Viewing Wildlife

If you move silently and remain alert, wildlife viewing opportunities abound in the forest. A host of species leave clues to their presence including, 50 mammals, 200 birds, 25 amphibians, 20 reptiles, 80 fishes, and 25 freshwater mussels. A white-tailed deer, black bear, grey fox, wild turkey, squirrel, chipmunk, red-backed salamander, wood frog, beaver, raccoon, ruffed grouse, rattlesnake, snowshoe hare, or river otter could all cross your path.

For many people, seeing our bald eagles, ospreys, hawks, or owls is a thrilling sighting, but don’t discount their smaller cousins. With a pair of binoculars, a close-up look at songbirds reveals stunning colors and intriguing behaviors. In the correct season, you may find warblers, finches, oriels, swallows, thrushes, sparrows, chickadees, or hummingbirds, to name a few.

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Keep forest creatures wild

  • Do not approach or follow wildlife—observe from a distance.
  • Avoid wildlife during sensitive times: mating, nesting, raising young, or winter.
  • Leash your dog to keep it and wildlife safe.
  • Do not feed wildlife—let them feed themselves. Store your rations and trash safely, securely, and out of reach.
  • No picture is worth endangering the animals, other subjects, or the photographer. People are killed every year when they get too close to large animals, such as bear. Smaller animals become stressed when we get too close.


If you think you've found a sick or injured animal please call the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Viewing Wildlife Areas

  • Allegheny Reservoir
  • Dewdrop Recreation Area
  • Elijah Run Boat Launch and Shoreline Trail
  • Handsome Lake Boat Access Campground
  • Hooks Brook Boat Access Campground
  • Hopewell Boat Access Campground
  • Jakes Rocks Overlook and Mountain Bike Trail
  • Kiasutha Recreation Area
  • Pine Grove Boat Access Campground
  • Rimrock Hiking Trail and Overlook
  • Tracy Ridge Hiking Trail
  • Tracy Ridge Recreation Area
  • Allegheny Wild and Scenic River
  • Bradford Ranger District
  • Hall Barn Wildlife Viewing Area
  • Hearts Content Recreation Area
  • Hickory Creek Wilderness
  • Rocky Gap ATV Trail
  • Timberdoodle Flats Interpretive Trail
  • Tionesta Scenic Area and Hiking Trail
  • Westline Cross-Country Ski/Hiking Trail
  • Marienville Ranger District
  • Beaver Meadows Hiking Trail & Day Use Area
  • Buzzard Swamp Wildlife Viewing and Hiking Area
  • Buzzard Swamp 157 Trailhead
  • Buzzard Swamp 376 Trailhead
  • Little Drummer Historical Pathway
  • Loleta Recreation Area
  • Timberline Trail: Buehler Trailhead
  • Timberline Trail: Main ATV Trailhead

Recreation Areas

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