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AT&T Fiber Optic Permit

AT&T has requested permission to install 1 mile of fiber optic cable using the existing PacifiCorp power line right of way along Highway 89. The fiber line would serve the communication site located on private land near the summit of Snowmans Hill.

AT&T Sugarloaf Communication Site Upgrade

Upgrade of existing equipment to provide LTE service over fiber optic; remove outdated equipment. Includes reissuance of up to 30-year Communication Site Lease for refurbished cellular and ISP site on Sugarloaf Communication Site. INFORMAL SCOPING

Basin Gulch Campground and Roads Maintenance Project

Removal of hazardous trees in a campground and along roads

Bear Creek Trail Relocation Project

The Forest Service will construct a new trail to bypass the Bear Creek bridge in order to provide for safe access to the Bear Lake trail and the Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Big Bar Cellular Site

Development of a cellular site in Big Bar, CA, by Trinity County through a grant by the CPUC

Big Lake and Ironside Range Allotment Project

Range Allotment NEPA for four existing range allotments in the Big Bar and Burnt Ranch areas

Blue Bird Consolidated Mine

Authorization for sampling and mining of high bench alluvial gravels by open pit on the Blue Bird Consolidated Mine. Processing approx. 1,500 cubic yards of placer gravels, reclamation, and re-establishment of native vegetation.

Bluebird Mine (Canyon Creek) Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project

Restore native pond turtle & wildlife habitat by removal of invasive weeds, planting native plants, thinning, & excavate existing ponds at the abandoned Bluebird Mine site outside Trinity Alps Wilderness. Weed removal by prescribed burns & mowing.

Boyle Special Use Permit Reauthorization

Reauthorization of a special use permit for 10-year term for use of approximately 25 feet of single lane native surface road that provides access between two parcels of private land.

California Rural Service Area #1 Communication Site Reauthorization

California Rural Service Area #1 has requested reauthorization of their existing cellular site which houses U.S. Cellular. Project area is bisected by the private property line and only 4 feet of the concrete block building is on National Forest land

Caltrans Snowmans Hill Permit Reauthorization

Caltrans has requested reauthorization of their Special Use Permit for Closed Circuit Television and weather station equipment at the summit of Snowman's Hill on Highway 89. Power is provided to the site from PacifiCorp and access is from the highway

China Gulch Road Sediment Reduction, Phase 2b

This project will treat 14 existing or potential sediment sources and improve drainage on China Gulch Road.

Communication Site Project - Gray Butte

Replace the small stone building with a concrete block building of similar dimensions and replace the 32' 4-pole wooden tower structure with a 32' 2-pole metal tower to support the existing antennae. Reauthorize 20 year communications site lease

Communication Site Project - Ski Bowl

Reauthorize 20 year lease for current communication site. Includes minor non-significant amendment to Land and Resource Management Plan to add the Ski Bowl Communication Site to list of multi-user electronic site.

Conner Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project

Improve passage for anadromous salmonids at two stream crossings on Conner Creek in Junction City, California.

DeMent Special Use Permit Reauthorization

Reauthorize special use permit for approx. 300 feet of native surface road to access private parcel. Permit is currently expired and applicant has requested reauthorization of the existing use

Dog Creek Bridge Staging Area Permit

Issuance of special use authorization to Caltrans for access to the I-5 Dog Creek Bridge foundations and placement of a staging area on NFS lands during Caltrans' seismic retrofit of the bridge. All construction will occur on Caltrans right-of-way.

Fork Complex Fire Suppression Log Decks/Trinity County Road Hazard Trees(Roadside Deck Salvage)

The project consists of the sale of existing log decks created by fire suppression activities and new log decks from mitigating imminent hazard trees along county roads.

Garden Gulch Spur Trail Construction

A new trail will be constructed to bypass private property and maintain public access to the Weaver Basin Trail System. Construction will be done entirely by hand, and will be approximately one mile in length.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Jewett Special Use Permit Reauthorization

Reauthorize expired permit for an additional 10-year term for a portion of an existing leach line on National Forest System lands serving the adjacent private home.

