Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Project Archive

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Adaven Vegetation Restoration Project

USFS proposal to restore stand health, reduce wildfire severity, and promote understory regeneration in sage-steppe, mtn shrub communities . Prescribed fire and mechanical treatments would be applied within a 11,664 acre project boundary.

Alpine County Aspen Enhancment Personal Use Fuelwood Fuels Reduction Project

USFS proposal to remove encroaching conifers on about 250 acres from within and around aspen stands along the Scotts Lake Road to enhance and expand aspen and reduce fuels. Personal use fuelwood permits would be utilized for implementation

American Endurance Project Trail Permit

Authorize use of additional trails and extension of permitted period to two days.

Ann Mineral Exploration Project

Halliburton Energy Services proposes to conduct mineral exploration at up to 12 drill sites. Project would occur on pre-exisiting disturbances. No new road construction is needed.

Archery Range Restoration Project

The FS proposes to close areas adjacent to the Archery Range parking area to dispersed camping and authorize a Special Use Permit to Camp Stimson for parking.

Arizona Nevada Tower Corp. Communication Site Fitzpatrick/Quima Peak

Arizona Nevada Tower Corporation is seeking a special use permit to authorize a communication site located at the Fitzpatrick communication site near Quima Peak.

Arrowhawk Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

USFS proposal to reduce wildfire hazard & restore aspen stands w/in Reno's Wildland Urban Interface: thin brush & conifer stands, using equip & crews to cut, pile, burn or remove vegetation; graze livestock to control invasive, non-native fine fuel.

Ash to Kings Canyon Trail

Construction of Non-motorized trail between Ash Cyn and Kings Cyn West of Carson City Nevada, approx 6 miles

Aurora Area Geothermal Leasing Environmental Assessment Supplement

Forest Service is reevaluating 33 sections for Geothermal leasing availability.

Austin and Tonopah Ranger Districts Combined Travel Management Plan

USFS proposal to adjust the Forest Transportation System to meet minimum road system requirements and to restrict motor vehicle use to designated routes.

Barren Hills Geothermal Exploration Project

Ram Power proposed to explore for geothermal resources by conducting geophysical surveys and drilling observation wells in the Barren Hills area. Project cancelled until an updated proposal is submitted by the applicant.

Barren Hills Geothermal Exploration/Temperature Gradient Holes

proposal was to explore for geothermal resources. Project is cancelled until proponent submits an updated proposal.

Barrier and Streambank Restoration on Silver Creek

The project consists of the placement of a barrier on Silver Creek to prevent the movement of non-native trout upstream and stream bank restoration prior to the re-introduction of Bonneville cutthroat trout, the native species to the Silver Creek.

Bear Creek No.1 Hazardous Fuels Project

1. Thinning corridor, along the Charleston - Jarbidge road. 2. Fuel break along the FS Rd #58277. 3. Prescribed burn for 230 acres in the Bear Creek Watershed.

Beehive Telephone Communication Facility Cave Mountain

Beehive Telephone Inc. proposes to install a communication site consisting of a communications shelter, tower, propane generator, and propane tanks on Cave Mountain at an existing communication facility.

Big Spring Gold Exploration Project

Proposal is for minerals exploration drilling at up to 17 sites and construction of approximately 3,700 feet of temporary drill roads and minor overland travel.

Big Springs Gold Exploration Project

The exploration project proposes approximately 60 drill holes spread between 16 individual drill sites within previously disturbed areas of the former Big Springs Mine site.

Blackbird Canyon Mineral Exploration Project

Uranium Company of Nevada, LLC proposed to conduct exploration drilling at 14 sites in the Lowboy Mine area.

Blackbird Fence Project

Construct a fence to protect the Blackbird Ditch, a permitted water development, and supporting infrastructure provided it can be constructed in a way that avoids adverse effects to cultural resources, boundary management, and wildlife resources.

Blue Tree Trails

USFS proposal to designate 44 miles of trail for hiking, equestrian & mt bike use from Sawmill Trailhead.

Bolo Exploration Project

Operator proposes to drill at up to 79 drill sites. Up to approximately 3 miles of temporary road will be built to access drill sites. Project located within the 4 mile Inventoried roadless Area

Bridgeport Travel Management Project

USFS proposal to adjust the Forest Transportation System to meet minimum road system requirements and to restrict motor vehicle use to designated routes.

Buckhorn Ridge Pipeline

Processing a Special Use Permit to authorize a water transmission line across approximately 1 mile of National Forest System land.

Buckskin-National Exploration Project

The project will involve construction of approximately 3520 feet of new roads, the construction of 21 drill sites on or adjacent to the new roads or existing roads, and the drilling of core or rotary reverse-circulation exploration drill holes.

Buffalo Canyon Minerals Exploration

AuEx, Inc. proposes to drill exploration holes from up to 18 drill pads on the west side of the Shoshone Mountains, NE of Berlin, NV. The project would construct up to ~41,400' of new road and disturb ~ 16.6 acres over 3 years.

California Highway Patrol Special Use Permit Amendment

The Forest Service proposes to amend California Highway Patrol's special use permit at the Pine Grove Communication Site to provide adequate communication facilities to increase public and officer safety and to enhance law enforcement.

Canepa Ranch Habitat Restoration

Project will restore approximately 200 acres of critical winter range for mule deer by converting pastureland to upland brush habitat types. Project activities include planting native seeds and brush to restore critical winter range for mule deer.

