Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the NEPA process (EIS, EA, or CE) that involves analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground.

The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process. 

Willamette National Forest Project Archive

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2010 NRCS SNOTEL Permit Reissuance and Site Installation

The Forest proposes to re-issue Special Use Permit WIL67 to the NRCS for the continued operation of 12 existing SNOTEL Monitoring sites. 2 additional sites will be added to the permit and Soil moisture sensor added at an existing site.

2011 Middle Fork Ranger District Salvage

Salvage of downed trees from the March 13, 2011 windstorm. Approximately 200,000 bd. ft of blown down timber would be salvaged in two separate salvage sales located along roads and in campgounds in Fall Creek and Middle Fork Willamette drainages.

2012 Bough Sale Project

Harvest boughs on approximately 600 acres of 10-30 year old conifer stands, using hand tools. Remove up to 1/2 the length of the branch on 1/2 the height of the tree. This project may be split into two or more bough sales.

2012 Commercial Bough Sales

Conifer boughs may be harvested with hand tools; removing up to 1/2 of the branch length on 1/2 of the tree height to provide supply for wreaths and decorative greens. About 490ac. and 120 tons of boughs.

2012 Dispersed Campsite Closures

Project proposes to close approximately 25 dispersed recreation sites to day use to reduce clnflict with adjacent land use, public health, safety, sanitation, and resource protection.

2012 Precommercial Thinning and Conifer Pruning

Approximately 350 acres of young conifer thinning to maintain and improve stand health and vigor. Conifer pruning of approximately 150 acres to improve wood quality.

2012 Special Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Projects

This project combines 7 special habitat areas (totaling 49 acres) that are proposed to maintain and restore early seral vegetation conditions, which includes 4 meadows, a stand dominated by shrubs and hardwood, an orchard and an oak savannah.

2012 Sweet Home Young Stand Density Management

Reduce stocking on 6000 acres of 10-30 year-old managed stands to improve growth, forest health; long-term fuel loads, improve huckleberry habitat and provide wildlife forage/habitat.

2013 Bough Sales Project

Using hand tools only, conifer boughs may be harvested by removing up to ½ of the branch length on ½ the tree height. Bough collection provides supply for wreaths and decorative greens. This project may be split into multiple sales.

2013 Bough Sales Project

The proposed action is to implement the sale of conifer boughs, in a contract-controlled manner to help manage the forest environment and meet the demand for these products by the public.

2013 Precommercial Thinning and Conifer Pruning

Young conifer thinning of approximately 40 acres to maintain and improve tree stand health and vigor. Conifer pruning of approximately 165 acres to improve wood quality.

2013 Recreation Residence Improvements

Several requests for projects on Recreation Residence cabins are planned for 2013. This includes two outhouses that need to be repaired or replaced, a repair of an old septic system, and construction of a new wood shed.

2013-2014 McCoy Motorized Recreation Area Improvements

This project will include the expansion of the upper staging area, road brushing and striping, road access management, site preparation and installation of a vault toilet and picnic shelter.

2014 Marion Creek Stream Restoration

This project would improve fish habitat and curb bank erosion by adding large wood complexes in the side channels of lower Marion Creek. It is anticipated to enhance recreational viewings of spring chinook spawning near the new Day Use Area.

2014 Recreation Residence Septic Repairs

This proposal is to replace two septic systems of Recreation Residence Cabin #13 & #27 in the Delta A Tract. The would include a septic tank between 1000 - 1500 gallons, a drain field of up to 150' and transmission lines from the cabin to the tank.

2014 Sweet Home White Oak Enhancement Project

Release established oak trees and propagate new oak trees from collected acorns from the site.

2014 Various District-wide Term Special Use Authorization Reissuances

Proposal to reissue 7 existing term special use permits. The term of each authorization would be 20-30 years (depending on type). There will be no change in the authorized facilities or increase in the scope or intensity of authorized activities.

2016 Meadow and Wetland Enhancement

The proposed project would restore and maintain meadows, ponds, pools, and wetlands to improve landscape diversity, wildlife habitat, and ecological functions.

2016 Renewal of Existing Permits for Outfitters and Guides

The proposed project would renew existing outfitter and guide permits operating on the Willamette National Forest with Priority Use Permits for up to a 10-year term.

410 Road Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

A 94 acre hazardous fuels reduction project to aid in wildfire prevention and management. There would be an understory thin (<7" dbh), completed with hand and mechanical work. Brush will be piled and burned, underburned, or chipped and scattered.

Air Thin Project

The project proposes to commercially thin one stand that is 28 acres. The stand is 60 years old with Douglas fir being the primary species. The stand consist of an estimated 140 trees per acre with an average diameter of 17.0 inches.

Alpine Trail (3450) Connection

The proposed trail connection will tie the end of the 5826-130 road to the end of the 1910-683 road. This connection will be 1.9 miles long and is designed with 10% average grades and will be built by hand.

Alpine Trail (3450) Relocation

Relocate the only remaining portion of the Alpine Trail from its current location along roads 1912 and 1911 to a convenient side slope to the east of those roads through a recent harvest unit and a short section following the 1802-133.

AT&T/Cingular Wolf Mt. Tower Replacement

Velocitel requests replacement of the existing tower at Wolf Mt., which is failing. The new tower will be the same height at the existing tower and in the same location. Existing footings would be replaced. Work would be in already disturbed ground.

Ball Park Thin

This project proposes commercial thinning and prescribed fire stand treatments on about 1156 acres of young plantations and in unmanaged stands. Proposed actions also include watershed restoration and fish and wildlife habitat enhancement.

Bend Broadband Hoodoo Butte Fiberoptic Backhaul Project

This project will provide Sprint (located in the American Tower Facility) on Hoodoo Butte with a fiber optic connection ("back haul") back to the Bend Communication/Crown Castle building.

Benson and Obsidian Trail Reroutes

The proposed project would reroute approximately 2.2 miles of the Obsidian Trail (FS Trail 3528) and one mile of the Benson Lake Trail (FS Trail 3502). Reroutes would reduce erosion and maintenance.