Landers Lake Trail Re-Route Project

Decommission and re-route trails.

Lion Lake Trail Re-Route Project

Re-route approximately one mile of existing trail from excessive steep and wet areas.

Misery Hill Trail Project

Approximately 0.26 miles of new trail (Misery Hill Trail) will be constructed on Forest Service lands within the Weaver Basin Trail System.

Moosehead Vegetation and Road Management Project

Approximately 2400 acres of thinning and fuels treatments, 21 miles of road reconstruction and 11 miles of road decommissioning and closures within and adjoining the Algoma Late Successional Reserve.

Motorized Travel Management

Provide a sustainable system of designated routes.

Mt. Shasta Nordic Center Kiosk Proposal

The Mt. Shasta Nordic Center has requested to amend their special use permit to add a permanent kiosk. The kiosk will be located off of the 31 Road adjacent to the Nordic Center parking lot. The kiosk is 8 feet long by 10 feet tall. INFORMAL SCOPING

Mud Springs Fuel Break

This project will create more favorable fuel conditions along the western boundary of Post Mountain community through fuel treatments, such as, thinning, pruning, hand piling, burning hand piles and prescribed underburning.

Nelson Creek Dam Removal

Removal of pump house and small concrete dam on Nelson Creek to improve habitat for fish and other aquatic species. The pump house and dam are part of Oak Grove campground's water system which is no longer useable.

North Lake Project

Thinning and prescribed burning to improve plant vigor and reduce fire hazard on approximately 145 acres of National Forest lands within the wildland urban interface of Trinity Center, California.

North Lake Roadside Fuels Reduction Project

This project will reduce surface fuel loadings by manually thinning trees up to 11 inches DBH, thinning brush, pruning, hand piling or concentrating activity slash and natural fuels, burning and chipping.

North Salt Creek Temporary Road Request Project

New temporary road construction (~900 feet) is proposed at the west edge of the West Girard Inventoried Roadless Area. Some brush and conifer tree removal is proposed, as is closure and rehabilitation when the harvest unit is complete.

Parks-Eddy Watershed Restoration

Sediment source reductions through road and trail management in the Parks and Eddy Creek watersheds. Includes road maintenance, reconstruction, decommissioning and transportation system management. Trailhead and trail reconstruction and realignment.

PG&E Power Pole Replacements

Replace deteriorating power poles along Humboldt-Trinity and Trinity Maple Creek power lines.

Pilgrim Creek Road and McKenzie Butte Road ERFO Repairs

Repair of two crossings at Mud Creek along Pilgrim Creek and McKenzie Butte roads. INFORMAL SCOPING

Pilgrim Plantations Insect and Disease Project

Thin from below with group selection and patch cutting in areas of mortality or to introduce heterogeniety . Apply prescribed fire only after remaining trees show sign of increased forest health/vigor. Site prepare and plant openings as needed.

Post Mountain Fuel Reduction Project

Fuel reduction within Wildland Urban Interface, including: Brush burn 603 acres, Thin from below 369 acres, Hand thin to 10-inch diameter 98 acres, Shaded fuelbreak 176 acres

Shasta-McCloud Management Unit Over Snow Vehicle Trail Grooming and Snowmobile Facility Maintenance

Oversnow trail grooming, snowplowing, and snowmobile facility maintenance activities associated with the Pilgrim Creek Snowmobile Park.

Shasta-McCloud Management Unit Over Snow Vehicle Trail Grooming and Snowmobile Facility Maintenance

Oversnow trail grooming, snowplowing, and snowmobile facility maintenance activities associated with the Pilgrim Creek Snowmobile Park.

Shasta-Trinity National Forest Authorization of Expired Special Use Permits (SUPs)

Replace expired SUPs with new permits. Uses include: buildings, a parking lot, historical markers, roads to private property. Applicable national BMPs will be incorporated. No changes to existing activities. INFORMAL SCOPING.