Cathedral Canyon Wildlife Guzzler

Install a wildlife guzzler consisting of two guzzler tanks and a collection apron to establish a secure water source for wildlife on the District will create the opportunity for more diverse and sustainable wildlife populations.

Cathedral Rock Picnic Area Rehabilitation Project

The FS proposes to remove the existing Cathedral Rock Picnic Area infrastructure and replace it with new facilities and infrastructure, and convert a portion of the existing picnic area into trailhead parking to access adjacent trails.

Cathedral Rock Trails Project

USFS proposal to develop two new connector trails from Cathedral Rock Picnic Area to Cathedral Rock Overlook and South Loop Trails, and make improvements to existing trails. Project may include signs and benches along the trails.

Centennial - Seligman Mine Plan

Proposal to conduct mine and exploration operations in the disturbance footprint of previously mined Mt Hamilton area on NFS lands and private land. There would be about 426 ac of surface disturbance on FS lands and approx 26 acres on private lands.

Centennial Geotechnical Exploration Project

EGM proposes to drill 23 geotechnical sites, and 2 groundwater monitoring wells, using existing roads and overland travel (9,050 ft) duration of less than one year.

Central White Pine Riparian Exclosures

This project involves the construction and/or reconstruction of four riparain exclosures to restore and/or protect several springs and meadow complexes within the Whith Pine Range.

Clark Canyon Restoration

Restoration of forest health, and sensitive plant and wildlife species habitats.

Clear Creek Addition Fuels Reduction and Ecosystem Enhancement Project

Fuels reduction on approximately 160 acres of newly aquired land. The fuels reduction project will tie into the Clear Creek Fuels Reduction Project already being implemented. Reconstruction of approximately two tenths of a mile of road.

Cloverdale Cut-Leave Pinyon Juniper Project

Cut and Leave approximately 4,000 acres of pinyon-juniper. Portion of the project area is within the Preliminary Prioirity Habitat for Greater Sage-Grouse.

Cold Springs Watershed and Stream Habitat Restoration Phase II

The Santa Rose Ranger District proposes to stabilize the headcuts present in the stream and restore water table levels in adjacent wet meadows with in the entire Cold Springs Pasture.

Commnet of Nevada Communication Site Kingston

Commnet of Nevada is seeking a special use permit to authorize a communication facility located at the water tank site near the town of Kingston. The installation includes a 20 x 20 ft foundation pad, a small equipment shelter, and a 40 foot tower.

Copper Creek Restoration Project

Project will stabilize approximately 200 feet of incised channel to stabilize the stream and restore riparian function.

Cottonwood Dam #1 J-81 Breach Project

After breeching the dam trash will be removed from the pool area. A stable flow path for spring runoff through the reservoir will be established and the native plant community will be restored.

Cow Creek Stream and Meadow Improvement Project

Meadow restoration project. Stabilization of headcuts and streambanks in the Indian Creek Watershed. Treatments include shaping and armoring headcuts, constructing gully plugs seeding and willow planting.

Currant Mountain Bighorn Sheep Wildlife Guzzler

USFS proposal to install a wildlife guzzler consisting of four buried tanks, a flat metal collection apron placed over the tanks, and a self-leveling drinker placed separately.

CX Mineral Exploration Project

Ranger Resources Corporation proposes to drill at up to 14 drill sites. Activity will occur on existing roads and by using overland travel. No new roads will be constructed. A portion of the project will be in an existing Inventoried Roadless Area.

Dakabah Partnership In Time (PIT) Project

PIT volunteers will rehab 135 feet of existing trail to protect an important archaeology site. We will then reroute and construct 147 feet of new trail around the archaeology site.

Darrough Hot Springs Geothermal Lease Application Analysis

Geothermal lease application adjacent to Darrough Hot Springs (western edge of Big Smoky Valley, just north of Carvers), including 160 acres of National Forest. USFS will decide whether to consent to BLM lease issuance.

Digital 395 Middle Mile Project

Installation of a new 593 mile underground fiber optic cable network between Barstow California and Carson City Nevada. Route will follow Highway 395 for a major portion of its length.

Dog Valley Fuels Reduction and Ecosystem Enhancement Project

USFS proposed hazardous fuels reduction, stand improvement, & aspen enhancement within a 16,000 acre analysis area, as authorized under HFRA. Treatments may include prescribed fire, mastication, tree and brush thinning and chipping.

Dog Valley Route Adjustment Project

The purpose is to designate approximately 4.5 miles of spur routes to provide access to disperesed recreation opportunities, close some NFS roads that have no physical access, and reclaim other NFS roads that are causing resource damage.

Dolomite-McWilliams-Old Mill Campgrounds Reconstruction Project

USFS proposal to reconstruct Dolomite and McWilliams Campgrounds and Old Mill Picnic Area in Lee Canyon; rehabilitation will include reconstruction of roads, picnic sites, camp sites, and restrooms to bring them up to USDA FS accessibility standards.

Dry Canyon Exploration Project

AuEx Resources proposes to drill at 4 drill sites. Existing roads, cross-country travel routes, and new road construction (approx. 399-ft.) will be used to access all drill sites. Project located within the Table Mtn East Inventoried Roadless Area.

