Kootenai National Forest Montanore Project Record of Decision is Now Available

The Kootenai National Forest has set forth its final decision and rationale for the selected mine and transmission line alternatives in a Final Record of Decision (ROD). View/Download the Documents

Rock Creek Mine Project

The Rock Creek Mine is a proposal for a copper/silver mine under the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness in Sanders County Montana on the Kootenai National Forest. Rock Creek Webpage

Ten Lakes Travel Management Planning

The Fortine Ranger District has developed a proposed action for the Ten Lakes Travel Management Project. Proposed activities include designation of over-snow motorized use areas and non-winter trail management in the Congressionally-designated Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area. Select here for more information.

Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Forest publishes a Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) four times a year: January, April, July and October. The SOPA provides project information, status, and contacts. To view the current and past SOPAs, visit the Forest Service SOPA page for the Kootenai National Forest.

Environmental Appeal Responses

An Environmental Appeal is a formal request to an agency higher authority for review of an environmental planning (NEPA) decision. The public's rights to file an appeal are defined in specific appeal regulations. Usually, all administrative processes must be exhausted before a person can bring a court action (litigation) against with a NEPA decision. This usually includes the filing of a formal appeal. The following links provide access to recent and historical appeal decisions related to the Kootenai National Forest:

Pre-Decisional Objection Responses

Objections are written documents submitted by an individual or organization seeking a pre-decisional administrative review of a proposed hazardous fuel reduction project authorized by the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 (HFRA). The public may file objections after an environmental assessment or final environmental impact statement is completed and before a decision document is signed for a project under HFRA. The following link provides access to objection responses related to the Kootenai National Forest:

Kootenai National Forest Project Archive

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09-10 Precommercial thinning

precommercial thinning of timber stands for health and vigor

20-Odd ATV Trail

Construct a new access spur to circumnavigate a washed out area on a popular local trail system for motorized use.

2010 Ponderosa Pine Thinning

Thinning of 140 acres of ponderosa pine to increase vigor and make them less susceptible to mountain pine beetle attack.

2011 Precommercial Thinning

Precommercially thin 314 acres, primarily in Sullivan Creek drainage, as part of district insect and disease thinning program.

2012 Special Use Permit Renewals

This project includes 5 requests for renewals of existing special use permits. Four of these requests provide access to private land across National Forest System Lands (NFSL). One request provides access across NFSL for the Montana FWP.

2012 Special Use Permit Renewals

The Rexford and Fortine Ranger Districts are reviewing 5 requests for renewals of existing special use permits.

2012-2017 Rexford and Fortine Pre-commercial Thinning

This project proposes to treat approximately 4,962 acres with precommercial thinning across the two districts.

2016 Fun Run

The 2016 Fun Run is a one day snowmobile event proposed in the Grave Creek and Therriault Lakes area.

Abayance Bay Marina and Campground Improvements

Improvements to the existing Abayance Bay Marina and Campground, currently operating under a special use permit.

Artillery Pine

Salvage dead, dying, and high risk off-site ponderosa pine planted in 1958, and lodgepole pine over 43 acres to reduce the likelihood of severe mortality due to bark beetles. Less than 1 mile temporary road construction.

Black Diamond Mine Plan of Operations

Request for access to Black Diamond Mine

Black Peak Trail and Trailhead Project

Trail head relocation, rehabilitation of existing motorized trail, reroute (new construction)of trail to motorized standards (for vehicles less than 50 inches width - ATV).

Bristow Area Restoration Project

Project includes timber harvest, prescribed burning, road BMP's, road decommissioining and storage, motorized access changes, temporary road construction, Forest Plan amendment for open road density in MA 12.

Brush Creek Fire Salvage

Recover economic value of fire-killed timber in a timely manner and contribute to long-term yield of forest products.

CarlE2/TQ Mining Plan of Operations

Approval of small mining Plan of Operations and permitting

Chicago Ridge Meteorlogical Station Installation

installation of a new meteorological monitoring station in the Chicago ridge area on the Cabinet Ranger District

College of the Rockies Outfitter and Guide Permit

A request for an outfitter and guide permit that would authorize up to 120 user days to operate a 5-day rock climbing instruction course once per year in the Stone Hill climbing area.

Crashed Harvey

Salvage of windthrown trees

District Motor Vehicle Use Map 2011

mandated creation of Motorized Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) on the Cabinet RD. Deadline for publication and release is September 2010.