Big Blue

The project would improve stand conditions by commercially thinning and group select harvesting 35-to 80-year-old timber stands in the Upper Blue River sub-watershed. Road maintainenance, restoration, and decommissioning would also occur.

Big Hoodoo Project

This project is being reissued with a new decision. The purpose of the project is to reduce hazardous fuels and improve forest health to protect values at risk in the Hoodoo/Big Lake area through 2,135 acres of treatments in the Santiam Pass area.

Big Lake Youth Camp Master Plan

The McKenzie River RD and the Big Lake Youth Camp Cooperator proposes to develop and approve a long-term master plan. The proposal includes a permit boundary expansion which requires a non-significant amendment to the Willamette Forest Plan.

Bingham Fire Dozer Line Rehabilitation

This project will repair a section of the Bingham Fire dozer line by removing up to 30 trees of the pushed and pulled from the site to be used in fish restoration projects. Remaining pushed/pulled trees will be scattered to mimic surrounding stand.

Bingham Trail #3421 Realignment

Santiam River Zone Trails program managers will be working with area specialists to plan a realignment route for the first 1/4 mile of the trail.

Blowout Thin

Proposal to commercially thin approx. 900 ac.and regenerate approx. 75 ac in the Blowout Creek drainage in units previously identified as Pin, Nasty, and Skyhawk timber sales in the Blowout EA Decision, May 1995. A new EA and DN will be completed.

Blowout-Divide Creeks Log Placement

This restoration project would improve habitat for rainbow and cutthroat trout and increase sediment storage along 1.0 miles of central Blowout Creek and 0.7 miles of lower Divide Creek.

Blue River Upper Compound Administrative Site Disposal

The proposed project would authorize sale of a USFS site which consists of six structures, a paved road, gravel driveways and roads, paved and graveled parking and loading areas, a gravel stockpile, and timber/vegetation areas.

Boundary Thin Project

To commercially thin 70 acres in a 50 year old stand using ground base equipment. This project will also include two gaps 1-3 acres in size to promote understory forbs and shrubs.

BPA Hills Creek Pole Replacement Project

Two poles installed on the BPA powerline between Oakridge and Hills Creek Dam in 1962 have major decay and need to be replaced. In addition, BPA needs to re-open the spur roads that access the line in order to improve response time for line outages.

Bridge Thin

This proposal includes thinning in approximately 2,500 acres of both managed and unmanaged timber stands, along with watershed restoration projects for the McKenzie River/Elk Creek subwatershed.

Buck Tule

Timber harvest is proposed in densely stocked second growth stands generally ranging in age from 40 to 150 years old, and includes stands within Riparian Reserves and approximately 40 acres in the Jefferson Late-Successional Reserve.

Calapooya Divide Meadow Restoration

Removal of trees and shrubs that are encroaching on meadows on the Calapooya Divide. Methods include; hand cutting trees (<12"dbh) and shrubs, scattering, piling, burning, or leaving slash, weed treatments (manual and/or chemical), and seeding.

Calapooya Meadow Restoration II

Restore and make meadows on the Calapooya Divide more resistant to fire and climate change. Includes whipfelling trees 10" diameter and less, removing invasive plants, prescribed fire, and placing boulders or fencing to restrict off-road access.

Camp Melakwa Permit Renewal

The Oregon Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America has requested renewal of their existing Special Use Authorization for Camp Melakwa on the McKenzie River Ranger District. This action would re-authorize the continuing use of the permit area for 20 yrs.

Camp Pioneer Special Use Permit Reissue

Reissue special use permit for 20 years. No new ground disturbing activities planned. Administrative action.

Canyon Creek Large Wood Project

Place large wood in Canyon Creek and tributaries (primarily by helicopter) to improve juvenile steelhead rearing and foraging habitat.

Canyon Thin

Commercial thinning in about 1300 acres of 40-60 year old managed stands and 1000 acres of 90-120 year-old natural stands.

Carmen Reservoir Bridge Replacement

Replace the current poor condition bridge, with a new bridge that meets current safety standards. The bridge will be lengthened to move abuttments farther from the river and restore riparian function.

Carmen-Smith Campus Garage Additions & Siding Replacement

The project's purpose is to add garage units to three existing houses and replace siding on those houses. Work would also include relocation of fire hydrant and irrigation lines, excavation for garage concrete slabs and driveways.

Carmen-Smith Campus Improvements

Replace office and manufactured home to accommodate local snow loading with a design compatible with historic character of the site. Water system upgrades to be in compliance with state regulations and meet future demands.

Cascade Thin

The purpose of this thinning project, in two previously managed stands, is to create high quality elk forage in the short term, while encouraging the development of elk optimal cover in the long term.

Cascadia Day Use Forest Plan Amendment and Site Development

Proposed Forest Plan amendment to change about 10 ac. of an administrative site MA 13B to Developed Recreation MA 12a. Also, construct parking area for 8-10 vehicles, plant low-maintenance landscaping, and construct ADA interpretive tail.

Cascadia Day Use Site Development

Construct parking area for 8-10 vehicles, install toilet and low-maintenance landscaping, construct interpretive trail, panels and kiosk, and stabilize CCC-era wall.

Castle Project

To commercially thin three stands; 30, 16, and 10 acres. These stands are second growth with an average age of 40 years. The project will be harvested with ground base and skyline equipment using existing skid roads as much as possible.

Chalk Parker Biodiversity Enhancement Project

4,600 acres of commercial thinning in managed young stands, special habitat restoration and maintence on 266 acres, 60 miles of road maintence and 95 miles of road closure, fuels reduction, and wildlife forage enhancment

Cingular Wireless Tower Replacement

Replace a wireless communication cell tower at the Mt. Hagan site. The existing tower will be removed upon completion of the new monopole tower.

City of Detroit Root Rot Timber Sale

The proposal is to remove a pocket of hazardous root rot infected trees adjacent to private property in the City of Detroit.

Clear Lake WUI Fuels Reduction

A 110 acre Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI) fuels reduction is proposed between Clear Lake and Hwy 126. Trees and brush ≤7” dbh will be thinned to enhance defensible space around the resort, facility out-buildings, and access roads.