East Alpine Rangeland Project

The Carson Ranger District is proposing to reauthorize grazing and change the kind of livestock from cattle to sheep for three range allotments and close one allotment in Alpine County, California (small portion of one allotment in Douglas Cty NN

East Carson River Restoration

This project involves identifying areas along the East Carson River and tributaries in California, especially around areas heavily used for dispersed recreation, that can be restored with ripairan vegetation.

East Manhattan II Exploration Project

Proposal is for minerals exploration drilling at up to 14 drill sites and construction of approx. 1,470 feet of temp. drill road.

East Manhattan Wash Exploration Project

Proposal is for minerals exploration drilling at up to 12 drill sites and the construction of approx. 460 feet of temporary drill road.

East Northumberland Exploration

Drill mineral exploration boreholes (reverse circulation and core)at up to 51 drill pads, with more than one borehole possible from the same pad. Access will utilize existing roads, 2,200 feet of new temporary road, and 1,800 feet of overland travel.

East Walker Landscape Habitat Improvement Project

This project would improve, enhance, and protect bi-state sage grouse habitat, increase habitat connectivity, and reduce the risk of high intensity wildfire by reducing pinyon-juniper encroachment using mechanical methods.

Elko Grade Improvement Project

Road improvements along 2 miles of county road 752 between Charleston and Jarbidge to improve road drainage.

Ely Ranger District Wilderness Management Plan

USFS proposal to guide management of Ely Ranger District Wilderness. Project has been withdrawn by the Forest Service but may be initiated at a later date.

Ely Ranger District Wilderness Management Plan

Development of a district-wide wilderness management plan for the 9 Wilderness Areas on the Ely Ranger District, this will also amend the Humbold National Forest Land and Resource Managment Plan.

Ely Travel Management Plan

USFS proposal to adjust the Forest Transportation System to meet minimum road system requirements and to restrict motor vehicle use to designated routes.

Ely Westside Rangeland Project

USFS proposal to reauthorize livestock grazing on 7 cattle and 1 sheep allotment. Grazing would not be authorized on 3 vacant cattle allotments and the Troy Mtn. allotment would be re-opened. (White Pine, Quinn Canyon, and Grant Ranges)

Firestone Antelope Zinc Mineral Exploration Project

1859 Nevada Inc. (Firestone Ventures) proposes to conduct exploration drilling at 10 sites on National Forest system land near Cabin Springs in the Monitor Range. Two of the sites are in an inventories Roadless Area.

Four Mile Hill Habitat improvement Project

Treat up to approximately 3,800 acres of pinyon-juniper encroachment using hand and mechanical treatments and pile burning.

Foxtail Group Picnic Area Reconstruction Project

Reconstruct picnic sites and redesign site locations to provide areas for snow play.

Genoa Foothill Trail System

This project will construct a new non-motorized trail system along the foothills of the Carson Range on the West side of the Carson Valley. The trail will be open to non motorized uses including hikers, bicycles, equestrians and dogs.

Genoa Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

Improve hazardous fuels conditions near the community of Genoa, NV.

Genoa to Walleys Trail

Resurface an existing trail to be part of longer ADA compliant trail between town of Genoa and Walleys Hot Springs. 700 feet crosses NFS lands and will follow existing trail.

Geothermal Leasing on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

The HTNF would make approximately 662,700 acres of NFS lands administratively available for geothermal leasing. The lands to be made available include portions of the Bridgeport, Tonopah, Austin and Ely Ranger Districts.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Gold Park Road Reconstruction

Reconstruction of approximately 1.25 miles of low standard road to provide access to patented and unpatented mining claims.

Golden Brew Mineral Exploration Project

Tatmar Ventures proposes to conduct exploration drilling at 8 sites on National Forest System land near Porter, Brewer, and Knox Canyons of the Toiyabe Range. Six sites are within an Inventoried Roadless Area.

Goldwedge 2014 Exploration Project CE

Proposal is for gold-silver minerals exploration drilling at up to 49 drill sites & construction of approx. 2,800-ft. of new temp. access roads,use of existing roads and overland travel on USFS administered federal lands totally approx. 3.2 acres.

Granite Peak - Willow Creek Fence Project

This project will involve the construction of approximately 1.5 miles of fence that will create a barrier for cattle to prevent them from entering pastures with LCT. The fence will be a four-strand barbed wire fence.

Grant-Quinn Pinyon Juniper Thinning Project

This project involves the cutting of small pinyon and juniper trees that are invading the mountain brush habitats on the eastern portion of the Grant and Quinn mountain ranges.

Gredette Meadows Riparian Exclosure Project

The objective of this project is to fence Gredette Meadow to improve riparian habitats, the watershed, and archeological resources.

Green Monster Minerals Exploration Project

AuEx Inc. proposes to drill 16 exploration holes from 14 drill sites. Existing roads, cross-country travel routes and temporary roads would be used to access the drill sites. Project partly within the Table Mountain East Inventoried Roadless area.

Green Springs Exploration Project

The operator plans to conduct mineral exploration with a total of approximately 75 acres of surface disturbance within an approximate 801-acre Project Area, over a period of approximately five years.

Griffon Definition Mineral Exploration Drilling Project

Pilot Gold proposed to conduct mineral exploration activites on Forest Service Lands.

