National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is an overarching federal law that guides the implementation of all Olympic National Forest projects and management activities. This law helps define a collaborative process for decision-making that takes the health of communities and ecosystems into account. 

Two of the major purposes of this process are to: 1.) Disclose environmental effects, and 2.) Make informed decisions. 

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA):

The Schedule of Proposed Actions or SOPA (formerly called the NEPA Quarterly Report) is designed to provide information on current and upcoming projects to people interested in management of the Olympic National Forest. 

Current Olympic Forest Projects

The following project information and associated environmental documents are shown on Olympic National Forest's website for public review. If you are interested in a proposed action listed on the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA - see above) that is not listed below, please contact the appropriate District office. 

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Olympic National Forest Project Archive

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20 Year Permit Issuance for 3 Existing Communication Sites at Buck Mountain

Proposed issuance of new leases to American Tower Corporation and Accu-Comm, Inc. to replace expired leases, for continued operation and maintenance of communications facilities at Buck Mountain Communications Site.

2011-2015 Young Stand Precommercial Thinning

Precommercially thin about 5900 acres over a 5 year period. Acres to be thinned were harvested between 1970 and about 1992. Thinning will promote desired stand conditions.

29-554 Rayonier Tailhold Permit

Authorize five tailhold trees or stumps. No tree removal.

Bear Creek Saddle

Proposal to commercial thin second growth forest to increase structural diversity and late successional habitat development. New NEPA analysis to be completed following withdraw of the September 15, 2006 decision.

Betts Private Road Permit Reissuance

Issuance of a new 10-year permit for a 350-foot private driveway on National Forest Land.

Bockette Creek Fish Passage Improvement

The proposed project would improve fish passage in Bockette Creek at the FSR 2902 crossing by placing log structures, spawning gravel, and rock structures directly below the culvert outlet to raise water levels through the crossing.

Bonidou Rock Pit Expansion

The Bonidou Pit has been identified as the rock source for the activities approved in the Sitkum Commercial Thinning Decision Notice/FONSI. This pit is also used for road maintenance and other projects requiring rock in the vicinity.

Boulder Rock Pit Expansion

Pit is used for road maintenance and other projects requiring rock in the vicinity.

Calawah Rock Pit Expansion

Proposes to expand an existing rock pit by four acres for the purpose of meeting anticipated rock needs and permit requests.

Calawah Watershed Road Decommissioning

The proposed project would decommission or decommission and convert to trail approximately 36 miles of existing classified roads in the Calawah Watershed.

Clallam Co. PUD

Clallam County Public Utility District (PUD) proposed to covert 1.2 miles of over-head line to buried line adjacent to Hwy 101 in the Klahoway Campground administrative site area. Trench will be 18" deep x 42" wide

Colonel Bob Trail Repair and Reconstruction

Clearing, repair, and reconstruction of approximately 1.5 miles of trail to restore access to the Colonel Bob Wilderness.

Colonel Bob Trail Rootwad Removal

Remove 4 to 6 large rootwads from Col Bob Trail #851 to re-establish trail access for hikers and stock users. It is anticipated that explosives will be needed to remove these trail obstructions.

Cranberry Bog Restoration

Proposal to eradicate non-native, invasive plants at Cranberry Bog that have nearly overrun the southern portion of the bog, and restore the native plant component of this uncommon habitat through active restoration.

Department of the Army Training Exercises

The Army Corps of Engineers requests a reauthorization of their existing permit to conduct training exercises at locations and schedules specifically approved in advance on the Olympic National Forest.

Domestic Waterline Permit Reissuance

Issuance of new 10-year permits for three water transmission lines that provide water to private residences.

Dosewallips Engineered Log Jams

The project would design and install log jam structures on NF lands to enhance density and distribution of natural large woody debris in the Dosewallips River. Heavy equipment would construct log jams, helicopters may be used to transport trees.

Dosewallips Road Washout

Forest Service Road 2610 washed out during the January 2002 storm event. Environmental analysis will be conducted to determine access to Olympic National Park and Forest Service campgrounds.

