Geocaching & Letterboxing

Do you miss the days of treasure hunting as a child?  Want to plan an exciting outdoor adventure for your family? Geocaching is a fun and energizing activity for all ages.  

You will need a GPS and a list of cache coordinates for the Allegheny National Forest.  The caches may have notes or small items inside.  The Forest Service does not provide, contribute to, or monitor these caches.  A common courtesy when geocaching is to leave something in the cache for the next person to find.

Allegheny National Forest geocaching policy

  1. Geo-caching is a permissible dispersed recreation activity on most areas of the Allegheny National Forest.

  2. No soil disturbance is permitted for any geo-cache placement on the Forest. Caches should be covered with leaves or woody debris if the geo-cacher chooses to screen the cache at the site.

  3. We ask all geo-cachers to remove their cache if the site receives a large number of visits by others as evidenced by a well-worn trail or path.

  4. We ask that all caches be removed after one year regardless of site activity and moved to a new location or removed from the National Forest.

  5. Areas where geo-caching is not permitted include: Hickory Creek and Allegheny Islands Wilderness; Tionesta Scenic and Research Natural Areas; Hearts Content Scenic Area and all developed recreation sites.

  6. If you place a new cache you must register it. Provide the exact location of the cache, along with a short description of what it looks like.

Geocaching & Letterboxing Areas

  • Allegheny Reservoir
  • Morrison Hiking Trail
  • Bradford Ranger District
  • Marienville Ranger District
  • Beaver Meadows Hiking Trail & Day Use Area
  • Twin Lakes Hiking Trail

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