Hazard Tree Removal Project

Removal of dead and dying trees along state highway corridors on the east side of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

Highway 6 Pinyon-Juniper Treatment Project

This project involves the cutting of pinyon and juniper trees that are invading the sagebrush and mountain brush habitats near Current Creek.

Holloway Meadow Fence and Stocks Creek Watershed Project

Fencing off Holloway Meadows and Stocks Creek creating a pasture that will be lightly used, also Stocks Cr. will be placing Modified Check dams to reclaim a down cut stream. Fence purpose is to protect the watershed projects, and create a pasture.

Hope Valley Restoration

Implementation of streambank stabilization measures, such as vegetative toe protection, floodplain benching, armoring with rock, and willow planting, along a two mile reach of the West Fork Carson River in Hope Valley.

Island Mountain Exclosure Fence

The Forest Service proposes to install a fence around a sensitive historic resource situated along Coleman Canyon on the Mountain City Ranger District.

Island Mountain Exploration Project

ARNEVUT Resources proposes to conduct mineral exploration drilling from a maximum of 47 drill sites. No road building is involved and drill sites would be accessed by existing roads or cross country travel routes.

Jarbidge , Mountain City, and Ruby Mountains Ranger Districts Combined Travel Management Project

USFS proposal to adjust the Forest Transportation System to restrict motor vehicle use to designated routes.

Jarbidge Drilling Project

This project was added to the SOPA by mistake. It was a fictitous project designed as a training exercise and should not have been added to the SOPA website.

Jarbidge Ranger District Rangeland Management Project

Project is cancelled as of 12/8/2014 as a result of inactivity. When project is reinitiated a New PALs entry will be created and Scoping will be conducted.

Jarbidge Wildland Urban Interface Project

Proposal is to treat 12 acres of vegetation in three areas adjacent to the town of Jarbidge.

Jim Boy Placer

Proponent plans to mine 50 feet by 300 feet of placer gravels in Union Gulch, . Reclaiming previously mined area as they complete the mining to bedrock. They will utilize water runoff to recover gold from the gravel, using tables and a pump.

Jobs Peak Hazardous Fuels Reduction

USFS proposal to masticate, hand cut, pile and burn or remove shrubs and small trees, thin conifer stands, and prescribe burn on approximately 500 acres to reduce fuels hazard within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) of communities near Sheridan, NV

Keegan Driveway Access

Construction of private driveway using a 25 ft ROW occupying a total of 1.4 acres of public land. Following construction a Permit will be issued for a total of 1.4 acres.

Kilgore Gold - Mountain West Project

Uranium exploration drilling project on 50 drill sites in previously drilled areas. Project would utilize old drill roads with no new road construction.

Kingston Vegetation Restoration Project

Treatment of sage-steppe vegetation for wildlife habitat improvement and fuels reduction adjacent to the community of Kingston, NV.

Kyle Wash Bridge and Stream Channel Improvements

Replace inadequate culverts with access bridge to Fletcher View Campground and construct wash channel improvements.

Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort Chair Lift No. 2 Replacement Project

Remove and replace Chair Lift No. 2 at the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort.

Leavitt Meadows Trail Bridge Project

Replace exisitng 50 year old trail bridge across Walker River north of Leavitt Meadows campground,

Leviathan Peak Geophysical Investigation

Collect 9 geotechnical soil core samples, approximately 4 inches in diameter with a maximum surface disturbance of 3 feet in diameter and approximately 15 feet deep.

Leviathan Peak Telecommunication Project

Construction of approximately 25'x30' building for communication equipment, approximately 12'x15' generator vault, (2) 1,000 gallon propane tanks, 120' self supporting tower, new distribution power line approximately 6 miles in length.

Little Valley Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Forest Service proposal to reduce hazardous fuels as needed on approximately 1500 acres of National Forest to protect communities, watersheds, and natural resources from the effects of severe wildfire. Analysis will determine final treated acreage.

Livestock Holding Facility

The facility will be corrals that will be used for holding & working livestock for short periods of time. The outside perimeter is going to be less than three acres in size will be used for holding, working, temporary feeding & caring for livestock.

Long Doctor Sage Grouse Habitat Improvement Project

This project will remove pinyon-juniper trees in 1750 acres to improve sagebrush habitat for greater sage-grouse. Tree removal will consist of hand crews with chainsaws felling trees and leaving them to decompose naturally.


Star Gold proposes drilling at up to 60 drill sites from 3 separate areas within Windy Canyon. Exploration to be conducted along existing roads, by cross-country travel and by helicopter. A portion of the project is within the Georges Canyon IRA.

Longstreet POO Supplement 2014 CE

Proposal for continued minerals exploration at up to 16 drill sites in the Georges Cyn. IRA under the 2011-approved Longstreet POO #04-10-02 previously approved helicopter-accessible drill sites may also be drilled

Lovell Road Improvement Project

Proposed road improvements to Lovell Road from its intersection with SR 160 approx 11 miles to its terminus, to install low water crossings, flatten cut slopes, widen shoulders, reconstruct a failing berm, and make improvements to cutbanks.

Lowboy Minerals Exploration Project

Fronteer Gold proposes to explore for mineral resources at 17 drill sites. Project would require 4,925-ft of new road construction and 3,925-ft of overland travel. Approximately 3.4 acres would be disturbed.

Mahogany Grove Group Campground Reconstruction Project

Forest Service proposal to reconstruct the campground and provide accessible facilities.

