Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The Forest publishers a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October. To view the current and past SOPAs, visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the GMUG National Forest.

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Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests Project Archive

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1993 Final Oil and Gas Leasing EIS and Record of Decision

FEIS evaluates the potential effects of alternative programs for oil and gas leasing on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison Nationa Forests; amend the Forest Plan, and provide

2014 Pro-Cycle Challenge

2014 Pro-Cycyle challenge is a professional bike race with 128 entrants. The course varies each year utilizing US Highways, State and County roads as it crosses 4 National Forests this year between August 18 and 26.

2015 Bicycle Tours of Colorado

Special use authorization is for Bicycle Tour of Colorado (BTC) to make temporary use of NFS lands on 3 National Forests within Colorado for ancillary aid stations with portable toilets, signs, trash facilities and support personnel

2015 Taylor Park Silvicultural CE

Precommercial and commercial thinning, and sanitation of dwarf mistletoe infested lodgepole pine stands to maintain acceptable growth rates and stand health on up to 250 acres. Project is in Taylor Park between Cottonwood Pass Road and Willow Crk.

401 / Trailriders Trail Project

Relocate a short portion of trail off of provate land onto the NF

Adventure Experiences Land Exchange

A proposal to exchange four parcels of isolated NFS lands totaling approximately 377 acres in the Illinois Creek area of Taylor Park for 160 acres on the Kebler Pass road west of Crested Butte.

Agricultural Irrigation and Livestock Watering System (aka Ditch Bill) Easements

The Paonia RD received 53 ditch bill applications on existing water facilities. 19 easements completed/11 applications denied thus far in the process. Decision/implementation to occur over the next few months.

Agricultural Irrigation and Livestock Watering System (aka Ditch Bill) Easements

The GVRD received 170 applications for easements on existing water facilities. Qualifying facilities receive an easement but additional terms can be added to OM Plan to protect resources. Decision/implementation to occur next several months.

Agricultural Irrigation and Livestock Watering System (aka Ditch Bill) Easements

Gunnison RD received 80 applications for easements on existing water facilities. Qualifying facilities receive an easement but additional terms can be added to OM Plan to protect resources. Decision/implementation to occur next several months.

Agricultural Irrigation and Livestock Watering System (aka Ditch Bill) Easements

Norwood RD received 30 applications for easements for existing water facilities. Qualifying facilities receive an easement but additional terms can be added to OM Plan to protect resources. Decision/implementation to occur next several months.

Alpine Plateau Allotment Management Plan

Development of a new Allotment Management Plan

Alpine Plateau Radio Repeater

Installation and maintenance of a new Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management radio repeater on Alpine Plateau

Alpine Tunnel ARRA project

The project involves installing new interpretive signs, stabilizing historic stone structures, stabilizing the stone west portal and entrance to the Alpine Tunnel, and some rerouting sections of trail.

Alvarez Easement

Access to private land near Sargents, CO

Anderson Pit Development Plan

Refresh NEPA and Pit Development Plan

Anthracite Creek Trail Bridge (previously Kebler Wagon Trail Project)

Install/construct 50'x6' trail bridge over Ruby-Anthracite Creek on the Paonia Ranger District extending NFST #606 to the west towards Horseranch Park

Aspen-Sopris Ranger District Five Year Recreation Event Special Use Permit Issuance

Issuance of five year recreation event permits to authorize 11 recreation events to operate on the Aspen-Sopris Ranger District. Events have been authorized in prior years under temporary permits. Events are running, mountain bike, jeep, and ski.


Proposal is to perform timber stand improvement and prescribed burning to improve range and wildlife habitat and reduce natural fuels.


Continuation of prescribed fire program with emphasis on regenerating aspen apparently killed by S.A.D. Will also benefit fuels and wildlife

Big Dominguez Creek Cutthroat Trout Translocation Project

Establish native cutthroat trout population in 16 miles of Dominguez Creek and 1 tributary.

Bill Trampe Ranches Land Exchange

Upper Gunnison Basin Land Exchange EA completed in 1998; expect to rescope during thee first half of Cy2004

Black Mesa Project

Proposed treatments would regenerate certain aspen stands which are in decline or affected by Sudden Aspen Decline (SAD)

Black Sage Pass Borrow Pit Expansion

Expansion of existing borrow pit to generate fill material for mine

Black Sage Pass Salvage

Salvage of beetle killed ponderosa pine.

Blixt Road Reciprocal ROW project.

Reciprocal right-of-way project on the Blixt Road.

Block & Tackle Trail Alignment

Realignment of trail to eliminate a steep section of the Block & Tackle trail. (Approx. 750 - 1000 feet) Trail obliteration and restoration of the abandoned section of trail.

Bonham Reservoir Area

Atkinson Reservoir, Cottonwood 1, Bonham Pipeline, Lambert, and East fork, Cottonwood #5 Borrow sites.

Boy Scouts of America Recreation Event - 5 Year

Continuation of Special Use Permit that utilizes less than 5 contiguous acres for purpose of winter youth camping, shooting , and survival skills event.

Buckhorn Gulch Mechanical Treatment

Big Game Habitat Improvement & Fuels Treatment Project.

Bucktail Creek Rx

Funding for NEPA isn't available until further notice.

Bull Mountain Pipeline Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

A 295-acre area will be treated by mechanical means (roller chop, hydro-axe, mower, or similar) and/or prescribed fire to improve forage quality and quantity for elk and other ungulates. Seeding will occur as needed.

Bull Mountain Unit Geophysical Study

Drive vibrating trucks along NFSR 849 and access road to well pad in T.11S R.90W,Section 15. Hand-place above-ground stakes to study Bull Mountain Unit geology under private lands. No ground disturbance expected. Studies to last approximately 20 days

Bureau of Reclamation Weather Station permit re-issuance

Re-issue permit for 4 existing weather stations.

Calamity Basin Pine restoration and mastication

Project will mechanically treat 675 acres of historic pine plantation in Calamity basin. This will occur in the summer of 2015 and will improve big game and winter range and improve habitat for other species.

Calamity Basin Ponderosa Pine Thinning Project

Precommercial Ponderosa Pine thinning to restore stand health.

Calf Creek

Wildlife habitat, Forest Health and natural fuels reduction

Cannon USA, Inc. Fall color photography Outfitter & Guide Permit Issuance

Application to issue a Temporary Outfitter and Guide permit for fall photography on the Grand Valley, Ouray, Gunnison, and Paonia Ranger Districts.

Canyon Creek Avalanche Control

Issue Special Use Permit for one year to Silver Star Mining Operations LLC for avalanche control along Canyon Creek Road, NFSR 853 up to the Revenue Mine.

Carbonero Road Reciprical Row Project

Exchange of access deeds on the Carbonero Road

Carr and Waddle Ditch

Issue Special Use Permit


Construct SNOTEL site

CBMR Mountain Bike Skills Park

At the Top of Red Lift, in an area previously analyzed for the Red Lady Lodge, a mountain bike skills park would be constructed for beginner and intermediate mountain bike riders.

CBMR Mountain Bike Trail Additions

Approximately 1.75 miles of new trail construction on 4 segments of trail within the CBMR permit boundary would be constructed by hand and the use of a tracked machine.

CBMR Mountain Bike Trail Construction

A beginner mountain bike trail in the Smith Hill Area, a down hill trail in the Uley's Cabin Area, and an extension of Pyscho Rocks Trail would be constructed with the use of a rubber tracked machine and hand construction.

