees per acre. Animal damage control may also be utilized to protect the seedlings.

18. Annie Creek Road Relocation

Realign approximately 0.25 miles of Forest Road 6732 to move it out of the Annie Creek riparian area.

18. Dry Meadow and Wilshire Meadow Restoration and Protection

Stabilize active headcuts and construct fence to protect springs and meadow. Part of the Jack Creek water sources project.

18. Jakabe Prescribed Burn Project

Project is a burn, without pretreatment, in late and old structured stands and mid to late-mid seral stands to begin achieving stand and landscape management objectives.

19. Recreation Creek Recreation Residence Permit Renewal

Consistency review and NEPA analysis for permit renewal of the Recreation Creek recreation residences.

19. Rock and Marsh Plantation Thinning

Thinning of approximately 1200 acres of established conifer plantations.

20. Swan Lake Rain Gauge Permit Renewal

Renew special use permit for the USGS rain gauge station located on Swan Lake Point.

2008 Range Allotment Improvements - Water Developments

Map 2. Development of 2 different water sources for improved allotment management and water protection. A spring will be developed with a spring-box, piping, trough construction and spring fencing. At another site, a water tank will be replaced.

2013 Bly Special Use Authorizations

Proposal to re-issue 26 special use authorizations that have expired for facilities and land uses. No changes to facilities or increases in scope or intensity of authorized activities.

2013 Cox Flat Fish Passage

Proposing to replace a culvert where the 2800 Road crosses Thomas Creek. A new structure would provide for fish passage and improve stream connectivity and habitat conditions for the Modoc Sucker, an endangered species in Oregon.

2013 Lakeview Special Use Authorizations

Proposal to re-issue 19 special use authorizations that have expired. No changes to the facilities or increases in the scope or intensity of authorized activities.

21. Jack Creek and Rock Creek Meadows Fuel Reduction (part of Big Jack)

Reduce hazardous fuels on approximately 950 acres of meadows, meadow edges, and adjacent uplands.

21. Sy Precommercial Thin and Natural Fuels

Precommercial thin, spot pile and underburn approximately 60 acres of National Forest in cooperation with the Nature Conservancy performing similar actions on adjacent land.

22. Camp McLoughlin Improvements and Restoration

Replace a deteriorated foot bridge across Dry Creek, restore shoreline in swimming area including erosion control measures above the beach, install new dock access and abutment and add aggregate surfacing to a service road.

22. Williamson River/Wiest

Map Number 22. The project will stabilize stream bank and improve riparian condition on 1,200 feet of the south bank of the Williamson River. Project is on private land.

23. Rainbow Creek Road Obliteration

As a chronic source of sediment into Rainbow Creek, a segment of abandoned road (0.37 miles) adjacent to FS Road 3750 will be obliterated and a short constricted section of the creek will be reconstructed to reestablish natural channel dimensions.

23. Yamsi Ranch Water Line

Permit request to run a buried water line across National Forest to better distribute water to portions of ranch property.

25. East Chiloquin Ridge Allotment Cattleguard Installation

Remove a cattleguard from one location and install it on another road.

26 - Sprint Fiber Optic Line Installation Hwy 140

Sprint has applied to install a buried fiber optic line from the Lake of the Woods vicinity west along the north shoulder of Hwy 140 to the Klamath-Jackson County line.

26. Round Meadow Encroachment Removal and Thinning

Remove lodgepole pine encroachment and thin small trees (<7" dbh) around meadow edges and adjacent uplands on 170 acres. Benefits include increased grass, forb and shrub productivity.

26. Miller Creek Lamprey Barrier Removal

The project would remove a barrier originally created to prevent re-establishment of lamprey in Miller Lake.

26. Y Blowdown Salvage

Dead and down ponderosa pine and lodgepole salvage sale following a wind storm. Up to 250 acres of the approximately 324 acres affected by the event, will be covered by this decision.

27. Sprint/United Telephone Permit Amendment

Amend current permit to add line segment from expired permit. Only routine mainenance activities on the line and appurtenances will be authorized under this permit amendment.

27. Three Creek Precommercial Thinning

Thin approximately 500 acres to reduce risk of loss of large tree habitat to insects and disease and improve gorwth of future replacement large tree structure.

29. Lone Pine Central PCT

Pre-commercially thin the majority of 11,716 acres of conifer plantations planted following the 1992 Lone Pine Fire.

31. Airstrip Riparian Meadow Enhancement

The purpose of this project is to treat conifer-encroached aspen stands along to promote and regenerate healthy aspen. Treatments are expected to include commercial-sized tree removal, whipfalling of smaller conifers, pile burn and underburning.

33. Burnt Butte Cinder Pit Sample Drilling

ODOT request to drill approximately 8 core samples to determine optimum area for pit expansion to meet their future cinder needs for the next ten years of highway sanding for safe winter travel. Pit expansion will be a separate decision document.

