OHV Trail Riding

Enjoy 76 miles of interconnecting trail on the Penoke, Marienville and Timberline Trails if  you're looking for a longer ride. Want a quick afternoon on the trails? Check out Rocky Gap or Willow Creek. Maps are available on trail pages.

ATV/OHM/Dirt Bike Trails on the ANF

Trail Miles Maximum Width Trail Uses
Marienville ATV/OHM Trail 14 64 inches ATV, motorized dirt bikes, motorcycles
Penoke ATV/OHM Trail 23.1 50 inches ATV, motorized dirt bikes, motorcycles
Rocky Gap ATV/Mountain Bike Trail 21.9 50 inches ATV's, trailbikes, snowmobiles, horses, mountain bike
Timberline ATV/OHM Trail 39 64 inches ATV, motorized dirt bikes, motorcycles
Willow Creek ATV/Mountain Bike Trail 10.8 50 inches ATV's, trailbikes, mountain bike

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OHV Trail Riding Areas

  • Bradford Ranger District area description
  • Rocky Gap ATV Trail
  • Willow Creek ATV Trail
  • Marienville Ranger District area description
  • Penoke, Marienville and Timberline ATV/OHM Trails area description
  • Marienville Trail: Main ATV Trailhead
  • Marienville Trail: Rocket John Trailhead
  • Penoke Trail: Penoke Trailhead
  • Timberline Trail: Buehler Trailhead
  • Timberline Trail: Main ATV Trailhead
  • Timberline Trail: Pigs Ear Trailhead

Recreation Areas

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