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Forest Service announces 2019 Wood Innovation Grant Awards


Public–private partnerships spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service create jobs, support fire-safe communities, restore healthy forest conditions, and spur environmentally sound innovation. Today, the Forest Service awarded over $8.9 million through the Wood Innovations Grant program. Thirty-nine business, university, nonprofit and tribal partners in 20 states are matching the grants with an additional $8.8 million.

Over the past decade, low harvest rates, aging forests, mortality from insect and disease infestations, and extreme weather events have combined to create conditions prime for catastrophic wildfires. These grants support the development of consumer products that use the excess forest material.

“Public–private partnerships supported by investments in wood innovations are key to managing wildfire risk and supporting health forests,” said Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen. “By advancing new solutions, we are making our forests and rural communities healthier and more resilient."

This year the Forest Service received 140 proposals, demonstrating the expanding interest in using wood in traditional and unconventional ways—as an innovative building material or a renewable energy source.

Of the 41 projects selected, 29 focus upon expanding markets for wood products and 12 seek to increase markets for wood energy. Some projects involve the design of new mass timber buildings, such as a courthouse and K‒12 schools, while others explore using mass timber in high velocity hurricane zones. Additional projects will help fuel small-scale, combined heat and power projects and biochar market development.

Projects will take place in 20 states including Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin. More information on the program is available online at the Forest Service Wood Education and Resource Center.


2019 Wood Innovations Grant Recipients

Project Title



Biomass Heating for Mentasta Traditional Council

Mentasta Traditional Council


Victory Bible Camp Miracle Wood Boiler

Victory Ministries Inc., dba Victory Bible Camp


Converting Forest Residues to Profitable Torrefied Briquettes for Export Markets

HM3 Energy, Inc.


Wood Grinder Lease to Facilitate Removal of High Wildfire Risk Fuels



CLT Modular Residential Unit Mock-Up

Factory OS


Chipper Operations to Provide Feedstock to Biomass Power Plant

Jim Armstrong Inc.


Development of a Cost-Effective CLT Panel Capable of Resisting DOS/DOD Design Basis Threats

Karagozian & Case, Inc.


Sierra Nevada Small Scale Community Biomass Projects Collaborative

Mariposa County Resource Conservation District


All That is Solid: Platforms for Wood Innovation

University of Miami


Connecting Strong Wood Markets to the Health and Economy of Georgia's Forest Landscape

Forest Landowners Association


Coated TerraLam Mat Field Study Project

Sterling/Deloitte Tax LLP


University of Idaho Microturbine Power Generation Project

University of Idaho


Wood Chip Small Scale CHP that WORKS: First U.S. Installation of German SPANNER Re2 Technology

Caluwe Inc. - Biomass Heat and Power Solutions


Monetizing the Carbon Benefits of Mass Timber to Scale Up its Deployment in Mid-Rise Housing and Commercial Development: A Pilot in the Metropolitan Boston Area

Olifant, LLC


WarmWood: Transforming the Insulation Market with Wood

GO Lab, Inc.


University of Maine CHP Wood Energy System

University of Maine


Savanna Pallets Bio-Mass Energy Expansion Project

Savanna Pallets, Inc.


Demonstration of a Thermally Modified Eastern Larch Boardwalk to Catalyze New Markets for Low-Value Timber

University of Minnesota-Duluth


Woody Biomass District Heating Plant at Moonlight Basin

Lone Mountain Land Company


North Carolina Statewide Forest Products Marketing Team

North Carolina State University


Great Plains Biochar Initiative II: Supply & Demand for a Biochar as a Cattle Feed Additive

Nebraska Forest Service


Advancing Tall Mass Timber Buildings through Seismic Resilience Testing

University of Nevada, Reno


Clackamas County Mass Timber Courthouse Design and Life-Cycle Demonstration

Clackamas County


Timber Online Education

Design Build Research


Process Automation and Market Expansion for Barrier-Wrapped Wood Posts and Poles

Integrated Biomass Resources, LLC


Facilitation of Acoustics Testing for Sustainable Mass Timber Technologies, Leading to Publication of Open Source Acoustics Data for Standard Acoustics Scenarios

University of Oregon


Forest to Soil — Combined Heat, Biochar, and Soil Products Production at an Existing Small Diameter Mill in Wallowa, OR

Wallowa Resources Community Solutions Inc.


Developing the Infrastructure for a Puerto Rico Wood Products Team

University of Puerto Rico


Enable the Use of Mass Timber Products for Non-Residential Buildings in High Velocity Hurricane Zone

Clemson University


Development and Promotion of Mass Timber Noise Barriers for Highways

Clemson University


Fire Safe Implementation of Visible Mass Timber in Tall Buildings

American Wood Council


Forest Management, Market and Climate Impacts of Mass Timber Materials

The Nature Conservancy


Multi-State Effort to Overcome Barriers to Low-Value Hardwood Lumber for CLT Manufacture

Virginia Tech


Increasing the Value of Forest Fuel Thinning's Using Steam and Vacuum, Phytosanitary, Heat Treatments

Virginia Tech


Overcoming Market Barriers for Advanced Wood Heat in Commercial & Institutional New Construction

Vermont Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation


Mass Timber Hackathon and Global Mass Timber Design Competition including Fabrication and Construction of the Winning Design as a Showcase Model

Howes Development Inc.


Study to Validate the Floor Vibration Design of a New Mass Timber Building

KPFF, Inc.


Multi-Story Mass Timber K‒12 School Prototype: Meeting Washington State's Classroom Capacity Needs with Mass Timber

Mahlum Architects


Urban Mass Timber Floor Heights Study/3161 Elliott LLC



Process Modeling for CLTs Using SDT Feedstock

Washington State University


Ascent MKE

Bookends North, LLC



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