34 - PacifiCorp(PPL) 230 KV Powerline Permit Reissuance

PPL has applied to reauthorize the permit for "Line 52", 19.5 miles by 125" ROW for power transmisssion. Line was originally authorized by the BIA in 1951

35 - Swan Lake Point SNOTEL Site

Replace existing Natural Resources Conservation Service rain guage weather station with a SNOTEL site to collect snow water data. Will include snow pillow with fence, an equipment shed, and antennas for transmitting data.

36 - Burnt Butte Cinder Pit Expansion

Expansion of existing pit to meet ODOT winter cinder/sanding needs for up to 10 years.

38. Chiloquin Dam Removal Staging Area Special Use Permit Request

The US Bureau of Reclamation has requested an SUP to clear an area adjacent to the south side of the dam and access to each side of the dam for equipment use and storage.

39. Ninemile North Restoration Project

Removal of LP encroachment, meadow burning and filter rock road crossing withing the Ninemile North WUI Fuel Reduction project area. About 216 acres total.

40. Verizon Cell Phone Tower Spring Creek Hill

Verizon has applied for a permit to erect a cell tower, including an equipment building and buried powerline, on the Chiloquin Ranger District on Spring Creek Hill near US Highway 97 about 4 miles north of the town of Chiloquin.

41. Sprague River Bridge Approach Permit

Klamath County proposes replacement of the bridge across the Sprague River on the Sprague River Rd 5 miles east of Chiloquin, OR. The bridge itself is on private lands. A portion of the bridge approach, including guard rails, will fall on FS lands.

Abe Project

Map 29. Forest stand density and fuel reduction treatments to improve sustainability of vegetative systems, reduce risk of severe wildfire, maintain and enhance late old structural conditions, improve hydrologic funtion and support local jobs.

Agriculture Irrigation & Livestock Watering System Easement Conditions for Tull Reservoir

023. Analysis of operation and maintenance conditions related to an agriculture irrigation and livestock watering system at Tull Reservoir that would be authorized under a Ditch Bill easement.

Annie Creek Snowcat Grooming Shelter

This project proposes construction of a 2400 square foot building and access road adjacent to the parking area of the Annie Creek Sno-park to house and maintain snowmobile trail grooming machines.

Antelope Environmental Water Requirements Drilling Project

Project involves drilling water monitoring holes at varying depths near Wilshire, Johnson, & Dry meadows & east of Johnson Meadow. A track-mounted drill rig, water truck, & support vehicle will traverse cross-country (50-1050 ft) to access each site.

Antelope Grazing Allotments Project

This analysis is being prepared to assist the responsible official in determining whether the Forest Service should continue to authorize livestock grazing on the Antelope allotment, and if so, what grazing management strategies should be used.

Augur Creek, Bauers Creek, and White Rock Grazing Allotments

Evaluate livestock grazing on Augur Creek, Bauers Creek and Whiterock Allotments. Update and revise Allotment Managment Plans.

Barnes Valley Creek Bridge Replacement

Map #40. Replace a recently condemned timber bridge on Forest Road 3752 where it crosses Barnes Valley Creek with a steel bridge. The old bridge and abutments would be removed and new bridge abutments erected and the steel bridge put in place.

Barry Point Salvage Project

This project proposes to salvage timber from high and moderate intensity burned areas of the Barry Point Fire.

Bear Creek-Hanan Intertie Trail

Map 22. Construct approximately 1.25 miles of trail to provide a link, for horse and hiker use, between the Bear Creek Trail and the Hanan Trail.

Bear Flat Grazing Allotment Project

This area has been brought forward for analysis at this time in order to comply with the Rescission Act of 1995 (Public Law 104-19, Section 504). The current Bear Flat Allotment permit authorizes 50 head of cattle for a 1 month.

Bear Lakes Pastures Fence Extension Project

This project proposes to construct a fence extension in a location formerly barricaded naturally by dense timber near Campbell Lake Campground. The natural barrier was thinned as part of the Red Zone Safety Project, and is not functioning in one part

Bend Broadband Fiber Optic Line Installation Project

Activities would include install of overhead, fiber optic cables along existing phone/utility lines and new underground fiber install, adding to existing phone/utility lines. Boring and plowing would be involved. Approximately 13.3 miles total.

Black Hills Vegetation Management

Map 4. Analyze two subsheds of the Sycan River above the Sprague Watershed for commercial and non-commercial thinning, riparian and vegetative health improvement projects and prescribed fire. Area is within former Klamath Tribes Reservation.

Bluejay Vegetation Restoration Project

NOTE! Date on the Cover page of Final EA has been corrected. Proposed actions would accelerate stand restoration, aiming towards reintroduction of low intensity fire. Actions may include thinning, meadow enhancement, and road management.