CBMR Summit Trail Reconstruction

Reroute approximately 700 feet of trail on the Summit Trail within CBMR's permit boundary, using hand tools. The reroute would avoid a heavily eroded area that creates safety issues for trail users. The reroute would contour the adjacent hillside.

CBMR Teocalli 2 Egress

A 20 ft wide winter route would be developed by removing trees to allow for egress from Teocalli 2 Bowl.

CBMR Yurt Installation

At the Top of Painter Boy Lift, a 35 foot diameter yurt would be constructed to house the terrain park staff and ski patrol.

Cedar Mesa Trail Reroute

Reroute of Cedar Mesa ATV trail off the dam of Calumet Reservoir to more suitable location.

Cement Creek - Snowplow Permit

Reissuance of snowplow permit for access to private land.

Cement Creek Ditches Special Use Permit

Issue special use permit for two existing ditches: Jones Highline and Adams Cement Creek

Cement Creek Trail Project

Relocation of trail out of wetland. Up to 8700 lineal feet.

City of Ouray Water Utility Infastructure Construction

Construct 500,000 gallon water tank, new treatment building raw water supply line and transmission pipeline.

Clay Creek Travel Implementation

Implementation of 2002 travel management.

Cochetopa Hills Vegetation Management Project

This project will provide forest management at a landscape scale in the Cochetopa Hills portion of the Gunnison Ranger District to meet various Forest Plan objectives.

Cochetopa Landscape Assessment

Development of a new management plan for grazing of livestock on the Cochetopa, Cold Springs, Los Pinos and Razor Range Land Allotments

Collbran Development, Inc., Sewer Line Special Use Permit

Issuance of a special use permit for an existing sewer line crossing the Collbran Job Corps Center lands.

Collbran Valley Gas Gathering, LLC, Special Use Permit

Issuance of special use permit to Collbran Valley Gas Gathering, LLC, for approximately 1600 feet of existing natural gas pipeline on the Collbran Job Corp Center

Colorado Boy Abandoned Mine Closure Project (Ouray Hazardous Mines Closure Project)

Proposed to physically close 12 abandoned mine sites in Cutler Creek,Twin Peaks & Hwy 550 south of Ouray.

Columbine Gravel Pit Development Plan

Decision tiers off Columbine OHV Recreation Area decision and adopts a pit develepment plan.

Columbine OHV Recreation Area

Proposal to develop an OHV recreation complex, including a campground, day-use area, open riding area or skills park, connections to existing and planned OHV routes, and an interpretive sign associated with a geologic study site.

Comstock Communications Site - Gunnison County

Addition of 8'x12' pre-constructed building and additional 20' tower on existing tower to accomodate state 800 Digital Trunked Radio System.

Cone Collection for Reforestation

Tree cone collection for reforestation purposes on the Gunnison Ranger District.

Construction of new trailheads

New ATV trailheads to be constructed at Owns Creek 'Corrals, Bonham reservoir Kiosk and the Green Mountain trail (2 locations)

Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Addition

Relocate approximately 32 miles of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail off of Forest Service roads. Proposed trail location is at or near the actual divide. Up to 3 trail heads will be constructed along the new section of trail.

Coon Creek Reservoir #1 Enlargement

Issuance of a new special use permit for the enlargement of Coon Creek Reservoir #1 done in 1991. This permit replaces a previous permit that expired in 2012.

Cornerstone Metroplitan District No. 1

SU permit request for a 60'x75' ROW to provide access to reach the W boundary of the Cornerstone Sub. property. Access to be used by Hideout Lake Sub.& 3 adjacent owners. 2 existing routes to be obliterated & reclaimed w/completion of single entrance

Cottonwood Pass Mistletoe Control

This project would remove lodgepole pine trees infected with dwarf mistletoe and regenerate a stand of uninfected trees.

Cottonwood Pass Road Geotechnical Investigation Special Use Permit

Authorize the Federal Highways Administration-Central Federal Lands Highway Division to conduct geotechnical investigation of a material borrow source along Cottonwood Pass Road, and along the existing roadway prizm.

County Line Sanitation and Salvage

This project will address a severe spruce beetle infestation adjacnt to County Line Ski path, by utilizing and sanitation and salvage operation.

Craig Point Travel Management Implementation

The record of decision for the Uncompahgre Travel Management Plan restricts all motorized travel to designated routes. Many of the routes were specifically nominated for decommissioning. This DM describes the type of decommissioning that will occur

Crested Butte Mountain Resort - Snodgrass Mountain Expansion

Pre-NEPA and NEPA for Snodgrass Mountain Expansion Master Developement Plan activities

Crested Butte Mountain Resort Mountain Bike Trails

Construction of 4 mountain bike trails within the Crested Butte Mountain Resort permit area for a total of approximately 2.5 miles of new trail construction.

Crested Butte Ranger Station Administrative Site Sale

The GMUG NF is proposing to put up the Crested Butte Administrative Site for competitive sale in 2014. The .359 acre property was purchased by warranty deed in 1937. The 125 x 125 foot property consists of five lots within the Town of Crested Butte.

Crystal Lake Dam Repairs

Rebuild embankments that exhibit significant leakage. Repair or replace non-functioning outlet works and spillway. Install toe drains. Install riprap on the dam. Clear woody vegetation growing on the dam.

Deadman Trail Bridge

Install/construct 52'x4' trail bridge with a set of engineered abutments with concrete bearings over Cement Creek on the Deadman Gulch Trail NFST #420

Decommissing of Grand Mesa Facilities

Removal of developed facilities at the Wild Rose Picnic ground and Crag Crest campground on the Grand Mesa. Convert to trailheads.

Decommissioning of Hell's Hole

Decommissioning of Hell's Hole a user created ATV route. We would propose to use a small trail dozer to create effective cross drainage, restore eroded gullies, and obscure the route.

Deer Creek Shaft and E Seam Methane Drainage Wells Project

Mountain Coal Company proposes to construct a ventilation shaft and escapeway and upto 143 locations with upto 168 methane drainage wells and approximately 24 miles of road for safety purposes of longwall underground mine.

Depart of Commerce/NOAA Monitoring Site

Install NOAA Monitoring Station

Ditch Bill Easement Transfers

Tranfer ditch easement for Pug White Ditch, Everlasting Ditch, Hawkins Ditch and Twin Lakes Reservoir to KNK Land & Cattle LLC.

Ditch Reconstruction - Alpine Plateau

Partial reconstruction of existing irrigation ditch

Dix Easement

Construct approximately 300' of driveway on National Forest

Dominguez Canyon WS Project

Multi faceted project including Cold Spgs. Ranger Station, facilities work, 22 miles trail work.

Dominguez Creek Riparian Fence

Construct 1/2 mile of fence to improve management of riparian vegetation in Upper Dominguez Creek.

Dominguez Ridge Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Up to 1000 acres of mechanical treatment in big game winter range is proposed in the pinyon-juniper habitats, to increase forage for big game.

Dr. Thomas Beach

Right-Of-Way Application - Existing and New Road


Revise Dry Fork Allotment Plan to meet Forest Plan Standards

Dry Mesa Hydroaxe

2016 Wildlife habitat improvement project implementing Escalante Forest Restoration and Stewardship Project Decision (#38387) and partnership activities.

Duplicate Record Delete

This project was cancelled because it was a duplicate. The correct Project ID is 42068 Surface Creek Trail Decommissioning CE.

