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Stouts Creek Fire – Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Reports

Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) is published in October, January, April, and July during the Forest Service fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). It contains a list of proposed actions that will soon begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation. It provides information so that you can become aware of and indicate your interest in specific proposals. We encourage your early and ongoing involvement in any proposals of interest to you.

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Umpqua National Forest Project Archive

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1610 Roadside Treatment

Reduce stand density to improve stand health and resiliency and reduce the risk of uncharacteristic wildfire along Forest Service Roads 1610, 1610-050, 1610-100, and 1610-500

Abandoned Mine Closures 2011

The project proposes to close 18 abandoned mining adits with bat friendly gates.

Acker Rock Fire Detection Camera Placement

Install a fire detection camera at Acker Rock Lookout.

Aspen Release Project

The purpose of this project is to release a small stand of quaking aspen from encroaching trees and to adaptively manage conifers that are encroaching on the 5 acre hardwood unique habitat patch where the aspen is found.

Banfield #9

Excavating and removing of 150 tons of test material

Beaver Timber Sale Project

The purpose of the project is to reduce tree densities in densely-stocked second growth stands and fire-regenerated managed stands less than 80 years old on approximately 1,875 acres to improve the health, and vigor of the leave trees.

Blackbird Fishing Derby 5-Year SUP Issuance

Issuance of a five year recreation event special use permit to Blackbird Sports Team for the Blackbird Fishing Derby on Diamond Lake.

Boulder Dumont Vegetation Management Project

Thinning and restoration to develop late seral characteristics and reduce fuels hazards in plantations. Fuels created by project will be treated. Thinning is proposed for the riparian reserves within the plantations.

Cottage Grove Deception Fire Planting

Two 18-20 plantations had most trees killed in the fire suppression activities on the District from the 2014 Deception Fire. Proposal is to replant those areas to provide a native mix of conifers to re-establish forest cover

Cougar Bluffs Land Exchange

Exchange of 280 privately owned acres within the Cougar Bluffs Inventoried Roadless Area for an equal value of land within a 598 acre area administered by the U.S. Forest Service

Curran Junetta Timber Sale

The proposal is to commercially thin approximately 1236 acres of second growth forest and treat the fuels in the Curran and Junetta Creek drainages. Associated road work would occur, along with other connected actions.

Curtis Timber Sale Project

Thin to reduce the density of vegetation. Treatments include thinning to restore or maintain the health of pines and convert off-site pine plantations to native plant communities.

D-Bug Hazard Reduction Timber Sale Project

This project proposes to manage bark beetle outbreaks and reduce hazardous fuels in areas of high human use around Diamond and Lemolo Lakes. Both commercial and non-commercial treatments are being considered.

Deer Creek Trail Bridge Replacement

The Diamond Lake Ranger District, Umpqua National Forest is proposing to install a trail bridge on the Hot Springs Segment of the North Umpqua National Recreation Trail #1414 to provide trail users safe crossing over Deer Creek.

Diamond Lake Restoration Project

Eradication or control of the existing tui chub poplutation is considered essential for accomplishing restoration objectives. Proposed actions include: canal reconstruction, lake draw down, mechanical fish removal and utilizations, etc.

Donegan Prairie Restoration Project

Restore meadows by removing encroaching conifers and treat fuels in meadows and adjacent forests.

Doris Thin Timber Sale

The proposal is to commercially thin about 1000 acres of second growth forest and treat the fuels in the Doris area of Layng Creek. Associated road work would occur, along with other connected actions.

Drew Vegetation Management

Oak woodland restoration and fuels management through thinning and commercial harvest of ingrowth in meadow complexes and areas of wildland "urban" interface private properties in the Joe Hall subwatershed of Elk Creek.

Emile Timber Sale

Analyze for commercial thinning on approximately 2,800 acres.

Forest Plan Amendment for Unique and Mosaic Habitats

This amendment proposes to address the need to update a portion of the 1990 Umpqua National Forest's Land and Resource Management Plan in order to maintain and restore these natural open areas that benefit biodiversity by providing important habitat.

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

Holland Moonsalt Thin Timber Sale

The proposal is to commercially thin about 1200 acres of second growth forest and treat the fuels in the Holland Moonsalt area of Layng Creek. Associated meadow and elk forage enhancement, road work and noxious weed treatments are also proposed.