Manhattan Pediment South

Proposal to drill 5 drill holes for mineral exploration. Access to sites by existing roads and overland travel.

Manzanita Fuels Reduction and Ecosystem Enhancement Project

Project cancelled because it is a duplicate entry.

Marietta Target 4 Mineral Exploration

Exploration drilling project to locate mineral resources.

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Communications Upgrade Project

MCMWTC proposes to upgrade their communications infrastructure by constructing or replacing communications towers and associated facilities at 3 existing and 3 new locations in the Bridgeport Ranger District of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

Markleevillage Fuels Reduction Project

USFS proposal to reduce hazardous fuels on about 700 acres around Markleeville, Markleevillage, & Shay Creek. Treatments would include thinning brush and conifers (including pinyon pine) up to 24" dbh, and prescribed burning.

Marlette Pipeline Replacement, Sawmill Pipeline to Lakview Tank

Issue a special use permit to the State of Nevada for the construction, operation and maintenance of a 24 inch water transmission pipeline, approximately 766 feet in length. The pipeline would be placed in a 10 foot right of way in an existing road.

Martin Basin Rangeland Project

USFS proposal to reauthorize livestock grazing analysis on 8 cattle allotments on the Santa Rosa Ranger District using updated proper use criteria. 10/30/09 ROD was remanded in part. Forest will prepare a Supplement containing additional analysis.

McFarland Canyon Fence Project

Project entails construction of a fence to protect Wilderness character and sensitive habitats from damage by wild horses.

McGinness Hills Geothermal Powerplant Project

ORMAT Technologies is proposing to construct and operat a geothermal power plant northeast of Austin, Nevada. Majority of project will be on BLM administered lands. A portion of the powerline will cross National Forest System lands.

McGinness Hills Pinyon-Juniper Removal Project

This project involves the cutting of small pinyon and juniper trees that are invading the sagebrush habitats in the northern portion of the Toiyabe Mountain Range.

Merritt Mountain Exploration Project

Mineral exploration drilling project to locate mineral ore body. Approximately 1500 feet of road construction and cross-country travel will be used to access 8 drill sites.

Middle Kyle Complex

USFS proposal to construct a recreation complex to provide a variety of recreation and education opportunities in a environmentally sensitive manner. Opportunities could include a visitor center, campgrounds, picnic area, and multiple trail systems.

Monitor Pass Aspen Enhancement

USFS proposal to enhance and expand aspen stands while reducing fuels on 800 acres near Monitor Pass, Alpine County. Treatments would include removal of encroaching conifers & mature aspen through fuelwood permits and prescribed burning.

Monitor Pass Habitat Restoration Project

The goal of the Monitor Pass Habitat Restoration Project is to restore and enhance aspen stands, as well as improve and restore sage grouse habitat within the project boundary. The project is located in Alpine County, California.

Monitor Valley-Little Fishlake, Pasco and Toiyabe Bench Pinyon-Juniper Removal Project

This project involves the cutting of small pinyon and juniper trees that are invading the sagebrush habitats in the eastern portions of the Toiyabe, Toquima, and Monitor mountain ranges. This project will benefit sage grouse and mule deer.

Mount Moriah Cave Gate Project

A gate would be installed in the entrance of a cave located in the north Snake Range in eastern Nevada. The gate would be designed to allow for normal passage for bats and airflow and other small wildlife species that may use the cave for shelter.

Mount Potosi Guzzlers Special Use Permit Project

The FS proposes to issue a Special Use Permit to NV Dept. of Wildlife to construct three gallinaceous guzzlers to provide permanent water sources for small game and wildlife populations with the intent of improving upland game bird hunting.

Mountain City Wildlife Habitat Restoration

In partnership with Nevada Department of Wildlife, aerially seed 7,165 acres over a 9,852-acre area on the Mountain City Ranger District with a native seed mix to restore habitat for greater sage-grouse and mule deer.

Mountain Springs Radio Tower Site Special Use Permit Project

The Forest Service proposes to issue a Special Use Permit to Clark County to construct a 70-foot radio/microwave tower to replace an existing tower currently operated by Clark County Metropolitan Police Department.

Mt. Rose Tracts Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

USFS proposal for fuels reduction on approximately 800 acres using mechanical equipment and chainsaws to thin small trees and shrubs to modify wildfire hazard near residences and other developments. Wet season prescribed burning is being considered.

MWTC Fuels Reduction and Aspen Enhancement Project

USFS proposal to 1) reduce fuels, restore natural fire regimes in conifer stands, create diversity within brush fields (660 ac); 2) restore/ enhance aspen stands (450 ac). Treatments: prescribed fire & fuelwood/mechanical conifer removal.

North Fork Humboldt River Fish Barrier Project

Proposal is to construct a permanent fish passage barrier/gauging station on the North Fork Humboldt River, Once constructed the barrier would isolate Lahontan cutthroat trout in upstream portions of the North Fork Humboldt River from non-native fish

North Schell Restoration Project

USFS proposal to restore stand health, reduce wildfire severity, and promote understory regeneration in sage-steppe, mtn shrub, and aspen communities . Prescribed fire and mechanical treatments would be applied within a 78,000 acre project boundary.