Duplicate Record Delete

Upgrade existing 115KV transmission line from Montrose-Nucla-Cahone to 230KV line. More information on BLM website:

Eggleston Lake Wind Throw Salvage

Salvage of trees blown down as a result of wind storm on the Grand Mesa near Eggleston Lake.

Ender Mill Site Restoration

This project is restoring the native vegetation where an old saw mill once worked. The area has not completely revegetated and will not without action. Part of the action will be to implement existing travel management decisions to this area.

Environmental Assessment for the Pitkin Allotment Management Plan

This EA will disclose the grazing guidelines season and number for livestock grazing on the Pitkin Allotment. Noxious Weed and vegetation management is also included in the EA.

Escalante Forest Restoration Project

Vegetation treatments to allow the use of fires to increase the resilience, diversity & habitat value of the forests. This includes fuels reduction, timber harvest, seeding, weed treatments, managed fire, & decommissioning of non-system roads.

Fader Salvage

Salvage harvest of dead and dying beetle killed Douglas Fir and Engelmann Spruce trees.

Fall Creek and Woods Lake Colorado River Cutthroat Trout Reclammation Project

GMUG NF is considering a proposal from the Colorado Division of Wildlife to chemically treat Woods Lake and its tributaries to restore Native Colorado River Cutthrout Trout to the upper Fall Creek Watershed.

Fenceline Salvage

Salvage harvest of wind thrown timber, primarily Englemann Spruce, blown over near the Fenceline Road (NFSR 545) during the June '07 wind event on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Flat Top Mountain Riparian Restoration - Gunnison Sage-Grouse Habitat Improvement

Restoration work to address cut banks, head-cutting, and incised gulleys w/in Gunnison Sage-Grouse habitat. This project will strive to improve Sage-Grouse brood-rearing habitat. Restoration work was completed on adjacent private land fall 2012.

Flat Top Mountain Riparian Restoration - Gunnison Sage-Grouse Habitat Improvement

This project will implement restoration work to address habitat degradation within Gunnison Sage-Grouse brood-rearing habitat. This is a continuation of work completed on USFS and adjacent private land (2012-2014).

Floresta Snowplowing

Issue SUP authorizing snowplowing from Kebler Pass Rd, CR12, to Floresta on Ohio Pass Rd, NFSR 730, approx 3,000'. Plowing to be done on shoulder seasons when Kebler Pass Rd is plowed by the County.


Right-Of-Way Application - Existing Roads

Flowing Park Trailhead & Leonard's Ridge Trail re-route

Flowing Park trailhead would be a creation of a 15 car parking area with a map/information kiosk and attendant fencing disturbing less than 1/2 acre. Leonard's Ridge Trail re-route would involve realignment of 0.9 miles of existing trail.

FLPMA Road Easements/Permits

Authorizing access to private inholdings via existing roads on the Uncompahgre National Forest.

FLPMA Road Easements/Permits

Authorize access to private inholdings on the Uncompahgre National Forest. Strole-existing Trail # 149 provides historic access to private land on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Fort Peabody

Construct approximately 1/2 mile of new trail from the parking area near Imogene Pass to the historical Fort Peabody site.

Fossil Ridge I Land Exchange

Exchange approximately 700 acres of lands on the Gunnison National Forest in Saguache County for approximately 945 acres of privately owned lands in Gunnison County.

Freudenberg Special Use Permit

To bury approx. 2000 linear feet of 3 inch plastic pipe to supply irrigation water to private land.

Full Moon Trail

Convert to NFST # 260.

Funks Floodwater Ditch

Issue an authorization for an existing irrigation ditch approx 1,100' long

GEC's 11-90-8-H3;11-90-20-21-H1 and -H2 and SG Interests' 12-90-7-1; 11-90-9-3; 11-90-15-2 APDs

BLM and Forest Service proposal for Gunnison Energy LLC and SG Interests, Ltd (SG). Proposal includes up to 25 total Federal Natural Gas Wells on 4 new and 1 existing well pads and associated infrastructure. Six APDs have been submitted.

Geothermal Lease Nomination COC-73584

Determine whether or not to consent to BLM's leasing land for geothermal recovery and use.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Gill Creek Implement

Purpose is:Resolve reoccurring trail resource issues due to wet or saturated terrain that does not support a sustainable trail system.Additional projects are included that pose a conflict with other multiple uses, such as land uses, range improvement

Gold Creek Allotment NEPA Sufficiency Review and Finding

Review of 1996 Environmental Assessment for Gold Creek Allotment to determine whether or not changed circumstances exist

Governor Basin Ore Removal

Issue Road Use permit to Revenue Mine to haul ore from private land to millsite.

Grand Mesa & Uncompahgre Non-system Route Decommissioning

Perform decommission work on non-system routes on the Grand Mesa & North Uncompahgre NF area. Decommission work will be on routes that have been identified as non-system through previous travel mgmt plan.Complete rehabilitation of the route(s)

Grand Mesa 100

Modifies existing special use permit to add one additional recreation event, September

Grand Mesa Adventures, INC., Summer Outfitter Guide Permit Issuance

Application to issue a Priority Outfitter and Guide Permit for summer commercial services on the Grand Mesa National Forest.

Grand Mesa Bowmen- Recreation Event Permit Reissuance

Application to Reissue a new 5 year Term Recreation Event for annual 3 D Archery Shoot on Fruita Division of the Grand Mesa National Forest.

Grand Mesa Christian Assoc. Expansion

Writing for plans for requested improvements. A new permit needs to be in place to replace the current construction permit.

Grand mesa Christian Camp-MDP Proposal

Grand Mesa Christian Camp operates under authorization of 10-year term special use permit. A proposal has been received to construct a new residential cabin to change or modify the existing operation.

Grand Mesa Cross Country Ski Trail Improvement

Improvement of existing cross-country ski trails on the Grand Mesa National Forest, Skyway and County Line Ski Trail Systems. Proposal includes widening of approximately 34 miles of trail to facilitate better grooming and realignment.

Grand Mesa Lodge Development Plan

Grand Valley Ranger District anticipates submittal of a Master Development Plan (MDP) for future operation of Grand Mesa Lodge.

Grand Mesa Metropolitan District #2 Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of a special use permit for approximately 1500 feet of 6-inch pipeline to transport backwash water from the water treatment facility at Powderhorn Ski Area to private property because of change in name of operating entity.

Grand Mesa National Forest Mechanized Travel Restriction

Forest proposes to restrict non-motorized, mechanized travel (mountain bikes) to designated routes on Grand Mesa National Forest only.

Grand Mesa NF Game Retrieval Area

Proposal to discontinue provision to provide for the use of ATVs off of designated routes for retrieval of downed game during big game huntings seasons.

Grand Mesa Nordic Council - Biathlon Range

Grand mesa Nordic Council seeks approval for Biathlon Range within the Skyway winter trail system. Range will be placed on removable frame and include live ammunition resulting from a supervised range instructor. See Project Leader for more info.

Grand Mesa Resort Project

Hazardous Fuels reduction adjacent to private lands, increase resilience to insect outbreak, salvage. May 27 field trip is still scheduled. There is several inches of snow on the Grand Mesa, please come prepared and dress appropriately.

Grand Mesa Winter Ski Trail head Improvements

County Line: Relocate trailhead off of Highway 65 to address safety concerns. Installation of new toilet and possible change rooms. Skyway: Enlargement of exising parking area and installation of shelter.