Bly Ridge WUI

Map 37. Use prescribed fire on approx. 9,315 ac. to reduce the potential of a catastrophic wildfire and change the condition of the stands to more closely resemble historic conditions. About 4, 745 ac. have not been previously treated with fire.

Bonneville Power Electonic Site - Applegate Butte

Permission application to replace existing antenna and electronic equipment building with a new antenna and building. Replaces aging equipment.

Booth-Drews Gap Fuels Reduction Project

In conjunction with an adjacent Oregon Department of Forestry project in the area of Booth State Park the Forest Service proposes to implement understory thinning and prescribed fire treatments within a 160 acre parcel of National Forest

Boundary Prescribed Underburn

Prescribed initial & reentry underburning of 9000 acres to reduce fuel profiles and to bring fire regime condition class to within the estimated historical range of variability during a specifically defined reference period (FRCC 1).

BPA Communication Site Construction

Map 27. Proposal is for special use permit authorizing the reconstruction of a larger communication building and tower, replacing existing facilities at the communication site.

Bridge Creek and Buck Creek Subwatersheds Restoration

Based on 2006 Bridge/Buck watershed analysis. Fuels reduction, thinning (including commercial), meadow and stream restoration and aspen/cottonwood restoration to improve sustainability of vegetative systems and hydrologic functon.

Buck Creek Range Allotment Management Plan Project

Map 10. Proposal to continue grazing in a manner consistent with existing management in the Buck Creek Allotment.

Cabin C9 Replacement Project

A proposal has been submitted to replace existing Cabin C9 at Lake of the Woods. Replacement structure would meet current safety requirements along with energy efficiency and improved building function.

Camp Creek Plantation Thinning

Map 22. The Lakeview R.D. proposes to thin a 510 acre tree plantation near Camp Creek within the 2007 Abe Vegetation Management project area, northwest of Lakeview, Oregon.

Camp Esther Applegate Erosion Control Project

Project to reduce erosion on paths and around buildings in a girl's youth camp on Lake of the Woods

Camp McLoughlin Demonstration Project

Camp McLoughlin Demonstration Project addresses current forest health issues within Lake of the Woods recreation area. The proposed action includes commercial and non-commercial harvest, planting conifers, fuel treatment, and large wood placement.

CenTel-Idrogo Phone Line Service Request

Request by CenturyTel to bury 800' of phone line across FS land along the 9700-390 Road to supply phone service to private residences.

CenturyTel (Tillson) Phone Line

Application to install, operate, and maintain a new buried communication service line and its appurtenance on a private residence.

CenturyTel Round Pass Mountain Line Replacement

Amend the current special use permit to authorize installation of a new phone line and replace a damaged line at the Round Mountain Electronic Site

Chase Mountain Communications Site

Map 7. The Forest Service is proposing to lease land at the Chase Mountain Communications Site in order to install, operate, and maintain a new antenna tower and equipment shelter at the site.

Chemult Special Use Permit Re-Authorization

The Chemult Ranger District seeks to re-new a variety of special use authorizations that have expired. Renewals have been requested for the continued authorization, maintenance, and motorized access to the authorized uses.

Chiloquin City Waterline

Map 03. Provide Chiloquin City water to the Chiloquin Ranger Station whose current water system is outdated and unreliable.

Chiloquin Range Allotment Management Plans

Map 37. Reissuing grazing permits and revising the associated Allotment Management Plans for the East Chiloquin Ridge, Dams-Switchback, Dice-Crane, and Applegate Grazing Allotments on the Chiloquin Ranger District.

Chiloquin Ranger District Special Use Authorizations' Renewals Project

The Fremont-Winema National Forest is proposing to renew a variety of special use authorizations on Chiloquin Ranger District that have expired.

Coyote Creek Fish Passage

Replacement of the culvert on Coyote Creek, tributary to Sycan Marsh. This will improve passage and access to habitat for Bull Trout, a federally listed Threatened species

Coyote Fuels Reduction and Restoration Project

Map 2. Vegetative treatments to develop sustainable stand conditions and promote hydrologic function. Commercial harvest, small tree thinning, prescribed fire, aquatic habitat improvements and road management. Within Former Klamath Tribes Reservation

Crane Creek Headgate

Map 04. The project will restore passage for redband trout and bull trout to 4 stream miles of Crane Creek. Restore connectivity between Crane and 7 Mile Creek. Removes the headgate at the lower end of Crane Creek allowing fish passage.

Crane Creek Restoration Project

MAP 41. This project will restore the historic form, function and composition to the Crane Creek channel. Restoration of the historic channel function will improve habitat conditions for a variety of native fish and wildlife species.