DNRC Access Jim Beaver Non-Cost Share Special Use Permit

Request for special use permit to authorize MT DNRC 1800 feet of road easement across NFSL.

DNRC land exchange

Lolo NF - Montana State DNRC land exchange State wants to trade isolated, scattered school trust lands surrounded by NFS lands; FS would consolidate ownership, acquire access, riparian, roadless & recreation lands & big game winter range.

Dorr Skeels Blowdown

Salvage of blowndown timber from the paved road in Dorr Skeels Campground

Dry Creek Timber Sale

121 acres clear cuts, 220 acres intermediate harvest, 159 acres pre-commercial thinning, 4.5 miles road reconstruction, 2.5 miles new temp road construction.

Gateway Maintenance Burning

Utilize prescribed fire along with minor amounts of slashing, hand piling, and machine piling to treat fuels in the urban interface. The area experienced fire on a 10-25 year interval historically. Treatments are designed to mimic this pattern.

Helwick Timber Sale

Includes 23 timber harvest units with treatments including commercial timber harvest on approximately 655 acres, which includes regeneration harvests (345 acres), and intermediate treatments (310 acres). Two harvest units would exceed 40 acres.

Kootenai River North Fuels Reduction Project

This project is designed to reduce fire hazard within the WUI north of Libby, Montana. Commercial and non-commercial treatments will be proposed including timber harvest, hand slashing and pile burning, and broadcast burning.

Lake Koocanusa Charter Fishing Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permit

A request for an outfitter and guide permit to authorize launch of chartered fishing boats from Rexford Bench, Peck Gulch and Rocky Gorge (a total of 30 launches).

Little Beaver Creek Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Fuel reduction/management in the Little Beaver drainage. Proposal includes commercial thinning on 780 acres, regeneration harvest on 398 acres, prescribed burning only on 691 acres, and 5.5 miles of new permanent roads, 2 miles of temp roads.

Mariner's Haven SUP Renewal and Expansion

Construct improvements to marina including expanding the number of boat mooring slips from 75 to 120; increasing the number of parking spaces from 50 to 120; adding an "upper level" boat ramp, and developing a break water structure.

Marten Creek Timber Sales and Associated Activities

Timber harvest on approximately 1,860 acres, along with prescribed burning, road decommissioning, and watershed/fish habitat improvement.

Miller West Fisher

Includes vegetation management such as commercial timber harvest on 2,506 acres, access management changes, road storage and obliteration, prescribed fire on 3,148 acres, gravel pit reclamation or expansion, road BMP implementation, and trails work.

Miners Gulch Stream Restoration

stream restoration in critical bull trout habitat

Minton Trout

Harvest of merchantable timber (commercial) on 545 acres. Approx. 8100 acres of natural fuels burning for forage enhancement. All log yarding in these proposed units would be accomplished with skyline and tractor based systems.

Non-Consumptive Recreational Special Use Permits

The Rexford Ranger District is reviewing a number of requests for issuing special use outfitter and guide permits for non-consumptive recreational uses by various institutional groups and individuals.

North End Fire Salvage

Salvage of approximately 92 acres of fire killed trees from three separate fire areas.

North End Special Use Outfitter and Guide

The Rexford and Fortine Districts have received requests for special use permits for nonconsumptive recreational uses. This includes rock climbing, kayaking/canoeing, bicycling, camping, and equestrian riding.

North Fork Bull River Non-motorized Trail Construction

Construct a new non-motorized trail to access the North Fork of the Bull River trail system from FSR#410. The original access was the former FSR #2722, which was washed out in 2007. This new trail would be located near the old roadway location.

North Fork Yaak Telephone Line

Installation of 8,900 feet of telephone line within right-of-way of NFS Rd. #5828 (North Fork Yaak), minimum of 30 inches depth.

North Wind Blowdown

Salvage of blown down timber in the North Fork Yaak drainage.

Northeast Yaak

Actvities include timber harvest, fuels reduction, prescribed burning, wildlife habitat improvement, pre-commercial thinning, access management changes, and watershed rehabilitation including road decommissioning. Supplemental EIS being prepared.

Permit Authorization for Niemier Water Diversion and Conveyance System

authorization for special use permit allowing use and maintenance of water system on and across NFS land for private water use for domestic and irrigation applications.

