This Projects and Plans web page contains a frequently updated list of projects planned and completed since our last quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) was published. This page is not our formal Schedule of Proposed Actions.  We will continue to notify interested members of the public using our normal notification procedures via the SOPA and our mailing list.


Mt. Hood National Forest Project Archive

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2009 Clackamas Restoration Projects

District-wide restoration project including side channels along rivers for better fish habitat, improve fish passage at culverts, road closures, and restoration of unauthorized shooting damage. Includes CFR closure for shooting.

2011 Middle Fork Irrigation District Projects

Three projects would be completed by MFID within the permit area: Eliot Irrigation Ditch Tree Removal, Flow Meter Installation, & Water Level Monitoring Device Installation. A fourth project (PIT Tag Antennas) would be completed by the USFS.

2012 Forestwide Restoration

Restore specific high priority watersheds that have been identified through Watershed Restoration Action Plans as well as other high priority restoration projects outside these watersheds.

2013 Middle Fork Irrigation District Projects

Middle Fork Irrigation District will complete four miantenence projects within their permit area: (1) Clear Branch Dam Parapet Wall Refurbishment; (2) Right-of-Way Bushing; (3) Sediment Basin Cleaning; and, (4) Wood Placement Below Clear Branch Dam.

36 Pit Native Vegetation Planting and Danger Tree Removal Project

Native Vegetation Planting and Danger Tree Removal Project in 36 Pit Fire Burned Area

AeroVironment Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Construction of an electric vehicle charging station in the Skibowl West parking lot

Billy Bob Fuels Reduction

Reduce hazardous fuel loadings and ladder fuels, and change the existing fire condition class in the area of Camp Baldwin Boy Scout Camp Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), using the Boy Scouts and other groups as collaborators.

Blue Ridge Fault Trench

Construct a trench to facilitate conducting geologic research on fault scarps. Trench is approx 100-ft long by 10-ft wide by 15-ft deep. The trench would be open for 2-3 weeks. The site would be restored after the research is completed.

Bridge 1825 Replacement Environmental Assessment

The bridge on Forest Road 1825 was damaged during the fall flood of 2006. The proposed project would repair or replace the damaged bridge.

Buttercup Ski Lift Replacement

To increase capacity and improve traffic flow, a new ski lift and new terminal sites will be installed and the alignment will be changed and extended at Buttercup ski lift. A new access road and utility lines will be constructed as connected actions.

C800 Group Communication Facility

Improve public agency emergency service communications available along the highways leading to Mt. Hood and the Timberline Ski Area, as well as the surrounding forestlands.

Cascade Crest Fuel Break

Construction of a shaded fuel break approximately 500 feet wide adjacent to Roads 4220 and 4230.

Cascade Crossing Transmission Project

Portland General Electric proposes to construct, maintain, and operate a 500 kV, single-circuit transmission line that would cross 1.2 miles of the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Cascade Huts 2011 Proposal

Cascade Huts operates three huts within the Mt Hood National Forest. An additional 2 huts would be added to its inventory available for rent in 2011.The huts are to be placed on existing roads. Proposed locations are the 1700-680 and 4431 Roads.

Cascade Utility Fiber Optic Line

instalation of fiber optic line under roads from Ripplebrook to Highway 26

Cascadia Center for Arts and Crafts

The purpose of this project is to re-issue a 10 year special use permit authorization for the Cascadia Center for the Arts to utilize Government owned facilities for the purposes of the Cascadian Arts program in Government Camp, Oregon.

Clackamas County Waterline Installation

Clackamas County is proposing to bury a 12-inch diameter waterline in Government Camp, approximately 1,300 feet from Tyrolean Drive west to the access road for the Government Camp Sewage Treatment Plant, and for a fire hydrant at Skibowl West.

Clackamas Road Decommissioning for Habitat Restoration, Increment 1

Decommissioning roads to improve hydrologic function and reduce adverse impacts to aquatic and terrestrial habitats in the Upper Clackamas area.

Clear Branch Dam Safety Improvements

Remove approximately 30 trees from the south Clear Branch Dam abutment and add riprap to the upstream (west) face of the dam as per FERC directive to improve dam integrity and safety.

