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Public Comments Sought on Mineral Withdrawal
5-year Mineral Withdrawal in Aid of Legislation

Public comments are being sought for a 5-year mineral withdrawal in aid of legislation. The withdrawal includes 95,684 acres of National Forest System land on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and 5,376 acres of BLM lands on the Medford and Coos Bay Districts of the BLM. The land is located in the Rough & Ready/Baldface Creek area in Josephine County and the Hunter Creek/Pistol River area in Curry County. A 90-day public comment period commenced on June 29, 2015 with the publication of a federal register notice and extends through September 28, 2015. Written comments may be sent to the Bureau of Land Management, Oregon State Office, P.O. Box 2965, Portland, OR 97208-2965.

  • Summary of Minerals Withdrawal in Aid of Legislation (228 KB PDF)
  • HR 682 “Southwestern Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act of 2015” (245 KB PDF)
  • Rough & Ready/Baldface Mineral Withdrawal Proposal Map (1,189 KB PDF)
  • Hunter Creek and Pistol River Headwaters Mineral Withdrawal Proposal Map (950 KB PDF)
  • Unofficial - Gold Beach Mineral Withdrawal Proposal Map (9,071 KB PDF)
  • Unofficial - Wild Rivers Mineral Withdrawal Proposal Map (22,335 KB PDF)
  • Process and Timeline (197 KB PDF)
  • Federal Register Notice (184 KB PDF)

Illinois River Recreation Development

  • Decision Notice and Finding of No Significant Impact - Revised 12/10/2004 (911 KB PDF)

Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Project Archive

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"L" Street Compound Conveyance Project

Sale of the property under the Forest Service Facility Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-54).

2008 Blowdown Salvage

Planned removal of blowdown material over approximately 235 acres.

Applegate Plantation Thin

Thin overcrowded, previously managed stands (plantations) located within the Applegate Adaptive Management Area (AMA) in order to maintain and enhance forest health and terrestrial and aquatic species habitat

Applegate River Special Use Permit Renewals

Renewal of 5 existing special use authorizations: 4 water lines with additional improvements and 1 private driveway permit.

Applegate River-McKee Bridge Riparian Thinning and Blackberry Removal

Riparian vegetation management - thinning & blackberry removal

Applegate-McKee Bridge Watershed Legacy Roads and Trails Project

Decommissioning, stormproofing and stream crossing upgrades to legacy roads and trails located on NFS lands within the Applegate-McKee watershed.

Aquatic Restoration NEPA

Project would provide NEPA analysis of various aquatic restoration activities that are contained within the existing Aquatic Restoration Biological Opinion (ARBO).

BB#3 Placer Mine

Sampling 3 sites by digging out existing ponds then processing and testing the materials on site, on a project footprint <1 acre.

Big Butte Springs Timber Sale

Multiple commercial timber sales and other actions to address ecosystem objectives

Biscuit Fire Recovery

Salvage logging, reforestation and construction of fuel managment zones, meadow restoration, road stabilization and road decommissioning.

Bitter Lick Creek Instream Restoration Project

Reconstruct inlet to an off-channel pond to provide consistent flow of water from mainstem Bitter Lick Creek channel. Reconfigure four legacy instream structures that currently impair movement of juvinile anadromous fish.

Briggs Valley

Partial cut exisiting stands to promote large-diameter trees and maintain pine-oak habitat on approximately 985 acres;no regen harvest or new system road construction; objective is to increase vigor and growth of mid-seral stands.

Buckhorn Ridge Fuel Break Project

Vegetation management and prescribed burning to establish and maintain a defensible location for suppressing or stopping wildfires.

Butte Falls Ranger's House Conveyance Project

Sale of the property under the Forest Service Facility Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-54).

Carberry Creek Special Use Permit Renewals

Renewal of 5 existing special use authorizations: 4 water lines with additional improvements and 1 material storage site.

Charter Communication's Fiber Optic Interconnect Project

Construction of 3.6 miles of an aerial fiber interconnect on forest lands within an existing Pacific Power and Light (PP&L) easement.

Chetco River Kayaking Permit

Commercially guided kayaking trips on the Wild & Scenic Chetco River and through the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Trips are up to 12 people for 5 days and 1-4 trips per year between June and Sept. No pack animals & leave-no-trace ethics apply.

Chetco River Kayaking Permit #2

Permit to conduct guided kayaking trips on the Chetco River between Boulder Creek and S. Fork Chetco River. Authorizes 80 priority-use days per year; limits group size to 8 clients plus 2 guides per trip.

Chetco River Permit Re-issuance

Re-issuance of 26 special-use permits for outfitting and guiding on the Chetco River.

Chetco Wild and Scenic River Mineral Withdrawal

Request the Secretary of the Interior withdraw from location and entry under mining laws about 5,610 acres of FS land within the Chetco Wild and Scenic River, subject to valid existing rights, for a period of 5 years in aid of legislation.

Clarks Fork Wildlife Habitat Enhancement & Fuels Treatment Project

Prescribed burning (some Spring prep burning, with all units burned in fall) on up to 6,450 acres to improve wildlife habitat (improve quantity and quality of forage) and maintain current low fuel loading in project areas.

Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative Power Line Special Use Permit Renewal

Renewal of existing Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc. power line special use permits and incorporation of amendments into one authorization, including an operations and maintenance plan. No new construction or ground disturbance would occur.

Eight Dollar Mountain Communication Tower and Distribution Line Project

Construct 150ft tower (19x19 ft base) and ice bridge connecting new tower to communications shelter; utilize 2 previously disturbed staging areas; replace 93 ft of an existing underground electric distribution line; coverage for 5 existing lines.

