Willamette National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

2014 Lands Permits

Renew three lands special use permits, Bureau of Reclamation Weather station, City of Idanha Water system, and Breitenbush Hot Springs Mobile radio Service new term of 10 years. This is an administrative action no ground disturbance will take place.

American Tower Cell Towers

This project will install 6 commercial cell tower sites along Highway 58 from Willamette Pass to near the western edge of the Willamette National Forest.

Benson and Obsidian Trail Reroutes

The proposed project would reroute approximately 2.2 miles of the Obsidian Trail (FS Trail 3528) and one mile of the Benson Lake Trail (FS Trail 3502). Reroutes would reduce erosion and maintenance.

Cowhorn Thinning Project

Project would thin stand (68 acres) at a moderate spacing including gaps or openings typical with the adjacent LSR thinning project, Hehe. Sale would also perform road maintenance on approximately 11 miles of road 1817.

King Castle Reroute

The proposed project would reroute approximately 1.25 miles of the King Castle Trail (FS Trail 4326).

McKenzie River Trail Reroute

The proposed project would reroute several sections of the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail (#3507) to prevent trenching and erosion.

ODOT Right of Way

Granting right-of-way to ODOT for Sheep Creek bridge replacement on highway 20.

Rebel-Walker Road Decommissioning

The proposed project would decommission approximately five miles of road in portions of the Walker Creek Road system and the Rebel Road system. Roads proposed for decommissioning are currently closed to public access.

Upper Foley Trail Reroute

The proposed project would reroute approximately one mile of the Foley Ridge Trail (FS Trail 3511) to prevent and reduce heavy erosion.

Wolf Mountain Communication Site Upgrade

To upgrade existing ODOT communications systems on Wolf Mtn to meet the requirements of the State Radio Project (SRP) for emergency communications.

Under Analysis

2014 Recreation Permits

Renew three recreation special use permits Detroit Lake Marina, Kanes Marina, and Chemeketans Club to a new term of 10 years. This is an administrative action no ground disturbance will take place.

Blowout-Divide Creeks Log Placement

This restoration project would improve habitat for rainbow and cutthroat trout and increase sediment storage along 1.0 miles of central Blowout Creek and 0.7 miles of lower Divide Creek.

City of Detroit Water System Update

Fence to be installed around water building on Breitenbush Rd. Install emergency drainline from water storage tank. Reissue special use permit.

D Blowdown Removal

The proposed project would remove approximately 40 wind thrown and root sprung trees within a five acre stand that is 120 years old. Trees would be sold under a timber sale contract.

Deer Creek Floodplain Enhancement

The project will consist of channel reconstruction and floodplain enhancement using wood placement and side channel excavation. Wood sources for the logs will be located within a 5 mile radius of the channel.

Green Mountain Project

The Green Mountain Project proposes to commercially harvest on approximately 4,419 acres on the Willamette National Forest near the community of Blue River, Oregon.

Hills Creek - Lookout Point Power Line Re-alignment

Two sections of the BPA power line between Hills Creek and Lookout Point Reservoirs will need a slight adjustment in the right of way. There will also be replacement of poles along the entire project corridor. Line adjustments due to unstable ground.

Hwy 46

Formerly Hwy 46 North. Treatments will occur in the Breitenbush Watershed, including commercial thinning, early seral creation, riparian reserve treatment, viewshed enhancements, meadow restoration, hazardous fuels treatments, PCT and pruning.

Jude Ridge

Harvest 3.6 MMBF from 13 stands aged 36-60 years old. Commercially thin 264 acres, leave ~27 acres of gaps (1/2-1 acre in size), leave ~143 acres of unharvested skips, and 27 acres of early seral creation leaving ~35% canopy cover in clumpy pattern.

LangDam Project

The proposed project would commercially thin timber stands up to 120 years of age on approximately 733 acres.

Lawler Connection

Two disconnected segments of Lawler Trail (3473) exist currently. The proposed segment will connect the currently orphaned trail segments only traveling on spur 5840-535 for 200' This will create a safer and more desirable trail user experience.

Lower South Fork McKenzie River Floodplain Enhancement

The project would reconstruct portions of the mainstem and side channels, by adding gravel and over 3000 pieces of wood to the stream and floodplain. Several levees and rip-rap would be removed to improve floodplain access.

Lower Staley Floodplain Restoration

Stabilization of approx. 200 ft. of eroding stream bank, including large woody debris jam construction. Trees with root wads attached will be gathered and large trees will be hauled to the project area for bank stabilization and log jam construction.

Meadow and Forage Restoration

The purpose of this project is to cover maintenance burning and whip felling for the next 10 years as needed to stop encroachment and maintain the meadows.

Oregon State University Radio at Frissell Point

The proposed project would issue a Special Use Permit to authorize Oregon State University School of Forestry to install, maintain, and operate two 5.8 gigahertz radios at the Frissell Point Communication Site tower.

Outlook Landscape Diversity Project

Commercial thinning and fuels reduction on 4300 ac. of plantations; 110 mi. of road maintenance, closure of 130 mi. of road; special habitat restoration; 260 ac. of early-seral habitat maintenance/creation; snag creation, noxious weed abatement.

Prescribed Fire in Wilderness: Scott Mountain

The project would use prescribed fire in the Mt. Washington Wilderness area to modify vegetation and fuels to sufficiently reduce the threats to values outside of wilderness in order to allow fire to play a more natural role within wilderness.