Cloud Cap Road Tree Removal and Native Vegetation Planting for Gnarl Ridge Fire Area

Remove felled trees within 100-feet of Cloud Cap Road. The equipment would remain in road prism, and would swing logs onto trucks or pull logs with cable and picked them up with grapples. Logs would be stored for future aquatic restoration projects.

Cloud Cap Weather Station

Install & maintain solar powered weather station in Ghost Ridge area, near Cloud Cap Road. Station requires: weather proof building, precipitation gage, antenna tower, snow pillow, solar panels, air temp/pressure sensors, wind gage, and fencing.

Coe Diversion Grade Control Project

Middle Fork Irrigation District proposes to construct a roughened channel at two existing partial fish passage barriers. Large boulders would be added to the channel below the existing boulder weirs to create a steep riffle that is passable by fish.

Cooks Meadow Trail Relocation Project

This proposal would reroute approximately 4 miles of the Cooks Meadow Trail and would establish better trail lay-out by removing the current route off a forest road.

Cool Creek EA

Reissuance of Special Use Permit for recreation residences (summer homes)

DB Cooper Fuel Reduction Demonstration Project

This project is a collaborative effort to identify possible fuels reduction activities on 30 acres in and around the wildland-urban interface around Cooper Spur. Activities could include thinning, fuelbreaks, and/or prescribed burning.

Eastside Precommercial Thinning 2010-2017

Hood River and Barlow Districts propose to precommerical thin (PCT) approximately 15,000 acres of young (10-30 year old), overstocked plantations. PCT is completed by hand crews with chainsaws cutting down trees less than 6-inches in diameter.

Eliot Irrigation Ditch Improvements

Middle Fork Irrigation District will be conducting 2 maintenance projects on the Eliot Irrigation Ditch. Project #1 will replace a flushing gate with a hand-operated metal gate and project #2 will install a Powder River gate on the ditch access path.

Forest Plan Amendment to Update the Bull Run Watershed Management Unit Land Use Allocation

Change all Land Use Allocations to DA-1 (Bull Run Watershed)and DA-3 (Research Natural Area) and update the Plan Standards & Guidlines to comply with Omnibus Parks & Public Lands Management and Little Sandy River Watershed Protection Acts.

Forest Road 1828 Road Repair

Forest Road 1828 was damaged during the fall flood of 2006. The proposed project consists of long-term repairs to flood damaged sections of the road.

Forest Road 2612 Slide Repair

A landslide obliterated a 200 foot section of Forest Road 2612. The project will repair the road at the slide site.

Forest-wide Bough Program

bough harvest across the forest

Gate Creek OHV Crossing Project

Construct a trail from Gate Creek Staging Area to Forest Service Road 4830. The trail would be would have two stream crossings over Gate Creek. This would add 0.8 miles of newly designated OHV trail and 0.2 miles of new mixed-use along FSR 4830.

Geotechnical Investigations CE for the Proposed Cascade Crossing Transmission Project

Geotechnical investigations on National Forest System lands for the proposed Cascade Crossing Transmission Project

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Glacier Ditch Piping

MFID proposes to install 500 of 18-inch HDPE pipe in the upper Glacier ditch on National Forest Lands. This is part of a larger project that will pipe approximately 10,000 feet of Glacier ditch.

Grove Thin

Thinning of second-growth stands in the Oak Grove and Middle Clackamas Watersheds

Huckleberry Enhancement Thin

thinning second growth stands to get more sunlight to understory huckleberries.

Hunchback Mountain Land Exchange

The Forest Service would convey 160 acres of property on Wildcat Mtn. Road and acquire 160 acres of county land at Hunchback Mountain near Zigzag, Oregon, and aqcuire 276 acres of land near Waldport, Oregon.

Jazz Thin

The purpose of this project is to thin second-growth plantations to achieve multiple objectives. Thinning would occur in matrix, late-successional reserves and riparian reserves.

Knebal Springs Super Connector Trail Construction

Construct 4 miles of trail to move existing route off FS Roads 1700 & 1720. Minimal clearing would be needed since the majority of the project is on skid roads used for The Dalles Fuelbreak project. Only 0.4 miles of trail would be new construction.