Grand Valley Ranger District - Recreation Event Permit Re-Issuance

Renews several existing five-year recreation event permits to continue use for a new five-year term. Proposals not subject to change from the previously authorized use, but if requested additional scoping/analysis will be required on NFSL.

Grand Valley Ranger District Burn Blocks

This project proposes to burn approximately 500-2000 acres per burn block per year of oakbrush and mixed mountain shrub vegetation in important elk and deer habitat.

Grand Valley Ranger District-Fence Projects

5.25 miles of fence will be constructed in 3 different locations on the Uncompahgre and Grand Mesa to improve grazing management and /or reduce recreational conflicts. Cattle guards will be installed at fence crossings on ATV trails and roads.

Grand Valley RD-Issuance of Temporary Recreation Event Permits.

Each year the Grand Valley Ranger District receives various requests for short term (less than one year) permits to conduct recreational activities on the National Forest.

Grand Valley Spruce Beetle SAD Treatments


Grand Valley Trap Tree Management for Spruce Beetles

Establish between 10-25 groups of trap trees to treat spruce beetle infested areas.

Gray Head Communications Site Permit Reissuance

Reissue the Special Use Permit for the existing Gray Head Communications Site.

Greenwood Trail Re-route

Trail construction & repair. Due to high water existing trail has become difficult to negotiate; ATV users have become stuck and have attempted to find a different route. Vegetated areas have suffered damage and denuded areas have caused water issues

Greyhound Mine Exploratory Drilling

Drill 8 core holes near Greyhound Mine.

Gunnison Energy Corp. 16 Well Master Development Plan

The Grand Mesa-Uncompahgre-Gunnison National Forests (GMUG) proposes to authorize Gunnison Energy Corporation (GEC) to exercise federal oil and gas lease rights, and conduct surface operations on the Paonia Ranger District.

Hanks Valley Decommissioning

Norwood Ranger District will decommission through obliteration approximately 9 miles of non-system roads in the Hanks Valley area which are not open to the public under existing travel management decisions.

Hettinger Road Easement Transfer

Transfer existing Road Easement along Dave Wood Road.

High Mesa Trail

Conversion of FS Administrative Rd. 869 to ATV Trail. Proposed trail would end at intersection of FS Trail 225. Seasonal closure restrictions.

Highway 550 Highway Easement Deed

Recommend Federal Highway Administration issue a Highway Easement Deed to CDOT from north of Ouray to south of Coal Bank Pass on Uncompahgre and San Juan NF.

Hillside of Telluride HOA Permit Renewal

Reissuance of a special use permit to Hillside of Telluride HOA for their existing domestic water facilities located on NFS lands.

Homestake SAD CE

This project will use silvicultural treatments (coppice) to regenerate vulnerable and declining aspen stands adjacent to the Homestake mine road (NFSR 243.2A & 243.3K). Treatments are proposed on approximately 165 acres.

Horsefly Rangeland Assessment

Analyzes 15 allotments on the Norwood and Ouray Ranger Districts

Hotchkiss Reservoir Land Exchange

Exchange approximatley 726 acres of private land for 794 acres of National Forest System land.

Ilium Valley Power Line Upgrade

Project will bury 4 of the existing overhead 24.9kV distribution wires which will connect the Sunshine and Telluride substations. The buried power line will provide a redundant source of electricity to the surrounding communities.

Implementation of the 2010 Gunnison Basin Federal Lands Travel Management Plan on the Gunnison RD

Decommission approximately 100 miles of Forest Service system and non-system routes, and conduct hydrological upgrades and road improvements.

Implementation of the 2010 Gunnison Basin Federal Lands Travel Management Plan on the Gunnison RD

Decommission approximately 50 miles of Forest Service system and non-system routes using restoration methods, and conduct hydrological upgrades and improvements consistent with the 2010 Travel Management Decision.

Implementation of the 2010 Gunnison Basin Federal Lands Travel Management Plan on the Gunnison RD

Decommission approximately 30.5 miles of Forest Service system and non-system routes, conduct restoration work on decommissioned routes, and conduct hydrological upgrades and road improvements consistent with the 2010 travel Management decision.

Internal Revenue Service Permit Reissuance

Issuance of a new special use permit to replace an expiring permit for a building tower and electronic equipment on Lot L, Mesa Pint Communication site.

Iron Fen Ditch Restoration Project

Restore groundwater hydrologic regime of portion of the Iron Fen that is impaired by a ditch. Install flow control structure in current ditch and manage flow through wetland recapturing the flow once it reaches an old road alignment downslope.

Ironhorse Analysis Area

Develop a vegetation management strategy and subsequent NEPA decision(s) for a suite of vegetation treatments for National Forest System lands located on the Uncompahgre Plateau south of Horsefly Canyon. BLM lands near project may be included.

Irwin Snowcat Skiing

The proposal is to provide guided snowcat skiing and summer hiking/peak climbing in the Scarps Ridge/Lake Irwin area (about 10 miles west of Crested Butte).

Island lake Recreation Area Capital Improvement Project

Perform reconstruction /rehabilitation work in the Island Lake CG, Little Bear CG.Project proposal includes the replacement of water distribution lines, reconfiguration of campground unit and installation of new furnishings. Construct trailhead.

Jack's Cabin Cutoff County Road 813, Road Relocation

Relocation of the East segment of County Road 813 to be accomplished with Gunnison County and the Federal Highway Administration to improve site distance, turning radius and drainage. The original alignment will be re-coutoured and reclaimed.

Kebler Pass Road Improvements

Add scenic turnouts and straighten one segment at Ruby Anthracite trailhead

Kebler Wagon Trail Project - Paonia

Continue the Kebler Wagon Trail west onto the Paonia Ranger District to a point near the Gunnison County Road 12 bridge over Anthracite Creek. Total length is approximately 7,233 lineal feet of trail construction.

Kings Spruce

Sanitation and salvage operations to control spruce beetle infestation in stands.

La Fair Habitat Improvement, Fuels Reduction, and Timber Enhancement Project

This project will treat vegetation with machine mastication and prescribed fire. This will improve wildlife habitat and reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires.

LaGarita Beetle Response

This project is desinged to capture economic opportunities and reduce public safety hazards through the cutting and/or harvest of beetle infested spruce trees resulting form the large spruce bark beetle epidemic within the planning area.

Lake Irwin Campground Improvement Project

The Gunnison Ranger District seeks to rehabilitate and reconstruct the Lake Irwin recreation area through funding from the Forest Service Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Currently this is not a top priority on the CIP schedule.

Lakeview Campground Exclusion Fence

Construct approximately 1 1/4 miles of fencing to exclude cattle from entering the campground to protect campers and physical resources. Fencing will include a 20 foot wide clearence.

Lamborn Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project

Approximately 1955 acres will be treated by mechanical means (dozer, hydro-axe, roller chop, or similar) and/or prescribed fire to improve forage quality and quantity for deer and elk. Seeding will occur as needed.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Groundwater Research Special Use Permit

Research activities to quantify floodplain dynamics. Approximately 20 groundwater monitoring wells will be installed for the purposes of conducting well testing, groundwater sampling and analysis and tracer experiments.

Leon Creek ATV Bridge

Installation of a new ATV bridge across Leon Creek along the Kenney Creek Road (NFSR 260)

Leroux Creek Aspen Management

Harvest and regenerate aspen through 2 commercial timber sales

Lily Lake Trail Project

Construct short segment of trail to link trail between Ohio Pass Road #730 and Splains Gulch

Lone Cabin Reservoir Dam Rehabilitation Project

Issuance of short-term special use permit for rehabilitation of existing dam and construction of access route.

