Our Forest Plan is implemented through site-specific management projects designed to bring the Forest to its desired future condition and serve the needs of resources and people. We conduct environmental analyses, prepare design documents, and conduct field work to accomplish these goals. Public announcement of site-specific projects can be found on the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA), which is prepared quarterly.

Documents relating to active NEPA projects are now located on the national PALS (Projects, Appeals, and Litigation System) web site, along with other project data. Projects that have been removed from the SOPA can still be accessed from the Project Archives link above right.

Files are PDFs unless otherwise noted. If you are unable to view a file, or believe it to be corrupted, please contact us. Be sure you are using a recent version of Adobe Reader.

White Mountain National Forest Project Archive

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19 Mile Brook Trail Reroute

Two reroutes totaling ~1100' to put trail above flood height; may include rock steps and waterbars. Replace washed out bridge over an unnamed tributary to 19 Mile Brook. Removal of old bridge remnants and rehab old trail tread.

19 Mile Brook Trail Temporary Reroute

Bridge destroyed by Tropical Storm Irene. Propose to install temporary step-stone crossing 500' upstream from bridge site and rock staircase to old road prism to link to trail. Cancelled because relocation upstream deemed unnecessary.

Access to Gale River Road Inholding

Proposal to grant an easement to construct a road approximately one mile long across WMNF lands for access to private inholding completely surrounded by Forest lands south of US Route 3 in Bethlehem, NH.

Aquatic Passage Improvement on Bog Dam Loop Road

Replace up to 14 existing culverts on tributaries to the Upper Ammonoosuc River to improve passage for aquatic species.

Attitash Ski Area Zipline Project

Allow ~1300' of a 5022' zipline cable ride to be suspended over National Forest lands. Both ends of the ride would be on private land. Would require cutting about 30 trees on National Forest land for safe use of the zipline.

Bartlett Mountain Land Exchange

Land exchange: an approximately 100 acre WMNF parcel in Berlin, NH would become Society for Protection of NH Forests (Forest Society) property and an approximately 75 acre Forest Society parcel in Bartlett, NH would become part of the WMNF.

Base Road Blowdown Salvage Project

Harvest a total of approximately 10 acres of blown down trees along the Base Road. The trees blew down during a wind event in the winter of 2009-2010.

Berry Farm Snowmobile Trail Relocation

Relocate approximately one mile of the Berry Farm Snowmobile Trail to the most appropriate route within an existing deeded right-of-way in the vicinity of Bald Mountain.

Blueberry Ledge Trail Relocation Project

Two locations on the lower third of Blueberry Ledge Trail are to be relocated because they concentrate water and are causing soil erosion. Rehabilitation of the unneeded section of trail would occur.

Bradley Brook Snowmobile Trail Relocation and Maintenance Project

To eliminate ~1500' of wet trail, would relocate ~1000' to Forest Road 5049 and construct ~800' of connecting trail. Remaining 2.5 miles would be maintained (improved drainage, grading, brushing, widening) and minor realignments to accomodate groomer

Bull Brook Wildlife Opening Management

Stump two existing permanent wildlife openings on FR 752 to allow these areas to be maintained in an open, brushy condition by mowing. Stumps would be removed with an excavator and buried onsite. One opening is 4 acres; the other is 5 acres.

Campground Concessionaire Special Use Permit

Administrative action to reissue campground concessionaire permit for 23 WMNF campgrounds and day use sites beginning January 2013 because term on existing permit expires. Decision withdrawn due to national court ruling on CEs to allow 30-day comment

Campton Day Use Area Project

Repair some facilities at the former Campton Group Campground so it will function as a day use area.

Central Maine Power Co. Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit to CMP for a period of 30 years. CMP proposes to install utility poles and overhead electrical lines along 1,400 feet of FR 3314 to a private inholding and residence.

Central Maine Power Company Co. Special Use Permit

Installation of overhead electrical lines along 1,400 feet of Forest Road 3314 to a private residence and inholding.