Lady Creek Water System Replacement

Replace and upgrade existing Lady Creek waterlines serving recreation residence cabins because the existing lines are leaking and have reached the end of their service life. These waterlines are along National Forest System Roads 2620, 220E and 2632.

Lake Branch Thin

Thinning of 2,163 acres of second-growth plantations. Includes thinning in matrix and riparian reserves.

Lava Restoration

Improve forest health in West, East & Middle Fork of Hood River subwatersheds. Treatments include plantation thinning, firewood removal & huckleberry enhancement, plus decommissioning 2.1 miles and closing (year round & seasonal) 22.3 miles of roads.

Lemiti Guzzler

Installation of a device to provide drinking water to wildlife

Lower Still Creek Restoration

The proposed restoration includes improving stream function by adding large wood to the channel and floodplains, creating pools using boulder and log structures, opening up historic side channels, planting native plants, and removing invasive plants.

Meadows Creek Culvert Replacement

Replace two culverts on Meadows Creek to remove fish passage barriers. The culverts are located: under Highway 35 (at approximately river mile (RM) 1.8) and the one immediately downstream of the Highway (on Forest Road 3500-680).

Mt. Hood Meadows 2011 Summer Projects

Complete projects in the MHM ski permit area, including repairing ski trail signs, replacing sign posts, installing fiber optic cable/footings for lift ticket validation system, installing winch anchor, & installing two flumes for a water study.

Mt. Hood Meadows 2013 Maintenance Projects

Complete maintenance projects within Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort permit area. Projects include: trail sign replacement, new trail signs at Shooting Star, Nordic ski trail maintenance, Kinnikinnick stumping grinding, and fiber optic line installation.

Mt. Hood Meadows Annex Parking Lot Paving

Proposal by Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort to pave the Annex parking lot, add bioswales for stormwater treatment and to protect Mitchell Creek, and restore a small wetland in the southwest corner of the lot.

Mt. Hood Meadows Parking Improvements EIS

This project builds the Twilight Parking Lot to expand parking and constructs a new, upgraded maintenance shop. All alternatives include installing utilities lines, building access roads, constructing turn lanes, and constructing Nordic ski trails.

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area Enhancements EA

1) Replace & upgrade Stadium Chair Lift; 2) Restore wetland at the base on the existing lift; 3) Restore approx 1 acre of wetland between the Blue and Mt Hood Express chairlifts; 4) Replace the culvert on the North service road to allow debris flow.

Native Vegetation Planting for Gnarl Ridge Fire Area

Plant approximately 300 acres in the severely burned area from Gnarl Ridge Fire with native tree species, native shrub and grass species to restore the native ecosystem and minimize soil erosion. Project is outside designated or proposed wilderness.

North Fork Mill Creek Restoration Project

The project is a collaborative approach to fuels reduction and restoration in the North Fork Mill, Mosier, and West Fork Neal watersheds. It includes timber harvest, road closures/decommission, road management, restoration, and fuels reduction.

North Fork Mill Creek Revised

Analyze changed conditions resulting from the Government Flats fire and assess how this impacts existing contractual obligations on two stewardship sales. The proposed treatments include restoration thinning, hazard tree treatments and reforestation.

Owl Underburn Project

The Owl Undeburn Project would utilize prescribed fire to move the area towards historical fire regime and condition class. No temporary roads or harvest activities would occur as part of this project.

PGE Sirens

Installation of sirens on poles to warn forest visitors in the event of a dam failure.

Pioneer Bridle Trail CE

The Pioneer Bridle trail will need to be relocated and reconstructed in sections where the ODOT highway expansion project will effect the trail location. Aproximately 1/2 mile of trail over a 2-mile stretch will be relocated.

Portland General Electric (PGE) Buried Line Replacement near Summit Ski Area CE

In order to provide safe and reliable power, PGE has proposed to replace a current buried powerline that is failing due to aging. This new line (about 1,300 feet in length) will be installed adjacent to the existing line, which will remain in ground.

Portland General Electric (PGE) Regulator Replacement at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area CE

Because of low voltage problems caused by above ground regulators, PGE has proposed to replace the existing pole mounted regulator with a more reliable, in-ground vault.