Long Draw Changed Condition Analysis

The Long Draw timber sale has 11 harvest units. 8 units have been completed while 3 units have not yet been entered. The Forest Service is proposing that in the 3 remaining units the prescription be changed from group selection to salvage.

Long Lake Trail

New trail construction

Long Slough

Proposed project to treat declining aspen stands and to diversify ages classes in spruce / fir stands.

Los Pinos Allotment Management Plan

Development of a new management plan for grazing of livestock on the Los Pinos Allotment

Lost Lake Campground Improvement Project

Lost Lake Campground/Horse Ranch Park trailhead Capitol Improvement Project. Activity selection should be "Facility rehabilitation", but chose "Facility Improvements" as closest choice.

Love Mesa Project

Ponderosa Pine commercial thinning.

Lower McIntyre Inactive Mine Closures

Physically close adits and shafts and divert water from wasterock for public safety.

Lujan Precommercial Thinning

Precommercial thinning of 30 acres of young lodgepole pine stand to maintain acceptable growth rates and forest health. Site is accessible on an existing road.

Lujan Precommercial Thinning CE-Duplicate

This project is cancelled because it was a duplicate. The correct Project ID is 41870 Lujan Precommercial Thinning CE.

Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness special regulations - Forest Order

Two changes are proposed to the MBSW special regulations. Overnight visitors will be required to store all food, garbage and other attractants in bear resistant containers & changing the campfire prohibition to everywhere above 10,800 ft.

Matterhorn and Trout Lake Nordic Parking Projects

Proposal to construct a new 30-space Nordic parking area at the Matterhorn-Priest Lake Ski Trailhead and to expand parking at the Trout Lake Ski Trailhead

Matterhorn and Trout Lake Nordic Ski Trail Proposal

The Forest Service proposes to add and reconfigure ski trails in the Matterhorn and Trout Lake Nordic ski trail systems.

Mayo Snowmobile Parking Special Use Permit

Authorization to park two snowmobiles and one snowcat at the base of the Alta Lakes Road on NFS lands.

Meridian and Snodgrass Rangeland Analysis

This project will analyze whether to graze or not graze the Snodgrass and Meridian Allotments. If grazing is selected how that grazing will be carried out. The proposed alternative includes placing the Snodgrass Allotment into the Gothic Allotment.

Mesa County Sheriff's Posse - Recreation Event Permit

Conduct a one-day horseback poker ride for 25 participants to support local search and rescue operations in Mesa county Colorado.

Mesa Lakes Resort Septic System

Construction and installation of a new septic system for Mesa Lakes Resort. The proposed system will replace the existing lagoon and will be designaed and constructed to meet all applicable State and County Health Department regulations.

Mesa Point Fuels Reduction

Remove hazardous fuels (live & dead) adjacent to the Mesa Point Communications facilities.

Mesa Point Road Users Association Permit Reissuance

Issuance of a new FLPMA private road special use permit to replace an expiring permit for an access road to the Mesa Pint Communications site.

Mika Ag FLPMA Private Road Special Use Permit

Authorize landowner use of existing driveways accessing private land on Uncompahgre Plateau.

Military Prk Development Plan

Refresh NEPA and Pit Development Plan

Milk Creek Trail Project

Construction of approx. ½ mile of new trail to relocate trail off of private land and to ford Marshall Creek in order to avoid an unsafe bridge.

Miners Creek Inactive Mine Safety Closure Prjoect

Install grate, backfill or PUF on open shafts; install grate, bulkhead or backfill open adits. Up to 23 closures. Location is Mineral Point area, San Juan County.

Modification (#5) to Federal Coal Lease COC-61357

Oxbow Mining LLC has applied to modify lease COC-61357 by adding 157 acres to prevent bypass of federal coal reserves both within existing lease and in the modification area. Forest must decide whether or not to consent to BLM leasing this land.

Morgan Special Use Permit

Issuance of a Special Use Permit to authorize use of an existing road for access to private land and for the installation of a gate.

Mountain Division Rangeland Analysis

Rangeland Analysis-Analyse livestock grazing on 19 allotments in the San Juan Mountains.

Mt. Emmons Baseline Study Plan of Operations

Conduct analysis for baseline studies (geology, geotechnical stabilty and hydrology) to determine feasibility of Mt. Emmons moly mine

Mt. Emmons Groundwater and Associated Data Investigation

Gather baseline hydro-geologic information sufficient to develop and run groundwater modelling.

Mt. Sneffels Land Acquisition

Acquire approx. 160 acres from Trust for Public Land.

Mud Hill / Reservoir Gulch

Prescribe burn oak brush / mountain shrub community to reduce fuels and improve wildlife habitate.

Murdie Subdivision Sanitation Harvest Project

Proposed 40 acres of mechanical treatments with possible removal, piling, and burning of residual material created. Dominate lodgepole pine stand heavily infested with dwarf mistletoe immediately adjacent to a subdivision.

Naslund Forest Road Special Use Permit

Issue a Forest Road Special Use Permit for an existing Forest Road (NFSR 660) to access private property.

NATRC-Women's Surface Creek Saddle Club Recreation Event

Conduct competitive horseback endurance ride on 60 miles of designated routes in the Land's End & Flowing Park Areas.

Naturita Fuels Management Project

This is a wildland urban Interface Fire Hazard reduction.

Nick Mountain Prescribed Burn

Fuels treatment on approximately 800 acres

North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC)-Recreation Event Permit Reissuance

Application to reissue a new 5-year term recreational event to conduct annual horse endurance ride on Grand Mesa National Forest.

North Electric Aspen Management

Commercial and non-commercial treatments in aspen stands with moderate to high disease occurrence.

North Grand Mesa prescribed Burn Blocks

Blocks of large areas of gambel oak and mountain shrub communities will be planned for prescribed burning over a 10 year period.

North Uncompahgre Trail Development

The Grand Valley Ranger District has received a proposal, including a map of proposed routes, from the Bookcliff Rattlers Motorcycle club to add trail routes on the North End of the Uncompahgre National Forest.

Oh-Be-Joyful Trail Project

300 to 500 ft of trail relocation and obliteration/rehabilitation of old trail sections.

Oil and Gas Leasing Revision

Revise 1993 Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest Oil and Gas Leasing EIS decision to address changed conditions, revised leasing stipulations, and land availability.

Ophir Public Water System Upgrade

Upgrade public water system in Waterfall Canyon

Ouray Ice Park Townsite Act Sale

Proposed for City of Ouray to purchase NFS land within the Ice Park, south of city limits.

Ouray Perimeter Trail Extension

Extending the Ouray Perimeter Trail.

Ouray Perimeter Trail Extension (Box Canyon Connector)

Extend the Perimeter Trail to include Box Canyon Trail connector

Oxbow Mining, Federal Coal Lease Modification COC-70615

Oxbow Mining LLC (Oxbow) has applied to modify existing federal coal lease COC-70615 by adding approx. 364 acres of federal coal reserves. Coal in the existing lease is mined by Oxbow from their Elk Creek Mine near Somerset in Gunnison County.

