Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest All Units

Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree

This is a ATV & UTV motorcycle touring type of ride on National Forest System lands. It will take place on approved motor vehicle routes as identified in the approved Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Greater Sage Grouse Bi-State Distinct Population Segment Forest Plan Amendment

The FS is proposing to amend the Toiyabe National Forest LRMP and the BLM is proposing to amend the affected RMPs. The DEIS Public Comment Period has been extended form 12/27/2013 to 01/17/2014.

Humboldt - Toiyabe NF Wilderness Plans

Development of Wilderness Management Plans for Santa Rosa - Paradise Peak, Alta Toquima, Arc Dome and Table Mountain Wilderness areas and amendments to Humboldt National Forest LRMP and Toiyabe National Forest LRMP.

Sierra Trail Dogs 250 Dual Sport

This is a motorcyle touring type of ride on National Forest System Lands. It will take place on approved motor vehicle routes as identified in the approved Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Austin Ranger District

Antelope Restoration Project

USFS proposal to restore stand health, reduce wildfire severity, and promote understory regeneration in sage-steppe, mtn shrub communities . Prescribed fire and mechanical treatments would be applied within approximately 65,000 acre project boundary

Buffalo-Everson Exploration

Drill boreholes using reverse-circulation or core methods to expected depths of 500-1,500 ft at up to 15 sites and construct up to 5,000 ft of new, temporary road. The drill pads and new roads would be recontoured and seeded upon project completion.

DAP Mineral Exploration Project

Drill mineral exploration boreholes at 3 sites, with no new road construction.

Golden Brew Exploration

Drill one or more boreholes at 4 sites and construct about 600 feet of new temporary road. Existing roads and 5,000 feet of overland travel will provide access.

Hickison Wild Burro Territory Appropriate Management Levels and Management Actions Project

Project proposes to establish appropriate wild burro herd management levels, authorize population management actions, and approve reconstruction of water developments.

Reese River Diversion Stabilization Project

This project would replace an existing non-functional diversion structure with a new structure that will function as a diversion for irrigation. The proposal would also close an existing access road that enters the Arc Dome Wilderness.

Bridgeport Ranger District

Bridgeport Southwest Rangeland Project

Proposal is to convert 4 sheep allotments into 2 Cattle allotments and authorize cattle grazing in these two allotments. Two other sheep allotments will also be closed under this project.

Mountain Warfare Training Center Communications Infrastructure Upgrades Environmental Assesment

Completing Supplemental Analysis to authorize upgraded to two existing sites and one new site all three are on NFS lands

Mountain Warfare Training Center Operations Training Project

Under the Proposed Action a full complement of new vehicles, weapons systems/ordnance, engineer systems, aircraft, and equipment would be employed to augment the current set of training exercises.

Pine Grove - Lincoln Gold Project

Project involves drilling of 5 ground water monitoring wells, 9 condemnation drill holes, 6 geotechnical augur holes, and excavation of 9 test pits to determine soil properties.

PMMR Clay Mine Expansion

Proponent proposes to expand the existing clay mine. One pit would be expanded and one new pit developed. clay would be trucked off forest to a rail siding in Wabuska.

Rough Creek Sage-Grouse Habitat Improvement Project

This project proposes to improve approximately 15,900 acres of sage-grouse habitat by reducing pinyon-juniper cover in the project area, thus increasing habitat connectivity, decreasing available perches for predators, and reducing wildfire risk.

Swauger Creek Fuels Reduction Project

The purpose for this project is to restore stand health, reduce wildfire severity, promote under story regeneration in sage-steppe, mountain shrub, mixed conifer, and aspen communities and imrpove wildlife habitat and help create defensiable space.

Virginia Lake Pack Outfit and Leavitt Meadows Pack Station Permit Renewals

USFS proposal to issue new term permit to replace expired permits for both Virginia Lake Pack Outfit and Leavitt Meadows Pack Station Permits. Project on hold while Forest Service conducts a needs assessment.

Carson Ranger District

Bordertown to California 120kV Transmission Line

Construct 120kV transmission line connecting the Bordertown and California substations.