Collier Glacier Monitoring

Special use permit for the EPA to install equipment for monitoring melt on Collier Glacier and radio data receiver on Sand Mountain.

Competing Vegetation Removal for Research EA

The McKenzie River Ranger District (MRRD) on the Willamette National Forest (WNF) proposes to treat competing vegetation occupying research plots on approximately 5416 m2 with glyphosate. This treatment may occur at a yearly frequency for the next 1

Cool Soda

Implement vegetation-related projects from Cool Soda All Lands Restoration Proposal. Thin 545 ac. of young stands, regen 71 ac. for noble fir boughs, regen 14 acres in mature stand, fuel treatments, special forest products, traditional resources

Cool Soda Culvert Replacements

There are a total of 65 culvert replacements on National Forest Service Roads 2027-000, 2041-000, 2043-000, 2043-320, 2043-328, 2043-330, 2043-333, 2043-410, 2043-411, 2043-360 and 2043-402.

Cougar Bluffs Land Exchange

Exchange of 280 privately owned acres within the Cougar Bluffs Inventoried Roadless Area for an equal value of land within a 598 acre area administered by the U.S. Forest Service

Cougar Creek Thin

To commercially thin approximately 70 acres in a 50-year old second growth stand. The project will be harvested with ground base equipment using existing skid roads as much as possible.

Cub Thin Project

The project proposes to commercially three stands for a total of 70 acres. The units are second-growth stands that are approximately 42 years old. The units would be harvested with ground base and skyline equipment.

D Blowdown Removal

The proposed project would remove approximately 40 wind thrown and root sprung trees within a five acre stand that is 120 years old. Trees would be sold under a timber sale contract.

Deception Danger Tree Project

The Forest Service MFRD is proposing to fell and remove fire-killed danger trees along the perimeter of ten roads within the 2014 Deception Creek Fire area for the purpose of providing for safe public and administrative use of those roads.

Deception Fire Reforestation

The Middle Fork Ranger District is proposing to replant approximately 325 acres in plantations within the Deception Complex Fire that affected the Willamette National Forest . The purpose is to re-establish forest cover with a mix of native conifers.

Deer Creek Floodplain Enhancement

The project will consist of channel reconstruction and floodplain enhancement using wood placement and side channel excavation. Wood sources for the logs will be located within a 5 mile radius of the channel.

Delta A Cabin Expansion

The proposed project would authorize modification of cabin #27 in the Delta A recreation residence tract. Modification would include expansion to house a hot water tank.

Delta A Cabin Improvements

The proposed project would authorize modification (installation of half bathroom) of cabin on lot 8/9 of the Delta A recreation residence tract. Modification would include installation of new transmission lines for existing water and septic.

Delta A Septic Repair (#33)

The proposed project would authorize a repair for a failed septic system for a cabin on Lot #33 of the Delta A Recreation Residence Tract.

Delta A Septic Repair (#4)

The proposed project would authorize a repair for a failed septic system for a cabin on Lot #4 of the Delta A Recreation Residence Tract.

Delta A Septic System Installations

This proposal would replace outhouses on three lots with Lane County approved septic systems.

District Stand Density Management and Conifer Pruning

Stand density management and conifer pruning in on about 5,700 acres of young plantations across the district. In the Staley Cr. area, thinning will occur through riparian reserves.


To commercially thin approximately 40 acres in a 50-year old stand using ground base equipment

East Fork Bridge Project

The project will replace, in-kind, a bridge on the East Fork Trail (Tr. No. 3308) at mile post 1.15. The original bridge is still in place, but inspections show that it needs replacement. This project will use the same base platform in replacement.

Echo Staley Road Storage and Illegal Household Trash Site Management

Storm-proofing on about 12miles (Lane County) and 8.7miles (Douglas County)of maintenace level 1 and 2 roads. May include; water barring, ditching over culverts, ditch cleaning, blading, will close road access seasonally or year-round on 27 miles.

ERFO12 Road Repairs

Repairing roads, reconstructing retaining walls, and replacing culverts along parts of Rd 18, Rd 2408, Rd 19, Rd 1934, Rd 5840-531 and quarry blasting/crushing within previously disturbed areas.

Fall Creek Trail Reroute

This project proposes to eliminate the exposed section of trail by rerouting the trail over the slide-prone slope well above the steep bluff on terrain that is not slide prone. The total distance of this reroute will be about 0.85 mile.

Firewise Treatments (ODF)

The allowance of the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) to implement fuels treatments on a small portion of FS Land (.4 acres) near the Marconi residence adjacent to private land where ODF is implementing firewise projects around private land.

Flat Creek Buildings Disposition Project

There are 3 Houses and 2 garages at the Flat Creek Work Center in Oakridge that are no longer habitable, are in disrepair, and will either be demolished or allowed to be used under special use permit. The buildings are eligible for the NRHP.

Flat Creek Trail Extension( "B" section)

G.O.A.T.S. is requesting approval/permission with NEPA analysis, to extend the Flat Creek Trail from its current north terminus on the west side of Dead Mtn, eastward to the communication site, a distance of about 9000 feet.

Flat Top Thin

The project proposes to commercially thin a 60 year old stand that is 70 acres. In addition to the thinning, approximately 10-15% of the stand will have gaps ranging in size from one to three acres.

French Bug Timber Sale

This project will thin approximately 1500 acres of managed stands in the Breitenbush Watershed.

Fresca Thin

The proposed project would treat approximately 66 acres located in two stands that are approximately 44 years old. Treatments would include 26 acres of commercial thinning, four acres of gaps, and 36 acres of skips.

Fritz Thin Project

This project proposes to commercially thin approximately 70 acres in a 50-year old second growth stand. The project will be harvested with ground base and skyline equipment using existing skid roads as much as possible.

Geotechnical Investigations CE for the Proposed Cascade Crossing Transmission Project

Geotechnical investigations on National Forest System lands for the proposed Cascade Crossing Transmission Project

Geothermal Leasing Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The Forest Service was a cooperating agency, assisting the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in that Agency's geothermal leasing analysis and decision. The BLM issued a record of decision on 12/17/2008.