Oxbow Mining, LLC, Methane Drainage Wells

The USFS is proposing to authorize Oxbow to construct 3 drill pads, drilling and operating 7 methane drainage wells, and constructing approximately 5,450 feet of new temporary road in T. 12 S., R. 91 W., Section 36; of Delta County, CO

Paonia Cavity-nesting Bird Habitat Enhancement 2016

The Paonia Ranger proposes to implement a set of cavity-nesting bird habitat improvement projects including "bluebird boxes" and creation of cavities in heart-rot aspen)on National Forest System Lands in the Black Mesa and Muddy Creek areas.

Paonia District Restoration Project 2014

Restoration of site conditions on 6 closed nonsystem routes including recontouring, ripping, seeding, and water bars or similar; removal of two nonfunctioning culverts on a system trail.

Parallel Trail

Trail construction on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Permit Re-Issuance

Re-issue permit to Delta Montrose Electrical Association for existing 7200 V underground powerline from forest boundary to Silver Jack Reservoir on Big Cimarron Rd. Possible permit consolidation with Paonia & Grand Valley RD's.

Permit Re-Issuance

Horse Fly HOA Spring Development permit re-issuance.

Pickens Forest Road Easement

Forest Road Easement to access private land.

Pine Mountain Fence

Pine Mountain Fence: Proposes to authorize construction of 1.0 miles of range fence for livestock management purposes on the Uncompahgre National Forest.

Pirate Ship Fen Restoration

Ditch draining fen will be treated with small hand placed structures to re-establish the water table level and native plant composition. Stream will be returned to it's original path.

Pole Hill Re-route on Long Canyon Trail #621

Re-route of 0.3 miles of trail due to steep unsustainable section. A new route will be constructed approximately 0.5 miles with sustainable grades and with adequate drainage the old route will be decommissioned.

Poole Road Easement

Private road access

Poughkeepsie inactive mine safety closure project.

Physical safety closures of 13 adits and shafts on NFS Land on Poughkeepsie Gulch area, south of Ouray, east of Hwy 550.

Powderhorn Mountain Bike Trails

Powderhorn Mountain Resort has proposed a 15 mile mountain bike trail system to be constructed within their permit area located on the Grand Mesa National Forest. Construction would occur in 3 phases with phase 1 involving approx. 5 miles of trail.

Powderhorn Resort Ski Trail Connection

Clearing of trees within a 0.7 acre corridor to provide a connection between the Upper Red Eye and Upper Sweet Misery ski runs.

Priest Lake Improvement Project

Priest Lake Dam Reconstruction

Priority Use (10 year) Outfitter-Guide/ Permit Reclassification

Moves existing outfitter and guide special use permits to priority use(10) year permit authorization. Proposals will not change existing operations; but may require additional scoping/analysis for effects on National Forest System Lands.

Pristine Point, Inc. Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of a Special Use Permit for the operation and maintenance of pipeline approximately 1,300 feet in length.

Quest Corp Phone Lines

Issue new Master Permit to QAuest Corp for existing phone lines

Rambouillet Rangeland Assessment

Continuation of grazing on the allotment.

Razor Creek Dome Radio Repeater

Installation and maintenance of a new Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management radio repeater at top of Razor Creek Dome. Access via ATV/UTV only. Site in 2001 Inventoried Roadless Area, but not in 2009 Colorado Roadless Area

Re-Route of Young's Ditch Trail #508

Re-route of Young's Ditch Trail #508- from the ditch bank to a new location.

Recreation Event Authorization- Surface Creek Women's Saddle Club

New Temporary Recreation Event to Authorize an equestrian endurance ride on the Mesa top Trail in the central portion of the Grand Mesa National Forest. 75 Participants on September 14, 2013

Recreation Residences Permit Reissuances - Gunnison

Reissuances of 20 year permits for the Cement Creek, Gold Creek, Red Mountain, Chenoweth and Spring Creek recreation residences

Red Mountain Ditch Reconstruction

Reconstruct portions of Red Mtn Ditch transbasin diversion and install new headgate. Located on San Juan and Uncompahgre National Forests.

Reissuance of expiring Special Use Permits

Road access to private lands District wide

Reissuance of Road Special Use Permit

Authorizing to access private land on existing road

Reissue expiring permit for spring development - Peck

Issue a special use permit to replace an expiring permit for spring development located east of US Highway 550, north of Ouray.

Replacement and addition of public toilets on National Forest System lands

Proposal to install permanent vault toilets near Emerald Lake, Gothic Campground Judd Falls and Taylor River Slot Access in Gunnison County and near Eddiesville, Longbranch, McDonough Reservoir and Needle Reservoir in Saguache County

Replacement of Spring Creek Pass public toilet on National Forest System lands

Replace existing vault toilet at Spring Creek Pass Day Use Area

Richard Spring Development

Develop a spring (minimally) for domestic and agricultural use on private land.

RMBL Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of an existing Special Use Permit issued to Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory for the purpose of conducting research.

Road Easements/Special Use Road Permits

Issuance of access authorizations on existing roads.

Roberts Creek Water Conveyance System

Falcon Seaboard Diversified, INC has requested a special use permit, which would allow for continued operation and maintenance the Roberts Creek Water Conveyance System.

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) Permit Renewal and Combination

RMBL has been conducting environmental research on the White River and the Gunnison National Forests since 1928. The proposal is to combine permits from both forests and have the GMUG N.F. take the lead on permit admin. See GMUG SOPA for more info.

Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Pipeline Permit Reissuance

Issuance of new permit for existing Collbran to read Natural Gas Pipeline



Rusty Nichols Access Authorizations

Issue access authorizations to Rusty Nichols

Sale of the Coon Creek Administrative Site

Proposal to sell the 160-acre Coon Creek administrative site, Grand Mesa National Forest, Mesa County, Colorado. The site is no longer needed for Forest Service purposes. Revenues will be used by the agency for other facilities.

Samora Tree Planting

Tree planting of 19 acres in two units with Douglas-fir to bring tree stocking up to Forest Plan standards. Sites are accessible on existing roads.

San Juan Rangeland Assessment

Evaluate grazing activities on 23 grazing allotments on the Ouray & Gunnison Ranger Districts.

San Luis Peak Trail Construction/Reconstruction

Perform heavy trail maintenance, trail realignment, and new trail construction, including restoration of existing sections of existing user route(s) used to climb San Luis Peak, a 14,000 foot peak ing the LaGarita Wilderness

Sargents Mesa Timber Sale

Timber Harvest of spruce, fir, and lodgepole pine from 800 - 1900 acres. Area has been previously harvested. No new road construction should be necessary

Sawtooth Ranch Spring Development

Re-issue special use permit for an existing spring development and pipeline to Sawtooth Ranch.

SG Interests, Federal 11-90-9 #3 Application for Permit to Drill

Paonia Ranger District proposes to authorize SG Interests to exercise lease rights and conduct surface operations associated with accessing, drilling, testing, and completing a multiple-well drill pad on the Gunnison National Forest

Silver Jack inactive mine closure and trail rehabilitation.

Physical safety mitigation on mining related features adjacent to Silver Jack lode claim and related trail reconstruction along East Fork Trail # 228 in the Uncompahgre Wilderness. Work to be completed in 2013 and 2014.

Silver Pick Winter Route

Reissue Forest Trail Special Use Permit to Peninsula Exploration 2, Ltd for their continued use of the Silver Pick Winter Route for access to private property.

Sky Rocket Creek Small Tracts Act (STA)

Convey to City of Ouray mineral fractions at Sky Rocket Creek and adjacent to city property near the City Hotsprings Pool.