Dosewallips: Forest Road 2610-012 Repair and Forest Road 2610-010 Maintenance Level Reduction

Work would reduce operational maintenance level (ML) from ML2 to ML1 on storm-damaged 2610-010 at milepost 0.2 to 0.9. Removed fills would be used to repair damaged sections of 2610-012 from milepost 0.0 to 0.3 to put it back into service as an ML2.

Early-Seral Open Wildlife Habitat Enhancements

Wildlife habitat enhancement activities on up to 500 acres. Includes removal of small trees (<18" dbh) and shrubs using hand tools to expand existing openings or create new openings (less than 5 acres; generally <1 acre) in densely stocked stands.

Easement Grant to Rayonier for FS Road 2923-050 Switchback

Proposal by Rayonier Inc. to acquire easement and construct new switchback on FS Road 2923050 to provide access to provate timberlands.

East Fork Humptulips Vegetation Management

Proposal to commercially thin approximately 3,300 acres of young, previously managed forest stands in the East Fork Humptulips watershed, on the Pacific Ranger District.

Electric Transmission Line Permit Reissuances

Proposed issuance of new permits to Grays Harbor County Public Utility District (PUD) #1 and Mason County PUD #1 to replace expired permits, for continued operation and maintenance of existing buried and aerial electric transmission lines.

Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO), FY16, Hood Canal Ranger District

Road maintenance within the right-of-way prism for FS-2610 (crossing at Case Creek), FS-2620 (repair culvert and washout), and FS-2650 (pipe replacement).

Falls Creek Campground Kiosk Removal and Replacement

The existing information kiosk and fee station were constructed in the 1950s and are in poor structural condition. The structure would be removed and replaced with a three-panel information kiosk which would also serve as the campground fee station.

Forest Service Road 2922, Mile Post 2.3 culvert replacement

Replace the existing 48 inch culvert with a 120 inch culvert. This upgrade would accomodate higher stream flows including debris, significantly reduce the likelihood of this crossing failing, and continue to provide vehicle access on FSR 2922.

FS Road 22 Access Spurs Permit Reissuance

Issuance of a new 10-year Private Road permit to Rayonier Forest Resources for short road segments on National Forest land outside Forest boundary to provide access to private timberlands.

FS Road 22 MP 8.0 Donkey Creek Fish Passage

Replace two existing 6-foot diameter culverts with either a bridge or a larger culvert that is designed to allow passage for fish and other aquatic organisms.

FS Road 2923-060 Reopening and Use

Proposal by Rayonier to open a closed segment of FS Road 2923-060, use it for timber haul, and close it again after use is complete. The use of a 200-foot skid road is also proposed.

FSR 2160 MP 1.9 Road Repair

Removal of temporary bridge and installation of a permanent bridge at milepost 1.9 on FS Road 2160, a site that was damaged during a 2009 storm event.

FSR 2345-100 Timberland Access

Permit Green Diamond Resource Company access across approximately 800 feet of National Forest System land to their timberland.

FSR 2361 Culvert Replacement

Replace two existing culverts at mileposts 3.0 and 3.5 with new Q100 culverts. Remove unsuitable fill material and replace with suitable material. Install riprap at inlet and outlet. All work is within the road prism.

FSR 2366-200 Spur Easement Grant

Proposal to grant an easement to Green Diamond Resource Company for a segment of road approx. 200 feet in length, to provide access to their lands in the Satsop River watershed.

FSR 30 Abandonment and Easement Termination

Termination of easements acquired by the USFS for a segment of Road 30 that has been bypassed by construction of a reroute.The USFS will share in the cost of decommissioning a segment of the abandoned road on State lands.

FSR 3079 and 3079-011 Spur Easement Request Lyre River

Request from RD Merrill Company for authorization to reconstruct and use a 0.25-mile segment of FS Road 3079 and a 0.05-mile segment of unclassified road known as FS Road 3079-011 Spur, to provide access to private lands.