Portland General Electric Bethel-Round Butte Transmission Line Project

Authorize a special use permit for Portland General Electric to continue to operate electrical tranmission lines across National Forest lands on the Willamette, Mt. Hood, and Ochoco National Forests.

Post Office Club Driveway Construction

Authorize the construction of an access/egress driveway to an Organization Camp (Post Office Club) cabin which is location on National Forest System land.

Precommercial Thinning Program

precommercial thinning of plantations on the Clackamas River and Zigazag Ranger Districts

Ramsey Creek - Fish Passage Enhancement Project

Restore stream habitat connectivity in Ramsey Creek drainage for steelhead trout and interior redband trout. Project would remove two cement headwalls from the stream channel that are juvenile salmonid fish barrier.

Red Hill Drive Bridge Replacement

Flooding in 2006 washed out the bridge over the Middle Fork of Hood River (Red Hill Drive Bridge). The proposed project will replace the bridge. The bridge will be designed to sustain future flood events.

Red Hill Restoration

Improve forest health in Upper West Fork Hood River subwatershed. Treatments include plantation thinning, riparian enhancement, fuels reduction, habitat improvement & huckleberry enhancement. Treatments will occur on 1,500 acres in the Red Hill area.

Reissue Campground Concessionaire Permits

Reissue campground concessionaire permits for sites that have been managed under concessionaire permits for an additional 10-year term.


Thinning of 2,175 acres of stands that have already been thinned once and are now ready for a second thinning. Includes thinning in matrix, riparian reserves and late-successional reserves.

Rhododendron Water Association Diversion Maintenance

Structural reinforcement to the exposed underside of the diversion structure for the Rhododendron Water Association's operations in Henry Creek, which has eroded away and is in need of repair.

RLK & Company Communication Lease

The project proposes to authorize RLK & Company use at the top terminal of the Mile Chair Lift as a communication facility within the existing operating guidelines of the Timberline Communication Site Plan.

Road Decommissioning for Aquatic Restoration

In order to improve hydrologic function and reduce adverse impacts to aquatic habitat, this project proposes to decommission unneeded roads in several priority sixth-field subwatersheds.

Road Decommissioning for Habitat Restoration (Clackamas River Ranger District), Increment 2

Decommissioning roads to improve hydrologic function and reduce adverse impacts to aquatic and terrestrial habitats on the Clackamas River Ranger District.

Road Decommissioning for Habitat Restoration (Zigzag Ranger District), Increment 2

Decommissioning roads to improve hydrologic function and reduce adverse impacts to aquatic and terrestrial habitats on the Zigzag Ranger District.

Road Decommissioning for Habitat Restoration, Increment #3 (Barlow and Hood River Ranger Districts)

Decommissioning roads to improve hydrologic function and reduce adverse impacts to aquatic habitat on the Barlow and Hood River Ranger Districts

Rock Creek Sapling Thinning and Underburning

Hand-thin and underburn approximately 1,215 acres of ponderosa pine/Oregon white oak and ponderosa pine/Douglas-fir stands. Only trees less than 8-inch diameter at breast height (DBH) would be removed.

Salmon River Side Channel 23a Restoration CE

The purpose of this project is to reactivate a historic side channel at river mile 8.9 on the Salmon River to increase habitat complexity for the benefit of salmonid and riparian species.

Sandy River Trail Reconstruction

Portions of the Sandy River Trail would be reconstructed by installing drainage structures including drain dips, waterbars, rock armoring and check dams.

Site-Specific Invasive Plant Treatment EIS for Mt. Hood NF/CRGNSA (Oregon)

Prescribes treatments for invasive plants on Mt. Hood NF and Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Oregon on approx. 13,000 acres (208 sites) with a combination of treatments including herbicide, manual, mechanical and cultural (goat grazing).

Skibowl Mountain Bike Trail Addition

Construct an additional 2 miles of downhill mountain bike trails within the Mt. Hood SkiBowl permit boundary. The proposed trail would go from the Upper Bowl Chairlift to Lower Bowl Chair area. Some of the trail would be within existing roads.