Pilgrim Timber Sale

Regeneration harvests-approx. 500 acres via skyline & tractor systems. Intermediate harvest-approx. 900 acres via skyline & tractor systems. 3.1 miles new permanent road, 1.8 miles temporary road, & 26 miles road reconst. 5000 ac wildlife burns

Pipestone Timber Sale and Restoration Project

This project authorizes timber harvest, prescribed burning, road decommissioning, road reconstruction and BMP's, motorized access changes, construction of a snowmobile trail, and private land access.

Posted Poles Timber Stand Improvement

Thinning of overstocked lodgepole pine stands with removal of pole timber.

Prospect Hill Mineral Exploration/Prospect Hill Access

Mineral exploration Plan of Operation, and special use request for access. Includes opening a closed road, construction of approximately 1.5 miles of new road, and reopening two closed mine portals.

Rambo Right-of-Way Clearing

Removal of trees and vegetation approximately 30 feet either side of the road prism along NFSRs 5894, 5896, and 5900 for approximately 2.7 miles.

Rebuild of the Libby (FEC) to Troy Section of BPA's Libby to Bonners Ferry 115-kV Transmission Line

Issuance of an amended Special Use Authorization for the proposed rebuilding, operation, and maintenance of a 17-mile-long portion of Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA) Libby to Bonners Ferry 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line.

Revett-Genesis Exploratory Drilling

Drilling of eight (8) core holes from three (3) separate locations.

Rexford and Fortine District 2010-2012 Precommercial Thinning

Precommercial thinning of conifers (wui and non-wui), including western white pine daylighting, mountain pine beetle thinning, wildlife habitat enhancement,lynx research thinning provisions

Rock Creek Gravel Pit

Sanders County Road Department has proposed to reopen and expand the existing Rock Creek Gravel pit. Total area of disturbance could be up to 4.5 acres. No commercial timber would be removed.

Rocky Pine Fuels Reduction

Hazardous fuels reduction on 1,530 acres utilizing harvest, excavator and hand piling, underburning and precommercial thinning.

Sears Flat Cross Country Ski Trail Improvement

Removal of select trees along existing cross country ski trail that are causing snow intercept; improvement of trail corridor fro grooming of ski trail.

Shooting Star Subdivision Special Use Permit Request

Upgrade approximately 1600 feet of existing open road (Road #7308) to meet Lincoln County Subdivision Road specifications and improve access to private lands.

Silverbutte Bugs Project

250 acres - Harvest dead/dying and adjacent live trees that are susceptible to Mountain Pine Beetle infestation.

South Fork Fuels

HFRA Urban interface fuels treatments and possible other management actions in the South Fork Yaak planning subunit

Special Use Permit Renewals FY2011

various SUP renewals, various locations on district, to be completed in fiscal year 2010.

Special Use Water Irrigation Ditch

Renewal of a special use permit for a water irrigation pipeline that traverses 3450 feet of NFS lands.

Spring Board Timber Sale and Hazard Tree Removal

Provide for public safety on the recreation trail (Trail #900); Manage stand density and species composition to enhance resilience to insects and disease; and contribute forest products to the local and regional economy.

Spring Gulch Timber Sale

322 acres of timber land with commercial thinning and regeneration harvest, 231 acres of prescribed fire use for forage enhancement. No new perm. roads, and 9 miles of existing road reconditioning


Project may include ecosystem burning, thinning, intermediate timber harvest, regeneration harvest, BMP improvements to roads and/or stream restoration.

Triangle Two Ranch Special Use Outfitter And Guide Permit

Special Use Permit Application for outfitter and guide, guided equestrian, horse drawn wagon, and sleigh ride activities in the West Kootenai area.

Troy Mine 2011-2012 Exploration Drilling

Exploratory drilling is proposed on existing Forest roads. Drill sites are on the road surface and are approximately 100' long x 20' wide.

West Troy Fuels Reduction

Reduction of Fuels, Intermediate Timber Harvest, Prescribed Burning

Why Not Placer Plan of Operations

The project includes a plan of operations from an individual on a claim on the Yaak River. Suction dredging and power sluicing are proposed.

Williams Plan of Operation - Vermilion River Mineral Exploration

Small mine operation. Project would approve exploration pits and require restoration by November 1, 2011.


Timber harvest (3,400 acres), prescribed burning (2,000 acres); prescribed burning w/ mechanical pre-treatment (1,500 acres); road management (decommissioning, etc); and recreation facilities. Forest Plan exceptions and openings greater than 40 acre

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Key Contacts

NEPA Coordinator
Janis Bouma
(406) 283-7774

For project specific information, see the project contact specified on each project's information page.