Northumberland Regional Mineral Expansion Project

Proponent plans to drill up to 46 sites within a 2,375 acre exploration project boundary. The total amount of surface disturbance associated with exploration roads, drill sites, and sumps would be approximately 13.5 acres.

Old Mill WUI

Hazardous Fuels Reduction. Project cancelled because it is a duplicate of project #37616 that is in progress.

Old Mill WUI Hazardous Fuels Treatment

Proposal to reduce vegetative conditions and interrupt continuous stands of fuel in the wildland-urban interface to create defensible space around communities and allow for safe fire suppression or evacuation.

Ollie Won Exploration Project

Excavation of exploration pits to collect subsurface samples for resource evaluation at up to 5 discreet sites within the project area. The proposed exploration pits will each have a working area with dimensions of approximately 8 ft. by 12 ft

Ophir & Lewers Creek Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Forest Service proposal is to treat vegetation to reduce hazardous fuels conditions and improve forest health on 2 Wildland Urban Interface parcels totaling approximately 150 acres, by cutting, piling and burning, and possible mechanical mastication

Osterhoudt Access Road

Ronald Osterhoudt is seeking a special use permit to formally authorize road repair and maintenance on a short section of road. The repair and maintenance would consist of the installation of a culvert and repair of a stream crossing at Willow Creek.

Overland Pass Habitat Improvement Project

Joint project with Ely BLM District to treat approximately 40,000 acres of pinyon-juniper woodlands spread across multiple jurisdictions. Objectives are to eliminate hazardous concentrations of fuels and improve sagesteppe habitat.

Pacific Crest National ScenicTrail Crossing

Project would establish a motorized crossing of the Pacific Crest Trail for snowmobile traffic in winter months. Crossing of Pacific Crest Trail would be at Sonora Pass; south of California Highway 108.

Paiute Cutthroat Trout Restoration

USFWS/CDFG proposal to restore the threatened Paiute cutthroat trout by eradicating non-native trout from 9.1 mi of historic PCT habitat in the Silver King Creek drainage (Carson-Iceberg Wilderness), using the the piscicide rotenone.

Paradise Mine Site Abandoned Mine closures

15 abandoned mine site features, including shafts, adits and pits, will be closed to protect the public from these unsafe mines.

Pavlak Mine Exploration

UMINES Company LLC is proposing to drill long holes underground from three drill stations. Surface use proposed is to place a compressor and generator near the mine portal. A camp trailer would be placed near the site for the workmen.

Peavine Mountain Sustainable Trails and Restoration Project

Approximately 3.51 miles of existing trail rehabilitation and/or restoration, and re-routing of social trails; Approximately 3.09 miles of road to trail conversion and new trail construction.

Pediment Gold LLC Fletcher - II Exploration Project

Pediment Gold LLC proposes drilling 5 exploration holes from 5 pads for mineral sampling accessed by three miles existing roads, five miles overland (cross-country) travel and 0.75 miles road construction in segments to negotiate steep terrain.

Pete's Summit Exploration Project

Proposal is to for drilling on 11 drill sites and construction of Approx 3/4 mile of temp drill road. Use of 1/10 mile of overland travel. 10 of 11 drill sites with Toquima Cave Inventoried Roadless Area.

Plymouth Interagency Facilities

The Forest Service in conjunction with BLM, is proposing to develop approximately 40 acres of National Forest System Lands for facilities to provide temporary housing, hotshot operations facilities, workshop, storage and fleet parking.

Pole Creek Pipeline Project

Construction of a water transmission line across both private land and national forest system land.

Porter Canyon Exploration

Mineral exploration drilling at up to 17 drill sites with more than one borehole possible at each site. Due to gentle slopes and lack of brush or trees, access will be by overland travel routes of up to 11,200 feet long from existing roads.

Pratt Creek Irrigation Diversion Project

The Forest is proposing to permit the construction of a water diversion structure and irrigation pipeline on Pratt Creek to restore irrigation water to the PX Ranch. The construction of the pipeline will replace an existing non-functional ditch.

Prunty Mineral Exploration Project

Project consists of surface reverse circulation drilling from four drill sites with up to two drill holes per site. Maximum depth of the drill holes will not exceed 1000 feet. Drill sites will be accessed via existing roads or cross-country travel.

Quantum Jarbidge Exploration Project

Quantum Minerals proposes to drill approx. 40 exploration drill holes from 10-12 drill sites, construct approx. 4000 feet of new road and excavate up to 500 feet of exploration trenching for a total of approx. 3 acres of disturbance.

RAC Hot Creek Range Charcoal Kiln Stabilization

Fence in five sets of charcoal kilns and stabilize one intact kiln.

RAC Interpretive Development for Three Archaeology Sites on the Austin/Tonopah Ranger District

Repair and maintenance at three recreation sites - Toquima Cave, Bald Mtn. Wash Petroglyphs, and Hot Creek Charcoal Kilns. Propject analysis will be completed. It shows as cancelled here because publishing in the SOPA is not required.

Rainbow Canyon Diversion Structure

Construct a flood diversion structure in Rainbow Canyon to divert runoff and debris flows from impacting homes and infrastructure on the east side of the Rainbow Subdivision.

Rainbow Mountain Wilderness and LaMadre Mountain Wilderness Management Plan

FS will prepare a Wilderness Management Plan for Rainbow Mountain Wilderness and LaMadre Mountain Wilderness in cooperation with Bureau of Land Management.

