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These are analyses we conduct for specific activities. Also included in this list are past projects, their objectives, and their results. The projects displayed on this page are only the major forest projects. For more information about a specific project or other project not listed, contact the appropriate Lolo NF Office.

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Lolo National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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12 Tamarack

Integrated forest resource project that includes vegetation management, big game winter range maintenance, watershed improvements, fuels reduction, and recreation enhancements within the 69,000-acre project area located north and west of St. Regis


Integrated forest restoration developed through collaboration with the public. Includes forest vegetation restoration, watershed restoration activities, fuels reduction, and recreation enhancements within the Cedar and Thompson Creek drainages, located southwest of Superior, Montana.

Center Horse Landscape Restoration Project

Collaboratively developed integrated ecosystem management including restoration of fire adapted ecosystems, soil productivity, watersheds and aquatic habitat, and management of recreation opportunities and motor vehicle access.

Clear Creek

Integrated landscape management including forest vegetation restoration, wildlife habitat and watershed improvements, and recreation enhancements within the Clear Creek drainage.

Clearwater Loop Rd 4370 Avalanche Culvert Replacement & Morrell Creek Bridge Replacement

Replace bridge on Morrell Creek, relocate 500 feet of roadway at the bridge approaches to place the bridge at a more stable location on the stream. Replace and relocate culvert on Clearwater Loop Road 4370, 75 feet upstream of existing structure.

Dry Gulch Access Road 9961

Seasonal road access for the Estate of Earl M. Pruyn along approx. 9 miles of Forest Road #9961. Includes provision for seasonal access (April - November) to 1,040 acres of private land in the Black Mtn Area west of Missoula.

Lolo Creek Large Wood Debris

This project would utilize large hazard trees cut after the 2013 Lolo Complex Fire to construct large woody debris structures on Lolo Creek to enhance aquatic habitat and improve stream and floodplain health.

Lookout Pass Ski Area Expansion Third-Party EIS

Proposal by Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area to expand its special use permit to upgrade and develop new lifts, ski terrain, parking, access roads, and guest service facilities.

Marshall Woods Restoration Project

Integrated resource management including vegetation and watershed restoration, fuels reduction, public education, and recreation enhancements near the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area.

McCabe and Coopers Lake Small Tree Thinning

Non-commercial thinning of small trees in previously harvested stands to increase tree health and vigor and decrease the risk of insects, disease and potential wildfire.

MEC Powerline

Application by Missoula Electric Cooperative to bury 2.25 miles of existing overhead power lines and replace one utility pole on National Forest System Lands near U.S. Highway 12 in the Lolo Creek Drainage.

Montana Snowbowl Ski Area Expansion

Expansion of permitted ski area to provide additional winter recreational opportunities and improve facilities.

Motorized Access Management within the Selkirk and Cabinet-Yaak Grizzly Bear Recovery Zones

The programmatic Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) supplements the 2002 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for Forest Plan Amendments for Motorized Access Management within the Selkirk and Cabinet-Yaak Grizzly Bear Recovery Zones.b It proposes to change the Kootenai, Lolo, and Idaho Panhandle National Forests Land and Resource Management Plans (Forest Plans) by amending the objectives, standards, and guidelines that address grizzly bear management within these two Recovery Zones. The FSEIS and ROD are expected to be released in the summer of 2011.

Nelson Bike Shuttle Special Use Permit Request

Special use permit request to conduct a commercial mountain bike shuttle service in the west end of Mineral County.

O'Keefe Grazing Allotment Management Plan Revision

The Lolo NF is proposing to revise the allotment management plan for the O'Keefe Grazing Allotment to ensure compliance with current environmental standards and laws.


The Lolo Post Burn EIS decision was not upheld in court. This project would issue a new decision to complete restoration activities originally analyzed in the EIS.Timber harvest is not proposed, only road stabilization, storage, and decommissioning

Placid Lake Cost Share Supplement

Montana Department of Natual Resources and Conservation and the Lolo N.F. are entering into a Cost Share Supplement to exchange easements so both parties can have legel access to their lands.

Sapphire Crest Trail

Trail construction and reconstruction to connect existing trail segments, creating a 100-mile long non-motorized trail across the Lolo, Bitterroot, and Beaverhead National Forests on the Sapphire Divide.

Summer Trails Motorized Management

Motorized recreation management including development and authorization of trails and roads for All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use, and closure and restoration of areas damaged by unauthorized Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use.

Yellowstone Pipe Line Pipe Abandonment

Removal of and/or abandonment-in-place of approximately 9,693 feet of out-of-service pipeline located on three separate sites within Missoula and Sanders Counties on the Missoula and Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger Districts

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.