GOATS Ride Center

The Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards (GOATS) has secured federal funding to implement projects to promote mountain biking in and around Oakridge/Westfir. Projects include: trail extension, trail maintenance, and install information kiosk.

Gold Lake Bog RNA Boundary Adjustment

Expand the existing boundary for Gold Lake Bog Research Natural Area (RNA), from about 415 to 656 acres. This expansion will incorporate the springs and wetlands that support the unique flora and fauna for scientific study.

Gold Lake Project

The Forest Service proposes to replace the Gold Lake boat ramp and reroute trails in the area to better accommodate the type of trail use and the number of visitors.

Goose EA 2010

The proposed action will commercially harvest stands 25-120 year-old (1,598 acres)and reduce fuels in the WUI (600 acres).

H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest

Construction of a 2200 square foot LEEDS certified residential building.

H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Educational Connector Trail

Construction of a connector trail (<1/4 mile) between the Lookout Creek trail and the Discovery Old Growth Education Trail on the HJA compound. This will allow for a loop educational hike using the 2 trails and the old road to the pump house.

Hardesty Mtn Trailhead Reconstruction

The existing parking lot will be reconstructed with day use improvements added. Improvements to the parking area will help manage traffic flow and local resource impacts. Facility improvements will include toilets, signs, picnic tables.

Hehe Thin Project

This project proposes up to 4000 acres of thinning in young 30-60 year plantations in the Hehe Creek area of the Fall Creek LSR. Associated activities include road decommissioning, fuel treatment, and other watershed restoration projects.

Hills Creek Reservoir Boat Launch Enhancements

Repair of existing launch runways at Packard Cr., CT Beach, and Bingham recreation sites. Extension of existing boat dock at Packard Cr. recreation site. Relocation of damaged boat docks to day use sites.

Hills Creek-Lookout Point Geotechnical Drill Project

This project proposes that testing would entail clearing & leveling two 40 ft by 10 ft work pads to set up the drilling equipment at each proposed structure location. This project is to determine foundation depth for future tower replacement.

Horse Creek

The project proposes: 1) Commercially harvest approximately 2,000 acres (Heavy Thin, Moderate Thin, Gaps, Dominant Tree Release, and Skips); 2) Non-commercial fuels thinning treatments and sugar pine realease treatments; 3) Decommission/Close roads.

House Rock Bridge Replacement

The trail foot bridge at House Rock campground will be replaced with a pre-engineered steel bridge. Concrete abuttments would be required on either side of the South Santiam River.

Huckleberry OHV Trail Development

This project proposes to add approximately 30 miles of designated OHV trail in and adjacent to the existing Huckleberry Flats OHV Trail and will include a non-significant Forest Plan Amendment for big game.

Humbug Creek Dispersed Sites Rehabilitation

The project will lessen impacts to federally listed fish habitat by decreasing sediment inputs, increasing the shade component and reducing the chance for petroleum products from vehicles entering the water by rehabilitating two dispersed campsites.

Humbug Creek Large Wood Placement

A stream restoration project is proposed to place large wood in Humbug Creek and East Humbug Creek to improve spring Chinook and resident fish habitat.

Indian Holes Trail Reroute

A project to reroute for approximately 1 mile of the Indian Holes Trail (Tr. No. 3524) near Indian Holes in the Three Sisters Wilderness where an inappropriate grade exists that is resulting in erosion.

Indigo and Middle Fortk Willamette Enhancement Project

The proposal is to complete stream enhancement projects in the Upper Middle Fork Willamette River (HUC# 1709000101) and Hills Creek Reservoir (HUC# 1709000105) Watersheds to benefit bull trout and Spring Chinook salmon.

Integrated Weed Management

Development of an integrated strategy to manage noxious weeds using preventive, manual, mechanical, and herbicide control measures.

Invasive Plant Management Amendment

Amendment to add aminopyralid to list of approved herbicides on the Willamette NF.

Issuance of Priority Use Outfitter and Guiding Special Use Permits

The forest proposes to issue 2- 10 year priority use permits to outfitters and guides already under under special use permit for operation in wilderness and non-wilderness.

Jim's Creek Savanna Restoration Project

The proposal is the restoration of a 500 acre area to pre-settlement open forest conditions, of ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, and Oregon white oak savanna.

Jims Creek Blowdown Salvage

~200 trees blew down in the Jim's Creek Stewardship area this winter. There is a desire to remove as many of these trees as possible to reduce the risk of beetle infestation. Logs will be sold and/or used in watershed restoration work in Staley Creek

Jobs in Priority Watersheds - Respect the River Phase 2

Second phase of planning for the Respect the River program on the district, located along the Upper Middle Fork Willamette River and Staley Creek. The project will minimize resource impacts at dispersed campsites and improve riparian health.

Johnny Salvage

Salvage of trees blown down during the March 13th, 2011 windstorm. Area to be salvaged is approximately 4 acres in General Forest allocation in the Fall Creek drainage.

Kafka Resource Thin

To commercially thin three second growth stands in the upper McKenzie watershed. Project will be harvested with ground based equipment.

King Castle Reroute

The proposed project would reroute approximately 1.25 miles of the King Castle Trail (FS Trail 4326).

Knob Boughs

The Knob Boughs project would remove approximately one hundred eighty-one tons (362,000 pounds) of coniferous boughs over 723 acres, under a three-year commercial contract.

Kopetski and Little North Santiam Trail Bridge Planning and Recon

This project will address trail bridge maintenance and replacements on the Little North Santiam River(LNS) Trail and will reroute the Kopetski Trail in the Opal Creek Scenic recreation Area.

Lamb Thin Project

To commercially thin three stands for a total of 70 acres in 41 year old stands using ground base equipment. This project will include 51 acres of commercial thinning, 2 acres of gaps, and 17 acres of skips.

Lane Electric - Oakridge Hatchery 3-phase Overhead Line Project

Construct a new 3-Phase overhead service to new ODFW Recirculation Aquaculture System building.

