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Commenting on Forest Service Directives

Proposed and Interim Directives – Comment Period Open

Follow the links below to access the text of proposed and interim Forest Service directives, supplemental information, instructions for submitting comments, and a comment form.

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Proposed and Interim Directives – Comment Period Closed

Follow the links below to access the text of proposed and interim Forest Service directives, supplemental information, and comments submitted.

  • Forest Products Modernization - Batch 2

    (December-17-2020 - February-16-2021) | View Comments

    The Forest Service is requesting comments on proposed amendments to several of its 2400 series directives pertaining to the sale and disposal of forest products. The amended directives include Timber Management (2400) directives, which includes the FSM2420 Timber Appraisal Manual, three chapters of the FSH2409.19 Renewable Resource Handbook, and a new FSH2409.19 Handbook chapter on Good Neighbor Authority. The amendments address changes in authorities, policies and direction designed to improve efficiencies and increase the pace of forest restoration and generally update outdated directives.

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  • Rangeland Management Directives

    (December-18-2020 - April-17-2021) | View Comments

    The USDA Forest Service is requesting public input on the proposed updates to the rangeland management directives. The rangeland management directives are comprised of Forest Service Manual (FSM) 2200, Forest Service Handbook (FSH) 2209.13 and FSH 2209.16. The comment period has been extended. Your comments are requested by April 17, 2021. The rangeland management directives serve as the primary basis for the internal management and control of the rangeland management program. They are the primary source of administrative direction to Forest Service employees relative to the rangeland management program. Why Are They Being Updated? The Rangeland Management Directives have been in place for approximately 30 years. The focus of this effort is on updating outdated manuals and handbooks. The updates make them more usable, modern and conform to recent legislation. The updates provide greater management flexibility and improve the clarity of policies and procedures to guide responsible and consistent management of NFS lands. The updates involve 17 chapters with most of the updates being made to Forest Service Handbook 2209.13.

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  • FSM 1820 - Public Lands Corps and Resource Assistants Program

    (June-04-2021 - July-04-2021) | View Comments

    The Forest Service is proposing updates to the Public Lands Corps and Resource Assistants Program, which uses partnerships to employ America’s youth, young adults, emerging professionals, and others in paid work on public lands, research, and natural resources projects. Participants, upon meeting certain requirements, achieve eligibility for pathways to federal employment. The proposal reflects changes in legislation and policy and incorporates new requirements, streamlined administration, programming, and reporting, and improves customer service.

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  • FSH 5509.11, Chapter 20, section 21-Small Tracts Act Adjustments

    (June-04-2021 - July-04-2021) | View Comments

    Revisions to FSH 5509.11, Chapter 20- “Lands Title Claims, Sales, and Grants,” section 21-“Small Tracts Act Adjustments” are needed to implement direction in the 2018 Farm Bill, and these proposed changes are subject to public notice and comment requirements consistent with 36 CFR 216. Required regulatory changes have already been completed. The Forest Service is revising this directive to implement the Small Tracts Act, as required by the 2018 Farm Bill. These revisions implement the intent of the 2018 Farm Bill and related regulatory changes that updated land values established in the original Small Tracts Act, which dates back to 1983, increasing the value of lands the Agency can sell or exchange to keep up with increasing land values. Proceeds generated from eligible sales made under the Small Tracts Act may be deposited in a Sisk Act account, allowing the Agency to acquire lands that improve the health and productivity of National Forests while simultaneously disposing small, problematic parcels. Key changes being incorporated into the directive helps implement the following: The land value threshold for eligible parcels will increase to $500,000 from $150,000. A category is added for cemeteries, landfills, and sewer treatment plants authorized under a special use authorization or other authorization by the Secretary of Agriculture. A category is added for parcels 10 acres or less encroached upon by permanent, habitable improvements where there is no evidence the encroachment is intentional or negligent. A category is added for parcels 40 acres or less that are physically isolated, inaccessible, or lack National Forest characteristics. The Agency anticipates that the new authority will remain conservatively used and should not dramatically increase the number of conveyances.

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  • Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center Transportation

    (June-24-2021 - August-28-2021) | View Comments

    The Alaska Region is proposing a policy change to address challenges in managing commercial transportation to and from the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center (Visitor Center) during the cruise ship season (April – October). Visitation to the Visitor Center has increased to nearly 700,000 annual visitors as of 2018, with additional growth expected over the next several years. Existing facilities simply can’t accommodate the growing number of visitors. Increased use has affected resources and visitor safety and experiences. The proposed policy change would update a Forest Service Manual regional supplement. Under the proposed policy, the Forest Service may restrict commercial transport to special use permit holders only at the Visitor Center during the cruise season. This will enable the Forest Service to better manage and enforce authorized commercial transportation access and for law enforcement to cite unauthorized access.

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  • Information Collection - Timber Sale Contract Forms

    (July-15-2021 - September-13-2021) | View Comments

    Forest Service contracts for the sale of timber and other forest products require both parties to routinely share information and enter into agreements pertaining to operations and performance. Some information collected under Forest Service contracts is required by laws, regulations, and/or timber sale policies. In accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the Forest Service is seeking public notice and comments on revisions to an existing information collection regarding clearance for the Timber Sale Contract Operations and Administration.

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  • Day Use Areas in Dog Valley and Peavine Areas

    (July-16-2021 - August-15-2021) | View Comments

    The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest’s Carson Ranger District seeks public comment for 30 days on a proposal to convert a few areas in and around the Peavine and Dog Valley areas, northwest of Reno, Nevada, to day use only. Due to resource damage as well as public health and safety concerns, these designated areas would be closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily. In addition, disperse camping and campfires would be prohibited. The District is recommending a half-mile radius from the areas listed below be designated as day use only. • Dog Valley Road (Forest Service Road 31002): Forest Boundary (Near Verdi, NV) and Forest Boundary (Near Bordertown Casino & RV in North Reno, NV) • Dog Valley Summit One Staging Area (Off of Forest Service Road 31002 near Forest Service Roads 31027 and 31074.) • East Keystone Trailhead • Hoge Road Trailhead • Horizon Hills Trailhead • Las Brisas Trailhead • Peavine Road (Off of N. Virginia St.): Forest Boundary (North Reno, NV) • Raleigh Heights Trailhead • Red Metal Trailhead For a map, Please visit

  • Website Directive

    (August-31-2021 - October-30-2021) | View Comments

    this directive is about the web

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Recently Issued Directives

Forest Service will issue final directs after the public comment period on interim or proposed directives has ended and comments have been reviewed and analyzed.  Changes may be made to interim or proposed directives in response to public comments received.  Public comments and agency response to comments are included for each final directive that is issued.  The complete Forest Service Directive system is available online.

Directive Date of Issuance Proposed/Interim Directive Comparison of Proposed/Interim Directive to Final Directive Public Comments Receive and Forest Service Response
Forest Service Manual 2523 - Emergency Stabilization - Burned-Area Emergency Response (BAER) June 25, 2020 Interim Directive (issued June 6, 2013) Comparison of interim and final directives

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