Skyrocket Creek Diversion SUP

Issue Special Use Permit to City of Ouray for Skyrocket Creek diversion structure.

Slumgullion EA

Grazing decision for the Slumgullion Allotment which is a small part of the BLM Allotment

Snowplowing For Moose Transport

Proposal to plow snow by CDOW on Forest Roads to off-load Moose on the Grand Mesa as part of the Moose-re-introduction project.

Soap Creek Fuels Reduction

Use prescribed fire to improve ecosystem health in ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, aspen, oakbrush and grasslands types and reduce fuels, especially around campgrounds and in Wildland Urban Interface.

Solihull Society - Land Rover Rally

Application for Temporary Recreation Event to conduct Land Rover Rally on Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and White River National Forests (July 28-31, 2015)

Southwest Colorado Television Translator Assoc. Permit Reissuance

Reissue the Communications Site Lease to Southwest Colorado TV Translator Association for Lot No. 9 in the Raspberry Communications Site.

Spartan Aspen Timber Sale

Clearcut harvest and regeneration of about 358 acres of aspen stands on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Special Order - Telluride Camping

The Special Order for camping restrictions in the Telluride area to be extended for another three years.

Special Use Authorizations

Re-issue special use permit to Silver Jack HOA for spring development.

Special Use Authorizations

Reissuance of special use permits for Springbox (Mountain Division) and Cabin (Plateau Division).

Special Use Permit, modification and / or Reissuance (Recreation Permits)

Grand Valley Ranger District received requests to modify, re-issue or transfer existing special use permits authorizing businesses to conduct activities on National Forest. The proposals vary with each season.

Special Use Permits

General Permits, Bartlett Access, Overland Enlargement, Hughes, Zanin, M.Hughes, Lee, Iron Rose Ranch Access, Knight and Durmas access, Smith Fork Ranch Water System, Gunnison County/McClure Pass Comm Site Upgrade.

Special Use Permits-Outfitter/Guide

Renewal: J.R. Enos, Western Colorado Outfitters

Special Use Permits/Reissuance

No physical changes: Crawford Mesa Water Assoc., Danielson and Spears, Mad Dog Ranch, Cisler, Carter, DMJ Marcellina, Berry, West Beckwith Domestic Water

Spring Creek Reservoir Flume And/Or Gauging Station

Installation of flume and/or gauging station downstream from the dam.

Spring Creek/Dry Creek Vegetation Treatment Proposals

Various pruning, thinning and prescribed burns on 131,316 acres of federal lands, 124,030 acres of private and 366 acres of state lands.

Spruce Bark Beetle Trap Trees

Use the trap tree method to protect and mitigate the impacts of spruce bark beetle mortality in campgrounds, high use areas, and high value stands on the Gunnison Ranger District.

Spruce Stomp Federal Lease-by-Application (COC-75916)

Bowie Resources has submitted a lease-by-application for approximately 1,813 acres. The lease contains lands managed by the Paonia Ranger District of the GMUG NF, Uncompahgre Field Office of the BLM, as well as other split estate lands.

St. Germain Foundation Rock Stockpile Disposal

Develop a disposal plan for rock stockpile via competitive bid negotiated sale or free use to government agencies.

Stratman Driveway

Construct approximately 400' driveway

Sunset Lake Summer Homes Improvement Assoc. Water System

Issuance of a new special use permit for existing water system. This permit will replace an expired permit.

Sunset Lake Summer Homes Improvement Association Water System (Duplicate Record Delete)

Issuance of a new special use permit for existing water system. This permit will replace an expired permit.

Surface Creek Trail Decommissioning

Decommissioning of user-created trail not authorized under Grand Mesa Travel Plan in Surface Creek area. The trail generally follows where a telephone line used to be located.

Swamp Canyon Road Permit

Issue Special Use road permit for motorized access on an exiting road and trail in Swamp Canyon

Taylor Park Gravel Pit Fence

Construct a barbed wire fence around the Taylor Park Gravel Pit (aka Murdie Pit) to implement the 2010 Gunnison Basin Federal Lands Travel Management Plan on the Gunnison Ranger District.

Taylor Park Silvicultural CE

Precommercial and commercial thinning, and sanitation of dwarf mistletoe infested lodgepole pine stands to maintain acceptable growth rates and stand health on up to 250 acres. Project is in Taylor Park between Cottonwood Pass Road and Willow Crk.

Taylor Park Tree Planting

Tree Planting of Lodgepole Pine in Taylor Park on the Gunnison Ranger District.

Taylor Pass Hut Project

A 800 sq. ft., rustic, backcountry, winter use hut is being proposed to be built just south of Taylor Pass on the Gunnison Ranger District. The hut would be similar in scope and scale to the Friends Hut or the Markley Hut on the White River NF.

Taylor River Land Exchange

A proposal to exchange approximately 7 acres of Federal land contained in thirteen seperate parcels along the Taylor River below the Taylor River Dam, for 7 acres of provate lands on or adjacent to the Taylor River

Telecam/Illium HOA Private Road Easement

Easement for access to municipal water tanks above the Two Rivers Subdivision.

Telephone Draw Travel Management Project

Implementation of the 2002 Travel Plan for the Uncompahgre National Forest within the project boundary in order to: improve big game habitat effectiveness, reduce soil compaction, and improve hydrologic function.

Telluride Airport Water Pipeline

Install 8" water pipeline to convey subsurface water away from an active landslide.

Telluride Regional Airport Embankment Fill Project

To re-contour and reseed approximately 1.50 acres of National Forest System lands that was utilized in past construction activities. This will prevent the ponding that is now occurring and is attacting birds and wildlife which is a threat to aircraft

Telluride Ski Area Spruce Beetle Salvage and Sanitation

Spruce beetle salvage and sanitation to curtail spruce beetle activity within and adjacent to Telluride ski area.

Telluride Ski Area: Upper Village Bypass Snowmaking Improvements CE

The project would entail excavating a 4 to 5 foot wide trench at a depth of 4 feet for installation of two 8 inch air and water pipes on the south side of Telluride Ski Area Upper Village Bypass ski trail.

Teocalli - Schofield Phase Abandoned Mine Closures

Closure of 11 abandoned mine features in the Virginia Basin and Emerald Lake areas.

Teocalli Ridge Trail

Relocation of approximately8,431 linear feet to more sustainable location. Reconstruction / Restoration of existing portioins of trail if funding permits. Installation of drainage structures and erosion control measures

Thistledown Property Private Road Easement transfer and bridge alignment change

Transfer a private road easement to Rockbiter Corp and amend the easement for a change in bridge alignment over Canyon Creek. Beginning a possible Small Tracts Act exchange on land the road is located.

Thomas Roach No 2 Ditch Reconstruction

Heavy maintenance and reconstruction of existing irrigation ditch

Thunder Mountain Lodge Development Plan

Grand Valley Ranger District has requested a Master Developement Plan for future operations of Thunder Mountain Lodge, LLC.

Thunder Mountain Lodge Resort Permit Reissuance

Application to reissue Term Resort Permit to Thunder Mountain Lodge, LLC for year round resort operation and maintenance.

Thunder Mountain Lodge-Winter Snowmobile Outfitter and Guide request.

Thunder Mountain Lodge, located on the Grand Mesa National Forest, proposes to expand commercial winter services with a request to be authorized 250 service days for snowmobile tours on groomed (Sunlight-Powderhorn and Land's End) snowmobile trails.