Crooked Creek Trail Rehab

33. Restore approx. 2 1/2 mi. of road prism that is designated as Forest Trail #161. Restore pre-road contours, remove culverts, install drainage structures, and relocate portions of trail as needed to reduce impacts to Crooked Creek.

Crooked Mud Honey

Proposing forest restoration of the North Warner Mountains landscape within the Lakeview Stewardship Unit. Proposal would include commercial and non-commercial thinning treatments, use of prescribed fire, wildlife and aquatic habitat enhancement.

Dead Horse Rim, Cache Cabin, Lakes Loop Trails

Reconstruct and repair approximately 21 miles of the inter-connected Dead Horse Rim, Cache Cabin, and Lakes Loop Trails

Deadhorse/Campbell Integrated Pest Management Project

Map 01 - The project would provide for improved public and employee safety and integrated pest management trreatments by felling dead and infested trees located along Forest Roads 2800033, 2800056, and 2800596, within Campbell Lake and Deadhorse Lake

Deming Creek Fish Passage

Map 20. Replace existing culvert in Deming Creek at its junction with Road 3400018, in the South Fork Sprague River Watershed. The existing culvert is a barrier to upstream fish passage for bull trout and redband trout.

Deuce Fuels Reduction and Vegetation Management Project

The purpose of this project is to improve forest health and vigor, promote health and sustainability of non-forest plant communities, and improve hydrologic function.

District-Wide Personal Use Firewood

The Decision Memo for this project has been cancelled because it is consistent with category 8 of Forest Service Handbook 1909.15, section 32.12, categories of actions for which a project or case file and decision memo are not required.

East Drews Landscape Restoration Project

The Lakeview Ranger District proposes to conduct restoration treatments in the Drews Reservoir and Lower Drews/ Antelope Creek subwatersheds of the Drews Creek Watershed, Lake County, Oregon.

Forest Plan Amendment for Burnt Willow Project

Map 30. Minor change in the approved Burnt Willow Project to remove white fir >21" dbh only where it would benefit even larger trees, especially old growth ponderosa pine. Limited to isolated patches not to exceed 1/4 acre, less than 70 acres total.

Fort Vegetation Management Project

Map 5. Proposed activities include precommercial thinning, commercial thinning, slashbusting, hand treatments, and prescribed fire to increase forest health, and reduce risk of high intensity willdfire event on approximately 6886 acres.

Four Mile Cattle and Horse Allotment

Authorization to continue livestock grazing within the Four Mile Allotment on the Klamath Ranger District.

Fourmile Meadow NatureWatch

The NatureWatch site would be developed on 100-acre parcel of Forest Service land to provide an accessible trail, semi-primitive trail, interpretive signs, and bird blinds for wildlife observation near recently restored wildlife habitat.

Fremont Point Cabin Reconstruction and Expansion Project

Reconstruct the cabin at Fremont Point that was destroyed in the Winter Fire (2002).

Fremont-Winema National Forests Motorized Travel Management Plan

Comprehensive plan for motorized travel on the Fremont-Winema National Forests. Will include designated routes and areas for motorized vehicle use. Will not include motorized vehicle use over snow.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Glory Hole Plan of Operation

Map 33. This claim was analyzed in 2006 as Badger Flats, claim has transfered to new owners. Exploratory excavations 6' long x 6' wide x 6' deep, no more than two sites open at once. Construct 1,500 ' long access road. No tree cutting.

Golden Predator Mines, Inc./Angels Camp Plan of Operation

Map #41. Exploration drilling is proposed from three previously used drill pad sites to drill eight core holes in the Quartz Mountain area. Approx. 1,300 feet of recontoured drill roads would be reopened along with related activities in POO.

Grizzly Creek Channel Headcut Repair

Map 24. This project proposes to stabilize and repair two headcuts in Grizzly Creek to halt the downcutting of the stream channels from the lake. The Grizzly Creek headcuts were identified as barriers to fish migration.

Grizzly Peak OWIN Tower Replacement

Grizzly Peak Tower Replacement- OWIN partnered with ODOT to replace or upgrade existing communication facilities.

Hager Mountain Planting Project

Planting of ponderosa pine in the area burned in the Upper Mahogany burn area on Hager Mountain.

Harrington Private Road Easement

Map 29. Consider granting a private road easement to Harringtons private parcel of land. Would require road reconstruction and measures for operation and maintenance of the road. The private road would be about 1/8 mile in length.

Highway 138 Fuels Reduction

Map 24. Thin small trees, pile, crush, or burn slash. Objectives are to reduce fuel levels and improve forest health.

Hog Creek Meadow Restoration Project

Map 05. The project is designed to improve the riparian ecosystem, hydrologic system, and riparian habitat in portions of Hog Creek.

Horseglade Prescribed Burn

026. Activity consists of reducing dead fuel loading from previous thinning and would further reduce encroaching conifers from the meadow. Re-introduce fire to restore historic conditions in the meadow.