Lane Electric Coop 2013 Improvements

This project is for the replacement of existing overhead distribution lines and improvements in the existing system. There are two areas to be upgraded, 1) Lower Delta and 2) McKenzie Hwy from Horse Creek to the McKenzie River Ranger Station.

Lane Electric Underground Power Projects 2014-2017

Replacement of overhead electrical system with underground system on Hwy 126 between Horse Creek Road and the McKenzie River Ranger Station. Upgrade of existing underground system along Hwy 242 between Camp Yale and Camp White Branch.

Lawler Connection

Two disconnected segments of Lawler Trail (3473) exist currently. The proposed segment will connect the currently orphaned trail segments only traveling on spur 5840-535 for 200' This will create a safer and more desirable trail user experience.

Little Fall Creek Steelhead Habitat Enhancement Project

The project would add approximately 800 logs and or rootwads to the Little Fall Creek stream channel to enhance the existent aquatic habitat. Approximately 80 live trees would be pulled over to act as anchor points for the 800 logs or rootwads.

Lodgepole Flats Forest Plan Amendment #54

(Minor revision to name of project). The project proposes to change the north section of Park Creek Semi-primitive Nonmotorized Dispersed Recreation Management Area to a Special Habitat Management Area. This is a Forest Plan revision.

Lowell Warehouse - Vacant Lot Conveyance

The Forest proposes to sell the vacant lot portion (1.7 acres) of the Lowell Warehouse property separately from the Lowell Warehouse and Pole Barn lots.

Margie Project

The project proposed to commercially thin about 1200 acres of young second growth forests to enhance the growth and structural complexity of timber stands. Decision was withdrawn on August 12, 2011. New decision is expected in March 2012.

Marion Forks Fish Hatchery Day Use Improvements

This project aims to make the Marion Forks Hatchery Day Use safer to enter by widening the entrance and adding new signing. There will be other improvements to the area, including converting the lower camping area to a day use area and nature trail

Marion Forks Hazardous Fuels and Commercial Thinning

This project proposes to commercially thin about 160 acres and conduct hazardous fuels activities on 630 acres.

McCredie Hot Springs Day Use

The existing parking lot will be reconstructed with day use improvements added. Improvements to the parking area will help manage traffic flow and local resource impacts. Facility improvements will include toilets, signs, picnic tables.

McKenzie River Front Country Trail Sign Project

This project will replace, in-kind, the directional trail signs on several non-wilderness trails. Signs will be installed on the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail, Olallie Trail, Castle Rock Trail, O'Leary Trail, and Echo Trail.

McKenzie River NRT Bridge Replacement Project

This project proposes to replace three bridges and conduct heavy tread maintenance activities on the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail (MRNRT) (Tr. No. 3507).

McKenzie River Trail Reroute

The proposed project would reroute several sections of the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail (#3507) to prevent trenching and erosion.

Meadow Enhancement

Meadow enhancement and rehabilitation in 3 meadows on the Detroit Ranger District. Enchancements include tree removal, limbing, slash burning and monitoring.

Middle Fork Trail Improvements Project

Proposing to reroute 1200 feet of unsustainable trail, rebuild four trail bridges and build one new bridge.

Middle Santiam Thin

Commercial thinning of about 2000 acres in 30-60 year-old plantations in the Middle Santiam drainage.

Moose Creek and Quartzville Dispersed Sites Project

Closing large dispersed sites that have been consistent problem areas for illegal camping, dumping of trash, improper waste disposal, and natural resource degradation. Sites will remain open for day use activities and increased day access to water.

Moose Creek Steelhead Habitat Enhancement Project

Tip approximately 60 stream-adjacent trees approximately 30-45 in. in diameter, with root wads attached, into Moose Creek to improve steelhead habitat.

MRRS Thin Project

To commercially thin a 80 year old stand that is 56 acres. The stand will include a one-1 acre gap and 30 acres of skips. The purpose of this project is to reduce ladder fuels, manage camping, and improve the security adjacent to Ranger Station.

Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club Grooming Storage Shelter

Project proposes to allow the Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club (MJSC) to build a storage structure at the Ray Benson Sno-park. The structure would be utilized to house equipment that helps maintain the USFS snowmobile trails in the area.

Mud Lake Trail Tr. No. 3518 decommissioning

This project proposes to eliminate Tr. No. 3518 from the maintained trail system and would involve removal of trail signs and disguising the trail tread with native vegetation/ debris while allowing nature to reclaim this ground.

Murphy Meadow Restoration Project

A meadow will be maintained by cutting of conifers less than 10 inches dbh and prescribed fire 1-2 years after. 57 acres of meadow will be maintained with a potential of an additional 84 acres of understory prescibed fire in forested vegetation.

Muskee Thin

The project proposes to commercially thin three 43 year old stands, one is 42 acres, 16 acres, and 9 acres. In addition to the thinning, approximately 10-15% of the stand will have gaps ranging in size from one to three acres.

Niner Thin

This project proposes 3300 acres of commerical thinning in managed stands along the Forest Road 1928 area.There may be up to 6 miles of temporary road built. Buzzard Thin was combined into Niner Thin.

North Fork Quartz Private Log Landing & Road Use

Utilize 3 existing landing sites for helicopter logging by Giustina Resources from private land and haul approximately 200 loads on NF126. Two landings on NF 126 will be landing and load sites. One landing on NF610 will be a service landing.

North Fork Salvage

The project consists of salvaging down trees along Road 19 and Road 5826. The Rd. 19 (<1 ac.) salvage consists of removing decked logs and downed trees from a landslide. The Rd. 5826 salvage (5 ac.) consists of bucking and removing blown down trees.

North Fork Trail Relocation

Replace a section of unstable trail by decommissioning approximately ¼ mile of existing trail and constructing approximatley ½ mile of new trail.

North Santiam Sportsman’s Club Term Special Use Authorization Reissue

North Santiam Sportsman’s Club requests a new 10-year Term Special use Authorization.

O'leary Reroute

A project to reroute a 1½Mi. of the O’leary trail (Tr. No. 3321). The trail was constructed too steep, resulting in trenching and erosion of the trail during the wet season and periods of spring snow melt.