Johnnie Forest Management Project

Improve the fire resiliency of the forest and decrease the threat of wildfire to life and property near the community of Tiller, Oregon by thinning out and removing some of the existing dense vegetation that serves as fuel during a wildfire event.

Layng Creek Municipal Watershed Management Plan Forest Plan Amendment

The City of Cottage Grove is pulling their water facilities out of the Layng Creek Watershed. The Standards and Guidelines written in Appendix G of the 1990 LRMP are no longer applicable and are proposed to be removed with this amendment.

Lemolo Falls Bridge Replacement

The Umpqua National Forest is proposing to replace the Lemolo Falls Trail Bridge with a weathering steel truss bridge. The existing bridge has sustained major damage and will have to be closed for safety reasons if not replaced in the near future.

Lemolo Pine Health Maintenance Underburn 2010

Maintenance underburn 89 acres of ponderosa pine stands that were commercially thinned and underburned in the early 1990s to promote pine health and maintain vegetation structure and composition associated with the natural fire regime.

Little River Timber Sale

Commercial thinning activities occuring in densely-stocked second growth stands on approximately 1,600 acres within matrix, Adaptive Management Areas, and riparian reserve land-use allocations.

Lower Steamboat (Lobo) LSR Density Management EA

Thin approximately 700-900 acres of 40-50 year old Douglas fir plantations in order to enhance the developement of LSR and riparian forested habitat.

Lower Steamboat Environmental Assessment

Commercial thinning approximately 20.8 mbf across 1,840 acres in the Ragged Ridge area adjacent to Lower Steamboat Creek.

Marten Flume Trail Connection

Connect the existing Marten Flume Trail with the Adams Mountain Trail.

Noonday Trail Blasting

Blasting of rock outcropping to remove a barrier to motorized trail use.

North Umpqua Zone Precommercial Thinning/Fuels Treatment 2010

Precommercial thinning and associated fuels treatment, where needed, on approximately 10,000 acres within clearcut managed stands harvested after 1988, located in matrix and LSR land allocations. Variable density/species will be prescribed.

Oak Flats Restoration Project

Restore and maintain the unique oak/pine savannah vegetation communities and associated wildlife habitats historically promoted and maintained by a low-intensity, high-frequency fire regime through mechanical harvest and/or prescribed fire methods.

Panther Creek Trail Bridge Replacement Project

Bridge replacement to repair damage following a 25 year flooding event

Panther Creek Trail Bridge Replacement Project

Replace trail bridge damaged from a high water event. Repairs will include the removal of the old bridge and replacement with a cambered 90 foot metal bridge. New design addresses potential future flooding events.

Parker Wyatt Timber Sale

The purpose of this project is to improve stand growth, health, and diversity in stem exclusion stands; enhance development of late-successional conditions; improve big-game winter range habitat; and provide wood products to the local communities.

Ragged Ridge Timber Stand Improvement

This project would investigate the use of prescribed fire on approximately 3,000 acres in the Middle North Umpqua corridor between the confluence of Steamboat Creek and and the North Umpqua River and the community of Dry Creek.

Rail 2 Timber Sale and Prather Creek Bridge Replacement

The project proposes to improve species and structural diversity, fire resiliency, and big game forage while providing wood products to the local community in second-growth stands; and to replace the Prather Creek Bridge on Forest Road 17.

Rail2 Timber Sale and Prather Creek Bridge Replacement

This project is designed to improve species and structural diversity, fire resiliency, and big game forage while providing wood products to the local community in second-growth stands; and to replace the Prather Creek Bridge on Forest Road 17.

Rainbow Salvage Timber Sale

The purpose of this project is to facilitate the economic recovery of wood fiber resulting from the 2009 Rainbow wildfire and to improve public safety by removing hazard trees along roads.

Renewal of Existing Diamond Lake RV Park Resort Term Special Use Permit

The Diamond Lake RV Park is located on the Diamond Lake RD. The total authorized acres of the resort/rv park is 23 acres.The existing resort term special use permit expires, and needs to be renewed for another 20 years. No new ground disturbance.

Renewal of Existing electrical substation special use permit to Pacific Power & Light Co.

The electrical substation is located on the North Umpqua Ranger District. The total authorized area is 1 acre. The existing special use permit expires, and needs to be renewed for another 10 years. No new ground disturbance.

Renewal of Existing Telephone Line special use permit.