Skibowl Ski Area Snowmaking Infrastructure Improvements

Antiquated technology and dynamic environmental conditions have created the need to regularly improve snowmaking infrastructure. Therefore, this project would expand and upgrade the existing snowmaking infrastructure in the Skibowl Ski Area.

Skyline Toilet Replacement

There are inadequate toilet facilities at Skyline Sno-park to accommodate weekend use. The project proposal is to install another vault toilet next to the existing toilet. The proposed site is in a graveled, compacted old road bed.

Sportsman's Paradise Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

Reduce hazardous fuel loadings and ladder fuels, and change existing fire condition class in the area of Sportsman's Paradise Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), using input from the collaborative groups. Collaboration scheduled to begin in July 2008.

Surveyor's Ridge Trail Re-route

The Surveyor's Ridge Trail would be re-routed where it will be impacted by the City of the Dalles pipeline replacement. Additional trailhead parking will also be created.

Temporary Concessionaire Permit

Issue a temporary, one year, special use permit for recreation sites that are currently managed by the Forest Service.

The Dalles Watershed Fuel Break

Fuelbreak around the perimeter and on major interior roads of the City of The Dalles Municipal Watershed. The proposal is a result of a collaborative effort.

The Dalles Watershed Phase II

Reduce hazardous fuels on approx 2400 acres within The Dalles Municipal Watershed. This project focuses on the interior of the watershed, including in-holdings. Activities may include commercial/sapling thinning, underburning, piling, and/or pruning.

Tilly Jane Hazardous Fuels Reduction

The purpose of the project is to remove ladder fuel on 34 acres within and around the Tilly Jane Campground to protect the historic site and campground from a large scale disturbance.

Timberline Express Chairlift

Construction of a new chairlift and ski trail network in the southwest corner of Timberline Ski Area permit area.

Timberline Lodge Landmark Sign

Construct a landmark sign at the junction of Highway 26 and Timberline Road (Rd. 173) to help visitors find Timberline Lodge.

Timberline Lodge Walking Trails Reconstruction

This project will relocate short sections of trail and reconstruct the walking trails above Timberline Lodge to the PCT. It will remove the broken asphalt and replace the trails with packed gravel. At least one trail will be ADA compliant.

Timberline Lodge Waterline Replacement

The current water supply line to the lodge was installed in 1962 and has outlived its design life. It is leaking; has high maintenance needs; and will likely fail in the near future. A new modern water line in needed to provide reliable water.

Timberline Trail- Eliot Branch Reconstruction

A debris flow in 2006 washed out this portion of the Timberline Trail creating a barrier to circumnavigate Mt. Hood. The proposal would reconstruct approximately 1.5 miles of the Timberline Trail across Eliot Branch.

U.S. Cellular Tower - Bennett Pass

Install at 180-foot black monopole cell tower to serve north Highway 35 and Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort. Capable of handling 2 to 3 co-locators (e.g., Hood River Sheriff's Office). Buried powerline from the Mt. Hood Meadows overpass.

Upper Clack Thin

Thinning of 1,094 acres of second-growth plantations. Includes thinning in matrix, riparian reserves and late-successional reserves.

Verizon Sisi Communication Site Special Use Permit Renewal

Renewal of the Special Use Permit for the Verizon Communication Site at Sisi Butte. The only change will be allowing the permit holder to use FSR 4220120, which is approximately 2 miles.

Warm Springs Maintenance Station Housing Improvements

At junction of Hwy 26 and 216, demo an existing duplex, large garage and washroom building. Buildings would be replaced with two new single family dwellings with detached garages in approximately the same location. See supporting documents for maps.

West Fork Hood River Restoration

The West Fork Hood River Restoration project would restore habitat for listed fish species by restoring the stream and stream function by adding large wood debris to the stream.

White River Wetland Fencing

Protect three small sensitive spring/wetland areas from over utilization by livestock in the White River Grazing Allotment by placing a four strand barbwire (wildlife fence) or buck-n-pole fence. Fences would be built by hand.

Zigzag Ranger Station Office Expansion and Remodel

This project proposes to expand and remodel the Zigzag Ranger District Office.

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