Grindstone Pit Expansion

About four acres of young-growth conifers to the north of the currently developed area. The timber would be cut and removed through a small commercial timber sale. A short existing unclassified road would be developed to provide access from FSR2923.

H to Z Thinning

Commercially variable density thin (thinning, heavy thinning, gaps up to two acres in size, and skips) up to 70 harvest acres, through a timber sale and/or stewardship contract (uneven-aged harvesting).

Interfor Tailhold Authorization

Authorize Interfor to tie onto five trees or stumps on Kugel Ridge (off of FS Road 2929) adjacent to Kugel Den Timber Sale on DNR land. The selected trees would be left on site and standing.

Invasive Plant Program Management Amendment

To add the herbicide aminopyralid to the list of approved ones in the Forest Plan. This amendment is a relatively minor modification to the invasive plant program. It would not approve any projects on the ground. Project-level analysis is required.

Jackson Thinning

Thin forest stands to accelerate old growth development, increase structural diversity of forest stands, and promote a multilayered canopy.

Klahowya Campground Water Distribution System Upgrade and Replacement

Purpose is to improve safety and address maintenance needs of the water source, delivery and pump systems at the Klahowya Campground administrative site.

Lake Cushman Bridge ERFO repair

Permanent repair to the west end of the Lake Cushman Bridge, located on FSR 2451000 at mile post 0.2, damaged in a 2007 storm. The existing temporary repair does not provide safe and adequate vehicle access to the Elk Creek and Four Stream areas.

Lake Quinault Water Company Well

Lake Quinault Water Company (LQWC) has requested to add a well to the system to improve water availability.

Lake Sutherland Water District Permit Reissuance

Lake Sutherland Water District has held a special use permit for operation and maintenance of a water transmission to Mallard Cove Subdivision. The permit has expired, and reissuance of a new 10-year authorization is proposed.

Lakebed Sediment Core Sampling

Oregon State Univsity paleoearthquake research entails lake sediment core sampling in 4 lakes beds on the Olympic National Forest: Beaver Lk, Lena Lk, Spider Lk, Jefferson Lk. Cores are 2.5 in. wide and up to 10 meters deep.

Lower Big Quilcene Trail Bridge Replacement

This project would replace four trail bridges on the lower Big Quilcene trail. Bridge sites would remain in their existing locations. New bridge structures may be flown in.

Midwyn Thin

This project proposes the commercial thinning of approximately 63 acres of 60-year-old second growth forest stands to accelerate the development of late successional characteristics.

Mt Muller Divide Trail

Proposal to build a 2.5-mile trail linking Hwy 101 Mt Muller trailhead to Jasmine Meadow, west of the peak of Mt Muller. Most of the proposed trail uses follows old logging roads, railroad grades, or fireline, with some sections of new construction.

Murhut Falls Trail Rehabilitation

Removal of unauthorized stairs and blocking unauthorized trails near the overlook on the Murhut Falls Trail, Trail #828. Construction of a log railing at the overlook and improved log barriers along the trail.


Murphy Logging is logging a Washington Dept. of Natural Resource sale adjacent to Ntl. Forest and has requested one permit for up to 6 tailholds to yard using suspension yarding. Trees will be strapped and no trees will be felled or removed.

Neilton Point Communications Use Lease Reissuance

Proposed issuance of a new 10-year lease to Westside Communications, US Cellular, WCLA, and Quinault Indian Nation for continued operation of a commercial mobile radio service at Neilton Point. No construction or new activities are proposed.

Neilton Point Vegetation Management

Proposal to cut trees around the perimeter of the Neilton Point Communications Site that are encroaching on facilities or have the potential to interfere with transmissions. Tree removal would be accomplished through a small timber sale.

Newbury Creek Blowdown

Second growth managed stands have developed pockets of blowdown as a result of the 2007-8 winter storms. The stands will be analyzed for restoration of forest habitat, forest health, volume removal and economic considerations.