California Integrated Weed Management

The proposed action includes the development and implementation of an Integrated Weed Management System (IWMS) to treat noxious and invasive weeds on Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest System Lands in California.

Figueroa Landscape Rock Acquisition

The proposal is to allow Figueroa Masonry to extract up to 500 tons of rock annually over a three-year period.

Leviathan-Loope Rangeland Project

Reauthorize grazing on the Leviathan and Campbell-Loope Sheep and Goat allotments and close 3 vacant cattle and horse allotments: Mud Lake, Barber, and Double Springs.

Manzanita Fuels Reduction and Ecosystem Management Project

Reduce Fuels and enhance wildlife habitat on approximately 700 acres within the wildland urban interface in Alpine County Clifornia near the town of Woodfords. The project area is within the old Acron Fire of 1987.

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe - Atoma Area Project

The Forest Service proposes to amend the Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe special use permit to authorize commercial downhill skiing in the Atoma area and construction of a snowmaking water impoundment on the westernmost portion of the permit boundary

Ely Ranger District

Currant-Ellison Watershed Restoration Project

The purpose of this project is to restore and maintain healthy and resilient watersheds, vegetation communities, wildlife habitats and to reduce fuels and wildfire risks particularly near private lands, structures and other critical resources.

Monte Cristo Territory Management Plan pdate

The Forest Service will update the Monte Cristo Wild Horse and Burro Territory Management Plan to include strategies to maintain the herd into the future at AML and to compliment the BLM's management of the Pancake Wild Horse and Burro Complex.

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Plan Monitoring Transition

The new plan monitoring rule requires that monitoring plans include monitoring questions and associated indicators that inform the management of the plan resources in the area and whether management is being effective in maintaining and achieving progress toward desired conditions or objectives for the plan area. Monitoring questions and associated indicators are based on one or more desired condition, objective, or other plan component. Not every plan component needs to have a corresponding monitoring question. The responsible official should consider the series of questions in the draft LMP directive FSH 1909.12 Chapter 30, section 32.11 to identify which components require monitoring questions in order to effectively inform the Land and Resource Management Plan. To meet the minimum requirements of the 2012 Planning Rule, monitoring plans must address eight specific items identified in (36 CFR 219.12(a)(5).

Mountain City Ranger District

Big Springs Gold Mine Project

Anova Metals USA LLC proposes surface and underground mining operations at the Big Springs Mining area.

Black Jack Project

The exploration project will utilize three drill sites from which multiple drill holes will be drilled. The use of existing roads and approximately 3,500 feet of road maintenance will be required.

Nexus Walker Ridge Mineral Exploration Project

Nexus Gold Corp proposes a small scale drilling program (less than one year) at their Walker Ridge Project site in Elko County, NV. The program is anticipated to create approximately 4 acres of surface disturbance.

Santa Rosa Ranger District

2013 Range Rescission Implementation

Project would build key fences to better control and rotate livestock, reducing impacts on riparian areas. This project is being replaced by separate analyses approved under decision memos.

Fort McDermitt Cooperative Domestic Horse Removal Project

The project will remove domestic horses from National Forest System land in cooperation with Fort McDermitt Paiute-Shoshone Tribal government.

Long Valley Creek Fence Exclosure Project

This project proposes to construct an exclosure to protect a cultural site. The fence will be constructed to Forest Service standards. It will be a 4 strand fence. Project was originally part of the 2013 Range Rescission Implementation project.

North Fork Little Humboldt River Meadow Headcut Repair Project

Project is to repair and stabilize headcuts and eroded areas within meadows and adjacent ephemeral stream channel segments within several portions of the headwaters of the North Fork Little Humboldt River.

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

Mt. Charleston Wilderness Management Plan

FS will prepare a Wilderness Management Plan for the Mt. Charleston Wilderness Area in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management.

Spring Mountains Wild Horse & Burro Complex Project

Analyze appropriate managment levels and horse gathers on the Spring Mountains NRA and the Southern NV BLM District.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.