Oakridge/Westfir Thinning and Fuel Reduction Project (formerly Interface Thin)

The project proposes commerical thinning of about 35mmbf on 2070 ac in 70-100 year old stands within the wildland urban interface. The project proposes non-harvest fuel treatments on about 990 ac.Approximately 2.7miles of temporary roads are proposed

ODOT Waste Area Expansion

ODOT requests permission to expand an existing waste area site off Hwy 58 by 2 acres. Their long term need for waste storage for this section of Hwy 58 exceeds the current disturbed area. Cut trees to be sold as firewood or as a commercial deck sale.

OHV Trail 46 Reroute

The proposed project would reroute approximately .1 mile of OHV Trail 46 (OHV Class III).

Olallie Reroute

This scoping initiates a project to reroute a 1/2 mile of the Olallie trail. This work would require removing trees <12 inches from the 96 inch wide trail prism and ground disturbance 22' wide to build the tread.

Old Foley Thin

The project would implement a variable density commercial thinning with skips and gaps in a managed plantation stand that is approximately 51 acres in size and 54 years old.

Ollie Thin Project

The project proposes to commercially thin a 65 year old stand that is 52 acres. In addition to the thinning, approximately 10-15% of the stand will have gaps ranging in size from one to three acres.

Opal Lake Trail Reroute

Excessively steep routes and routes through swampy meadow area on trail length will be assessed and relocated. Trail reroute would be approximately 3/4 mile.

Oregon Chub and Western Pond Turtle Habitat Enhancement Project

A small (1/8) acre pond will be excavated in a historic flood plain of the Middle Fork Willamette River within the Buckhead Wildlife Area.

Oregon State University Radio at Frissell Point

The proposed project would issue a Special Use Permit to authorize Oregon State University School of Forestry to install, maintain, and operate two 5.8 gigahertz radios at the Frissell Point Communication Site tower.

Oregon Trappers Association Special Use Permit Renewal

Oregon Trappers Association requests renewal of expiring permit for the Annual Waldo Lake Rendezvous, for a term of five years.

Pacificorp/PP&L Special Use Permit Renewal

Request to renew existing Special Use Authorization permit for powerlines on Sweet Home Ranger District

Park Smith Thin

Commercial thinning in 35-60 years old stands in the Upper McKenzie drainage.

Pass Thin Project

To commercially thin approximately 34 acres in a 40 year old stand using ground base and skyline equipment. This project will also include five gaps one acre in size to promote understory forbs and shrubs.

Patjens Reroute

To reroute approximately 3 miles of Patjens trail. This would require cutting trees (<12") in the proposed trail prism (96" wide) and disturbing the ground via tread construction (18-22" wide).

Peggy Creek Disposal Site Expansion

The proposed project would expand the current Peggy Creek disposal site allowing for an additional 9,000 to 12,000 cubic yards of geologic spoils (waste).

Pine/grass Plantation Habitat Management Project

Precommercial Thinning, brush cutting, under burning, pruning, snag creation, seeding, and noxious weed abatement within the mixed conifer forest type to maintain and restore oak woodland and savanna habitat.

Pioneer Gulch Project

The project proposes timber harvest on about 940 acres yielding about 12.7 mmbf. The project includes road maintenance and closures, big game forage enhancements activities, non-harvest fuel treatments, and fish habitat improvements.

Pools, Ponds, and Meadow Enhancement Projects 2013

Enhance pre-existing areas of permanent, semi-permanent or ephemeral water sources. This will be done by falling trees into stream beds and in some areas add finer wood to create log jams; and decreasing conifer density around ponds.

Portland General Electric Bethel-Round Butte Transmission Line Project

Authorize a special use permit for Portland General Electric to continue to operate electrical tranmission lines across National Forest lands on the Willamette, Mt. Hood, and Ochoco National Forests.

Precommercial Thinning, Tree Pruning, Post and Pole Removal

Precommercial Thinning, Tree Pruning, Post and Pole removal to occur on approx 5500 acres of 15 - 35 year old conifer stands.

Prescribed Fire in Wilderness: Scott Mountain and Cascade Lakes Areas, Deschutes and Willamette NF

The project would use prescribed fire in the Three Sisters Wilderness area to modify vegetation and fuels to sufficiently reduce the threats to values at risk outside of Wilderness in order to allow fire to play a more natural role within Wilderness

Presley's Twin Project

Revised proposal includes overstory removal on 1,000 acres of shelterwood plantations, thinning 680 acres of 100-150 yr.old stands and 162 acres of 40 yr.old plantations. Includes road maint.and closures, fuel treatments, and precommercial thinning

Pup Project

To commercially thin approximately 69 acres in a 55 year old stand using ground base and skyline equipment. This project will also include gaps 1-3 acre in size to promote understory forbs and shrubs.

Qwest Communication Permit Renewal

Qwest Corporation requests renewal of the permit for telephone trunk lines on the McKenzie River and Middle Fork Ranger Districts.

Rd. 19 DTR (Danger Tree Removal)

To remove approximately 120 danger trees located in a fourteen mile segment adjacent to Forest road 19. The trees are dead and dying and have a failure zone that would impact Forest road 19.

Re-route of Road 2041

Relocate about 500-600 feet of road 2041 where its alignment has shifted due to an active slide. Replace and realign 5-6 foot culvert. Remove rock from the abandoned portion of road and use on relocated portion. Decommission abandoned roadbed.

Recreation and Administravbite Site Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Project was formerly called "2012 Rec/Admin HF". This project proposes to cut and burn or chip brush and trees less than 10 inches in diameter at 4.5 feet from ground level (DBH) to increase the defensible space around district infrastructure.

Recreation Residence Septic Repairs and Replacements

The proposed project would approve repairs and replacements for failed septic systems, as needed, in three recreation residence tracts (Delta A, Delta B, and Scott Creek) over the next five years.

Renewal of Communications Use Leases at Wolf Mt. Communication Site

Four holders request renewal of their leases for communications uses at Wolf Mt. for a 20-year term. No new ground disturbance for these leases, no increase in scope or intensity of authorized activities. Changes are administrative only.