Invasive Plant Treatments on the Fremont-Winema National Forests

Apply site-specific Invasive Plant treatment prescriptions that are based on site objective (containment, control, or eradication), biology of the invasive plant species, size of the infestation, and spread potential.

Irving Creek Culvert Replacement and Reconstruction of Fence Surrounding Irving Springs

Reconstruction of fence surrounding Irving Springs CE has been combined with culvert replacement CE. Would install a larger culvert with a natural stream bottom and armor/resurface 49 road. Would remove old fence and construct new fence by hand.

J - Spring Water Improvement Project

Map 35. Re-set a spring box and install a trough with an overflow line to collect and return unused water back to the existing flow of water on the Horsefly Grazing Allotment.

Jack Creek Fence Project (Jack Creek Habitat Restoration and Improvement Part 1)

Map 01. This was originally a multi-part project, but it has been modified to only represent part 1 of the Jack Creek Habitat Restoration & Improvement projects. Part 1 is associated with the 06/10/08 Jack Creek Fence Project Decision Memo.

Jack Creek Habitat Restoration

The District is proposing off-channel pond construction, willow planting and trail repair for restoration of Oregon spotted frog habitat. Project does not include beaver reintroduction.

Kbarn Roadside Fire Control Zones

Map 30. Thin 100 to 300 foot wide zone in specific timber stands (up to 70 ac.) adjacent to system roads to facilitate a safe and effective area to initiate control points for wildfire suppression efforts. All activity slash would be treated.

Kirk Fire Salvage

Salvage and replanting of the area of the Kirk Fire that occurred in July, 2007 and is approximately 40 acres in size.

Klamath Maintenance Underburning

Map13. The project proposes maintenance underburning on approximately 4100 acres, and other maintenance understory fuels treatments on an additional 600 acres. The treatments include masitication, non-commercial thinning and underburning.

Klamath Ranger District Special Use authorizations Renewal

Special Use authorizations are expiring for several applicants. NEPA process will be used to assess proposed renewals. 60 day time limit for renewal of these authorizations began on 2/1/12.

Lake of the Woods ODOT Highway Maintenance Station

This project proposes construction of a 1600 square foot building and access road at the ODOT yard location on Highway 140, to maintain and house snowmobile trail grooming equipment.

Lake of the Woods Restroom Replacement

Map 4. A total of six restrooms will be replaced in the Sunset Campground and the Rainbow Day Use Area. The new restrooms will be built within the same footprint as the exiting restrooms. Septic system upgrades may be required for some of the sites

Lakeview and Bly Range Allotment Management Plans Project

Map 32. Reissuing grazing permits and revising the associated Allotment Management Plans for Cox Flat and Drews Reservoir Allotments on Lakeview Ranger District, and Privy Springs Allotment on the Bly Ranger District.

Lakewoods WUI Harvest Project

Previously existing 2010 DM authorized a range of fuels treatments surrounding the Lakewoods Subdivision. This decision would authorize commercial harvest of 70 acres or less in units 2 and 3 of the project area.

Lane Council of Governments' Fiber Optic Line Installation Project

Activities would include install of overhead, fiber optic cables along existing phone/utility lines and new underground fiber install, adding to existing phone/utility lines. Boring and plowing would be involved. Approximately 4-5 miles total.

Launch Integrated Fuels and Vegetation Management Project

Map 20. This project would implement vegetative treatments that promote sustainable stand conditions resilient to insect losses and uncharacteristic fire behavior. Currently this area is at a high risk from both these activities.

Leonas Little Blue Butterfly Restoration Project

Leonas little blue butterfly is a R6 sensitive species. This project will expand suitable habitat for the butterfly by 38 acres on the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

Lewis Private Road Easement

Project would grant a private road easement to JD Lewis. No existing roads provide access to the Lewis property.

Lost River and Sprague River Watersheds Grazing Allotments Project

Map 36 Bly; Map 34 Lakeview. Evaluate livestock grazing on six allotments in the Lost River and Sprague River Watersheds. Allotments are: Barnes Valley, Arkansas, Pitchlog & Horsefly on Bly R.D.; and Wildhorse & Yocum Valley on Lakeview R.D.

Lower Fourmile Creek Restoration Project

Rerouting of Fourmile Creek to its original channel by plugging and placement of bermed material along the channeled portion of the stream. Create ponds in existing channeled portion.

Lower Jack Restoration Projects

Map 23. Thinning in ponderosa and lodgepole pine, fuels reduction, salvage of dead trees. Project planning in collaboration with Klamath Tribes.

Lower Williamson River Large Wood Additions

The project will coordinate large wood replenishment on the lower Williamson River in two reaches: (1) Kirk Springs to Knapps Dam just above 9730 road crossing, and (2) First Pool below 9730 road crossing to State Park/USFS boundary.