Chatham Land Exchange

The White Mountain National Forest is proposing a value for value land exchange in Carroll County, New Hampshire. The exchange involves 4 parcels, 2 federal and 2 non-federal. Three are in the Town of Chatham and one is in the Town of Bartlett

Crawford Stewardship Project

An integrated resource project with activities including maintenance and improvement of existing recreation facilities, wildlife habitat improvement, timber harvesting, timber stand improvement, and watershed improvement.

Cutler River Drainage Bridge Replacement

Replace 5 bridges in the Cutler River Drainage identified as undersized and damaged. All to be replaced in same locations. Bridges allow access to Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines by the general public and Mount Washington Avalanche Center staff

Dindorf Right of Way clearing and associated skid trail use

Issue permit to allow private landowner to clear his undeveloped ROW across NFS land and construct short skid trail on NF from the ROW corridor to his landing location to reduce resource impacts from skidding and eliminate impacts to Davis Path Trail

Dolly Copp Campground Rehabilitation Project

Repair and improvement of campground facilities including roads, campsites, water and wastewater systems, and restrooms. Installation of pedestal hookups on selected loops, shower facilities, a dump station, and volunteer sites.

Driveway Permit Reissuance for Thornton Residences

Issue permits for access to private residences in the Town of Thornton that were formerly under special use authorization but permits expired or property changed owners

Eastside Road and Trail Repairs

Repair damage from Tropical Storm Irene including replacing culverts, relocating approx. 0.5 mile or road/trail away from the river and decommissioning existing segment, replacing large culvert that washed out with a bridge, and other maintenance.

Eliza Brook Shelter Reconstruction

Eliza Brook Shelter on the Appalachian Trail is deteriorating and needs replacement. This project would replace the shelter and move it further from Eliza Brook.

Ellis River Nordic Trail Relocation

A 1000 foot section of the Ellis River Trail is proposed for relocation due to a slump. Use of this section of the trail is prohibited as of April 1, 2011. A trail relocation is needed to bypass that location.

Forest-wide Outfitter & Guide Conversions

In accordance with changes in national policy, all Outfitter & Guide permits (currently 1 year temporary permits on the WMNF) will be issued as 10 year permits. Operating plans and proposed itineraries will still require annual Forest approval.

Four Ponds Management Project

Proposed timber harvest, wildlife opening expansion, prescribed fire, watershed and stream improvements, and changes to trails, roads, gravel pits, and campsites.

Gale River Trail Relocation

This proposed relocation of the Gale River Trail would eliminate two trail crossings of the Gale River which are difficult during moderate or high water conditions. A bridge at one crossing location washed out in 2005 and has not been replaced.

Garfield Shelter Replacement Project

The Garfield Shelter is in poor condition and needs replacement. We propose to replace it with a similar Adirondack-style shelter on the existing footprint.

Godfrey Dam Solar Panel Array

Update special use permit to allow installation of a 9-panel solar array on a single pole mount that will be placed on a 6' by 6' concrete pad. Array would be placed adjacent to an existing storage shed at the Godfrey Dam site.

Greeley Ponds and Flume Brook Trails Project

This project will address damage to the hiking trail network in the greater Greeley Ponds and Flume Brook areas from Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011.

Green Peak Expansion and Trail Construction at Waterville Valley Ski Resort

Construct ski trails, a glade area, a lift, and snowmaking equipment; relocate one building on Green Peak. All activities are in the Special Use Permit boundary and the ski area's accepted Master Development Plan. Site-specific Plan amendment needed.

Hart's Location Embankment Reconstruction Permitting Project

The Town of Hart's Location has applied for a permit to reconstruct and maintain a damaged rock berm that protects a campground infrastructure along Rt. 302. The decision is whether to issue a permit. FEMA and NH DOT are involved in providing funding

Lakes of the Clouds Propane Rack Relocation

This project proposes to move the propane rack associated with the Appalachian Mountain Club's Lakes of the Clouds Hut to a location that is less visible to the public. This will better conceal the rack and improve visual aesthetics of the area.

Lincoln Woods Trail Repair

Realign trail away from eroding river bank, raising the trail tread in this location, and install a more permanent barrier between the trail and unstable slope to improve user safety. Identify way to protect trail & historic culvert farther up trail.

