Our Forest Plan is implemented through site-specific management projects designed to bring the Forest to its desired future condition and serve the needs of resources and people. We conduct environmental analyses, prepare design documents, and conduct field work to accomplish these goals. Public announcement of site-specific projects can be found on the Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA), which is prepared quarterly.

Documents relating to active NEPA projects are now located on the national PALS (Projects, Appeals, and Litigation System) web site, along with other project data. Projects that have been removed from the SOPA can still be accessed from the Project Archives link above right.

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White Mountain National Forest Project Spotlights

Supplement to the Green Peak Expansion and Trail Construction at Waterville Valley Ski Resort

Removal of the World Cup Triple fixed grip chair lift at the Waterville Valley resort and its relocation on Green Peak in the location approved in the original Green Peak EA for a detachable high-speed quad.

Glen Ellis Falls Day Use Area Site Improvement Project

This project proposes to repair many of the facilities--including the access road, parking, picnic sites, trails, signage and toilets--at this popular day use area.

Administrative Radio Repeater Improvement Project

Install 3 new radio repeaters and relocate and enhance 1 existing repeater to increase FS radio coverage on the WMNF where good coverage is lacking and allow for Forestwide communication; includes clearing trees for helicopter use and new sites.

All Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.
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White Mountain National Forest All Units

Hall Trail to Maple Mountain Trail X-C Ski Connector

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation proposal to decommission 0.6 miles of the Hall Trail and construct a safer, more sustainable connector (0.5 mile) to the Maple Mountain trail. 0.3 miles of new trail will be on an old skid road; 0.2 will be new trail.

Loon Pond Dam Reconstruction

The proposal is to issue a 20-year special use permit to provide the Town of Lincoln access to the Loon Pond Dam. The town owns the dam and needs access to reconstruct it in response to NHDES letter of deficiency and to maintain it into the future.

Northern Pass Transmission Line Special Use Permit

Proposed power transmission line that would cross the WMNF in an existing corridor in Stark and between Easton and Woodstock. US Dep't of Energy is leading the NEPA analysis. WMNF decision is whether to issue a special use permit to cross the Forest.

Androscoggin Ranger District

Albany South Project

An integrated resource management project that proposes vegetation management to improve wildlife habitat and forest health conditions, as well as recreation, watershed and transportation system improvements.

Deer Ridge Integrated Resource Project

An integrated resource project designed to move the South Pond South Habitat Mgt Unit (HMU) toward desired conditions through timber, wildlife habitat, recreation, and road improvements.

Libby Road maintenance project

Road maintenance on approx. 300' of Libby Road, starting at Gore Road junction. Includes adding gravel to road and existing parking area, restoring drainage structures, and trimming encroaching vegetation.

Pemigewasset Ranger District

Bowen Brook Integrated Resource Management

An integrated resource project designed to move the Wild Ammonoosuc North Habitat Mgt Unit (HMU) toward desired conditions through timber, wildlife habitat, recreation, fisheries and aquatic management, road improvements and decommissioning.

Guyot Campsite Reconfiguration Project

The Guyot Campsite Reconfiguration Project would repair and rehabilitate the Guyot Shelter, address high levels of visitor use and the associated impacts, and remove structures from the Pemigewasset Wilderness.

Lake of the Clouds Hut Septic Replacement

Replacement of failing septic system at Lake of the Clouds Hut, operated under special use permit by the Appalachian Mountain Club.

Pemigewasset Wilderness Thoreau Falls Bridge Removal Project

Dismantle bridge using Wilderness-appropriate tools, break up and scatter wood component and break up and bury or scatter concrete abutments at least 100 feet from perennial water, pack out any hardware. Monitor crossing, harden banks if necessary.

Sugarloaf Campground Utility Improvement and Zealand Road Repaving Project

The proposed action includes: repaving Zealand Road, providing water and power to 15 sites at Sugarloaf I and provide pressurized potable water at Sugarloaf II. Amenities at the host sites would also be upgraded.

Tripoli Road Campsite Relocation and Roadside Hazard Tree Removal Project

Relocation and redesign of all of the campsites along Tripoli Road to sites along adjacent spur roads to mitigate safety and resource concerns. Removal of hazard trees along Tripoli Road and spur roads to address safety concerns.

Saco Ranger District

Doublehead Recreation Management

Construct a new parking lot for Doublehead cabin visitors and ski trail users. Construct approximately 0.5 miles of new trail to connect the proposed parking lot to the ski trail. Decommission New Path hiking trail, approximately 1.4 miles.

Intervale Vegetation Enhancement Project

Silviculturally treat vegetation in Jigger Johnson campground to enhance recreation experience and stand resiliency.

Langdon Shelter Removal

Removal of an underutilized structure which is in need of significant repair

Neuts Brook Snowmobile Trail Relocation Project

Relocate the existing snowmobile trail to the edge of the Forest Service administrative site or off the site to a private land location to eliminate safety concerns associated with the current trail location that bisects the administrative site.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.