Forest-wide Meadow Restoration

Treatment of meadows through fire and cutting to remove or girdle encroaching trees

Frog Pond Mine Group Mining Operations

Placer mining and lode mining within Johnson and Silver Gulches and other unnamed smaller tributaries using a suction dredge.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Gold Beach and Powers Ranger District Herbicide Use for Noxious Weed Treatment Project

Herbicide treatment through cut and paint and wiping methods on specific high priority sites that have proven impossible to treat by other more standard means. The project proposes to use the most environmentally safe herbicides on the market.

Harlow Cabin Site Restoration and Enhancement Project

Restoration of Harlow Cabin and other historic elements on the site, and elimination of encroaching conifers and other unwanted vegetation into the adjacent meadow

High Cascades Aspen Restoration Project

Vegetation management treatments designed to maintain and restore health and vigor of aspen stands. Does not include commercial timber harvest.

Invasive Plant Treatment Project

Proposal to use any of four herbicides to control invasive plants on approximately 95 acres within the Gold Beach and Powers Ranger Districts.

Lower Rogue River Integrated Vegetation Strategy (LRIVS) 2010 Meadow Restoration & Fuels Treatments

Habitat restoration activities in 14 strategic fire buffer areas totaling 592 acres and 8 adjoining meadow, savannah, and oak woodland areas totaling 503 acres.

Meadow Restoration and Enhancement

Meadow restoration activities in 89 meadows on approx. 2,675 acres on all Districts: including 1,421 acres of conifer and brush removal, 841 acres of handpile and burning of slash, 1,869 acres of broadcast burning, and 442 acres seeding/planting veg.

Motorized Vehicle Use on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest

The purpose of this project is to enact the Travel Management Rule and to identify roads, trals, and areas open to motorized use.

Mt. Ashland Ski Area Expansion

Authorization under Special Use Permit per recommendations of Master Plan Record of Decision

Natural Bridge Interpretive Site Improvement Project

Repair and expansion of paved parking area, replacement of toilet, and refurbished interpretive trail.

Old Agness Guard Station Conveyance Project

Sale of the property under the Forest Service Facility Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-54).

PacifiCorp Power Line Special Use Re-Authorization

Renewal of a permit for a 50-year term for an existing underground electrical distribution line near Mt. Ashland Ski Resort on USDA Forest Service lands. No new construction or ground disturbance would occur.

Plantation Thinning and Fuels Reduction Project

Thinning of overstocked plantations on approximately 44,000 acres to improve vigor and reduce hazardous fuels resulting from this project as well as from previous management activities.

Revised L Street Conveyance

Seven buildings constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps on L Street in Grants Pass, Oregon. This compound operated as the Siskiyou National Forest Supervisor's office warehouse. This property became underutilized in 2007.

Robinson Butte, Halls Point, and Rustler Peak Communication Lease Renewals

Renewal of four existing special use authorization leases for communication uses on Robinson Butte, Halls Point, and Rustler Peak.

Rogue Gorge Interpretive Site Improvement Project

Repair and expand paved parking area, replacement of existing toilet, refurbished trail, and trail extension to Farewell Bend.

Runwet Placer Mine Plan of Operations

Plan of Operations for a placer mine.

Shuttle permits - Rogue and Chetco Rivers

Proposed issuance of up to 15 special use permits for shuttling of people and cars from Galice to Foster Bar on the Rogue River via several routes and for shuttles along FS Road 1376 along the Chetco River.

Siskiyou Mountains Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Enhancement Project

Restoration of aquatic ecosystems and water quality across the Siskiyou Mountains RD.

Skat Mine Plan of Operations

Environmental review of a Proposed Plan of Operations for developing a mining adit.

South Fork Coquille Hazard Tree Removal

Hazard tree removal with trees to be used for offsite enhancement and restoration work or sold for commercial uses.

South Powers Compound Conveyance Project

Sale of the property under the Forest Service Facility Realignment and Enhancement Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-54).

Special Use Permit Renewals at J. Herbert Stone Nursery

A decision memo is being prepared to authorize renewal of 4 existing special use authorizations: 2 power lines, 1 natural gas line, and 1 telephone line at the J. Herbert Stone Nursery. The permit would be issued for a 20 year term.

Special Use Permits for Outfitter/Guide Operations - Lower Rogue and Lower Illinois Rivers

Re-issue 63 Special Use Permits for outfitter-guide operation on the Lower Rogue and Lower Illinois Rivers and for boat docks at three lodges within WIld section of Rogue Wild and Scenic River.

Strongarm Pine Plantation Thinning and Restoration Project

Precommercial thinning and fuels treatments on 55 acres of the 25-year-old Strongarm Plantation consisting of mixed conifer and hardwoods which range from 1 to 12 inches in diameter, with a focus on pine/oak restoration.

Sucker Creek Channel and Floodplain Restoration - Phase II

Reconstruction of portions of the Sucker Cr mainstem channel, placement of large wood structures, est. of riparian forest community, and tree acquisition for large wood structures.

Tracy Placer Mining Project

Environmental review of proposed Plan of Operations for placer mining <5 acres in the Sucker Creek watershed.

Upper Applegate Road Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Fuels reduction along Upper Applegate Road from Star Gulch to Applegate Lake Dam

Wild Rivers Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Enhancement Project

Restoration of aquatic ecosystems and water quality across the Wild Rivers RD.

Wildhorse Toilet Installation

Install a self-contained vault toilet near the Wildhorse Lookout site in Curry County, Oregon, T36S, R12W, Section 7. Building will be historically appropriate to match Lookout structures.

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