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These are analyses we conduct for specific activities. Also included in this list are past projects, their objectives, and their results. The projects displayed on this page are only the major forest projects. For more information about a specific project or other project not listed, contact the appropriate Lolo NF Office.

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Fuels reduction, forest vegetation management, and wildlife and watershed improvements within the Antimony Creek, Cox Gulch, and Demont Creek drainages approximately 13 miles west of Thompson Falls, Montana.

Auggie Fuels

Integrated landscape management treatments including; commercial and noncommercial vegetation treatments, tree planting, road maintenance, trail maintenance, road decommissioning, aquatic barrier replacement, weed treatments, and installing interpretive signing. Treatments are designed to restore forest conditions and enhance species diversity, reduce the risk of bark beetle infestations and high intensity wildfire in the WUI, provide for diverse recreation opportunities, and restore, maintain and recruit old-growth and mature low elevation forests.

Barrette Creek fuels

Commercial and noncommercial thinning to reduce hazardous fuels and provide a defensible fire suppression area for the Ninemile Valley Community.

Barrette Creek Fuels

The Barrette Creek Fuels project proposes to reduce hazardous fuels from 2009 timber harvest and 2010 post commercial thin in units adjacent and/or near the wildland urban interface (wui) located between Bird and Fire Creek drainages.

Big Nelson and Monture Campgrounds Project

Proposal is to implement a comprehensive vegetation management plan for the two campgrounds to improve the health of the stands, address trees killed by bark beetles, and improve public safety

Big Nugget Placer Claims

Placer mine exploration using heavy equipment on previously disturbed lands. Located on the Ninemile Ranger District in Mineral County in the Meadow Creek Drainage.

Bt Insecticide Application - Big Larch Campground

Application of bacterial insecticide to prevent spruce budworm from defoliating Douglas-fir screening material in the Big Larch Campground/Recreation area.

Butte Lookout Project EIS

Integrated land management treatments including: improvement cutting and/or under-burning, ecosystem maintenance burning, road maintenance decommissioning, and stream restoration. Treatments will improve forest health and resiliency, provide wood products, enhance wildlife habitat, reduce fuels near communities, maintain water quality, and improve fish habitat.

Carbaryl Application: Crazy/Pattee Canyon and Rock Creek

Application of the insecticide Carbaryl to prevent mountain pine beetle attack and mortaliity in pine trees in the Crazy/Pattee Canyon and Rock Creek recreation areas.

Carbaryl Application: Rattlesnake Trailheads and Rattlesnake Trail (Road 99)

Application of the insecticide Carbaryl to prevent mountain pine beetle attack and mortality on pine trees in the Rattlesnake Trailheads and Rattlesnake Trail (Road 99).

Cedar Creek Forest Plan Amendment

The Superior RD of the Lolo NF is proposing to amend the Lolo NF Plan to include a newly acquired 204 acre parcel in the Cedar Creek drainage. The proposed action is to create Amendment #31 that would establish the Cedar Creek Zoological Area.

Chippy Fire Salvage

The proposed project is salvage of a portion of the timber on National Forest System lands that burned in the Chippy Creek Fire in 2007 on the Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger District

Clark Fork River Outfitter Special Use Permits

Issuance of additional outfitter permits for use of the Ferry Landing and Cascade boat launch sites located along the Clark Fork River between St. Regis and Paradise.

Colt Summit Restoration/Fuels Project

Integrated ecosystem management under the Collaborative Forest Landscape Protection Act (CFLRP) including vegetation and watershed restoration, fuels reduction, and management for wildlife habitat.

Cottonwood Stream Restoration Project

Restoration of approximately 2,500 feet of stream channel including relocation or removal of one dispersed recreation site.

Crazy-Pattee Timberstand Improvement Project

Improvement of forest stand health on approximately 130 acres in the Crazy Canyon drainage and 42 acres in the Pattee Picnic Area. Treatments would include the removal of dead and dying trees affected by the mountain pine beetle and dwarf mistletoe.

Cutoff Project

Project proposes to improve highway safety; maintain/improve forest health; provide for public safety and sanitation at dispersed recreation sites; improve big game winter range; and enhance watershed health.

Deer Uncle Sam Small Tree Thinning and McGinty's Rock Small Tree Thinning Projects

Non-commercial thinning of small trees in previously harvested stands to increase tree health and vigor, decrease the risk of insects and disease, and improve forest resiliency and resistance to wildfire.

DNRC land exchange

Montana State DNRC and the Lolo NF will exchange land to consolidate ownership patterns for more efficient land/resource management and better legal access for agency administration and the public.

Drew Creek Snowmobile Trail Re-Route

This project would re-route the groomed snowmobile trail to avoid two stream crossings that have undersized culverts. Trail would be mostly clearing a route that a 9-foot groomer can travel through; but will not have tread for summer use.

Flying H. Ranch Special Use Permit Request

Issuance of a special use permit for cultivation and production of hay on 35 acres of National Forest Land acquired in the October 2011 Montana DNRC land exchange.