Mitchell Monument Enhancements

Enhance the site by removing 330' of existing user create roads, convert 1,175' of roads to trail system, delineate accessible parking area, adjust access from blacktop Road 34 to improve public safety during entry and egress to monument.

Modoc Pileated Habitat Project

Scoped under Modoc Restoration Project EA. Thin small trees (<7” DBH) with chainsaws over 742 acres & hand pilw a 200 foot wide strip along roads (approx. 130 acres) to maintain & enhance old growth trees that provide pileated woodpecker habitat.

Modoc Restoration Project

Activities include thinning & use of prescribed fire to restore ponderosa pine & white fir habitat. Projects in collaboration with Klamath Tribes. The Red Knight project area is split into several parts. Modoc is the southernmost.

Ninemile North Non-WUI Fuel Reduction Project

Map 06 - Analysis of the remainder of the Ninemile North Project Area for fuel reduciton needs. The WUI portion of the area had an HFRA Environmental Assessment and Decision Notice signed May 9, 2006. Project scoped with the WUI portion.

North Ditch Fish Screen

North Ditch Fish Screen

North Fork Sprague River Aquatic Habitat Restoration & Culvert Replacement Projects

The overall need for action in the project area is to restore hydrologic and ecological function of riparian areas and improve aquatic habitat conditions and complexity along a 5.0 mile reach in the headwaters for the NFK Sprague River.

North Fork Sprague River Fish Passage Project

Map 39. Proposal to replace existing culvert in the North Fork Sprague River at its junction with Forest Road 3411 in the North Fork Sprague River Watershed. The existing culvert is a barrier to upstream fish migration.

North Warners Sage Shrub Habitat Enhancement Project

Map 37. Non-old growth juniper and small diameter conifers would be cut in sage grouse brood rearing habitats to enhance habitat effectiveness.

Oatman Restoration Project

This project addresses ecosystem restoration in coniferous forest, meadows, riparian areas, aspen stands and other plant communities while reducing high fuel levels and high road densities, and providing forest products.

ODOT Wastina Quarry Source Exploration

ODOT is looking for a new rock quarry source for maintenance of Hwy. 31 between LaPine and Silver Lake. Evaluation drilling at five sites of about 20 acres each, holes of 3" diameter and 50' deep of varying number depending on subsurface conditions.

Oregon Public Broadcasting Cox Peak Communication Upgrade

OPB has proposed to install an 8'(high) by 6' (long) by 4' (wide) metal equipment cabinet next to OPB's existing microwave repeater towers.

Oregon State Radio Medicine Mountain Communications Facility Upgrade

The Bly R. D. proposes to authorize Oregon State Department of Transportation to replace existing communications facility with an upgraded facility at the Medicine Mountain comm. site.

Oregon State Radio Project Communication Facilities'Installation At Round Pass

The State of Oregon is consolidating and upgrading public safety microwave and radio systems used by Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State Police, to comply with federal communication mandates. The project requires FS authorization.

Oregon State Radio Project Communication Upgrades at Picture Rock Pass Communication Site

The State of Oregon is consolidating and upgrading public safety microwave and radio systems used by Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State Police, to comply with federal communication mandates. The project requires FS authorization.

Oregon State Radio Project, Applegate Butte

This project would authorize the issuance of a Communications Use Lease to the Oregon Department of Transportation for 911 and other public services.

Oregon State Radio Project, Applegate Butte Communication Site

Proposed actions include building a new self-supported 160' tower, accompanying building, installing 2-1000 gallon propane tanks, burying overhead power lines, removing old lookout tower, existing trailer, and communication building.

Oregon Water Resources Department 2014 Stream Gaging Stations

Consider issuing a special use permit to install and maintain stream gages on Five-Mile Creek, Trout Creek, Larkin Creek and Williamson River.

Orsa Minerals Ltd. Proposed Plan of Operations

Proposal to perform exploratoring drilling from 11 pads (approximately 70' long and 30' wide) on Crone Hill and Quartz Butte in the area of Quartz Mountain.

Pacific Primitive Rendezvous 2011 Project

The proposed action is to issue a special use permit to the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous for occupancy of Forest Service lands to put on a historical re-enactment of the pre-1840 fur trade era event on the Paisley Ranger District.

Paradise and Watson Creek Headcut Treatment Project

Map 23. Stabilize the stream channel by placing a combination of native materials (rocks and tree boles) at locations where head cutting is occurring.

Pax Ponderosa Pine Planting

Map #38. Plant ponderosa pine seedlings on about 461 acres in the Pax Timber Sale area of Abe Vegetation Management Project. Reestablish ponderosa pine where beetles have killed the majority of trees.

