Lolo National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Projects on the Forest Managed by Other Units

FNF Plan Revision & NCDE GBCS Amendment to the Lolo, Helena, Lewis & Clark,and Kootenai NFs

The Flathead NF is revising their forest plan and preparing an amendment providing relevant direction from the NCDE Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy into the forest plans for the Lolo, Helena, Kootenai, and Lewis & Clark National Forests.

Lookout Pass Ski Area Expansion EIS

Proposal by Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area to expand its special use permit to upgrade and develop new lifts, ski terrain, parking, access roads, and guest service facilities.

Motorized Access Management within the Selkirk and Cabinet-Yaak Grizzly Bear Recovery Zones

Preparation of a Supplemental EIS to amend land and resource management plans for the Idaho Panhandle, Kootenai, and Lolo National Forests to address motorized access management within the Selkirk and Cabinet-Yaak Grizzly Bear Recovery Zones.

Lolo National Forest All Units

Center Horse Landscape Restoration Project

Collaboratively developed integrated ecosystem management including restoration of fire adapted ecosystems, soil productivity, watersheds and aquatic habitat, and management of recreation opportunities and motor vehicle access.

Double Arrow Subdivision Road Easement

Year-round use and maintenance on a Forest Service route to access Double Arrow Subdivision

Mattie V Bridge

he Lolo National Forest is proposing to modify a bridge approach on the Martina Creek Road (National Forest System Road #4256) crossing of Ninemile Creek near Martina and Mattie V Creeks.

Yellowstone Pipe Line Pipe Abandonment

Removal of and/or abandonment-in-place of approximately 9,693 feet of out-of-service pipeline located on three separate sites within Missoula and Sanders Counties on the Missoula and Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger Districts

Missoula Ranger District

Lolo Creek Large Wood Debris

This project would utilize large hazard trees cut after the 2013 Lolo Complex Fire to construct large woody debris structures on Lolo Creek to enhance aquatic habitat and improve stream and floodplain health.

Marshall Woods Restoration Project

Integrated resource management including vegetation and watershed restoration, fuels reduction, public education, and recreation enhancements.

Sapphire Crest Trail

Trail construction and reconstruction to connect existing trail segments, creating a 100-mile long non-motorized trail across the Lolo, Bitterroot, and Beaverhead National Forests on the Sapphire Divide.

Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger District


Integrated project that includes vegetation and road management activities to address insect and disease concerns, reduce fuels within the wildland urban interface, and maintain a suitable transportation system.

Copper King Fire Salvage

Salvage of dead and dying trees on approximately 1708 acres within the Copper King Fire perimeter. Project also includes cutting danger trees along roads and tree planting on approximately 6000 acres.

Swamp Eddy

Integrated project that includes vegetation and road management activities to restore resilient vegetative conditions, improve elk forage, support communities, and maintain a suitable transportation system.

Superior Ranger District

12 Tamarack

Integrated forest resource project that includes vegetation management, big game winter range maintenance, watershed improvements, fuels reduction, and recreation enhancements within the 69,000-acre project area located north and west of St. Regis


Integrated forest management including: vegetation and watershed restoration, fuels reduction, and recreation enhancements within the Cedar and Thompson Creek drainages, located southwest of Superior, Montana.

Jam Cracker

Vegetation and road management activities to improve vegetative resilience; reduce forest fuels; improve forage conditions for elk; provide wood products to contribute to local and regional economies; and maintain a sustainable transportation system.

Summer Trails Motorized Management

Motorized recreation management including development and authorization of trails and roads for All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use, and closure and restoration of areas damaged by unauthorized Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use.

Project Archive

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