Loon Mountain Adventure Park

Establish ropes course for various difficulty levels in an existing tree skiing area, including <0.5 acres of NF land. No ground disturbance or tree removal expected on NF; some limbs would be cut. Platforms attached via cables; no nails or anchors.

McCrillis Path Trail Relocation Project

Relocation of approximately 2500 feet of trail from private property onto the White Mountain National Forest. This relocation will restore public access to the McCrillis Path.

Meserve Brook Watershed Restoration

Restoration of aquatic and riparian habitat in and adjacent to Lower Meserve Brook

Moat Mountain Trail System Project

Proposal: Add approximately 12 miles of non-system trails, primarily designed for mountain biking, to the National Forest System

Mount Tecumseh SBA Towers II, LLCDecision Memo

Installation of a prefabricated concrete communication structure and lease space to NH Electric Coop (NHEC) at the existing Mt. Tecumseh communication site.

National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) Research Special Use Permit Decision Memo

One proposed site for this national network is at the Bartlett Experimental Forest. The project decision is whether or not to issue a 10 year permit to install and operate a research tower, study plots, boardwalk, and associated facilities.

Northeast Swift Integrated Resource Management Project

An integrated resource project that considers activities to move the NE Swift HMU toward the desired condition through timber, wildlife habitat, recreation, fisheries and aquatic management, road improvements or decommissioning, and other activities.

Northern New Hampshire Bird Dog Club Special Use Permit Renewal

Renew the existing 5 year permit. The permit authorizes use of several informal walking trails, pre-approved brushing, and the authorization to hold competitive grouse and woodcock timed hunting events in September and October of each year.

Oliverian Brook Watershed Improvement Project

Restoration of aquatic and riparian habitat in and adjacent to Oliverian Brook, including removal of fill previously dumped in side channel, removal of old bridge abutments, and rehabilitation of a portion of old Route 25.

Oliverian Stewardship Project

Integrated stewardship project. Goals include improvement of quality of timber stands, enhancement of wildlife habitat, mitigation of effects of past logging practices within recent Twin Oaks land acquisition, provide access and day use to Owls Head.

Pemi Northwest Project

This project proposes vegetation management and improvements to wildlife habitat, recreation and watershed resources.

Pemi Snowmobile Trail Bridge Construction Projects

Projects proposed by local snowmobile clubs to construct bridges across Boles Brook, a small section of railroad grade near Guinea Pond, and Batchelder Brook and two of its tributaries, all to mitigate safety and resource concerns.

Permanent Toilet Installation at Osceola Trailhead

This high use site has known human waste issues. As a temporary measure, a portable toilet is currently on site. A permanent toilet is a long-term solution to address high use and existing human waste concerns.

Pond of Safety Accessible Trail & Shoreline Access Hardening

Replace user created trail from designated parking lot to canoe launch with accessible trail along an existing road prism and harden shore using riprap to limit erosion. May include a small (3' square) landing to allow easier canoe access.

Presidential Range Dry River Wilderness Area Trails Project

Sections of the Dry River Trail, Rocky Branch Trail and Isolation Trail in the Presi-Dry Wilderness were damaged by Hurricane Irene and need repair or a nearby relocation. Rocky Branch Shelter 2 is to be decommissioned and tent sites designated.

Province Integrated Resource Management Project

An integrated resource management project that proposes vegetation management to improve wildlife habitat and forest health conditions, as well as recreation and transportation system improvements.

Resolution Shelter Removal Project

Resolution Shelter, accessible from the Mt Parker Trail and Davis Path, is closed due to its deteriorated condition. The proposal is to dismantle the shelter, remove non-organic components, rehab the site and trail, and provide an alternate tentsite.

Rumney Rocks Project EA

Proposal is to create a new trail to access crags, establish a trail system, and eliminate environmental damages caused by over use of the area.

Saco District Trail Decommisioning Project

Decommission sections of up to seven trails that are impractical to maintain or duplicate access (Bog, Wildcat and Rob Brook, East Branch, Gleason,White Ledge and Church Pond). Would be accomplished with trail sign removal and concealing entrances.