Dispose, either through off-site removal or demolition/salvage sale, two houses on site. No ground disturbance; above ground removal of structures only.

Norwood Structures Removal

The project would remove and dispose of two open-sided, wooden trailer shed structures, and 9 storage sheds. These structures are in poor condition and a safety hazard and were previously part of the administrative residential site that is unoccupied

Olympic Discovery Trail

Construct 12.1 miles of paved trail as part of a non-motorized trail from Port Townsend to La Push. AASHTO trail stds include 2' shoulder, 10' asphalt surface, and 4' natural surface. Approx. 10.9 mi. will be on existing rds, trails and RR grades.

Olympic National Forest Site-specific Invasive Plant Treatment

The forest will assess a range of alternatives for treatment of invasive plants across 3,830 acres on the Olympic NF. This was previously a four-forest effort with the Gifford Pinchot NF, Mt. Hood NF, and the Columbia River Gorge NSA

Olympus Road Rally Event

The Olympus Road Rally event is a timed car rally sanctioned by Rally America Inc. The proposed 2011 event includes several segments, one of which is on National Forest System lands on FSR 2190. The rally is scheduled for April 30 and May 1, 2011.

Photography Shoot along Dosewallips River

One-day photoshoot involving 15 people, 2 RVs and 2 SUVs along the road. Crew will implement "Leave No Trace" practices. No generator or other noise-producing equipment will be used.

Pine Lake Restoration Project

Much of the shoreline of Pine Lake is dominated by the invasive weed reed canarygrass, which has greatly reduced available wildlife habitat. Proposal is to eradicate the reedcanary grass and restore the native lakeshore vegetation.

Precommercial Thinning (PCT) Fiscal Year (FY) 2016-2020

Precommercially thin up to 800 acres per year of 17 to 39 year-old trees during the next five years (Fiscal Years 2016-2020). Stands will be thinned generally to spacings of 12 to 20 feet (300 to 100 trees per acre, respectively).

Queets Vegetation Management

Commercially variable-density thin approximately 5,000 acres. The purpose of the project is to restore and improve late-successional habitat conditions, generate economic activity, and provide jobs in the local area.

Quilcene Administrative Site Maintenance

Improve helicopter safety and address maintenance needs to buildings and infrastructure at the Quilcene administrative site. This can be achieved primarily through management of the vegetation and fuels on site.

Quinault Admin Site Waterline Repair/Replacement

We will dig an 18-24" deep trench using a ditch witch, replace failed water lines throughout the compound, install 7 new water sub meters, and coordinate relocation of the compound's main water meter.

Quinault Indian Nation "Inclined Tailhold" Authorization

Authorize Quinault Indian Nation to use tailholds located on National Forest System land.

Rail 2

Add elements of forest diversity lacking in the 1996 Rail thinning through the incorporation of variable density thinning and ensure habitat features gained are not lost. The commercial thinning is proposed to occur on 70 acres.

Rayonier LB 29.534 Tailhold Permit Application

Request for issuance of a permit authorizing use of up to 15 trees as skyline tailholds to provide deflection for the cable logging of Rayonier Logging Block 29.534.

Rayonier Tailhold Authorization

Rayonier, Inc. will be logging adjacent to the National Forest and has requested two permits for up to 6 tailholds to yard using suspension yarding. Trees will be strapped and no trees will be felled or removed.

Rayonier Tailhold Authorization-Calawah

Rayonier, Inc. will be logging adjacent ot NF and has requested three permits for up to 12 tailholds to yard using suspension yarding. Trees will be strapped and no trees will be felled or removed.

Rayonier tailhold requests

Authorize Rayonier to use National Forest tail holds (total of 11 tailholds) to safely achieve logging system suspension. No trees will be cut and there will be no ground disturbance on National Forest System land.

Sitkum Commercial Thinning

This project proposes to commercially thin 35 to 80 year old second growth forest stands in the Sitkum/South Fork Calawah watersheds to accelerate development of late-successional forest conditions.