Renewal of Falcon Cable Systems Special Use Permit for Blue River Distribution Lines

This is administrative action, authorizing the continuing use of existing permit areas for cable TV lines for a new 20 year term. No changes in the scope or intensity of the uses. No ground disturbanc

Renewal of Leases for New Cingular Wireless, Silke Comm., American Tower, & Lane Co. Sheriff

Administrative actions to authorize the continuing use of communications permit areas for a new term of 20 years for four different permittees. There are no changes in the scope or intensity of the uses, and no ground disturbance is proposed.

Respect the River

Resource damage will be repaired at dispersed campsites along the Middle Fork Willamette River by providing a riparian buffer, planting native vegetation, subsoiling compacted soils, deterring enlargement of dispersed sites, and posting signs

Respect the River - Fall Creek

Resource damage will be minimized and restored at the dispersed campsites by providing a riparian buffer, planting native vegetation, subsoiling compacted soils, deterring campsite area growth and educational signage.

Revised Trapper Project

A Supplemental Environmental Assessment will be prepared to disclose effects of harvesting timber on about 33 acres already under contract and to respond to analysis deficiencies identified by the 2011 U.S. District Court decision.

Riparian Weed Treatment Project

Develop treatment options for five riparian weed populations found throughout the Willamette National Forest.

Salmon Creek Respect the River

This project would subsoil, berm, obstruct and replant seven small user-created roads in the vicinity of dispersed campsites off the 2400 and 2408 forest service roads.

Salmon/Warrior Trail Reroutes Project

Several sections of the Salmon Creek Trail and the connected Warrior Loops were destroyed by flooding and channel movements. This project is intended to connect the remaining trail segments and to make as much of the trail as sustainable as possible.

Santiam Junction In-Ground Holding Tank

The proposed project would approve the installment of a 1,000 gallon in-ground holding tank for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Santiam Junction Maintenance Station De-icer Containment Building

The purpose of this project is to authorize ODOT to construct a standard de-icer containment building on the existing paved compound at the ODOT Santiam Junction Maintenance Station Compound.

Santiam Junction Maintenance Station Truck Shop Extension

Proposed project would approve Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to construct an extension to an existing truck shop. The extension would be approximately 21x15 feet.

Santiam Pass Summer Motorized Recreation

Proposal to designate OHV system of routes in the Santiam Pass Dispersed Recreation Area and to restore portions of the Santiam Wagon Road. Includes a non-significant amendment to the Forest Plan to restrict OHVs to designated roads and trails.

Sardine Project

This project proposes a variety of silvicultural treatments on 900 acres of young second growth forests to enhance the growth and structural complexity of stands in the project area.

Sawyer Bar Reroute

To reroute approximately 1.5 miles of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail near Sawyer Bar in the Three Sisters Wilderness. This work will be done with traditional tools, and will utilize trail crews, youth crews, and volunteers.

Scott Creek Cabin Septic Repair

The proposed project would authorize repair and improvement of a failed septic system for lot #23 of the Scott Creek Recreation Residence Tract.

Scottish Danger Tree Removal Project

This project proposes to remove approximately 19 dead or dying trees that are being affected with root rot disease. These trees have a failure zone of hitting Highway 126 and the 2649 Scott Creek road.

Skookum Campground Bridges

To replace one failed and one rotten (eminent failure) trail bridge. One bridge is 31%u2019 long and has Western red cedar hand railing. The second bridge is 11.5 feet long and leads users over a small creek into Skookum CG.

South Breitenbush Gorge Trail Stream crossing stabilization and South Breitenbush Trail rerouting

Reroute and/or install creek and swamp crossings on South Breitenbush Gorge trail. Reroute a few segments less than 1/4 mile in length of the South Breitenbush trail and install drainage structures along the trail.

South Fork McKenzie River Enhancement

Proposal to enhance habitat for bull trout and spring Chinook in the South Fork McKenzie and Roaring Rivers through addition of large woody material, and closure of vehicle access to some dispersed campsites near rivers to improve water quality.

South Pyramid

Harvest of about 4.0 MMBF of timber from the South Pyramid Cr. subdrainage and is considering regeneration and thinning harvest methods. No new road construction an existing logger's spur road will be reopened.

South Salmon Trail Reroutes

Relocating two sections of South Salmon Trail (# 4365) to replace sections lost during winter flooding and to avoid constructing a complex bridge over Salmon Creek.

Special Forest Product Sales SHRD 2015

Hand gathering of a variety of special forest products within road prism and up to within 450 feet or roads open to public access.

Special Forest Products Harvest and Removal

Proposal is for the harvest and collection of Special Forest Products for the uses of Floral/Landscaping products, Christmas Season products, Furniture/building products and edibles/medicinal.

Special Forest Products Sales

The proposed action is to implement the sale of Special Forest Products in a permit and contract-controlled manner which regulates activities and manages the forest environment and meets the demand for these products by the public.

Spring Chinook Release Site Improvements (also known as "Adult Salmonid Release Sites Improvements")

The proposed action would improve sites to make it easier for fish transport trucks to approach the water's edge and to have fish friendly pipes in place on site to carefully release threatened spring Chinook salmon and winter steelhead.

SR Danger Tree Removal (DTR)

The proposed project would remove approximately 15 dead and dying hazard trees that have a failure zone of hitting Forest Road 2672655.

Str8 Thinning Restoration

Reduce stocking levels of stands 6-9 inches in diameter, 500-800 TPA. Offer biomass products such as posts and poles and firewood and other SFP such as bough and beargrass.

Swallow Lake Trail #3488 Realignment

Santiam River Zone Trails program managers will be working with area specialists to plan a realignment route for the ¾ mile section of the trail from Swallow Lake to the Meadow area just south of South Cinder Peak.

Three Pools Site Rehabilitation

Reconstruct the road/parking area to accommodate about 100 vehicles, construct or reconstruct trails and install fencing to provide for safe access, and install an additional toilet and signing. Formally designate site as developed rec site.

TMQ Floral Greens Removal Project

This project would remove two hundred tons (400,000 pounds) of floral greens that consist of beargrass, salal, Oregon grape, stick cuttings (mansanita, vine maple, ceanothus) harvest on the McKenzie River Ranger District.