Sawyer River Bridge Replacement

Issuance of a Special Use Permit to New Hampshire Department of Transportation to construct a bridge crossing over the Sawyer River on State Route 302.

Sawyer River Temporary Bridge Crossing

Issuance of a Special Use Permit to New Hampshire Department of Transportation to construct and operate a temporary bridge crossing over the Sawyer River on State Route 302.

Slippery Brook Road Reconstruction Project

Reconstruct a 300 foot section of Slippery Brook Road and its fill slope, along with armoring the base of the slope at its interface with Slippery Brook, to prevent further damage. Project area is approximately 2.5 acres.

South Pond Road Association Special Use Permit Renewal

The purpose of This project is to renew the existing permit for a 5 year period. The permit authorizes the road association use of Forest Roads 65, 65A and 65B to perform annual routine maintenance and snow plowing for safe public access.

Swan's Way Nordic Trail Relocation, Waterville Valley Nordic Ski Area

Reroute less than 500 feet of nordic ski trail around a wet area affected by nearby beaver activity.

Switchback Snowmobile Trail Relocation

Relocation of the Switchback Snowmobile Trail, including construction/ reconstruction of approximately 4 miles of snowmobile trail and closure of approximately 3.5 miles of snowmobile trail on WMNF land. Previously listed on SOPA as Slippery Brook.

Three Ponds Snowmobile Trail Reroute

Relocate part of the Three Ponds snowmobile trail to increase rider safety and decrease impacts on wetlands

Time Warner Cable Fiber Optic Cable Permit Issuance

Issue a 30-year permit to Time Warner Cable for existing fiber optic cable formerly under special use permit in the Town of Waterville Valley, NH

Time Warner Cable Fiber Optic Cable Special Use permit

Issue a permit to Time Warner Cable Northeast LLC allowing them to extend fiber optic cable service to the existing wireless communication site on Mt. Tecumseh, including installing buried conduit under approx. 2,000%u2019 of ski trails.

Waterville Valley Fan Gun Project

Install 8 snowmaking fan guns and 2 transformers along World Cup trail. All items would be placed on pre-cast concrete pads. A few trees would be cut at one transformer and some blasting may occur. Power and water lines would be placed in trench.

Waterville Valley Half-pipe Reconstruction Project

Remove the half pipe on Exhibition trail, restoring trail to freestyle terrain. Lower the walls, bring the trail tread back toward grade level, and use extra fill from walls to form three small landings for other terrain features.

Waterville Valley Municipal Water Supply Special Use Permit

Special use permit to allow Town of Waterville Valley to install a municipal water supply well, fence with locked gate, electrical service with instrumentation and controls, water transmission main and electrical service from well to WMNF boundary.

Waterville Valley Super G Racecourse Project

Widen sections of three existing alpine ski trails to meet the specifications of FIS (International Ski Federation) and USSA (US Ski and Snowboard Association) to hold world class Super Giant Slalom race series.

Wild River Roadside Vegetation Management

Remove hazard trees and improve forest stand conditions along 6.3 miles of the Wild River Road (Forest Road 12). Harvest timber within a designated roadside risk management zone of 100 feet on either side of Wild River Road.

Wild River Shelters Removal

Analysis to consider the removal of Spruce Brook, Blue Brook, and Perkins Notch recreation shelters in Wild River, establishment of tent pads, and other site rehabilitation. Spruce Bk and Blue Bk decision made Nov. 2008. Perkins Notch on 5/23/2011

World Cup T-Bar Extension Project, Waterville Valley Alpine Ski Area

Extend the existing World Cup T-Bar approximately 800 lineal feet upslope to the Slalom Start area in order to enable this lift to provide access to additional trails and skiable terrain.

Zealand Road Campground Power Installation

Bring electric power into Zealand Road to install electric hook-ups at Zealand Campground, electric hookups for host sites at Sugarloaf I and II Campgrounds, and replace solar power system used to supply water at Sugarloaf I Campground.

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