Pine Ridge Fire Vegetation Project

Proposal to remove fire killed trees and plant conifer tree species into part of the burned area.

Powell Private Road Easement

Special Use Permit application for a private road from an existing Forest Service road to access a parcel of private property.

Privy Spring Water Improvement Project

Map 34. Construct three water holes on the Privy Springs Grazing Allotment using a backhoe or small excavator.

Pumice Grapefern Habitat Restoration

The project involves hand-thinning, hand-piling, and pile burning to slow the decline of populations of Pumice grapefern (BOPU).

Raptor Prescribed Burns

Map 3. The Raptor prescribed burns (#1 and #9) are intended to reduce fuel profiles and to bring fire regime condition class to within the estimated historical range of variability during a specifically defined reference period (FRCC 1).

RCC Atlantic - Soloman Butte

This is a lease renewal request. The current lease expires 12/31/07. The site was inspected on 6/20/07 and was found to be in compliance with their current lease. The renewal complies with the FS policy on occupancy & use of NFS land.

Reconstruction of Jackleg Fence Protecting Irving Springs

This project has been combined with the Irving Creek Culvert Replacement CE because they are in the same project area and fall under the same category. See project number 37185.

Red Knight Restoration Project

Would maintain and enhance a resilient forest habitat by developing spatial patterns, summer forage, tree densities, and forest composition and structure more typical of a resilient, fire-adapted forest.

Red Zone Safety Project

Map 26. Mountain pine beetle infestation has caused high lodgepole pine mortality in a 300,000 acre area. For public/employee safety felling of dead and infested trees would occur (150 feet each side) along about 199 road miles on FS lands (7,000 ac)

Revised Tomahawk Project

This is a 249 acre portion of the original Tomahawk Project that was enjoined by an order signed 11/25/08. This project will continue work in remaining units 1, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 & 12 which pose a threat to the health of the forest.

Ridgeline Energy Anemometer Towers & SODAR Special Use Permit

Proposal to issue a special use permit to Ridgeline Energy authorizing access, installation, operations, maintenance and decommissioning activities associated with use of one sonic detection and ranging (SODAR) and five anemometer towers.

Rock Creek Restoration and Enhancement

Map 25. Restore historical channel continuity and large woody habitat on sections of two creeks, in conjunction with similar work on adjacent private lands.

ROE Zipline; Project name change to Cascade Canopy and Zipline Tours Project

Establish a zipline in the area formerly known as the Tomahawk Ski Bowl off Hwy 140 across from the Rocky Point turnoff. Send comments on this project to:, subject line: Canopy Tour

Rogger Meadow Aspen Restoration

The Lakeview Ranger District has partnered with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and proposes to restore and enhance aspen stands in the Rogger Meadow area of the South Warner Mountain Range.

SeCoy Private Road Easement

Would grant a private road easement on an existing native surface road to access the SeCoy property. The Forest Service would identify road operation and maintenance measures needed for protection of National Forest lands.

Soloman Butte and Applegate Butte Projects

Map 1. Proposal to authorize the installation or upgrade of communication facilities at two communications sites on the Chiloquin Ranger District.

Soloman Butte Communication Site AT&T Mobility

Map 14. Project proposed to construct a new communication site to expand coverage for Hwy 97 under special use authorization.

South Creek Streambed Restoration

Map 21. Restoration activities (streambank recontouring, sedge/sod mat palcements, whole willow transplants, gravel bar/floodplain creation and enhancement) along 2.5 miles of South Creek in an area obtained in a land exchanged.

South Warner Aspen

Enhance and restore aspen stands by removing encroaching conifers through non-commercial thinning along with application of prescribed fire as deemed necessary.

Special Use Permit Reauthorizations - Utilities

Reauthorize 16 individual special use permits pertaining to utilities. 9 SUPs are for powerlines, 3 are for communication sites, 3 for water structures, and 1 to maintain directional signs.

Special Use Reauthorizations - Land Use

Reauthorize 15 special use permits pertaining to land use. 8 SUPs are for private road easements, 1 for a spring box and water line, 1 for use of Keno Reservoir and 5 for livestock pasture use.

Spring Creek Motel Access

Map 07. Request for a special use permit to access the Spring Creek Motel property.

Strawberry Maintenance Underburn

Map 27. Utilize prescribed fire on approx. 25,000 acres to maintain desired fire condition class in area that was last treated by fire in 1996.

Surprise Valley Electrification (SVE) Round Mountain Permit Renewal & Power line Upgrade Project

The Paisley District Ranger is proposing to recommend reissuance of a special use permit for twenty years (Forest Supevisor signature to authorize permit). Special Use Permit #PAI410104 was issued for 50 years on September 17, 1958 for the power lin

Swan Lake Point Communication Site, Tri State Telecommunications

Map 15. Project proposed to upgrade existing facilities at the multi featured communications site under special use authroization.