Raleigh Heights Rare Plant Habitat Restoration Project

The project will be removed from the SOPA because a Decision Memo is not needed to document the project decision. Restoration of the habitat for Webber ivesia will include placing rock along the edge of existing roads to stop off road travel.

Rattlesnake Canyon Headcut Stabilization Project

Stabilize three headcuts on Rattlesnake Canyon; replace culvert with low-water crossing; realign road (<500 feet). Project withdrawn by Forest Service.

Red Lake Peak GAZ-EX Avalanche Control System

Construction, operation and maintenance of Avalanche Control System near Red Lake Peak on Hwy 88 in Alpine County, California. Construct 2 new 6'x6' shelters to house oxygen and propane and renew existing permit including 9 exploders and 5 shelters.

Rim to Reno Trail System

Planning and construction of approximately 29 miles of a non-motorized trail system in or connecting to the Mt. Rose Wilderness near Reno, Nevada on the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

Rural Telephone Fiber Optic Line Murphy Hot Springs to Jarbidge

Rural Telephone Company has applied to both the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service requesting authorization to construct a telecommunication fiber optic line between Murphy Hot Springs, Idaho and Jarbidge Nevada.

Sagehen Spring Restoration Project

Fencing Sagehen Spring and its associated meadow from excess use by wild horses to allow the riparian habitat to recover and to protect the spring source and meadow from permanent degradation and/or loss.

Santa Rosa and Fort McDermitt Boundary Fence Construction and Reconstruction

A fence will be constructed between Ft. McDermitt and National Forest Service Administered lands on the North end of the Santa Rosa Ranger District, also a portion of existing fence will be reconstructed.

Secret-Lamoille Trail Reconstruction Project - Segment 1

USFS proposal to construct approximately 11 miles of non-motorized trail from Lamoille Canyon to Talbot Creek.

Shale Pit Mineral Exploration Project

Proposal is for conducting mineral exploration at nine drill sites. Access would be by existing roads and the construction of less than 1 mile of temporary drill roads.

Siegel Creek Road Restoration

This project will involve the reclamation of approximately 11.5 miles of unauthorized roads to reduce soil erosion, reduce sedimentation into streams, and reduce road densities to improve habitats for wildlife.

Smith Ranch Fire Seeding

Aerial seeding of 585 acres in the 2013 Smith Ranch Fire area.

Smoky Valley TV District Communication Site Renewal Shoshone Peak

The Smokey Valley TV District is seeking a renewal of their special use authorization for an existing communication facility located on Shoshone peak near Round Mountain. This is purley a renewal of exsisting facilities with no new disturbances.

Sniper Resources' Overland Pass Exploration Project

Drill from 25 drill sites accessed from existing roads and 1,463 ft. of cross-country travel routes. There will be no road construction. Exploration will be carried out by up to two track or truck mounted drills. Total disturbance is 1.5 acres.

Snow Valley Peak Communication Site Solar Array Replacement and Communication Site Lease

Proposal to install a solar array 10 feet high by 24 feet long at the Snow Valley Peak Communication Site. The new solar array would replace the existing 10 feet tall by 12 feet long solar array and the existing solar array will be removed.

South Schell Creek Range Pinyon-Juniper Treatment Project

This project will maintain and enhance sagebrush/mountain brush communities which provide important habitats for sage grouse, mule deer and sagebrush obligate species by cutting small pinyon and juniper trees that are invading the brush communities.

South Taylor/Enterprise/Antimony Exploration Project

To determine the mineral resource potential of an area southeast of the Taylor Mine by collecting samples from 17 boreholes up to 850 ft deep. 14 drill pads would be constructed next to existing roads and accessed by overland travel totaling 300 ft.

Special Use Permit Renewal - Lake Tahoe Adventures

Lake Tahoe Adventures has requested renewal of its outfitter/guide permit for guided snowmobile tours in the Hope Valley area of the Carson Ranger District. New permit would be eligible for a term of 10 years.

Spring Peak Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project

The forest service in cooperation with NDOW proposes to restore Bi-State sage-grouse and winter mule deer habitat burned in the Spring Peak Fire (2013) through a combination of soil stabilization and seeding/planting native species.

Steamboat Hills Communication Site, NV Energy Communication Lease

Proposal to issue a 30 year communication lease to NV Energy for the construction, operation and maintenance of microwave equipment to support their smart meter program at the Steamboat Hills Communication Site.

Stocks Creek Watershed Project

Proposal to improve meadow habitat by installing modified check dams.

Tahoe - Pyramid Bikeway, Humboldt - Toiyabe NF Section

Contruct a non-motorized trail accross a small section of National Forest Land that would be part of the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway. The length of the trail would be approximately 2100 feet.

Telephone Canyon Trails Project

Forest Service proposal to construct multi-use, non-motorized trails and trailhead parking as an extension of the trails system proposed for the Middle Kyle Complex Project.

Timber Hill Mineral Exploration Project

Round Mountain Gold proposes to conduct exploration at up to 34 drill sites. Approximately 18,300 feet of temporatry drill road would be built to access the drill sites.

Tipperary North Fork Project

Drill from 61 drill sites up to 3 holes per site. Construct less than 5,000 feet of temporary road. and utilize 5,234 feet of cross-country travel to access many of the drill sites. Surface disturbance will total 10.8 acres.