The telephone line permit is issued to Citizen Telecom, AT&T, United Telephone Company of the Northwest, and are located on Cottage Grove, Diamond Lake, North Umpqua and Tiller. The permit is about to expire, and needs to be renewed for 10 years.

Renewal of Existing Toketee Airstrip special use permit

The toketee Airstrip is located on the Diamond Lake RD.The total authorized acres consist of an existing native surface runway and a parking and picnic area for a total of 75 acres.The special use permit expires, and needs to be renewed for 10 years.

Renewal of Existing water transmission line special use permit.

The Umpqua's Last Resort is located on the North Umpqua Ranger District.The total authorized acres of the buried water transmission line is 0.40 acres.

Renewal of Recreation Resort Special Use Permits.

Renewal of two resort Special Use Permits: Diamond Lake RV Park and Diamond Lake Resort.

Renewal/Combining of Special Use Permits for Distribution Lines (Power) into one Forest Wide Permit

Renewal of six powerline permits and three telephone line permits for the maximum 20 year terms.

Road 2719-830 Decommissioning

Decommission Road 2719-830. This road has several slumps along it that threaten to reach Slick Creek, a Class I stream.

South Umpqua Falls Rain Gauge Relocation

Relocate the rain gauge from a forested area that interferes with measurement to a vacated rock quarry site.

Special Forest Products

The project would determine which commercial special forest products may be gathered, where they may be gathered, and how much may be collected on the Umpqua National Forest.

Steamboat Stand Improvement Project

Prescribed burning, 70 acres of commercial thinning, and non-commercial thinning around the Steamboat Work Center, Steamboat Inn, and north of the the North Umpqua Trail near the Steamboat Work Center.

Steamboat Watershed Aquatic Connectivity Project

Provide passage for aquatic organisms and 100 year flow events at stream crossings in the Steamboat Creek Watershed.

Sugar Pine and White Pine Enhancement 2010

Trees and shrubs will be cut within the approximate dripline of select overstory and intermediate five-needle pines to reduce competition; thus helping to improve and maintain the health of selected trees.

Tallow Salvage Sale

This project will salvage blowdown timber in lands allocated as Matrix under the Northwest Forest Plan. The blowdown occurred during the winter storms of 2007-2008.

Tiller Aquatic Restoration

Restore salmon and steelhead habitat by placing wood and large rocks in streams.

Tiller Whiskey Complex Fire Salvage Project

The Tiller Ranger District on the Umpqua National Forest is proposing activities to address road hazards, public and forest worker safety, fire fighter access, and recovery of economic value of trees killed as a result of the Whiskey Complex Fire.

Tugboat LSR Thinning Project

The project proposes commercially thinning about 1700 acres of 40+ year old managed plantations in the Steamboat watershed to improve LSR habitat. Includes road work, fuel breaks, and other connected actions.

Umpqua National Forest Travel Management Plan

The Umpqua National Forest is preparing a Travel Management Plan in accordance with the Final Travel Management Rule, designating routes and areas for motorized use.

Upper Cavitt Timber Sale

Analyze to commercially thin approximately 2,500 to 3,000 acres.

Upper Cow Creek Hazardous Fuels Project

Create a network of shaded fuel breaks and defensible space in the Upper Cow Creek WUI area of the Tiller Ranger District. Non-commercial thinning will occur within 150' of roadsides and 200' of structures.

Wapiti Timber Sale

This project will maintain stable elk herds, reduce fuel loads and stand density conditions, providing wood products (22 MMBF) to the local community by thinning about 1370 acres. Road construction/reconstruction will also occur.

Wetland Planning

Creation of several small wetlands

Whiskey Fire Reforestation Project

Planting up to 2,300 acres of moderately and severely burned lands and 500 acres of riparian reserves within the Whiskey Fire over the next five years.

Wildlife Shrubland and Wetland Habitat Enhancement 2010

Wildlife restoration and enhancement at 7 locations, including 3 acres of wetland habitat, 50 acres of broadleaf forest habitat, and 90 acres of shrubland habitat.

Williams Creek Fire Salvage

Project proposes to salvage dead and dying trees that burned during the 2009 Williams Creek Fire. Approximately 39 acres would be salvaged using both ground-based and skyline logging. Reforestation of the salvaged area would also occur.

Willow Sump Invasive Plant Project

The purpose of this project is to eradicate an invasive species (yellow floating heart) from the Willow Sump aquatic habitat and to prevent the spread of this weed into other aquatic habitats.

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