Horse Riding & Camping

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Horseback riding is allowed in most places across the Allegheny National Forest as long as riders do not mark, build, maintain, or tread-in a trail.

When riding cross-country, riders are expected to spread out and meander through the trees, so that no one rides behind anyone else. Riding single file cross-country will eventually create a trail if enough horses follow the same path.

The only campground available for horses is Kelly Pines.

Horses are permitted on ATV or snowmobile trails, and in most cases may ride the Forest roads.

Equestrian Trails on the ANF

Trail Miles Other Trail Uses
Spring Creek Horse Trail 40 n/a


No Horseback riding general:

  • Inside of the outer ring of the Spring Creek Horse Trail, riding must take place on the trail. Riders on the outer loop may ride cross-country away from the Spring Creek area.
  • Hiking/Cross-country ski trails

No Horseback riding cross-country:

  • Hickory Creek Wilderness Area/Allegheny Wilderness Islands and wilderness study areas - Chestnut Ridge and Minister Creek(management areas 5.1 and 5.2)
  • Buzzard Swamp Wildlife Area
  • Clarion River/Laurel Mill Trail area

No Horseback riding cross-country or on roads/trails:

  • Hearts Content National Scenic Area (management area 8.3)
  • Tionesta National Scenic Area (management area 8.3)
  • Tionesta Research Natural Area (management area 8.5)
  • Kane Experimental Forest (management area 8.6)

Map of the management areas for where the wilderness, scenic area, research natural area and experimental forest are located.

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