Swan Lake Point, Bonneville Power Administration Radio Station Upgrade

BPA proposes to upgrade/replace existing comm facilities with new building, tower, propane tanks and access rd under special use authorization. Project includes removal of existing structures and rehabilitation of site.

Thomas Creek Tributary Headcut Stabilization

Map 28. This project proposes to stabilize 15 headcuts on an unnamed tributary of Thomas Creek to improve passage and habitat for Modoc suckers (ESA listed -Endangered) and redband trout (USFS Region 6 Sensitive Species).

Three Mile Creek II

This project continues work on a series of recovery actions designed to protect and enhance endangered bull trout habitat by limiting access and also resurfacing the 3413 road.

Threemile Creek Bull Trout Restoration

To replace a failing barrier on Threemile Creek that helps to isolate the threatened bull Trout. Will be placing large wood in the stream to improve roughness,and pool habitat within the creek using a helicopter or spider excavator.

Threemile Creek Restoration - Phase II

Map 20. Install fish barrier to protect Bull Trout, add large woody material to reach below 110 road, install gates and issue a seasonal road closure on FS Road 3413 from the 110 road west to the junction with FS Road 3449.

Thunder Egg #1 Geode Exploration

Claim owner proposes to excavate 12 test holes ~15'diameter by 15'deep using a small excavator to sample material for geodes. Includes ~1,200' of cross country motorized vehicle use.

Tomahawk Stand Maintenance Project (Tomahawk 3)

The project would include pre-commercial thinning (PCT) of 750 acres. PCT would include felling trees less than 8 inches in diameter at breast height, machine or hand piling of the slash created, and pile burning and/or underburning of units.

TWC Corp. Temporary Access Routes

Considering a request by TWC, Corp. for a SUP to drive motorized vehicles across National Forest System lands to access privately owned land for timber harvest activities. 10 access routes totaling ~0.4 miles.

Upper Sycan River Subwatershed Aspen Restoration Project

Promotes aspen growth and re-establishment in approximately 823 acres of aspen stands in Upper Sycan Subwatershed. Proposes removing encroaching conifers (hand fell, leave on site), and prescribed fire to promote now aspen growth.

US Cellular Tomahawk Cell Tower

Special Use application to construct a 150' tall cell tower, equipment shed, and fence at top of the old Tomahawk Ski Hill near Rocky Point/Hwy 140. Includes buried power line from Hwy 140 up an existing access road to tower site.

USFWS Cabin- Septic and Restroom Addition

The purpose of the proposed action is to build a restroom/shower house with an installed septic system at the existing Upper Klamath Marsh U.S. Fish and Wildlife Cabin on the Klamath Ranger District.

Verizon Wireless - Grizzly Peak Communication Site

Consider request for SUP to intall an equipment shelter (26' x 11 1/2')on existing gravel pad, bury a powerline 120' through the graveled area and colocate antenna equipment on an existing tower at the Grizzly Peak Communications Site.

Warner Canyon Ski Area-Forest Health and Fuel Reduction Project

Commercial thin 45 acres, precommercial thin 9.5 acres, remove tall brush and small trees from existing ski runs on 5.7 acres. Project is on Lake County land and would be funded by RAC dollars. Improve forest health,skier safety,reduce fuel loads.

West Drews Watershed Restoratiion and Vegetation Management Project

Map 31. Analyze activities on approx. 48,000 acres to enhance old growth forest characteristics, increase forest diversity, improve wildlife and riparian habitats. Consider stand density and fuel reduction activities, FLRMP amendment to cut >21" wf

Westside Fuels Reduction Project

Map 17. Fuels and forest health thinning, brush treatment and underburning to protect bald eagle management area.

Westside-Fourmile Ecosystem Restoration Project

Meadow restoration treatments on 299 acres including removal of overstocked vegetation and prescribed burning to stimulate grasses and forbs. Rehabilitation of drainage ditch to re-establish desired riparian hardwood species and raise water table.

White King/Lucky Lass Mines Withdrawal Extension

Withdraw 240.59 acres from location and entry of new mining claims under the United States mining laws for 20 years to protect remediation work that was completed at the mine sites in 2001-2002.

Williamson River Cliff Area

Map 10. The Chiloquin Ranger District is a proposal to respond to the need to protect sensitive resources. The proposal would close 4 acres within the Williamson River cliff area while enhancing the surrounding area for visitors.

Withers Private Land Access Project

Map 24. Authorize special use permit to provide access through National Forest System lands to a 160 acre private parcel.

Ybow Roadside Fire Control Zones

Map 31. Thin 100 to 300 foot wide zone in specific timber stands (up to 70 ac.) adjacent to system roads to facilitate a safe and effective area to initiate control points for wildfire suppression efforts. All activity slash would be treated.

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