Viewing Plants

From early spring, well into fall, the Allegheny offers visitors an array of plant viewing opportunities. 

Starting early in the spring, as the trees begin to leaf, the forest floor is carpeted in trillium, spring beauty, hepatica, trout lily and many other early spring wildflowers. 

Don't enter the rhododendrum mazes, once in, they are very difficult to leave. Found all over the forest, in ravines, hollows, and along watercourses, these plants can grow upwards of 10 feet with an impentatrable tangle of branches, leaves and flowers. The best place to view the rhododendrum...

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Viewing Plants Areas

  • Allegheny Reservoir area description
  • Jakes Rocks Overlook and Mountain Bike Trail
  • Rimrock Hiking Trail and Overlook
  • Bradford Ranger District area description
  • Hearts Content Recreation Area area description
  • Hickory Creek Wilderness
  • Marienville Ranger District area description
  • Beaver Meadows Hiking Trail & Day Use Area
  • Buzzard Swamp Wildlife Viewing and Hiking Area area description
  • Buzzard Swamp 157 Trailhead
  • Buzzard Swamp 376 Trailhead