Frenchtown Face vegetation management

Integrated landscape management treatments including; commercial harvest followed by prescribed burn, ecosystem maintenance burn, road maintenance and decommissioning, weed treatments, stream restoration, upgrading recreation facilities and trails/trailheads, maintaining gravel and rip-rap source. These treatments are designed to; maintain and improve forest health and resiliency to disease and wildfire, prevent new and control existing weed infestations, enhance wildlife habitat, reduce fuels near communities, maintain water quality, improve fish habitat, and improve recreation experiences and education.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Grant Creek fuels

Integrated landscape management treatments including; commercial thinning and noncommercial thinning followed by slash treatments and under-burning, ecosystem maintenance burning, and road construction, decommissioning, and maintenance. Treatments are designed to; reduce fuels near communities, maintain and improve forest health and resiliency to insect and disease, and reduce potential for high severity fires.

Henry Creek and Swamp Creek Range Allotment Management Plans Revision

Update Allotment Management Plans incorporating changes that have been implemented through previous operating plans.

Horseshoe West Fuels Reduction and Restoration

Integrated landscape management including hazardous fuels reduction, vegetation restoration, soils rehabilitation, and wildlife habitat improvement.

Jocko Lakes Fire Salvage

Integrated landscape management treatments and timber salvage in the Jocko Lakes Fire area including commercial treatments, tree planting, road maintenance, road storage or decommissioning, stream restoration, and weed treatments. Treatments are designed to provide wood products and recover the economic value of dead and fire-damaged trees, improve fish habitat and connectivity, and maintain water quality.

John's Creek Prescribed Burning

220 acres of understory thinning, followed by prescribed underburning

Joost Water Transmission Line Request - Bill Creek

Karl Joost has requested a special use authorization to bury a 6" by 1,953' water transmission line in an existing irrigation ditch from Bill Creek to his property. Work would include hand placing a rock dam to create a water impoundment and installing a 1/4" galvanized fish screen over a small head gate.

Lee Creek Campground - Existing Powerline Replacement

The existing electrical line to the campground pumphouse and the host area is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. The replacement line will connect to the main electrical line located across Highway 12 at the entrance to Lee Creek Campground.

Little Eddy

Vegetation treatment to reduce future tree losses from root disease and improve resilience to insect infestation on 131 acres of National Forest System land located within the wildland urban interface, adjacent to private property and residences.

Little Quartz Fuels Reduction

Fuels reduction in the wildland urban interface (directly adjacent to private property) through noncommercial thinning to reduce ladder fuels and heavy fuel loadings on 10 acres. All activities will be accomplished by hand. No mechanized equipment.

Lolo NF Forestwide Integrated Weed Management Analysis

The Lolo NF is proposing to treat up to 15,000 acres of weeds per year using an Integrated approach.

Lookout Ski Beetle

Vegetation management at Lookout Pass Ski Area administrative site. Salvage of dead and beetle-infested lodgepole pine trees. Approx. 129 acres of harvest treatment, 0.5 mile of temp road construction and obliteration.

Mattie V Creek Mine Reclamation Project

Improve channel morphology, floodplain connectivity, and fish passage at the Mattie V Creek Mine through channel reconstruction and cut and fill activities.

Missoula Electric Cooperative - Buried Power to Point 118 Communication Site

The Missoula Electric Cooperative in conjunction with the Missoula County 911 Communication system proposes to install a buried powerline to the Point 118 Communication Site. Point 118 is on a peak southwest of the West Fork Butte Lookout

Ninemile and Missoula Ranger District Small Tree Thinning Project

Noncommercial thinning of small trees in stands that were previously harvested and have densely regenerated. Thinning will increase tree health and vigor, and reduce the risk of mountain pine beetle caused mortality and large fires in the future.

O'Brien Creek Tree Planting

Hand planting about 1,900 acres with ponderosa pine and western larch

Quartz-Haugan Precommercial Thinning Project

Precommercial thinning of about 235 stands that range in size from one to 130 acres, located across the Superior Ranger District. This project covers an approximate total of 4390 acres.

Rennic Stark Project

Integrated landscape management treatments designed to: improve forest health, reduce hazardous fuels near communities, improve fish and wildlife connectivity, maintain water quality, and provide and maintain forest industry infrastructure.

Rim Rock 1

Mining of placer terrace deposits using hand tools. Process excavated material using a trommel. Process water from trommel discharged to a settling pond; solid wastes used to backfill excavations and depressions on site.

Rock Creek Fuels

Integrated landscape management treatments including commercial and noncommercial vegetation treatments, ecosystem maintenance burning, weed spraying, road maintenance, gravel pit development, and stream restoration. Treatments are designed to; improve forest health and resilience, provide wood products, enhance wildlife habitat, reduce fuels, maintain water quality and improve fish habitat.

Route of the Olympian

Motorized and non-motorized recreation and travel management on approximately 30 miles of abandoned railroad grades (Milwaukee and Northern Pacific) between Taft and St. Regis, Montana.