Thunder Trails Project

Cancelled because of duplicate project. Refer to #31861 Thunder Road Trails EA

Thunder Trails Project

To analyze, design and construct 17.5 miles of motorized single track trails in the Thunder Road area south of the Town of Norwood. The purpose and need for this project is to provide single track opportunities for the community of Norwood.

Tincup North CE

Category 12 CE east of Rainbow Estates - Tin Cup North.

Tomichi Creek Exploration Project

Plan of Operations to explore for molybdenum and copper. On unpatented mining claims, proposal is to drill 9 exploration holes, all located on previsously disturbed roads or travel routes. No new roads, will track mounted drill rigs. One year tern,

Tonello Spring Development

Proposal to dig a 2-foot diameter hole at spring approximately 3 feet deep and fill it with gravel. A1-foot length of 4-inch perforated PVC pipe would be buried in the gravel and a garden hose connected to the pipe to take water to private land.

Town of Crested Butte Special Use Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of a Special Use Permit authorizing operation and maintenance of a water diversion, approximately 1600 feet of pipeline and a gated access road.

Town of Crested Butte Water Diversion

Reconstruction of existing water diversion in Coal Creek and reissuance of expiring special use permit

Town of Mountain Village Waterline Extension Project

The Town of Mountain Village has requested the Forest Service amend their existing special use permit for the expansion of the proposed waterline to provide better water flow to the community for domestic and fire protection purposes.

Town of Telluride "Beaver Deceiver" Installation

Install "Beaver Deceiver" along existing sewer line to reduce water infiltration into towns sewer line.

Town of Telluride Water Storage and Treatment Facilities

The Town of Telluride is requesting the NFS to reissue a Special Use Permit for the operation and maintenance of a water storage and treatment facilities, water and sewer lines, and an access road.

Trickel Park Road Improvement Project

Re-condition the surface of Trickel Park Road # 121 from Alexander Lake Lodge to the North Forest Boundary. Includes one mile of new pavement from the intersection with FDR #123 to East Crag Crest Trailhead

Trout Lake Domestic Water System

Reissue permit for existing domestic water facilities which include: Three 12 inch diameter wooden tanks, 365 feet of buried 2 inch water pipeline and 430 feet of access road.

TSG Ski & Golf Fen Monitoring Sites

Reissue a special use permit for the continued monitoring of fen sites within the Telluride Ski Area.

Tule River Hydropower Vegetation Control Project

Not an existing project. Data error. Appears to belong to another forest.

Uncompahgre Mesas Forest Restoration and Demonstration Project

Restoration of about 4,000 to 6,000 acres of low-elevation forest (ponderosa pine and mixed-conifer). Treatments include timber harvest, mechanical fuels treatments, and prescribed fire. Project surrounds about 1,500acres of PVT.

Uncompahgre Pine Maintenance

This is a reentry of the Glencoe, Copper King, and Hanks Valley prescribed burns. This project is an understory, maintenance burn in ponderosa pine.

Uncompahgre Plateau Travel Management Norwood RD 2010

Decommissioning non-system routes on the Uncompahgre Plateau Norwood Ranger District for Timber and wildlife habitat.

Uncompahgre Plateau Travel Management Ouray RD 2010

Decommissioning non system routes on the Uncompahgre Plateau Ouray Districts for Timber and Wildlife habitate.

Upper Loop Alternate Trail Project

Construction of a 793 ft alternate trail section parallel to the current upper loop trail designed for beginner riders.

Upper Mountain Top Mine Exploration Project

Authorize access and surface use of NFS land in Governor Basin.

Upper Taylor SNOTEL Site

Construction and permitting of a new SNOWTEL site

USDI Bureau of Reclamation Parking Area and Storage Shed Permit

Issuance of a special use permit to the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR)for a parking area and storage shed located on Collbran Job Corps Center land. This action is needed because of the Congressionally-ordered jurisdicational change.

Ute Cemetery STA

Interchange of 4.32 acres under the STA encroachments category.

Vanderveer Ditch repair

Repair/maintain existing Vanderveer Ditch

Von Hagen Road Easement

Issue private road easement.

Wales Private Road Easement

Issue private road easement on an existing road.

WAPA Power Line Fuels/Vegetation Treatments/Prescription & Mechanical

WAPA ( Western Area Power Administration) Power Line Fuels & Vegetation Treatments/Prescription & Mechanical treatments outside of ROW. Pre-scoping.

Washington Gulch Winter Recreation Management

Re-issuance of Forest Order #2006-04 addressing winter recreation in the Washington Gulch area.

Watson Flats Gravel Pit

Staged development gravel pit for on-forest and county public works projects.

West Double Top Trail Relocation and Restoration

Relocation of the western end of NFST 405 between trails 409 and 409.5A. Restoration and decommission of the current fall light alignment that is unusable and a natural resource concern. 1.25 miles of trail relocation and .75 miles of decommissioning

West Elk Landscape Assessment

Development of a new Allotment Plan for grazing of livestock on Soap Mesa, Soap Creek, Red Creek/Rainbow, Antelope/Beaver, Cunningham, Carbon and Castleton Allotments.

West Elk Rangeland Environmental Assessment

Grazing decision on 11 allotments; Soap Mesa, Soap Creek, Cow Creek, Red Creek, Rainbow, Antelope/Beaver, Cunningham, Caslteton, Carbon, Baxter Gulch, Coal Creek.

West Salt Creek Landslide Mitigation

Reroute segment of trail around landslide and construct two short sections of fence (3-400 feet each) to keep cattle from following old trail to the edge of the slide or to keep from getting into adjacent allotment.

Western Anglers - Outfitter and Guide Permit

Proposal to offer summer commercial outfitter and guide services on the Grand Mesa National Forest. The proponent has identified summer fly-fishing trips on specific lakes and streams (Bull Creek, Granby Reservoirs, Young's Lake, Leon Creek)

Western Area Power Adminstration Commumnication Site Lease

Issuance of communication site lease for existing facilities at the Island Lake communication site.Lease will replace original MOU with Bureau of Reclamation.

Western Colorado Hunting Retriever Club Dog Trials

Issuance of short term permit to conduct dog trials on various reservoirs on Grand Mesa National Forest

White-Nose Syndrome: Caves and Abandoned Mines

The US Forest Service is preparing an environmental analysis for cave and abandoned mine management options for the bat disease commonly known as white-nose syndrome (WNS).

Whitepine Powerline Re-route

Re-route of electric poerline to remove the line from the Akron Mine reclaimation project

Whitepine-Salida Powerline Reconstruction

Replace poles and line on the existing permitted alignment.

Williams Private Road Easement

Issue a private road easement on an existing road to access private lands.

Willow Creek Trail Bridge Installment

The bridge will provide a safe crossing of Willow Creek for trail users and replace an existing low water stream ford. The project will mitigate stream bank degradation, eliminate stream siltation and improve and protect the riparian area.

Wilson Peak Land Exchange

Non-federal Parties propose to convey five separate parcels of non-federal land containing a total of approximately 681 acres to the United States in exchange for four federal properties containing a total of approximately 303 acres of equal value.

Windy Beetle Sanitation & SalvageTimber Sale

Sanitation and salvage sale of beetle infested and windthrown Engelmann Spruce near Ouray Spring. Includes clearing of windthrown debris in the visual foreground and creating windfirm edges within the product area.

Wolfe Road Easement

Process application for road easement. Easement for existing road; no new construction.

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