This Projects and Plans web page contains a frequently updated list of projects planned and completed since our last quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) was published. This page is not our formal Schedule of Proposed Actions.  We will continue to notify interested members of the public using our normal notification procedures via the SOPA and our mailing list.


Mt. Hood National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Mt. Hood National Forest All Units

Cascadia Center for Arts and Crafts

The purpose of this project is to re-issue a 10 year special use permit authorization for the Cascadia Center for the Arts to utilize Government owned facilities for the purposes of the Cascadian Arts program in Government Camp, Oregon.

Government Camp - Cooper Spur Land Exchange

The Forest Service would convey approximately 110 acres of property near Government Camp and acquire about 765 acres of private land near Cooper Spur. This land exchange was mandated by Congress in the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009.

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Management Plan

To comply with Final Travel Managemet Rule [FR, Vol 70, No. 216 (2005)] for Off-highway vehicles. Designation of roads & trails open to OHV use by vehicle class. To amend the Forest Plan to change current policy closed to OHV unless designated open.

Surveyor's Ridge Trail Re-route

The Surveyor's Ridge Trail would be re-routed where it will be impacted by the City of the Dalles pipeline replacement. Additional trailhead parking will also be created.

USGS Volcanic Monitoring Stations in the Mt. Hood Wilderness

Four monitoring stations would be installed in Mt. Hood Wilderness. They would be assembled and maintained by U.S. Geological Survey. The data would assess volcanic activity and assist in communications regarding volcanic hazards and public safety.

Verizon DAS Permit at Timberline

The Forest Service has proposed to issue a permit to Verizon to install a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) inside of the historic Timberline Lodge and day lodge to improve cellular coverage inside the buildings.

Verizon Sisi Communication Site Special Use Permit Renewal

Renewal of the Special Use Permit for the Verizon Communication Site at Sisi Butte. The only change will be allowing the permit holder to use FSR 4220120, which is approximately 2 miles.

West Fork Hood River Restoration

The West Fork Hood River Restoration project would restore habitat for listed fish species by restoring the stream and stream function by adding large wood debris to the stream.

Barlow Ranger District

Dog River Pipeline Replacement

The existing Dog River pipeline, which is an important component of The Dalles' public drinking water supply, is deteriorating, leaking from tree damage, and exhibiting corrosion. This project proposes to replace the existing pipeline.

Rocky Restoration Project

The Rocky Restoration Project looks to improve the health and vigor of forested stands, and improve conditions for wildlife and aquatic resources, while reducing the risk of human-caused fires on nonfederal lands.

Clackamas River Ranger District

Goat Mountain Thin

Thinning second-growth stands on approximately 2,800 acres of mid-aged stands ranging in age from 30 to 60 years old in parts of the Middle Clackamas, Lower Clackamas, and Lower Molalla River Watersheds.


Integrated Resource Management. A project in the Upper Clackamas Watershed that includes vegetation management, aquatic/riparian management and transportation system management.

Indian Henry Campground

Assessment of options to deal with removing hazard trees caused by root diseases in Indian Henry Campground and modernization of facilities. Most of campground is closed at this time due to hazard.

Lemiti Fuels Reduction Project

Fuels reduction and salvage of bug killed lodgepole pine on approximately 1,400 acres. Fuel treatments would include a mix of actions such as harvesting and removing trees, precommercial thinning, pruning, slash piling and pile burning.

Restoration 2015

Formerly called Restoration 2014. Fish habitat, watershed restoration, & water quality restoration projects. Projects include instream log & boulder placement, side channel creation, road closure, decommissioning & repair of vehicle damage.

Hood River Ranger District

Clear Branch Dam Improvements

This project looks to conduct dam-specific improvements as well as fisheries related improvements to support local anadromous fisheries.

Mt. Hood Meadows Parking Improvements EIS

This project builds the Twilight Parking Lot to expand parking and constructs a new, upgraded maintenance shop. All alternatives include installing utilities lines, building access roads, constructing turn lanes, and constructing Nordic ski trails.

Polallie Cooper Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Reduce fuels loading in fire adapted plant communities in the Cooper Spur Wildland Urban Interface located in the East Fork of Hood River watershed. Treatments may include plantation thinning, firewood removal, fuel break & natural stand thinning.

Zigzag Ranger District

Bull Run Land Exchange

The Mt. Hood National Forest would convey 2,890 acres of land to the City of Portland, and acquire 2,440 acres of city land, all in the Bull Run Watershed Management Unit.

Lower Still Creek Restoration

The proposed restoration includes improving stream function by adding large wood to the channel and floodplains, creating pools using boulder and log structures, opening up historic side channels, planting native plants, and removing invasive plants.

Mazama Lodge Parking Area Expansion

The Mazamas are proposing to expand an existing 3-4 stall parking area located south of the Mazama Lodge on NFSR 2600530 into approximately 66 parking stalls and one bus pull-out, to mitigate a long-standing visitor safety issue.

Skibowl Ski Area Snowmaking Infrastructure Improvements

Antiquated technology and dynamic environmental conditions have created the need to regularly improve snowmaking infrastructure. Therefore, this project would expand and upgrade the existing snowmaking infrastructure in the Skibowl Ski Area.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.