Sawmill Gulch Trail ReRoute Project

Re-route of three segments of trail (4500') in the Rattlesnake NRA to reduce erosion and trail braiding in seasonally wet areas.

Section 31 Trail Project

Obliterate a steep and erosive section of lower 3 Larch Trail by building a approximately 0.5 mile connection between lower 3 Larches and 2 Larch trails and to recontour approximately 1.2 miles of old roadbed that is used as trail in Section 31 T14N R18W. These treatments will improve the recreation quality and outdoor experiences in the Woods Gulch area.

Seeley Lake Campgrounds Project

Improve public safety by removing dead and dying trees, and trees at high risk of beetle infestation in the Big Larch, Seeley Lake and River Point Campgrounds and along their access roads

Seeley Lake Fuels

Integrated landscape management treatments including commercial or precommercial thinning and slashing, piling and burning, road maintenance decommissioning, stream restoration, and weed management. Treatments are designed to reduce hazardous fuels near recreation sites and within the WUI and to create defensible space in the case of wildfire.

Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Invasive Plants EIS

Forest Supervisors of the Nez Perce, Clearwater, Lolo, and Bitterroot National Forests have selected Alternative 5 to manage noxious weeds and other potentially harmful invasive non-native plant species within the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness and key areas adjacent to the SBW Wilderness, encompassing 1,348,000 acres. The purpose of this project is to prevent the establishment of new invaders in the project area and reduce the impacts of established invasive plants on native plant community stability, sustainability and diversity within the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness.

Snowbowl Zipline Project

Construction of a 600' trail within the Snowbowl ski area permit boundary to allow public and maintenance access to ziplines located on Snowbowl's private lands.

South Fork of Fish Creek

Integrated landscape management treatments including; commercial and precommercial thinning followed by burning, EMB /slashing or jackpot burning, and EMB in and adjacent to the Great Burn Proposed Wilderness, road storing and decommissioning, road maintenance, trail and trailhead improvements, and stream restoration. Treatments are designed to; improve forest health, reduce hazardous fuels near communities, improve fish and wildlife connectivity, maintain water quality, and provide safe recreation access.

Southside Road

Reduce understory ladder fuels, which would reduce the threat of crown fire in the overstory and reduce ground fire intensity, by thinning 84 acres, hand-piling 25 acres, and underburning

St. Regis South Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Fuel reduction activities on approximately 1211 acres of National Forest System lands adjacent to the town of St. Regis, Montana. Methods would include prescribed fire only, commercial and pre-commercial thinning, and slashing and piling.

Swan Face Prescribed Burn

The Swan Face prescribed burn project is proposed to restore the role of fire and enhance the forest ecosystem processes on 2471 acres located at the headwaters of the Clearwater on the Seeley Lake Ranger District.

T & L #2 Placer Reserve Definition

Up to three test holes would be dug with a rubber-tired backhoe at an unvegetated area in a disperesed campsite. Samples would be processed using gold pans. Process water would be discharged to a test hole.

Tyler Genoa and Bateman Gillespie Range Allotment Management Plan Revision

Revise allotment management plan to incorporate changes made in past annual operating plans to meet Forest Plan standards and guidelines, and close Bateman Gillespie Allotment

Upper Lolo watershed analysis

Integrated landscape management treatments including: stream restoration, and road decommissioning and maintenance. Treatments are designed to improve water quality, aquatic habitat, fish connectivity and improve motorized recreation and administrative access.

Upper Madison Fuels Project

Restore stand to a historically ponderosa pine component by thinning under-story Douglas fir. Implement thinning and prescribed under-burning to reduce fuels concentrations. Project will combine fuels efforts with the Petty Rock Timber Sale

Upper Ninemile Placer Mine Reclamation

Reclamation of abandoned placer mines including restoration of stream channels and fish habitat along Upper Ninemile, Sawpit, Martina, and Twin Creeks.

Welcome Creek Wilderness Forest Plan Amendment #38

Amendment of the Lolo National Forest Plan to include standards for the protection of wilderness character in the Welcome Creek Wilderness.

West Riverside and Lolo Complex Tree Planting

Tree planting and browse protection on about 1320 acres in burned areas of the 2012 West Riverside fire and the 2013 Lolo Complex fire

West Riverside Tree Planting

Planting tree seedlings and protecting them from animal browsing with shade tubes.

Westside Roadside Timber Salvage

Commercial and Personal use treatment of approximately 95 acres of dead and dying timber within 150 feet of road shoulder along portions of Forest Service Roads 4349, 2190, and 2192

Westside Trailhead Shed Construction

Construction of a shed to house the grooming equipment used to groom the snowmobile trails on the Seeley Lake area.

White Mountain Outfitting, Lolo Hot Springs Equestrian Day Rides

Permittee proposal to conduct day trail rides on routes on the Lolo National Forest, Missoula Ranger District. Permittee's equestrian trail rides would leave from Lolo Hot Springs Lodge and follow roads currently restricted to motorized use.

Yurt Ski Outfitter and Guide Permit Re-issue

Re-issue permit authorizing sservice days for renting two yurts and guiding activities associated with the yurts.

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