Toll Joe

Accelerate development of structural complexity in the LSR and strategically manage hazardous fuels along Highway 20. Improve health, vigor and contribute wood products in matrix. 880 ac. 36-80yr.old stands, 100 acres of 81-105 yr. old stands

Trail Bridge Blowdown Salvage

Salvage approximately 17 acres of wind throw timber downed during winter storms. The proposal would salvage about 200 mbf of saw logs and reduce fuel buildup. Trees with roots attached would be used as fish habitat.

Trail Bridge, Foley, and Delta Logs

Project would sell approximately 19,000 board feet of sawlogs which are decked on Forest roads.

Trapper Project

Timber sale in Adaptive Management Area to implement Blue River Landscape Study. The BRLS proposed to restore the pattern of the landscape over a period of many decades while meeting the objectives of the NWFP.

Travel Management

To comply with Final Travel Mgmt Rule [FR, Vol 70, No. 216 (2005)] for motorized access. Designation of National Forest System roads & trails open to motor vehicle use (including OHV use) by vehicle class and, if appropriate, by time of year.

Traverse Creek Thin Project

Commercial thin of 2400 acres of 35-60 year old managed plantations. Project includes road maintenance and road closures, fuel reduction treatments, and big game forage enhancement projects.

Tumblebug Fire Roadside Treatment Project

Removal of trees along certain roads within the 2009 Tumblebug Fire which were killed by the fire and pose future safety risk to road users. Merchantable tree removal on approximately 475 acres. Hazard tree felling on approximately 400 acres.

Union Pacific Railroad Fiberoptic Installation

Union Pacific Railroad requests a Special Use Permit to install fiberoptic cable conduits on the Middle Fork RD (Willamette NF) and Crescent RD (Deschutes NF).

Upper Foley Trail Reroute

The proposed project would reroute approximately one mile of the Foley Ridge Trail (FS Trail 3511) to prevent and reduce heavy erosion.

Upper McKenzie Boat Launch Projects

The District proposes to reconstruct or relocate boat launches at Frissell, Paradise, and Bruchart Launch Sites

Upper McKenzie Lane Electric Power Improvements 2012

This project is for the maintenance, construction & operation of electric distribution lines running within the administrative sites of Horse Creek.

Upper Middle Fork Watershed Restoration and Road Closure Project

Approximately 132 miles of road are proposed for closure treatments to alleviate resource risk in the Upper Middle Fork Willamette River and Hills Cr. Reservoir watersheds. Most roads would be stored for future use, and a few roads decommissioned.

Upper Middle Fork Watershed Road Storm Proofing and Restoration Project (ATM Implementation)

This project involves stormproofing roads in the Upper Middle Fork Watershed. There may be some culverts removed, water barring and ditching. Some roads will be closed by installing gates or berms.

Upper Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Action Plan Project

Stream restoration work in the Upper Middle Fork Willamette River watershed. Placement of 1100 pieces of large wood in Swift, Staley, and Echo Crks. for bull trout and salmon habitat. Three fish passage structures in Windfall, Coal, and Maple Crks.

Various Special Use Permits

Permits have expired and need to be reissued. These are all existing uses, no new ground disturbance. Private road use permits, boat docks, water lines, and stairs/pathways.

Verde Mtn. Floral Greens Project

The project would remove floral greens: beargrass, salal, fern fronds, and vine maple/ceanothus sticks. This would occur on approximately 18,760 acres of the McKenzie River Ranger District. The sale of these products will be done under permits.

Waldo Lake, managing recreation use

This proposal is to rework the earlier plan. Issues to be addressed include dispersed uses of the lakeside zone, outfitter uses of the basin, and motorized boat use of the lake. The project history is on the Willamette NF website.

Walker Creek Road Maintenance

The proposed project would approve road maintenance on approximately 2.9 miles of road in portions of the Walker Creek Road System.

Warner Repeater Relocation Project

This project will move the Warner Mountain Repeater from its existing location on the 2129-438 spur to a new site on the 2129-342 spur.Because the project is non-ground disturbing, it will be covered with a non-documented CE and is cancelled in SOPA.

Westfir Water Intake Project

The proposed new influent pipeline will be constructed of ductile iron pipe, and a stainless steel self-cleaning intake screen satisfying ODFW requirements will be installed to protect fish life.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement 2016-2017

The proposed project would include 188 acres of browse cutback, six acres of early seral habitat restoration, 29 acres of pre-commercial thinning, 27 acres of pool creation, create 676 down wood trees, and create 872 wildlife trees.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Project 2014

Browse would be cut back to enhance forage for elk and deer. Wildlife trees and down wood would be created to enhance habitat for cavity excavators, nesters, bats, amphibians, mammals, fungi, arthropods, bryophytes and other organisms.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Projects 2015

The proposed project would include 738 acres of browse cutback, 34 acres of early seral habitat restoration, 26 acres of prescribed burning, creation of 1529 wildlife trees and 2050 down wood trees.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project 2013

The purpose of the project is to enhance forage for Roosevelt elk and black-tailed deer to increase herd health and survival rates through improved nutrition. Browse cutback as well as the creation of early seral openings would be implemented.

Willamette Fish Hatchery Special Use Permit Renewal (Long Term)

Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife requests renewal of the Special Use Permit for the Willamette Hatchery Facilities for a new 20-year term. The new permit would include the Recirculation Aquaculture Facility. No changes to existing facilities.

Willamette Fish Hatchery Upgrade & Permit Renewal

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife(ODFW) has requested a temporary special use authorization (permit) for construction of stage one of a Recirculation Aquaculture System(RAS) Facility at the existing Willamette Fish Hatchery site.

Winberry Campground Decommission

This campground receives a high amount of vandalism and homeless use and is the only developed receation site in this drainage. Improvements to be removed include 2 shelters, 5 fire rings, all picnic tables, all site numbers, the well, Romtec toilet.

Woodpecker Thinning Restoration

Reduce stocking levels of stands 6-9 inches in diameter, 500-800 TPA. Offer biomass products such as posts and poles and firewood.

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