Silverthorn Marina 20-Year Permit Issuance

Reauthorize use & occupancy of National Forest System lands for Silverthorn Marina by issuing a new 20-year special use permit. New permit will not include changes to authorized facilities or increases in scope/intensity of authorized activities.

Ski Park Leach Field Permit Amendment

The Mt. Shasta Board and Ski Park has requested amendment of their current Special Use Permit for their Leach Field to include the existing 1,500 foot single lane native surface access road for maintenance and monitoring of the permit area.

Ski Park Powerline Reauthorization

Wintun Development Corporation has requested reauthorization of approximately 525 feet of buried powerline that serves the two street lights located at the intersection of the Ski Park Highway and Highway 89.

Ski Park Road Reauthorization

Wintun Development Corporation has requested reauthorization of their Special Use Permit for the two-lane paved public road that provides for the year-round access to the Mt. Shasta Board and Ski Park. The road segment was constructed with the Park.

Summit Creek Culvert Replacement #1

Installation of an embedded corrugated metal pipe (CMP) at an existing low water crossing on Summit Creek at Summit Creek Road. The project will improve water quality, reduce mobilization of sediments, and improve access for residents.

Swift Creek Watershed Trails Re-Route Project

Portions of the Swift Creek and Landers Lake trail will be re-routed to address erosion and soil compaction concerns.

TC&I Road Special Use Permit and realignment

Road Special Use permit for approx. 600ft of existing road across NFS lands in Late Successional Reserve. Project includes realignment of approx. 140ft of the road which requires felling 10 trees, most of which are dead or <9" DBH. INFORMAL SCOPING

TC&I Special Use Road Permit

Campbell Timberland Management on behalf of TC&I LLC has requested a Special Use Road permit to construct approx. 1000 feet of single lane native surface road on NFS lands in support of the Swamp Butte THP on the adjacent private land.

Tedoc Range

Range allotment NEPA

Temporary Commercial Event and Bus Tour Pilot Project

The Unit proposes to issue Temporary Special Use Permits for bus tours and commercial events at the following locations:Old Ski Bowl, Bunny Flat, Sand Flat, Red Fir Flat, Castle Lake, and McCloud Falls. INFORMAL SCOPING

Trinity County Transmission Lines Haz. Tree Removal & Salvage (PG&E Transmission Lines Fire Salvage)

Salvage of commercial sized trees that burned during 2015 that pose a hazard along approximately 5 miles along the Trinity Humboldt/Trinity-Maple Creek transmission line and approximately 3 miles of the Bridgeville-Cottonwood transmission line.

Trinity River Minerals Withdrawal

Make recommendation on the suitability for mineral withdrawal of 541 acres of NFS lands on the Trinity River between Sheridan Creek and Maxwell Creek

TRMU Maintenance Underburning

Underburn areas that have had past fuel reduction activities.

Upper Harrison Gulch Small Projects Area

Cutting and removal of road hazard and road maintenance trees, treating excess fuel loading, and salvaging dead or dying trees in excess of standards and guidelines.

Upper South Fork and Post Creek Range

Range Allotment NEPA for two existing range allotments in the Upper South Fork Trinity River watershed.

Verizon Bear Mountain Solar Upgrade

Verizon proposes to relocate the existing solar panels from the roof of the fire lookout to a free-standing structure near the edge of the parking area and to increase the number of solar panels to add power capacity for the cellular equipment.

Weaverville Community Forest - East Branch and Garden Gulch Fuels Reduction Project

This project will address fuels and forest resiliency through thinning, hand piling and pruning approximately 122 acres of the Weaverville Community Forest.

Weaverville Community Forest Riparian and Stream Channel Improvements

This project is designed to increase short-term and long-term large woody debris (LWD) in Sidney Gulch and West Weaver creek through direct LWD placement and other riparian vegetation treatments such as hand thinning and planting.

Westside Reforestation Release and Burning

The Forest will conduct release & hand pile burning in areas affected by recent wildfires, about 10,895 acres via manual methods. Treatments consist primarily of hand cutting/grubbing/chainsaws. Hand pile burning on 2,518 acres via hand ignition.

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