Recreation Residence Septic Repairs and Replacements

The proposed project would approve repairs and replacements for failed septic systems, as needed, in three recreation residence tracts (Delta A, Delta B, and Scott Creek) over the next five years.

Upper Little Fall LSR Density Management Project

The Middle Fork Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest proposes density management on about 1720 acres of young plantations located in the Little Fall Creek subwatershed.The project would include the reconstruction of existing roads.

Waldo Road Brushing Project

Cut vegetation and conifers along road 5897 from the top of the cut bank to the bottom of the fill. Road brushing will be started with areas that are most prone to wildfire activity and continue to areas that are less prone to wildfire activity.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement 2016-2017

The proposed project would include 188 acres of browse cutback, six acres of early seral habitat restoration, 29 acres of pre-commercial thinning, 27 acres of pool creation, create 676 down wood trees, and create 872 wildlife trees.

Analysis Completed

Bachelor Bear Project

The project is proposed to commercially thin about 1500 acres of young second growth forests to enhance the growth and structural complexity of timber stands and complete hazardous fuels reduction on 225 acres.

Buck Tule

Timber harvest is proposed in densely stocked second growth stands generally ranging in age from 40 to 150 years old, and includes stands within Riparian Reserves and approximately 40 acres in the Jefferson Late-Successional Reserve.

Flat Country Floral Greens Project

This project would remove floral greens: beargrass, salal, fern fronds, and vine maple/ceanothus sticks. This would occur on approximately 28,523 acres of the McKenzie River Ranger District. The sell of these products will be done under permits.

Goose EIS 2015

The Goose Project proposes to commercially harvest and reduce fuels on approximately 2,452 acres on the Willamette National Forest near the community of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.

Riparian Weed Treatment Project

Develop treatment options for five riparian weed populations found throughout the Willamette National Forest.

Soda Fork Large Wood Enhancement

Improve spawning and rearing habitat in Soda Fork Creek for Upper Willamette Winter Steelhead and Spring Chinook that are listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act and improve stream complexity in Soda Fork Creek.

On Hold

Cingular-Mt. Hagan Tower Upgrades & Generator/Propane Tank Installation

Complete updates needed to upgrade to LTE capacity of existing Cingular/AT&T tower at Mt. Hagen, including the removal of 2 existing antennas, placement of 4 new antennas, and installation of a generator and propane tank.

French Pete Creek Crossing Repair

The proposed project would harden the creek crossing at mile 2.1 of the French Pete Creek Trail (FS Trail 3311) to mitigate erosion.

Fresca Thin

The proposed project would thin two 44 year old managed stands; one is 38 acres the other is 30 acres. In addition to the thinning, approximately eight acres of gaps will be placed between the two stands.

Lookout Mountain Meadow Restoration

The purpose of this project is to restore native meadow habitat by cutting and girdling small diameter trees, and subsequently implementing a prescribed fire across an approximately 347-acre project area.

Lost Creek, Tamolitch Valley and Roaring River Bridge Replacements

A project to replace three trail bridges that need replacement. Two bridges are located on the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail (MRNRT) (Tr. No. 3507). Another bridge crosses Roaring River on the Roaring River Ridge Trail (Tr. No. 3312).

Menagerie Seasonal Closure Boundary Change for Species Protection

Proposed change to existing seasonal closure boundary to provide species protection during the critical nesting and fledging period.

Power Plant Bypass Road Realignment

Realignment of the existing bypass Forest Service Road 2672690 around the Eugene Water and Electric Board's Carmen power house in order to provide safe and adequate access for construction of the fish passage facilities at trailbridge reservoir.

Salmon Creek Visitor Use Project

Activities would include obtain a Day Use Forest Order for the first four miles, obtain a Forest Order that prohibits target shooting at a waste site, closing dispersed campsites, and gate installation.

Smith Prairie Meadow Maintenance

Enhance and maintain meadow complex by reducing encroachment of conifers (remove saplings under 4 inches), seed collection, girdling 1-2 trees/acre under 12 inches DBH and falling 1 tree/acre for down wood.

Trout Creek

In managed and natural stands: Promote health, vigor, diversity and complexity ~1770 ac. Mimic mixed-severity fire ~720 ac. Improve hardwood habitat ~290 ac. Improve traditional resources. Generate revenue to improve existing roads. Treat fuels.

Wolf Boughs Project

The Wolf Boughs project would remove approximately one hundred thirty-one tons (62,000 pounds) of coniferous boughs over 123 acres, under contracts or permits.


Big Game Forage Enhancement (Canyon and Owl Creek Watersheds)

Enhance 40 acres of big game habitat including: browse cutback, planting and seeding native forage species, and collecting native seed for use in following years.

FS Rd 2233-635/Outerson Mtn Traffic Control

Installation of a road closure device, such as a gate, at the 2233-635 road. Installation of educational signage at two locations in the vicinity.

McCoy Motorized Rec. Area Improvements 2014-2015

This project will include the installation of a covered picnic shelter at the lower staging area, and the expansion of the upper staging area.

Sand Mountain Trail Repair and Reroute

The proposed project would repair and reroute portions of the Sand Mountain Lookout trail to prevent erosion and further trail damage.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.