Skokomish Cougar Study Special Use Permit

The Skokomish tribe, in conjunction with WSU and WDFW. The study involves capturing cougars, fitting them with GPS collars (up to 10), and tracking their locations for up to two years. Data will help determine cougar predation on elk and other prey.

Skokomish Prairie Restoration

Proposal to conduct a prescribed burn to continue restoration initiated in 2002 on a 33-acre site in the Lower Skokomish River watershed that was historically maintained as open savanna habitat.

Smithsonian Institute Research Permit

The Smithsonian requests reauthorization of their avian research permit to study the effects of dams on terrestrial avian through sampling five songbirds: American dipper, song sparrow, Pacific wren, Townsends warblers and warbling vireo.

Snider Rearing Ponds Permit Reissuance

Issuance of new 10-year permit to Olympic Peninsula Guide Association for operation and maintenance of Snider Rearing Ponds.

South Fork Calawah Easement Exchange, including FSR 2900-030

Proposal by Rayonier to open a closed Level 1 segment of FS Road 2900-030, use it for timber haul, and close it again after use is complete. The reconstruction and use of an existing 0.4-mile spur off the 2900-030 is also proposed.

South Fork Skokomish Large Wood Enhancement

Proposal to design and install log jam structures to enhance density and distribution of natural large woody debris in the upper South Fork Skokomish River and active floodplain with the use of heavy equipment.

South Fork Skokomish Road & Trail Remediation Project

Decommissioning, Level 1 Closure, or decommissioning with conversion to trail on about 53 miles of classified Forest Service roads and about 5 miles of unclassified road spurs; and trail stabilization work on Trail # 872.1.

Special Use Permit Reissuances

Reissue 10 expiring or expired Special Use Permits. The permits include waterlines, private road use, seismic research stations, and a patrol cabin. No changes or new ground disturbance are proposed.

Storm Damage FSR 3000-200

Stabilization of storm damage to include: removing the failed culvert, pullback and stabilizing the eroded embankment, berming each side of the repair area, and creating cross drains to divert water away from the site.

Tailhold permit for Green Diamond

Green Diamond Resource Company has applied for a special use permit to use 3 stumps on the forest boundary as tailholds for their logging operations in the Satsop watershed. The logging operations will start April 1 and go through May 1.

Telecommunications Line Permit Reissuances

Proposed issuance of new permits to Qwest Corporation DBA Centurylink QC to replace expired permit, for continued operation and maintenance of existing fiber optic and cable televison lines.

Upper South Fork Skokomish Vegetation Management Project

A proposal to commercially thin approximately 1000 acres in the Upper South Fork Skokomish River Watershed, using variable-density thinning to accelerate the development of late-successional forest characteristics.

US Cellular Authorization

Proposed issuance of new lease to US Cellular Corporation to replace expired lease, for continued operation and maintenance of communications facilities at Neilton Point Communications Site.

USAF Survival School Military Training Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of special use permit for military tropics and river training activities conducted twice a year on the Pacific Ranger District. Current permit expires December 31, 2011.

Washington State Fish & Wildlife Patrol Cabin Permit Renewal

Reissue 10-year Special Use Permit to Washington Fish and Wildlife for their patrol cabin. Used for enforcement patrols. Permit area covers about 1 acre, cabin is about 700 sq ft.

Washington State Patrol Communication Shelter Construction

Installation of a new communications equipment building by Washington State Patrol at the Neilton Point communication site.

Wave Broadband Special Use Permit Issuance

Proposed issuance of a new special use permit to Wave Broadband (formerly owned by Broadstripe LLC) for contunied authorization and maintenenace of cable television transmission line (2,600 feet) covering about 0.6 acres.

West Fork Humptulips Thinning

This project proposes to commercially thin second growth forest stands in the W. Fork Humptulips watershed to develop forest structural complexity. Stands being considered are < 80 years old and were previously clearcut logged.

Westside Paging Authorization

Project is listed as Neilton Point Communications Use Lease Reissuance project #40612. This is a duplicate project and will be cancelled and removed.

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