Tom Basin Fire Low Elevation Restoration Project

Proposal is to seed the lower elevation burned area of the 2011 Tom Basin Fire. Restoration work will consist of planting a mixture of native and non-native plant species designed to restore mule deer winter range and sage grouse habitat.

Town of Kingston Water Tank Renewal

The Town of Kingston Nevada is seeking to renew an existing special use authorization to continue operation of a 200,000 gallon municipal water tank near the town of Kingston.

Trail Creek Powerline Spur Project

Raft River Cooperative has proposed to install a new powerline spur in the vicinity of the Trail Creek Road. Purpose of the spur is to bring power to an existing telephone equipment cabinet. Powerline is for 2 power poles and is 300 ft in length.

Twin Lakes Fuels Reduction Project

The purpose and need for this project is to restore stand health, reduce wildfire severity. It is proposed to conduct fuels reduction treatment on approximatley 1875 acres around the Twin Lakes area.

Unauthorized Motorized Route Restoration Project

The objective of the Unauthorized Motorized Route Restoration (UMR) Project is to close and restore 73 miles of illegal off highway vehicle (OHV) routes created by unauthorized uses.

Upper Kyle Trailhead Improvement Project

The Forest Service is evaluating a proposal to improve the parking areas and trailhead amenities in the Upper Kyle Canyon Trailhead Complex (Mary Jane Falls and Old Ski Tow parking areas).

Verizon Cellular Projects

Proponent plans to add additional telecommunications equipment and facilities to 2 exisitng communcation sites - Pennsylvania Hill Site and Independence Mine Site. Purpose is to provide cellular phone coverage to Northern Elko County.

Verizon Communication Site Austin Summit

To authorize a comminication site including an equiptment shelter, propane generator, and a propane tank. The antenna equipment will be placed on an existing tower owned by AT&T.

Vista Towers Communications Project

Vista Towers proposal to construct, maintain, and operate 3 communications facilities for cellular phone coverage near Wild Oat Mountain, Douglas Co, NV, and Sonora Junction and North Bridgeport, Mono Co, CA

Wagon Mineral Exploration Project

Newmont Mining Corporation is proposing to drill at six drill sites. Up to 4,400 feet of new road would be built and 2.3 miles of cross country travel routes would be utilized.

Walker Ridge Gold Exploration Project

The exploration project is for 6 drill sites with multiple drill holes from each site using existing roads.

Ward Mountain Campground Project

USFS proposal to reconstruct the Ward Mountain Campground, including replacement of restrooms, water system improvements, shade structures; new tables and grills; improvements to roads and trails; and other improvements.

Ward Mt Interagency Landscape Restoration and Fuels Reduction Project

Reduce the ecological departure from the reference conditions by reducing Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC) and reduce the threat of wildfire to City of Ely and surrounding area, and improve wildlife habitat. Using a variety of treatment methods.

Warm Springs Vegetation Project

Forest Service is proposing to reduce vegetative fuel loading on federally managed lands in the southern portion of the East Humboldt range to improve timber and vegetation condition and wildlife habitat.

West Carson River Watershed Route Adjustment Project

Purpose is to adjust the designated route system in the West Carson River Watershed to allow motor vehicle use on spur routes to dispersed recreation sites, to close routes with no physiscal access, and to reclaim some defunct NFS roads.

Western Exploration's Wood Gulch Exploration

Multi-year exploration using existing roads and constructing new over a ten year duration. Project will be phased with proposed phase 1 road construction of .83 miles and surface disturbance of 2.5 acres. Total of 100 acres over plan duration.

Western Exploration, Doby George Exploration Project

Exploration is proposed to occur over 15 years. Project will use 14.6 miles of existing road and add up to 160 acres of new disturbance over the duration of the project, for a total disturbance of 200 acres.

Wheeler Creek Habitat Improvement Project

The Bridgeport Ranger District is proposing to improve habitat for Bi-State sage-grouse and other wildlife through stream/meadow restoration in the Wheeler Creek area.

Wheeler Ridge Mineral Exploration Project

Mt Hamilton LLC proposes to drill up to 60 sites, build up to 3.6 miles of temporary road and disturb up to 50 acres.

White Pine County Camp Success Preservation & Enhancement Project

White Pine County is seeking an amendment to their existing special use permit to authorize a large renovation of the facilities located at the organization camp near success summit.

White Pine Range Abandoned Mine Closures

The Forest service plans to mitgate around 180 safety hazards posed by abandoned mine features including adits, shafts and declines. These closure will include foam plugs, grates, and bat-friendly gates and cupolas.

Wildhorse and Burro AML/Monitor, Hot Creek, and Toquima Mountain Ranges

Forest Service proposed to establish appropriate management levels (AMLs) for eleven Wildhorse and Burro Territories on the Monitor, Hot Creek, and Toquima Mountain Ranges,

Wood Gulch Mineral Exploration Project

Western Exploration is proposing a 10-year phased exploration project with an estimate of 100 acres of disturbance. Concurrent reclamation will be utilized when feasible to limit the amount of surface disturbance present at any one time.

Worthington Canyon Sage Steppe Restoration Project

This project involves the cutting of pinyon and juniper trees that are invading the mountain brush habitats in Duck Creek basin on the west side of the Schell Creek Mountain Range. This treatment will retain and enhance the sagebrush-grass community.

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